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6 Highest-Rated Korean Drama On Cable TV | All Time Favorites! 

Here is a list of the highest rated and most addictive Korean drama on cable TV. You might also find some of these on Netflix.

Over the past few years, Korean cable dramas have left us baffled. Sometimes we are all curled up on our sofas or on the edge of it, and there are even times when we run out of tissues while watching them. 

Adding to that, there’s always at least one Korean cable drama there for all our moods that stands out. So, if you are not watching Korean cable dramas, then you are missing out on a lot, like a whole lot!

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First things first, which the global impact Koreans are making in almost every field, take it from the pop culture, beauty, and skincare industry to definitely their over the top fantastic dramas. 

So, if you are looking for a few shows to start your Kdrama journey with, I would suggest you to start with only the best ones. That’s why I have listed down the top Korean dramas on cable to give you the best of the K-drama world. 

I am sure, with the impeccable storyline and, of course, the best actors, and don’t even make me start talking of the fantastic cinematography. You will instantly become a Korean drama stan.

Korean Dramas on Cable TVChannel To Watch ItIMDB Ratings
The World Of the Married JTBC8.1/10
Sky Castle JTBC8.7/10 
Crash Landing on YoutVN8.7/10 
Reply 1988tVN9.1/10
Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (Goblin)tVN8.6/10
Itaewon ClassJTBC8.2/10 

Top Korean Drama On Cable 

The World Of the Married 

  • TV channel and broadcast days- JTBC, and on Friday and Saturday
  • