Top Jewelry Brands In Korea

Affordable Jewelry Brands In Korea 2023 | For Contemporary And Stylish Accessories 

Looking to get some cute accessories? Here are the top Jewelry brands in Korea you must try! Made in Korea, these accessories have online shops you can get your favorite pieces from!

Korea, as we all know, is well known for its extremely effective beauty products, head-over heels fashion, and commendable tech advancements. 

But as you dig deeper into the Korean trends and culture, you will come to know that not only they have made their place in entertainment, beauty, and tech areas, but Korean jewelry pieces are getting appreciation from jewelry lovers all across the world. 

More and more Korean jewelry brands are coming to light, thanks to their incredible design and the work of their talented designers, Korea is sure to be a talent hub.

Jewelry is an essential part of the overall style, both for women and men. One statement piece of a necklace or an earring instantly revives the most boring outfit you can think of. 

From precious metals to stones, different people have different tastes and preferences when it comes to choosing their statement jewelry. 

And Korea definitely holds some of the best options to choose from, both for men and women. 

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If you too are fascinated by Korean art and culture and want to give their jewelry pieces a try, making this a bit hassle-free for you, I have compiled a list of popular jewelry brands in Korea.

These brands have been gaining much popularity lately, and are known for their quality and unique pieces. 

So without any further ado, let’s get started.

A lot of Korean celebrities also wear pieces from these Korean jewelry brands!

Korean Jewelry BrandsType of Jewelry Average Price Range
1064 STUDIOClassic, FeminineSlightly Expensive
AVEC New YorkContemporaryExpensive
NumberingMinimalistVery Affordable
COLDFRAMEModern, MinimalistAffordable
SouhaitClassic, MinimalistSlightly Expensive
Space OddityContemporary, EccentricSlightly Expensive
Joomi LimClassic, Elegant, CocktailAffordable
Portrait ReportModern, MinimalistAffordable

Jewelry Brands In Korea


korean jewelry brands online shop

The brand took its name from 1064.18 degrees Celsius, which is apparently the temperature of gold melting, combining it with the concept of making jewelry that melts hearts. 

I like the words they’ve been using to describe their designs such as ‘Modern, Geometry, Simple, Neutral, and Minimal’. 

The one thing that makes this brand really stand out is that you can actually layer their different pieces one on another, and different layerings give you a whole different look. 

Also, the main designer of the brand, which also happens to be its CEO admits that she wanted to create jewelry pieces that are versatile. 

You can wear it in a variety of different social settings, not just some extra special occasions.

Check out the jewelry here:

AVEC New York

affordable korean jewelry brands

Headquartered in New York City, AVEC was founded by Korean twin sisters Kate and Chloe Lee, and it’s known for its modern and luxurious jewelry designs. 

The dainty finger pieces that the brand has to offer are surely an eye-catcher for jewelry enthusiasts, highlighting its delicate beauty and designs. 

With 18k rose gold, silver, precious gemstones, and adorned with dainty pearls, the brand makes sure to incorporate the best of materials and designs when it comes to its pieces, making it the first choice for modern women.

Check out the jewelry here:


made in korea jewelry

Numbering as a brand demonstrates the idea of ‘beauty in many forms. 

The brand was founded on the sole idea that beauty is completely subjective – it can be existent or nonexistent, beautiful or strange, and can be ordinary or extraordinary. 

It depends on nothing else but the individual. That’s a sweet thought, right?

With this idea in mind, Numbering aims to become a brand that provides pieces that are suitable for all standards of beauty, and people from all spheres of life. 

From hoop earrings to chain bracelets, to dainty finger rings, Numbering specializes in a number of amazing pieces. 

With a perfect blend of modern and classic designs, the brand continues to pursue a refined silhouette’. 

In its 2020 Spring/Summer collection, the brand expressed the delicacy of balancing modernity and tradition through gold and silver jewelry pieces that are taken from the style of the 80s but mix up perfectly with our modern lifestyles.

Check out the jewelry here:


best korean jewelry website

The brand is famous for making jewelry pieces with a wide variety of themes. Located in the neighborhood of Yongsan-gu, Seoul, COLDFRAME uses flowers, human bodies, and a vintage lifestyle as an inspiration for its splendid jewelry pieces. 

You find their pieces thematically well categorized into collections on the brand’s official website, all based on these inspirations. 

