IVE Members Profile

IVE Members Profile | IVE Members’ Age, Height, And Birthdays 

In this article I’ve given the complete IVE members profile including their age, birthdays, height, weight and other information about their personal life and career.

Have you heard about the monster rookie girl group? Their latest comeback with ‘Love Dive’ has skyrocketed in various streaming platforms along with the album sales breaking their own record with their debut “Eleven” in 2021 under Starship Entertainment .

This new group has become one of the most popular and influential girl groups in the K-Pop industry. Furthermore, are you interested in learning more about their age, height, and their birthdays? 

DIVE more about the profile of IVE members as you read the article and I’ll present each one of them!

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IVE Members Profile

Age, Height, Birthdays of IVE Members in Order

The famous Kpop girl group IVE has their elder and younger members, nevertheless each one of them have their own kind of beauty that mesmerizes the netizens.

As you can see, IVE members’ age, height, and birthdate are indicated in the table.

IVE MemberAgeHeightBirthdate
Gaeul19 y/o164 cmSept. 24, 2002
Yujin18 y/o172 cmSept. 1, 2003
Rei18 y/o169 cmFeb. 3, 2004
Wonyoung17 y/o173 cmAug. 31, 2004
Liz17 y/o170 cmNov. 21, 2004
Leeseo15 y/o170 cmFeb. 21, 2007

Kim Ga-eul 

ive members age
Source: Instagram@ive__gaeul

Gaeul is the eldest and yet the shortest member in the group, despite her height she kept a really good and balanced diet to stay healthy.

She has great proportions and a thin figure that can fit in as a model and make herself look tall with her petite body and long legs.

In addition, Gaeul is also an extraordinary dancer even before she became a trainee which makes her even more proficient when it comes to dancing.

Even though she is the shortest member of the group with the height of 164cm, it doesn’t make her look short at all because of her small waist and thin legs that make herself look tall with a great sense of style.

It is plain to see from the photo that even Gaeul is the shortest member, you’ll notice that her style brings out her girlish body line that makes it look like she’s tall.

She has unique and distinct features along with her long legs that makes her look way taller than she truly is.

As you can look at the image, she is wearing heels in the photo. However, even if she eliminates the length of the heels, her legs could dominate a greater part of the rest of the body.

When I look at Gaeul, I just feel admiration for the fact that she has an outstanding body balance and a good taste in style. 

An Yu-jin/Ahn Yoo Jin

ive members height
Source: Instagram@_yujin_an

Yujin, the leader and vocalist of the group works extremely hard on her body in order to maintain her slim figure with pilates classes that help her to be more flexible.

Looking at Yujin, her admiring body proportions are just perfect that anyone can be jealous of, she has an amazing body ratio and a womanly figure, in their group she is the second tallest member.

Her perfect physical proportions are highlighted by her lengthy arms and legs. 

Yujin’s hobbies include exercise, sprinting, and jump rope  jump rope– now I understand why her fans say that she has a perfect body proportion!

The female idol of IVE who has actress-like beauty, displays her charming looks with her appealing body and angelic visuals that gives off an ethereal charm.

As you can see in the image below, her outfit emphasizes her solid slim waistline and catches the eye of the netizens with her magnificent legs and tall height.

Her style and face are dead drop gorgeous that any outfit she wears, she would be looking magnificent as always. She is hugely popular among the youth for her slender figure that makes her look even more appealing. 

Naoi/Kim Rei

ve group kpop
Source: Instagram@rei.naoi.ive

Rei who is known for having a strong visual, with her perfect body proportions that stands 169cm is just fit for her to become like a model!

She seems to be of a very tall stature despite her young age. With a stunning small face, she matches flawlessly well with various outfits. 

Besides, the South Korean singer and rapper  has maintained herself very fit and healthy given that she has regular workouts and a healthy diet plan that she follows on a regular basis.

However, in reality, although she is the second shortest member, Rei pulls out any outfits. For instance, she is wearing a vibrant blue dress and she takes it away again!

The dress seems small and yet the length of her legs are flexed and given that she has a captivating style, the goodness of her style would be enhanced.

