Times Jennie from Blackpink Showed Off Her Ear Piercings

8 Times Jennie from Blackpink Showed Off Her Ear Piercings

It’s not Jisoo and Rose, Jennie from Blackpink showed off her ear piercings multiple times too! Check it out in this article below.

Are you someone who loves tattoos or piercings more? Well, if you do love piercings more, then you’re sailing in the same boat at Jennie from Blackpink!

Jennie too has a lot of piercings and loves changing her earrings very often. We are all quite aware of how Jennie is a fashionista herself and has a super fabulous dressing sense. 

So she often wears jewellery to go with her outfits too.

So if you are a Blink or just someone who loves ear piercings then this article is the perfect read for you. 

In this article, you can find all about Jennie, whether piercings are actually allowed in the K-Pop culture, where and how many piercings Jennie has on her ears and 20 awesome facts about Jennie!

Here are all the details guys!

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What do you need to know about Jennie?

While there are many Blinks or fans of Blackpink out there, I’m sure there are many who are new to the world of K-Pop and require a little bit of an introduction about Jennie. Well, so here you go guys.

Jennie Kim, most commonly known as Jennie is one of the four members of the band Blackpink, which is currently one of the most famous all-girl K-Pop band in the world! 

She is 26 year-old, who was born in Seoul, South Korea. Jennie is a fabulous singer, who is also well-known for her rapping skills, as she was the only trainee under YG Entertainment who could rap in fluent English back then.

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Source: Instagram @ fansign2022

Jennie joined the band Blackpink along with her fellow bandmates Jisoo, Lisa and Rose, under the company YG Entertainment based in South Korea. 

In 2016, Blackpink made their debut as a group, releasing their album ‘Square One’ and in 2018, Jennie made her solo debut with her single ‘Solo’, which gained commercial success and went on to top the Gaon Digital Chart and also the World’s Digital Songs Billboard Chart thereafter.

But even before Jennie made her debut as a group and as a solo artist, she already seemed to have gained fame as she was titled the “mystery girl”, back in 2012. 

This title was because of an incident that occurred in April of 2010 when YG entertainment leaked a photo of Jennie titling it “Who’s that girl?” and thereafter, everyone could only guess who it was, until her name was revealed as a trainee in their company, in August of that same year.

 Later on in 2016, Jennie became the very first member of the band Blackpink to be officially introduced by YG Entertainment.

Times Jennie From Blackpink Showed off Her Ear Piercings

Jennie sure seems to have a large collection of earrings as she is seen flaunting many of them very often. Here are some such instances.

who has piercings in blackpink
Source: Instagram @ jenieswans
blackpink jennie ear piercing
Source: Instagram @ jenieswans

Are K-Pop Idols allowed to pierce their ears?

So it’s no secret that K-Pop Idols aren’t officially allowed to have any visible tattoos, but why haven’t we heard anything about whether they can have facial and body piercings then?

Well, if you hear nothing about it, then the answer is pretty obvious right? K-Pop Idols are allowed to pierce their ears if they want to and there aren’t any rules stating that they aren’t allowed to do so.

In my opinion from the number of K-Pop Idols I have observed having ear piercings on, it sure looks like most K-Pop artists, both boys and girls simply love piercings!

So how many piercings does Jennie have?

The answer you all have been waiting for – Jennie has 7 ear piercings, which include 4 piercings on her right ear and 3 on her left. While many say that some of them could be temporary, it is quite hard to know whether or not they are, right? Let’s give Jennie the benefit of the doubt, shall we?


Well, let’s be honest here guys, don’t her piercings look simply cool? If you actually look very carefully at Jennie’s piercings you can actually observe that she has at least 4 different types of ear piercings.

She has a very noticeable tragus piercing, which seems to be very trending and has been spotted on many celebrities these days.

It is a piercing placed over the ear canal, on the cartilage and as complicated as it may sound, it does look like quite a stylish piercing to get, doesn’t it?

