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7 Highest-Rated KBS Korean Dramas That Are All Worth Your Attention!

The Korean Broadcasting System, aka KBS, gives quite a tough competition to other broadcasting systems, and so we get the best KBS Korean dramas for all our moods. Here’s a list of the KBS broadcasting dramas that you would not want to skip on. 

It’s almost the holiday season, and we all are hoping to enjoy these times with our loved ones; and what will be better than going for some of the best dramas Korea has to offer. 

Adding further, which broadcasting system stuns us with a variety of drama genres and one of the most memorable ones more than the Korean Broadcasting System? 

But if you are not in Korea, and still love these Korean dramas, then you can watch them over other popular streaming apps and sites.

For instance, you can get most of the Korean dramas on YouTube, and if that’s not what you prefer then, Viu and Netflix have their doors always open for you.

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Also, if you are someone who is new to this hyper addicting Korean drama, and doesn’t know where to start, then you are looking exactly where you need to be. 

In this particular piece of content, I have put the Korean Broadcasting System’s drama at the center stage and narrowed down the list of the most popular dramas to the best ones.

Here’s a list to aid you get going with the best off KBS drama that are all worth your attention and holiday investments. 

So, lay back and go through this personally and put together a list of the best KBS Korean dramas. 

KBS Korean DramasGenreMy Rating
Royal Secret AgentHistorical, Romance8.5/10
Dali and Cocky PrinceRomantic Comedy9.2/10
Oh My VenusRomance, Drama, Inspirational9/10
Sell Your Haunted HouseHorror, Thriller9.5/10
Endless LoveDrama, Romance, Melodramatic8.7/10
Boys Over FlowersRomantic Comedy, Teen8/10

KBS Korean Drama

Royal Secret Agent

Cast and their Characters- 

  • Lee Yi Kyung- Park Chun Sam
  • Kim Myung Soo- Sung Yi Gyum
  • Kwon Na Ra Hong Da In and Lee Young Sin
  • Joo Soo Min- Kang Soon Ae
  • Lee Tae Hwan- Sung Yi Beom 
  • Number of Episodes- 16
  • IMDB Rating – 7.5/10
  • Who Will Like It – Fans of historical fiction

With a peculiar plot and rather interesting story, the Royal Secret Agent is a fantastic drama series presented by KBS. 

The story starts with a king appointing a detective and his crew to unveil all the corrupt acts of the government officials in the Joseon Era. Also, as the title suggests, the detective and his crew are secret agents, which means they go undercover to do it all. 

The king’s last ‘royal secret agent’ dies under some suspicious circumstances while joining the clues of his last appointed mission. So, the king decides to appoint Sung Yi Gyum as his new undercover agent. 

So, the work of Sung Yi Gyum is not only to find the corrupt officials in the government but also to find out what really happened to the king’s last agent. 

The drama is quite engaging and is really worth the watch, so I would recommend you to go through it. 

Dali and Cocky Prince 

Cast and their Characters-

  • Park Gyu Young- Kim Dali 
  • Kim MIn Jae- Jin Moo Hak 
  • Hwang Hee- Joo Won Tak 
  • Kwon Yul Jang Tae Jin 
  • Yeon Woo- Ahn Chak Hee
  • Number of Episodes- 16
  • IMDB Rating – 8.2/10 
  • Who Will Like It – Fans of romance dramas

If you would ask me to describe Dali and the Cocky Prince, I would say that it’s a perfect blend of drama between the classic and contemporary. 

Starting off with Kim Dali, she is an heiress of his father’s art museum and has a massive influence on its citizens, even beyond politics and business. Adding to that, she knows seven different languages, and French and English are among them. 

In contrast, Jin Moo Hak is the polar opposite of her. So, this blend between these two opposites is going to make you realize that probably the saying “opposite attracts” was meant for them. 

Dali and the Cocky Prince is a mixture of a lot of things, from comedy, romance, a mystery to even a bit of thrill, you ask for it, and the drama has the nailed emotion for you. 

I personally loved all of it, and I would definitely recommend you to go through it all. It is one amazing vivid drama that will give you a lot of new feelings and emotions. 

Oh My Venus 

Cast and their Characters- 

  • Shin min a- Kang Joo Eun
  • So Ji Sub- Kim Young Ho and John Kim
  • Jung Gyu Woon- Im Woo Shik
  • Yoo In Young- Oh Soo Jin
  • Number of Episodes- 16
  • IMDB Rating –  8.6/10 
  • Who Will Like It – Fans of light, romantic comedies

Oh My Venus is a blend of romance and comedy and goes on teaching an empowering idea on self-love and worth. 

It is a regular old drama, or no brainer when it comes to the plot of it, a super-rich guy falling for a girl ‘oh so normal’. 