During their performance at Music Bank with Love Dive just recently, every member was dressed with sailor-like themed outfits but Rei’s got the summer butterfly vibes just perfect for this season!

Rei was able to show the netizens with her breathtaking beauty along with her insane stage presence that captivates the audience. 

Any clothes would look admirable on her, because she can enhance any type of style. She can give a sweet and innocent vibe, but she can also give the cool and chic, any style would look good on her!

Jang Won-young

ive group members
Source: Instagram@for_everyoung10

Wonyoung who has been known for her surprisingly tall height and body proportions, with her slender body shape and slim legs are to die for.

To stay fit, she takes pilates class as part of her daily routine along with her co-member, IVE’s leader Yujin. When she was a contestant in Produce 48, she already showcased her jaw dropping figure at such a young age. 

Wonyoung is known as the vocalist and main visual goddess of the 4th gen with her princess-like image. She naturally stands out in the crowd with her dazzling visuals and mesmerizing presence.

Back in Produce 48 she gave off a baby face, but as the years went by, her appearance has matured and bloomed from a child looking face into an alluring idol of the 4th gen.


With the image provided, Wonyoung really looks like a Barbie popstar given that she has a height of 173cm tall and she seems so graceful as she walks by.

Wonyoung’s high waisted leather shorts highlight her lengthy legs and her soft white skin which makes her more attractive.

Due to her unbelievable legs, whenever she takes a full body picture, Wonyoung confessed that she would even edit the photo to shorten her legs using Photoshop. Like, that’s how long her legs are that she needs to edit!

With her unrealistic body ratio and gorgeous features, she doesn’t need to exert herself too much when it comes to style! She can pull off any outfit effortlessly.

Kim Ji-won

i've members kpop profile
Source: Instagram@liz__ives

The main vocalist of the group, Liz, brings her doll-like visuals and figure along with her amazing talent and vocals.

Many haters have degraded her with body-shaming due recently to her gaining weight which is just fine for her body because she is still a minor and she also needs to stay healthy.

She may be not as thin as the way other netizens want her to be because of her thickness, but still a lot of fans defended her.

Her fans claimed that the singer’s lovely cheek fat enhanced how adorable and youthful she seemed to be. Her beautiful charisma was further heightened by her fair skin and brilliant eyes.

Despite gaining cheek fat, Liz’s distinctive dimple still seems to have a strong presence.

Let us introduce Liz, who is the second youngest member of IVE. Her pure smile and noteworthy dimples in black and white will mesmerize people.

She poses fully dressed in an edge like all-black attire that’s perfect with her long blonde hair.

As you can look at the post above, the user is absolutely right. Liz is such a remarkable Korean idol, her visuals are impressive. She can slay different types of concepts with her characteristic features and she is exceptionally fetching.

Lee Hyun Seo

leeseo ive
Source: Instagram@ignited.kpop

The group’s maknae Leeseo has a pure and natural beauty, but all the way down to her body proportions is unbelievable for a young age!

She keeps her physical status consistently healthy due to regular workouts and a healthy diet. As the youngest member of the group, many are astounded by her model-like posture. 

She is charming with her adorable face and sweet character, she is graceful and confident that boosts her visuals and overall appearance even more!

Leeseo’s style encompasses  the word “pure” with her simple sense of fashion and lovely face! Leeseo has a  model-esque physique, boasting her slim legs and a tiny waist. Her proportions are way too perfect for her age by her small face, thin limbs and slender frame.

Given that Leeseo is the youngest, she is sometimes referred to as a baby and would seem pampered, since it is clear from the way she speaks. Her character is age-appropriate, and other group members usually spoil her since they adore her so much.

Many have praised her for serving good visuals to the audience and her professionalism on stage at such a young age and her being good for aegyo!

She even embodies the words “Sweet” and “Cute”. Leeseo can execute different concepts and she can make anything she wears look amazing on her.

A group of lovely six members packed with talented visuals who shine with their own unique and brilliant features, IVE.

With their music obtaining millions of views and streams across media, the highly-skilled performers of this exquisite young group have grown to become one of the fastest and most successful female groups in K-Pop history.

Check out and Stream Love Dive now!

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