Top Korean Actresses Over 40

8 Beautiful Korean Actresses Over 40 2023

Even Korean actresses over 40 look so much younger for their age. One reason why Korean skincare is so popular is because of these actresses who have perfect baby skin. 

When you look at these beautiful women, you truly wonder if aging backward is possible. 

It is also common for the lead actors to be much younger than the lead actresses in the Korean industry. 

These actresses are considered the original and first Korean wave celebrities since they attained global popularity before all these Korean singers and rappers came up. 

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Because of their ageless beauty, they are able to sustain themselves for decades in the industry and stay relevant as compared to female actors in other industries.

Internationally popular Korean movies and Korean dramas have brought them to the forefront and their popularity just keeps increasing. 

In this article, we have listed some of the most beautiful actresses in Korea over the age of 40. 

We have also listed some of the best beauty tips followed by these celebrities to maintain their youthful and timeless look. 

Korean Actresses Over 40 2021

Kim Hee-ae, 54

Birthday: June 11, 1975

Years active: 1982- present

Top Movies/TV Shows: Wife, Perfect Love, Precious Family, Snow Flower, My husband’s woman, Sons and Daughters

Korean actresses over 40

One of the most talented Korean actresses over 40 in the Korean film and television industry, Kim Hee-ae had her humble beginnings as a uniform model. She was born at the beautiful Korean Island of Jeju in 1975 but later on, her family moved to Seoul. 

She made her acting debut with the film “The First Day of the Twentieth Year”. She was a Theatre and Film major at Chung-Ang University when she first appeared in the television drama on KBS. 

She has delivered some hit dramas throughout her career including two consecutive hits, “Wife” and “Perfect Love”. 

She is also a very successful actress who appeared in a lot of commercials and magazines, even during the hiatus. 

She is also known as a fashion Icon among middle-aged women in Korea. 

She has won numerous awards for her amazing works. She won the “KBS Drama Award” for the Best new actress when she started her career in 1986. Recently, she won “The Best Actress” at the “72nd Korea China International Film Festival” for her amazing performance in “Herstory”.

Choi Ji Woo, 46

Birthday: June 11, 19975

Years active: 1994- present

Top Movies/TV Shows: Star’s Lover, Actresses, Can’t lose, Temptation, The Suspicious Housekeeper, The most beautiful Goodbye

old korean actresses

Choi Ji Woo is considered one of the most beautiful South Korean Women.  She started her career after winning a talent audition conducted by MBC in 1994. 

Her acting debut happened with the drama series “War and Love” in 1995. She attended Busan Womens College and majored in aerobic dance. 

She was also a part of the travel reality show “Grandpas over Flowers”. She is perceived as a melodrama queen because of the kinds of roles she did. 

She has won numerous awards and accolades for her talent including the Dior timeless beauty award and was inducted into the hall of fame at the 4th Seoul International drama award. 

Choi Jee Wun is not someone who follows elaborate skincare routines that are synonymous with Korean skincare. Instead, she sticks to the basics and keeps her skin clean and moisturized. She is also a fan of face masks.

She also follows vinegar cleansing where she applies a few drops of vinegar on the face after cleansing to balance the skin’s ph. 

Gong Hyo Jin, 41

Birthday: April 4th, 1980

Years active: 1999- present

Top Movies/TV Shows: The Master’s Sun, It’s OK, this is love,  When the Camellia Blooms, Wonderful Days, Crush and Blush

50 years old korean actress

Gong Hyon Jin has glowing skin and everlasting beauty even after crossing 40 years of age. 

Because of her stellar performances in funny Korean dramas and movies, she is dubbed as the “queen of comedy”. 

But she has a lot of versatile roles in her kitty and has done roles in indie productions, mystery and thriller films, and black comedies. 

She started her career as a model and her acting debut happened with the horror movie “Memento Mori” in which she took up a supporting role. 

She is very selective about the roles and makes sure that she does not take up stereotypical roles. 

The multifaceted actress was a goodwill ambassador of Australia in Korea and she co-founded Super Magic Factory, an upcycling company.

She takes good care of her eye area and puts cold and damp cotton pads to soothe around the eyes and tighten pores. She also exercises regularly and practices pilates or TRX with power pilates.

