K-Pop Songs That Will Make You Hungry

8 K-Pop Songs That Will Make You Hungry 2023 | Top Food-Themed Kpop Tracks

Here are some of the top K-Pop songs that will make you hungry. These include songs with food in the title or Kpop songs about coffee, hamburgers, dessert, or just any food item.

I love music. I love food. And I also love when these two things are combined together. Like in the case of these food-themed Kpop songs!

These are some of my favorite K-pop songs that will make you hungry either through their gourmet metaphors or their music videos that feature some delicious food. 

Take a look!

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 K-Pop Songs That Will Make You Hungry

Here are some Kpop songs with food-based lyrics that will leave you wanting more!

8. Crush’s “Cereal” Ft. Zico — A Song About Yummy Breakfast

Crush is a smooth talker and he knows how to make his intentions clear. In “Cereal,” the object of Crush’s affection turns him down for breakfast, but it doesn’t stop there!

The K-pop song has an addictive R&B groove with soothing vocals from both artists combined in perfect harmony by Zico – who interpolates words like ‘yummy yummy’ into their verses while simultaneously hitting high notes without missing one beat–and they manage to keep us captivated throughout all 12 minutes thanks also slow dance music.

The music video for “Cereal” by K-pop star Crush shows a bright, futuristic modern building with electric blue strokes standing out against the darkness of night as if they were in the spotlight.

7. BTS’ “Coffee” — Yummy Post Break-Up Treat

The most romantic Starbucks song ever! And perhaps one of the best kpop songs about coffee ever! 

I can’t believe it’s actually from BTS. When they sing about their lover and memories that were as sweet as a “caramel macchiato”.

However, BTS note that in the end their love waned into an americano–which kind’ve makes sense considering how much time has passed since then.

But it still kinda feels wrong because who wants to drink anything bitter for Valentine’s Day?

While I love Coffee (this song I mean), I also cannot mention food-themed Kpop songs without going on about the song Butter by BTS. That one’s a delicious (no pun intended) song as well!

6. Eddy Kim And Solar’s “Coffee & Tea” — Baked Treats and Kpop

In the music video for “Coffee & Tea,” Eddy Kim plays a barista at an adorable little coffee shop. 

He serves smiley-face coffees and pastries with his happy demeanor to help customers overcome their own burdens in life, just like how he does as someone who has been through it all himself before finally finding happiness along this path of living fully every day! 

The Kpop group also represents these themes showcasing what can happen when people find themselves matched perfectly together despite initial differences which include different tastes or interests but still connect over something deeper than either could have ever imagined.

Their voices sounded so sweet and innocent when they were singing together, it made the song much more romantic. The colors used in this video are light tones with pastel hues that create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere for viewers to enjoy!

5. UNIT G’s “Cherry On Top” — Juicy Cherry Music

UNIT G’s performance of “Cherry On Top” was both elegant and flirty, but it also showed that they were capable dancers when the need arose. They managed to keep up with their routines smoothly even while laying down on stage!

What I love about this K-pop music video is that each scene draws from a stunning color palette. The bright and eye-catching hues in this video for “Cherry On Top” by Euijin was perfect.

It had me at its first sight with how vivid Magenta lighting mixed together perfectly alongside neon pink stood out against white background absolute perfection! 

4. Woodie Gochild’s “Cotton Candy” Ft. Hwasa — Cool As Candy

When in doubt about what to wear on your date, stick with the basics: a beret and safety glasses. At least this is what Woodie’s Cotton Candy music video tells us!

For an extra cool vibe try wearing cotton candy pink or yellow tee paired up black trousers for that 70s aesthetic like our Kpop idol himself! 

The first scene of “Woodie” trying his best as he speaks into camera while standing outside looking at all these beautiful flowers gives us some insight into who this man is; calm yet confident- someone I would love dating because they make me feel comfortable right away (plus there’s no awkwardness from not knowing how else one should act).

I also loved how they used hip hop dance moves in this song. Makes it all the more entertaining!

3. Orange Caramel’s “Catallena” — Sweet and Weird Kpop

In a world where K-pop groups are known for their crazy outfits, it’s hard to imagine something being more out there than “Catallena.” The song gives off a Lady Gaga vibe thanks to its iconic meat dress and bright colors that would make Gaga herself jealous. 

But while some may think this tune is just kid friendly because they’re so focused on how cutely dressed up the girls seem in comparison–you won’t be able stop playing around once your stomach starts rumbling or there goes another one flying by overhead!

The music video shows Orange Caramel as beautiful mermaids who peel back the plastic wrap from their package trays. Sushi plates, they transform into – yes indeed- sushi! Lizzy bear hugs a clump of rice and becomes shrimp sashimi with chopsticks for fingers; 

Nana wears an orange tutu around her waist that has been covered in soy sauce before she dips one finger deep inside it all while smiling serenely like only someone truly full can do.”

What better way to spend your time than listening and dancing along in this wacky K-pop music video?  The song has a catchy hook, unconventional theme but each scene would probably make for an excellent meme. 

The plot was about how humans are turtles who eat fish out of competition with other animals due their excessive numbers being caught by fisherman which causes mermaids’ fins to be packaged then put on sale at markets. Wow now that’s creative!

2. AKMU’s “Is It Ramen?” — Morning Kpop Treat

“Is it ramen?” is a song that perfectly captures those days when you’re not feeling sociable or productive, but still have to get up at noon. I love how AKMU adds their own style into YG’s distinctive, powerful and edgy concept with its unique rap stylings from Lee Su-Hyun (which are amazing!). 

My favorite part about this track may be the line “But my reflection in front of TV keeps gaining weight.” 

While they don’t have any specific dances for K pop songs on Weekly Idol like other artists do – They were able to show remarkable ability while spontaneous random dance during appearance without even knowing what would come next!

1. Red Velvet’s “Ice Cream Cake” — Takes The “Cake” Among K-pop Songs About Food

Red Velvet’s “I scream. You scream. We all scream for ice cream” takes on an addictive new life with their music video that immediately kicks off at a chocolate cake in front of pink frosting and gold-dusted raspberries! 

The music video includes scenes from gas stations to deserts, but most importantly–the California desert near Palmdale where this awesome song was recorded (you know it well).

The K-pop group Red Velvet makes a sofa in the middle of nowhere and an enormous pink, glow-in coptic ball bouncing down the highway seem completely normal. 

My favorite scene is when Joy pushes Yeri who wears white fur coat at sunset with their catchy song characterized as “red” since it has electropop tones which are more upbeat making this one of the most iconic songs about food.

Final Course Of K-pop Songs That Will Make You Hungry

These K-pop songs have a way of making you feel like anything is possible when they play in the background. 

Whether it be getting up early to start your day with some caffeine and cereal or ending off an evening by eating ice cream cake desserts topped off with cherries, these sweet snacks will leave any person hoping for more than just one dish ready!

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