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The 5 Top K-Pop Idols On Instagram 2023 | Most Followed Accounts 

Check out who are the top most-followed K-pop idols on Instagram, male and female and which K-pop groups they belong to.

With the rise of several social media platforms over the past few years, it has become easier for celebrities to update their fans on their personal life and future activities. Social media channels such as YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram have been the way to go. 

In today’s technology-driven society, Instagram has become an excellent way to measure a celebrity’s popularity. While the number of likes or followers keeps fluctuating with time, it is the overall count that gives one an idea. 

A relevant and popular presence online has been shown to be crucial not only for the celebrities themselves, but also for other public figures such as politicians, athletes, singers, authors, and more. 

An active and engaged Instagram account, if maintained regularly, can prove to be a great asset in marketing one’s personal and/or group brand. 

With one month into the year 2022, it is safe to say that K-Pop (short for Korean Popular Music) and its stars are taking on Instagram in a very big way. 

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These idols have attracted a large number of followers from around the world offering entertainment and personal life updates on a regular basis.

Instagram stories and Instagram live features have offered a great asset to K-pop stars in making announcements and posting behind-the-scene clips of their performances. 

Instagram Live allows fans to get live streams from their favorite K-pop Idols. This could either be live streams from the stage, behind-the-stage scenes, or mere casual chats from home. K-Pop celebs’ Instagram Stories and Live have brought their fans closer and given them a sense of what it might be like to hang out with them. 

Although many big idol groups such as BTS, BlackPink, EXO, and more have their Instagram pages, their members too have a page of their own.  

My article focuses on some of the most followed K-Pop idols on Instagram today. 

Top K-pop Idols On InstagramKpop GroupNumber Of Followers
ChanyeolEXO23.5 Million
Jackson WangGot726.8 Million
JiminBTS28.2 Million
JennieBlackpink61.2 Million
LisaBlackpink72.1 Million

Top K-Pop Idols On Instagram 2022


  • Instagram Handle: @real__pcy
  • Instagram Following: 23.5m

Born in 1992 in the capital city of South Korea, Seoul, Park Chan-yeol, popularly known as Chanyeol, is a South Korean singer, rapper, and actor. 

He started his career by joining the all-boys music group ‘EXO’ and its sub-unit ‘EXO-K’ and later became its lead rapper. 

Over the years he has gained immense popularity as a songwriter. In 2021, Park Chanyeol was named one of the top 10 most followed K-Pop idols on Instagram.

Chanyeol made his debut back in 2012 and over the years has done collaborations with other celebrities, soundtrack appearances, songwriting credits, and music video appearances. 

He has also bagged several awards and nominations for his works. Some of the most famous songs include ‘If We Love Again’ and ‘Don’t Make Money’. 

In addition to this, Chanyeol has also performed in several TV series such as ‘To The Beautiful You’ and ‘Royal Villa.’

In 2021 with the release of Chanyol’s movie, ‘The Box’, portraying him singing a cover of the award-winning singer, Billie Eilish’s song, Bad Guy, his ranking raised.

Two days after launching his personal Instagram account, he already had over 22.8 million followers. The numbers made him one of the fastest followed male K-Pop idols on Instagram to date. 

Jackson Wang

  • Instagram Handle: @jacksonwang852g7
  • Instagram Followers: 26.8m

GOT7’s member, Jackson Wang is a Hong Kong-South Korean rapper, singer, and dancer. He gained fame upon joining the South Korean boy group, GOT7. 

Today, Jackson is said to be one of the highest followed K-Pop singers on Instagram with a whopping 26.8m followers. 

He uses his Instagram handle as a means to update fans on his daily life and promote GOT7. He loves to travel and makes it a point to bring fans in on his journey and experience.

Jackson made his first performance with the catchy number ‘Girls GirlsGirls,’ in 2014 and also performed a solo for the very first time on Roommate, the very popular SBS reality show in the same year. He was even awarded the ‘Newcomers Award’ at the ‘SBS Entertainment Awards.’

Over the period of two years-2014 and 2015, Jackson starred in numerous 

 South Korean shows and was even chosen as the MC in May 2015 for the SBS Inkigayo music show. In the same year, he conducted his first concert in Seoul with ‘GOT7.

At the end of the year, he was a presenter in the Chinese television hit show, ‘Go Fridge.’ 

In 2017, he released his very first solo album and also released Papillion(English number) with Novoland: The Castle in the Sky(Chinese single).

Since then, he was chosen as an ambassador of Great China to the 2017 MTV Europe Music Awards.

