K-Pop Idols Who Went Through Extreme Weight Loss

7 K-Pop Idols Who Went Through Extreme Weight Loss | Is Their Drastic Dieting Unhealthy?

Here are some K-pop idols who went through extreme weight loss. Check out how long do Kpop idols diet and how they drastically lose weight so quickly.

Kpop culture is trending worldwide day by day. Their songs are getting millions of views on YouTube, and their social media handles are flooded with fans’ love and support. Teenagers are going crazy about them. If you are here, you are indeed a huge KPOP fan. 

Apart from their heart-touching music and incredible fashion, there’s one more way these artists have inspired a lot of people. That is through their body image, which they have achieved through incredible weight loss transformations. 

Maintaining a low body mass has always been a top priority among idols. As they influence many people, they must promote healthy eating and workout habits.

In this blog, I will cover the weight loss journey of the famous K-POP artist and their diet. So this blog will be informative and motivational for you if you are also thinking of putting off the extra weight in your body.

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K-Pop Idols Who Went Through Extreme Weight Loss

Kwon MiJin 

K-Pop Idols Who Went Through Extreme Weight Loss
Source: Twitter@KpopCeleb

Growing up in a loving and caring family, Kwon was always pampered. She had been a fat kid since childhood, and her pet name was “Pig.” But this never bothered her.

After doing many minor roles, she finally got a chance to work on the famous KBS 2 TV show called “Gag Concert.” In which she was to perform the segment “Health Girl.”

Initially, the audience thought that it was a kind of skit that female comedians used to make fun of themselves because the goal of putting off such a massive weight in just five months was impossible. 

When she started her transformation journey, her weight was 103 kg (230 lbs). Her workout routine included a two-hour aerobics session in the morning for 2 hours and strict diet control in the morning. And at the show’s end, Kwon’s weight was 58 kg. 

After her extreme weight loss transformation, she was approached by several magazines for some sexy photoshoots.

She also inspired her other Gag Concert colleagues to transform themselves. They launched a healthy weight loss program called “Health Girl.” Almost all of the members took the challenge and transformed their bodies by adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Even after the weight loss transformation, she still managed to maintain her diet and workout routine, focused on living a healthier lifestyle, and wrote a book titled “Health Girl Kwon Mi-jin’s Fun Diet—Even More Entertaining than a Gag Concert.”

It sold over 12000 copies on its first day of release and ranked third in the Top-10 best-selling book list in the health category.

Park Bo Ram

kpop idols weight loss before and after
Source: Twitter@allkpop

Park Bo Ram is a famous K-pop solo singer who appeared in a singing competition named Superstar K2 in the year 2010 and debuted as an idol four years later. 

Over the years, her music and personality have been criticised as being shallow and repetitive. Her extreme diet and weight loss of up to 31 kg made her more famous. 

As a result, she became invisible in the current wave of K-Pop and worked on her physique, and made a comeback with a new song, “Beautiful,” that capitalised on extreme beauty standards and Kpop diets and grabbed a lot of attention. 

Later, she posted her diet and schedule on SNS. She revealed that she used to eat six times a day, strictly following a routine. Her diet included bananas, eggs, chicken breast, and vegetables.

There were rumours that she went for plastic surgery. Still, her company released a strict statement that her transformation was natural and that she did not undergo any medical surgery.


Sulli began her career as a K Pop group F(X) member in 2009, but she officially left the group in 2015. 

Since her debut, she’s faced body shaming for her unflattering body shape and excess weight for an Idol. She has also been involved in countless scandals and controversies about her weight, mental health, morality, and sex life.

Straight to 2011, Sulli came back with the new song “Hot Summer” and looked to have maintained the weight loss. 

Although she never mentioned her diet or workout routines, it was said that she used to read a lot of online articles and had taken help from them. 

Other band members from the F (X) group said that because of the busy schedule, they had developed eating disorders and irregular sleeping habits, which they are working on improving.

Wendy (Red Velvet)

Wendy is the lead vocalist of the K-pop singing band Red Velvet and has a viral past of gaining and losing weight quickly. 

