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Meet the Gorgeous Japanese Rapper of IVE : Naoi Rei (5th Member)

Learn interesting facts about the 5th member of IVE, Naoi Rei who is from Japan and is the rapper in IVE.

A superb rapper, vocalist, a dancer and lyricist of IVE, all the way from Japan, I want you to meet the Gorgeous Japanese Rapper of IVE! 

Her charismatic stage presence and captivating facial expressions when performing shows how truly talented she is!

Read this article to know more about her. Now, let’s meet the Gorgeous Japanese Rapper of IVE!

Naoi Rei – 5th Member of IVE

Naoi Rei who was born in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan on February 3, 2004. Despite being born and raised in Nagoya, Japan, she was accepted into the prestigious School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA) and relocated to Korea to study.

After hearing the news, many of her classmates and friends expressed their wishes and remarked on how wonderful and genuine she was. 

She was a Starship Entertainment trainee before making her professional debut, and she rose to fame during her pre-debut era.

Attending the School of Performing Arts Seoul, she already learned and trained to become an idol and that is why when she was revealed as the 5th member of the group to debut, many netizens couldn’t wait but see what’s in store of her talents. 

Meet the Gorgeous Japanese Rapper of IVE
Source: Instagram @rei.ive

Rei is an amazing member of IVE, a gorgeous, extremely talented, and hardworking young idol. She has an excellent physique. She is widely known among the 4th generation.

Many netizens even say that she resembles a cartoon character. She has slim proportions that can also make her a model, her appearance makes her appear younger than she is.

She has jet black hair and dark eyes. Also, she has gorgeous eyes that are incredibly appealing, as well as her overall appearance.

Her height is approximately 5’5.4″ (166 cm), her weight is approximately 46 kg (101 lbs), and her blood group is “A.” She maintains her body fit and healthy by having regular workouts and a healthy diet plan that she follows on a daily basis since she’s an idol.

Rei’s career 

Meet the Gorgeous Japanese Rapper of IVE
Source: Instagram @ivestarship

On November 6, 2021, when Rei was revealed as the 5th member, after Liz. In her group, she got positioned as a sub-vocalist and rapper. She even writes her own rap lyrics.

The girl group consists of 6 talented girls who officially debuted on December 1, 2021, by releasing the first single album Eleven under Starship Entertainment. Following that, she composed on some other songs with the group, including Take It, LOVE DIVE, and ROYAL. 

Their numerous victories with their debut single “ELEVEN” demonstrated that their career was off to a strong start, exceeding the number of wins in their title track.

Only a week after their debut, their group were crowned the fastest girl group to win a music show. The track alone earned the rookie group 13 music show wins and three triple crowns (awards for groups that won on a music show for three consecutive weeks). 

This places them among the K-pop groups with the most music show victories. Currently, the album containing the single has sold over 360,000 copies.

The ensemble boasts a long collection of achievements with debut, topping music charts and peaking with uncountable YouTube views.

The single album that propelled their group into the million-seller club, LOVE DIVE, has sold over 650,000 copies. IVE’s title track “LOVE DIVE” has already joined the list of songs with the most music award victories in the first half of 2022, with eight wins.

It has also captured the hearts of the Korean people as the longest-charting #1 song on Spotify Korea for 53 days.

While the LOVE DIVE era is finished, the group’s continuous success indicates that the group will achieve even more in the future.

With rising expectations from fans and the wider public, they are only getting ready to add more championships to their resume and prove their status as monster rookies.

As the rapper and sub-vocalist of the group, she contributed a whole lot in their music achievements and the group’s success extends beyond their awards and breaking records in the music charts.

The next thing you know, they’re all over the place. With ads, magazine photos, variety show performances, emceeing, and more, the group has quickly taken over various industries.

Social Media 

Understandably, she cannot be reached directly through social media platforms. She does, however, have a fan account on Instagram with the username @rei.ive.

Nonetheless, followers of IVE’s official Instagram account can see her activities there. The account’s username is @ivestarship, and as of 2022, it has 2.4 million followers. 

Meet the Gorgeous Japanese Rapper of IVE
Source: Instagram @ivestarship

The account is primarily managed by the company. She may also be found on the 1.1 million-followed official IVE Twitter account with the username @IVE_twt.

Lovelife Status

The South Korean singer is currently single and has no romantic relationships. She is too engaged with her profession to have any romances or relationships.

Meet the Gorgeous Japanese Rapper of IVE
Source: Instagram @rei.ive

She has also kept her previous relationships a secret, even if she did have any. As a result, she keeps the world fully in the shadows about the condition of her relationship. The artist hasn’t even mentioned who her ideal type is.

Interesting Facts About Rei

She even has her own commercial film as well, just like the other members like Wonyoung who represents Miu Miu and other brands. She is currently the muse for the cosmetics brand Bonajour. Her pure and lovely beauty steals fans’ hearts in the freshly released promotional photographs.

As most members in their group post dance and vocal covers in YouTube, she already had two vocal covers, “Solo” by Blackpink’s Jennie and “Hiiigh” English version by herself! Her vocal covers received a lot of attention online and support from her fans, she showed and proved to the public that she isn’t just the group’s rapper but a good singer too.

When she covered the song “Solo”, many praised for her vocals showed more of her talents, netizens commented that she gave off a bright and charismatic vibe when she did the cover.

While she did her second cover which was an English song, many were surprised at how fluent she was when singing the song despite that she is Japanese and she lives in Korea. 

Despite being a rookie, she showed what she’s capable of and there so much more potential in her that she will showcase in the future, a little more improvements but this girl is extremely talented!

The artist puts a lot of effort into her profession, plus her hard work and dedication have allowed her to grow into one of the most adored K-pop performers. She is not only a diligent worker, but also a stunning woman! How incredible!

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