Flower plant-shaped earrings and rings inspired by flowers are shown in the Flower Face collection,  and pieces inspired by and embodied by human body structures can be seen in the Traits of Bone collection. 

But the one collection the brand takes pride in is its Rope Twist collection, which is a combination of uniquely chunky and delicate designs and has been getting very popular among people who want to go to modern jewelry pieces.

Check out the jewelry here:


Taking inspiration from french aesthetics, the brand’s name ‘Souhait’, stands for ‘wish’ in french. 

The Korean jewelry brand aims at creating pieces that bring happiness and goodness to the life of the person wearing them. 

This brand started off as a small family-owned jewelry retailer in Hannam-dong, Seoul, and is now represented by creative director Somin Lee. 

Souhaits artistic expressions and designs, embedded in its products, adding a fresh definition of modern aesthetics, are the major reason behind its success. 

I absolutely adore their signature pieces that include chunky finger rings that have a very unique design, and at the same time very easy on pockets. 

The jewelry the brand offers add their own statement to the whole look, and manage to stand out even with the simplest of the outfits.

Check out the jewelry here:

Space Oddity

korean jewellery in india

Celebrating the diversity of individuality, Space Oddity is yet another emerging brand of jewelry pieces from South Korea. 

Established on the motto ‘while jewelry is small, it has strong power’, the brand says that small pieces of jewelry are not just jewelry, but so much more than that. 

The pieces we own become a part of us and play part in expressing our thoughts, creativity, and personality. 

Walking along with the same philosophy, Space Oddity creates one-of-its-kind jewelry pieces like long oversized earrings featuring animals and nature, earrings covering your entire ear, and hair slides featuring oriental designs.

Check out the jewelry here:

Joomi Lim

korean accessories brand

Korean designer, Joomi Lim, has actively been working on developing her line of unique jewelry pieces. 

The designer also owns her own fashion brand called Joomi Joolz. You can easily differentiate the elegant, feminine style of her work from the rest of the pieces on the market. 

Also, I really like the way she uses delicate spiral lines as highlights in her necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. It really makes her jewelry stand out from the rest.

Check out the jewelry here:

Portrait Report

korean jewelry store

Launched by designer Jeong Baek Seok, Portrait Report is one of the brands loved by celebrities in Korea.  

Celebrities like Hyomin (T-ara) and Zico are big fans of its pieces. 

The most popular piece on their shelf though is the twin ear cuffs, which interestingly, can also be worn as a twin couple ring. For people who like simple yet stylish designs, Portrait Report is their place to go.

Check out the jewelry here:

FAQs About Jewellery Brands in Korea

What kind of jewelry do people prefer in Korea?

Korea is a place high on fashion and beauty. And people there like keeping things subtle yet statement. From home decor to personal fashion, Korean style guides reflect a sense of simplicity and elegance. And the same is with their jewelry preferences. Elegant, dainty pieces, in subtle silver and gold, is really popular among Koreans. They’re also a huge fan of pearls and precious gemstones.

Does Korea produce its own materials to make jewelry?

Yes, like all the other countries Korea is also known for producing its own materials to make jewelry. South Korea has also produced 0.24 metric tons of gold from its mining exertion, and that’s huge.

How can you tell if Korean gold is real?

Here’s what to do when you are not sure if the gold is real or not. Hold the magnet in a way that it is upside to the gold. If it sticks, gold is real, if it doesn’t then it is not. This simple technique will save you from a lot of hassle and scams, just keep a magnet handy with yourself whenever going to buy a real jewelry piece, and you’re sorted.

Is Korean jade real?

Yes, it is. Jade is a popular semi-precious stone found in Korea. In Korean mines, there are some natural colors of jades that are found like yellow, white, black, and green. Green jades are the most common ones that are mined in Korea.

What gemstones are found in Korea?

So Korea is a treasure for gemstones, and the most popular ones you can find there are smoky topaz, purple amethyst, and white jades. Korean people have always been fond of precious gemstones, and associate each of them with a symbol and meaning. Green jades are also one of the popular gemstones found in Korea.

So that’s about it, everyone. I really enjoyed compiling this list of popular jewelry brands in Korea for you guys. 

Each one of them has its own personality and serves its own purpose. Korea is a place of style and elegance, and people there attach a symbol and meaning to everything around, that’s the beauty of it. 

Go through the list to find that one statement piece you’ve been looking for because the excellent craftsmanship of these Korean brands is never going to disappoint you. Happy Shopping!

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