He had also been assigned as the brand ambassador of Hong Kong Tourism. 

His self-written solos singles, ‘Okay’ and ‘Dawn of Us’ are very popular among his fans and were arranged and collaborated with ‘BOYTOY.’ 

In addition to this, ‘Fendiman,’ one of his hit songs, reached a top position in the   ‘US iTunes Pop Charts.’

In his personal life, Jackson is said to be an extrovert and speaks multiple languages including Chinese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, French, and English. 


most followed male kpop idol on instagram 2022
Source: Instagram@j.m
  • Instagram Handle: @j.m
  • Instagram Following: 28.2m

A BTS member, Park Ji-min, better known by his stage name Jimin, is a South Korean singer-songwriter and record producer. 

The graceful idol has accumulated 28.2 million followers on Instagram with only seven posts. After two weeks of silence when Jimin finally uploaded a photo to his account, his fans trended “He Came Home.”

Born on October 13, 1995, in South Korea, Jimin made his debut as a member of BTS with the release of the single “No More Dream”. Along with this, he has also released three more songs under BTS: “Lie”, “Serendipity”, and “Filter”. 

In 2019, Jimin has said to become the first BTS member to have a solo music video “Serendipity” achieve 100 million views on YouTube. Jimin was the only BTS member with multiple solo songs in the January 2020 update of the Official Chart’s top 40 list. 

Jimin has also released two self-produced songs as a solo artist: “Promise” in 2018 and “Christmas Love” in 2020. 

Jimin’s vocals have been defined as gentle and sweet. Additionally, he is also said to be an exceptional dancer among the members of the group and in K-pop in general. 


  • Instagram Handle: @jennierubyjane
  • Instagram Following: 61.2m

Kim Jennie, well-known as the “Human Chanel” was raised in Seoul until the age of ten, at which point she moved to New Zealand. 

When YG Entertainment started recruiting trainees for BlackPink, she moved to South Korea and joined the group. 

Jennie moved to South Korea with the sole purpose of pursuing her career as a singer and performer. 

Today, she is well-known as BlackPink’s main rapper. Her music videos do a good job of showcasing her versatility as both a singer and rapper. 

Jennie is one of the most popular BlackPink members on Instagram with a following of 61.2 million followers on her account @jennierubyjane. She does a great job in regularly posting photos showcasing her life behind the scenes and while shooting her next video. 

So, if you are a BlackPink fan, then hers is the one to follow. Other than her @jennierubyjane account, Jennie also has a secondary account called @lesyeuxdenini. She uses this account to showcase her personal photography.


  • Instagram Handle: @lalalalisa_m
  • Instagram Followers: 72.1m

The youngest member of BlackPink, LalisaPranpriyaManoban aka Lisa is well-known for her dance and rap skills. 

In April 2019, Lisa was named the most followed K-Pop idol on Instagram. As of January 2022, Lisa holds over 72.1 million followers on Instagram alone. With this count, she has surpassed Exo’s member Chanyeol.  

Born and raised in Thailand, Lisa learned Korean after moving to South Korea in 2011. Lisa is also well trained in dance which is said to be a combination of smooth body rolls, captivating facial expressions, and sharp hits, all of which have often become the subject of BlackPink’s viral videos. 

Over the course of her career, Lisa has landed many endorsement deals from popular brands and television appearances on Korean variety shows. Lisa was crowned the brand ambassador of Bulgari in 2020. She also participated in B.zero1 and Serpenti campaigns.

After the torrential rain on 17 September 2019 that led to a flood covering almost 32 Thai provinces, it was revealed that Lisa had donated ฿100,000 to Thai actor Bin Bunluerit’s fund. This donation was to help those evacuated in the floods as disaster relief.

Who are the top K-pop idols on Instagram?

If you check rank these celebs on basis of most number of followers, you’ll see that the top K-pop idols on Instagram include Chanyeol from EXO, Jackson Wang from Got7, Jimin from BTS, and Jennie and Lisa from Blackpink. However V from BTS holds the record for being the most followed Kpop idol on Instagram in 24 hours. 

If you have looked at the power of Instagram, then it has proven time and again that it is a huge asset for the K-Pop industry. 

Many of the K-Pop idol groups such as EXO, SNSD, BLACKPINK, Big Bang, BTS, and more have their Instagram account while each member also has one of their own. 

Not only does Instagram provide followers a personal look into their favorite celebrity’s personal life, but also offers the celebs a platform to market their services. 

So, if you haven’t checked out your favorite K-Pop’s Instagram account yet, then hop right in and check it out. 

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