Ha Ji Won, 43

Birthday: 28 June 1978

Years active: 1996- present

Top Movies/TV Shows: Memories of Bali (2004), Secret Garden (2010- 2011), Chocolate (2019- 2020), Empress Ki (2013- 2014)

unmarried korean actress over 40

South Korean actress Ha Ji Won has maintained her flawless looks over the years. Her acting career took place with the 1996 teen drama “New Generation Report: Adults don’t understand us”. 

She has also acted in other popular films and dramas like Secret Garden (2010), the Joseon drama Empress Ki (2013- 2014), and In Time With You (2015). She has shared some of the secrets of her beauty with her fans in an interview with Access Showbiz Tonight

She looks so young that she played the role of a high school student at the age of 37. She said that she eats at least three lemons a day that helps her with uplifting her face and preventing wrinkles. She also laughs a lot, which she claims, helps her tighten her face. 

She is regular with face masks and drinks a skin-friendly soju cocktail which is a concoction of lemons, tonic water, and honey. 

Lee Bo Young, 42

Birthday: January 12, 1979

Years active: 2002- present

Top Movies/TV Shows: When My Love Blooms (2020), Mine (2021), My Daughter Seo-young (2012), I can hear your Voice (2013), Whisper (2017), Mother (2018)

ageless korean actress

Lee Bo-young is often referred to as the “Queen of Dramas” because of the numerous awards and nominations she earned in her career. 

Although she is a successful actress, she is a model, philanthropist, and a published book author. 

Her career started with modeling and she later moved on to acting. She started her acting debut with films but her breakthrough role happened in 2012 when she played the female lead in the drama “My Daughter Seo-young”. 

Lee Bo Young has been the recipient of prestigious awards like “Best New Actress” at the KBS drama awards and “Best Actress” at the 13th Seoul International Drama Awards for her role in “Mother”.

Kim Sun Ah, 46

Birthday: 1 October 1975

Years active: 1996- present

Top Movies/TV Shows: My Lovely Kim Sam Soon (2005), City Hall (2009), The Lady in Dignity (2017), Should We Kiss First? (2018)

korean actress over 40 years old list

Kim Sun Ah shot to fame after playing the titular character in the romantic comedy Korean drama “My Lovely Kim Sam Soon”. 

Her career started with modeling and her appearance in the Hanbul Cosmetics commercial garnered some attention. 

She claims that her beautiful skin comes from regular exercise which helps her eliminate the toxins from her body. She is also a regular user of face masks.

and packs that help in soothing the skin. Kim Sun Ah is a successful actor who has won numerous awards and accolades including “The Grand Prize” at the SBS Drama Awards for her role in “Should we kiss first”.

Song Seon Mi, 47

Birthday: September 13, 1974

Years active: 1996- present

Top Movies/TV Shows: Dandelion Family (2010), My Boss, My Hero (2001), The Day He Arrives (2011), Woman on the Beach (2006)

unmarried korean actress over 40

Song Seon Mi sure knows how to preserve her youthful look. Song Seon Mi started her career as a model when she won the Super Elite Modelling competition in 1996. 

She soon ventured into television and starred in the drama “Model”. However, her popularity soared after she played a young housewife in the drama “Precious family”.

She is very active in television dramas as compared to films but she has two art-house films by Hong Sang-Soo in her kitty. 

Kim Hee-sun, 44

Birthday: 11 June 1977

Years active: 1993- present

Top Movies/TV Shows: Bichunmoo (2000), The Myth (2005), Faith (2012), Angry Mom (2015), The Lady in Dignity (2017)

korean actresses in their 30s

This list will be incomplete without Kim Hee Sun who is one of the most beloved Korean actresses over 40 that still steals hearts today!

She has been enjoying a successful career in the Korean Entertainment Industry for over three decades now. 

Kim Hee Sun started her career very young when she was still a high school student, as a young commercial star. 

Some of her best performances include “My Fair Lady”, “Faith” and “The Myth”, in which she starred opposite Jackie Chan. 

South Korea really takes its beauty and skincare seriously and these beautiful Korean actresses over 40 are proof. 

Their skincare techniques are some of the best in the world and these Hallyu stars have such good genetics that has helped them stay youthful. 

They take complete care of their body by eating right and following healthy habits that contribute to their everlasting looks. 

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