One thing that gets me wondering about Jennie’s tragus piercing is about how she manages to still wear her ear piece in, even though she has a piercing right near her ear canal!

blackpink jennie cartilage piercing

Another ear piercing we can see is her helix piercing. Well, I must admit that I’m a huge lover of helix piercings because I think they look super cool!

A helix piercing is one where the piercing is made on the cartilage near the upper part of the ear, called as the helix and well, its pretty obvious how that piercing got its name.

how many piercings does jennie blackpink have

We also have spotted Jennie with a rook piercing and it is quite a rare piercing to get. A rook piercing is one that is done near the inner ear, at the upper ridge cartilage of the inner ear.

Getting this piercing done can be quite precarious because the piercer will have to pierce the rook of the ear using a hollow needle in order to be able to insert the earring.

Rook piercings are known to be one of the most painful ear piercings to get because the puncture pain is usually known to be very sharp and can begin to throb after a couple of hours after the puncture, which could even last for a few days thereafter.

And well of course, the most popular piercing of them all, Jennie too has the lobe piercings on both her ears and I’m pretty sure that it’s no surprise, right?

How are Jennie’s piercings placed?

Since you now know that Jennie has 7 piercings, I’m pretty sure that many of you might be curious as to how they’ve been placed. Well, as observed, it is quite noticeable that Jennie has 3 of her piercings placed on her right ear, while the left ear has her other 4 piercings.

On her right ear Jennie has two lobe piercings and one helix piercing, while on her left ear she has one tragus piercing, one helix piercing, one rook piercing and one lobe piercing.

20 Fun Facts about Jennie you Need to Know

·         Jennie is an only child to her parents.

·         She had done part of her studies in New Zealand before moving back to South Korea in 2010, where she trained under YG Entertainment for almost 6 years before debuting with her group Blackpink.

·         Coincidentally, Jennie’s two favourite colours are pink and black.

·         Jennie was the first member to be introduced from Blackpink.

·         She is known to have two dogs which are named Kai and Kuma and loves playing with them whenever she is free.

·         Jennie knows to ride horses, as she learnt to do so when she was younger.

·         On the platform Spotify, she is known to have over 2 million followers.

·         She has her very own YouTube channel called as ‘Jennierubyjane Official’.

·         Jennie’s official YouTube channel took just 2 weeks before it crossed 5 million subscribers and is currently close to almost 9 million subscribers becoming the second most subscribed channel by a K-Pop artist. The first being Lisa’s channel, belonging to Jennie’s own bandmate.

jennie from blackpink
Source: Instagram @ queen1435810

·         She speaks both Korean and English fluently, as even her favourite subject was English. She is known to speak a little bit of Japanese too.

·         Jennie also has the achievement of having the 11th most subscribed YouTube channel by a K-Pop artist.

·         She is one among the 10 top K-Pop artists to have the most followers on Spotify.

·         On the platform Instagram, Jennie’s post became the fastest post by a K-Pop artist to hit a million comments.

·         Jennie’s one among the two (the other is PSY) K-Pop solo artists whose music video has over 10 million likes.

·         Jennie’s Chinese zodiac sign is known to be the animal pig, while her zodiac sign is Capricorn because she was born in January.

blackpink members name
Source: Instagram @ jenniexwonder

·         Before Jennie made her debut, she had a tattoo titled “stay strong”, which was spotted on her wrist.

·         Jennie is someone who isn’t very fond of pizzas, but loves Mexican food, especially tacos.

·         Some of her favourtie movies are Tangled, Aladdin and Toy Story. But she also likes watching romantic movies.

·         She is known to be the personal photographer for her fellow Blackpink members.

·         Jennie is the only K-Pop Idol who has many posts on Instagram to cross over 7 million likes.

The final takeaway

I hope that all you Blinks out there enjoyed reading this article and getting to know about so many awesome facts about Jennie. 

Also, for those of you who were just here for the piercings, I’m sure you would have got many piercing ideas for yourselves (if you haven’t got them done already)!

So you guys, don’t forget to go and check out Jennie’s super amazing music with her powerful vocals and fantastic rapping skills and I’m pretty certain that you will love it!

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