K-Pop Songs That Will Spook You For Halloween

5 K-Pop Songs To Spook You For Halloween 2023 | Scariest Kpop Music Videos With Dark Themes

Are you looking for K-Pop songs with scary and creepy themes to celebrate Halloween? Check out these songs that have horror-themed music videos, dark themes, and are generally spooky.

Kpop is always full of fun summer songs and catchy pop beats. This year is no different with plenty of perfect songs to help you battle the hot summer. 

However, it is also the perfect season for some good ole chilling and getting spooked. This blog will look at some of the spookiest songs in the Kpop industry and list the most spooky songs that will help you get in the mood for Halloween (even if it’s not Halloween time!)

Scariest K-pop Songs To Spook You For Halloween

Here are 5 spine-chilling K-Pop songs that will get you into the Halloween spirit.

1. Red Velvet’s “Peek-A-Boo” – Psychopathic Yet Sophisticated

Who would have thought that Red Velvet is so scary? The group’s new song, “Peek-A Boo,” features a killer concept. 

In the music video for this track—which you can see below!–the members of RV are seen lying on their floor when suddenly there arrives a pizza delivery man who walks right into their living room without any signs or warnings whatsoever! 

He doesn’t seem too worried either; instead he just stands among all these displays filled with polo shirts which hint at what might happen next.

The members of Red Velvet remain cold and sophisticated in their glittering dresses. They make it seem like diamonds should be on pizza instead of toppings, it’s that glam!

In the video Irene portrayed as a barber-slash-killer who wields a straight razor while Wendy raises crossbow from out of nowhere to take down unsuspecting victims – only for them all too quickly turn into targets due too this girl’s skillful aim.

kpop halloween songs
Source: Instagram@redvelvet.smtown

The latest addition saunters up next: Yeri flashes an ax without even breaking posture; Seulgi casually sits back onto the couch effortlessly dodging projectiles that are within shooting range.

The end credits of this movie are truly bangin’. With the addition of Powered by K-pop, it’s giving off some serious Criminal Minds vibes with its eerie imagery and dial tone sounds that just make you want more! Lesson: Don’t deliver pizzas if your customers keep saying “peekaboo.”

2. Sunmi’s “Full Moon” – Kpop’s Sexy Vampire Queen 

In the beginning, Full Moon is very ominous. ‘Black’ dominates over any other color in the video and sets a sense of impending doom if you consider the lyrics with all their references to blood, darkness and death. 

Things turn around quickly with what could be called an identity switch in comparison to the dance scenes just before this point. 

Suddenly we see vibrant color used throughout the video during the club scene and particularly in several scenes where you can catch glimpses of a junkyard scene full of ancient statues – these were my favorite ones.

Full Moon by Sunmi is a haunting presentation of the idea that one can be both glamorous and dark. 

Released in 2015 on January 1, it takes place in an unorthodox production, mixing elements of dance, hip-hop and electronic music. Full Moon was presented specifically for the full moon and features plenty of red from the sofa set to Sunmi’s outfit. The opening scene shows a man being bitten by vampire Sunmi.

Sunmi is renowned for her graceful presence on stage, which she conveys so well through her bold and lively dancing. When watching her performance of “Full Moon” on M Countdown, you can really see the emotion being put into her acts. 

Her tightly controlled yet fluid movements demonstrate a deep connection to the song; Sunmi looks pensive as if deep in thought about what she wants for herself and for those around her. 

Some dance routines are merely meant to impress audiences but with the way you perform your choreography, we can tell that it is more than just ‘dance moves’ – it’s a reflection of who you are as a person.

3. LOONA/yyxy’s “love4eva”  – The Truth Behind Kpop Glamour

At first glance, the music video for LOONA/yyxy’s eponymous debut showcase mini-album seems like your typical cute K-pop group concept with lots of bright colors and adorable dances. 

But at certain moments, there are momentary interludes of darkness. Inside of a dreamy mansion, the sextet performs in front of an instructor – the leader of this mysterious idol corps – who scrutinizes everything they do (which is everything you would want a successful girl group to look like).

The strict, cold instructor scolds the members for straying from their structured schedules. What results is a daunted group of members who are too afraid to disobey her orders. However, the instructor becomes unexpectedly jolly and applauds their performance at the end of practice because only one member remains.

spooky kpop songs,

In K-Pop, there is a phrase called “Siho”, which means having the most talent and potential among the rest. 

There’s a lot of competition for being number one, and even so, this doesn’t always mean popularity or financial gain. In K-Pop videos, singers are usually seen in front of mansions as if they were rent-free. 

However, they are simply put up as acts that would make people interested in their music. Behind those seemingly grand facades lie severe phases of trainings where some may not survive. And this is exactly what the MV showcases.

4. KARD’s “You In Me” – When Love Goes Dark

Although KARD’s “You In Me” song was a bit unsettling, the music video was even more so. It gave me goosebumps from how well it translated the song into its storyline. 

The lighting and slow movements added to this effect as if even time in the video itself had slowed down. 

Surprisingly enough, not all of their music videos include a romantic relationship but rather seem to portray an array of interpersonal relationships and bonds – or lack thereof.

“You In Me” takes a very provocative approach to infatuation and the loss of one’s sense of self. 

The scene starts off at a Motel where KARD’s  female members are succumbing to the attraction they share with their male co-stars, somehow falling into some sort of dependency on one another. 

The lead performer, Somin, decides not to go down that last road and as such is left alone. The intimate styling and deadpan expressions are so haunting, her hair is clearly disturbed helplessly hanging around now completely exposed for sure something here is not right.

Finally, KARD’s posthumous choreography makes this song spooky and gives its lyrics an ominous tone: When given the chance to dance with the corpse of someone you love, that’s a little more creepy than romantic.

5. SHINee’s “Sherlock” – SHINee Plays Detective

In the classic detective genre, SHINee transforms into a team of detectives who must reveal the mystery of some missing jewelry. 

However, their discovery ends up being more mysterious than what they started with as traces of a disappearing female ghost are seen on the red stamps and mysterious grunts in the dark can be heard while they inspect the statue. 

Then they find their jewelry tucked away in a secret room but later discover an unknown girl to be associated with it.

Although I didn’t quite like the slow beats in this video, I appreciated how well planned-out and clean they were. 

K-Pop Songs That Will Spook You For Halloween
Source: Instagram@shinee

The song gave me Michael Jackson vibes similar to the group’s music and overall I thought this performance was very entertaining. 

Like most SHINee’s music videos, this one began in a way that compelled the viewer to watch the entire video all the way to the end while also concluding it in a mysterious, spooky manner.

K-pop is a fun and entertaining genre of music with a wide variety of songs that can fit the Halloween spirit (even if it’s not October…yet). 

This year I wanted to share with you some of our favorite K-pop songs that will spook you for Halloween. I hope you enjoy our picks and are spooked by the songs I chose.

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