But believe me when I mention this; there’s so much more to it than the old school plot. Kang Joo Eun is a lawyer and has an almost perfect life with his long-time boyfriend. But the only issue that concerns her is her weight.  

So, her gaining weight makes her lose her boyfriend, which afterwards leads to lower self-esteem. To get her goddess-like body back, she then decides to hire a fitness trainer, who in this case turns out to be John Kim, a weight loss trainer. 

Adding to that, let me just tell you, John Kim is super famous in Hollywood, so it is obvious that he is rich. So, he takes on the charge to help Kang Joo get her self esteem back, and in doing so, they start falling for each other as well. 

It is a fun, romantic comedy show that I urge you to go and watch. I am sure that you are going to love it. 

Sell Your Haunted House

Cast and their Characters-

  • Jung Yong Hwa- Oh In Bum 
  • Jang Na Ra- Hong Ji Ah
  • Kang Hong Seok- Chief Heo
  • Ahn Gil Kang- Do Hak Seong
  • Number of Episodes- 16
  • IMDB Rating – 7.8/10 
  • Who Will Like It – Horror movie buffs

Sell Your Haunted House is a horror drama filled with a lot of consoling messages. It is a kind of story you don’t know that you need. 

The story starts with a rather disturbing childhood story of two kids, who are now con-artists and the CEO of a real estate company. Here Oh In Bum is the former and Hong Ji Ah the latter. 

Also, Oh In Bum has some special physical abilities, and for that, Ji Ah asks her to be with him so that they can both help In Bum’s mother’s soul to rest. Adding to that, they also work trying to find out what had caused their loved ones to die. 

The story in between takes numerous folds, and twists and you are going to adore the show throughout. So, I want you to watch Sell your Haunted House for a thrilling and unique experience from the KBS cable.

Endless Love

Cast and their Characters-

  • Ryu Soo Young- Han Gwang Hoon
  • Hwang Jung Eum- Seo In Ae 
  • Jung Kyung Ho- Han Gwang Cheol 
  • Cha In Pyo- Cheon Tae Woong 
  • Number of Episodes- 37
  • IMDB Rating –  7.4/10
  • Who Will Like It – Fans of slow-burn dramas
kbs korean dramas

Endless Love is one of the best dramas that I ever have personally encountered. Honestly, at first, because of its political edges, I wasn’t sure to invest my time in it, but a friend of mine really insisted and said that I would not regret watching it. 

The drama is set in the period between 1970 and 1990s and has a beautiful depiction of Korean political status and finance as well. But the twist, rather than from the perception of men, is all from the point of view of a woman. 

The only thing that I would ask of you is to have a bit of patience while going through it. The drama might seem like it is a little too monotonous, but I think it’s the way of the writers and producers to express the forced changes that the citizens had to go through. 

So, it’s a beautiful story, depicting a lot of emotions that you will adore throughout the drama. 

Boys Over Flowers

Cast and their Characters- 

  • Ku Hye Sun- Geum Jan Di
  • Kim Hyun Joong- Yoon Ji Hu
  • Kim Bum- So Yi Jung
  • Lee Min Ho- Gu Jun Pyo 
  • Kim So Eun- Chu Ga Eul 
  • Kim Joon- Song Woo Bin 
  • Number of Episodes- 25
  • IMDB Rating – 7.9/10 
  • Who Will Like It – Fans of teen dramas

Boys Over Flower is an adaptation of the classic Japanese manga, having the same title. All I have to say to you is if you do not watch this KBS drama series, you probably will miss out on a lot. 

The drama is less or more a blend of both coming of age drama and romantic comedy, and it is all portrayed so well. 

The story focuses more nowadays on a common issue, bullying and this surrounding it, both the worse and a bit good. Geum Jan Di is a student learning in high school and belongs to a low-income family. 

She saves the life of a kid who studied in one of the prestigious schools in her area, and because of that, she gets admitted in the same. 

A group of four wealthy kids, famous as Flower Four, try to make her life hell for her in so many ways, but since Jan Di is strong-headed, she makes them change their minds. 

It’s an all too good story with a good message that is going to stick with you for a long time, and that’s why this drama from KBS is on this list. 

Wrapping Up On The Top KBS Korean Dramas

KBS every now and then drops a bomb like drama series for us to enjoy, and honestly speaking, they are all worth the hype. 

So, wrapping up on the KBS world drama list, all I have to say is you are all set for spending your Holidays while sitting on your cozy sofas, near the fireplace and enjoying these dramas.

I am hoping that you are affirming all these suggestions, from The Royal Secret Agent to Boys Over Flower, and you are surely going to spend your time enjoying these. 

Adding to that, I want you to stay assured that you will definitely find these super engaging dramas worth taking pleasure in. So, go ahead and set yourself all up for these KBS dramas and your Holidays too. 

Happy, cozy binge-watching!

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