The secret of her weight loss transformation in 2018 is the diet that includes a very light breakfast consisting of bleeding cabbage and an apple together. For lunch, she usually drinks pumpkin juice. And that’s it. 

This was her only meal for the entire day. Along with it, she exercised by skipping rope over 10,000 times. Because she had other responsibilities, the time allotted for her workout was only two hours.

When asked about her transformation, she stated that the most beautiful look one can have is confidence.

Uee (After School) 

Uee wanted to become an actress but ended up joining the After School band to get experience and build an image. 

She had a rough start debuting as an idol as she was both shamed and loved for her body. After the band fell apart, she worked three times harder than the other idols.

UEe used to have honey thighs and excess fat on her body. Her weight loss is still a mystery for everyone, but her body is still admired for its curve, and Uee had to work hard for this type of body.

She talked a bit about her weight loss journey and said that starving was the first step to losing weight. An apple was her only meal in the morning, followed by some sweet potatoes for lunch and a protein drink in the evening. 

Uee also tried to surpass 1000kcal per day. For the workout, she prefers running on the treadmill for 30 minutes and drinks a lot of water throughout the entire day.

Kang SoRa 

kpop idols extreme weight loss diet
Source: Instagram@lysu_xiah

The former love interest of Hyun Bin, actress Kang Sora, struggled with her weight during her teenage years. At her heaviest, she weighed 72 kilograms. 

She managed to lose 24 kilograms by following her diet routine and eating the minimum amount of food at the right time. She never skipped a meal and took snacks too. 

Her breakfast includes yogurt and fruit, then a bowl of rice and some vegetables for lunch. In the evening, she drinks pumpkin soup and ends her meal with sweet potatoes and cabbage for dinner. 

That too, before 6 p.m. She also believes that if you cannot be consistent with your diet, then have a cheat meal day.

Her only secret is to move her body as much as possible. She mainly used to do Pilates and ballet because she gained muscles quickly from lifting weights.


Lead vocalist, lead dancer, and rapper. He struggled with excess weight as a child and decided to make a change. Xiumin is the star of the band EXO.

He revealed that there were three secrets to his weight loss transformation: diligence, effort, and positivity.

He maintained a natural diet with minimal eating. According to popular belief, starvation is the first step toward losing excess weight, but it is also unhealthy and difficult to maintain. He preferred walking for one hour a day in the morning, right after waking up.

He also added that the best way to maintain a low-fat body is by exercising in the early morning and eating a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner with four-hour breaks in between, which is also called the 4-hour method. 

It took him one month to identify the changes in his body. 

FAQs About Kpop Idols Extreme Weight Loss Diet

What are the K-pop secrets to losing weight?

Different idols prefer their ways of maintaining minimum body fat.

Some followed the starvation method initially to lose weight, while others relied on eating less throughout the day, and some followed eating right at the right time every day. 

The only secret is to identify first what suits your body and stick to it. One thing that is common with all of them is body movement. It can be anything: a cardio session, a morning walk, skipping ropes, or going to the gym. The idea is to sweat it out and be consistent with it.

How do K-pop idols lose weight so quickly?

The idols follow a traditional Koren diet known as the KPOP diet to lose weight quickly.  Here are the steps they follow:

  • Maintain a strict diet: Do not overeat; maintain a low diet with healthy foods.
  • Avoid sugar intake: Table sugar is really bad for your health. Even if you are not losing any weight, you should still avoid it. Look for other healthier alternatives.
  • Take meals on time: When you have a habit of eating daily at the same time, your body remembers your schedule, and it is called Circadian Rhythm. You will automatically start feeling hungry at the same time every day.
  • Regular exercise: Movement is the most important thing. Make time to work out or even walk every day.

Final Thoughts About K-POP Idols Who Went Through Extreme Weight Loss

The journey to a perfect figure is never going to be easy. It takes hard work, consistency, and endurance to achieve your dream physique. 

In this blog, I have shared the stories of your favourite Kpop idols, how they transformed themselves, their diet secrets, and their workout plans while keeping up with their hectic schedule.

If you liked reading this article and find it useful, then consider sharing it with other KPOP fans you know and keep visiting the website for more such articles. Thank you for reading.

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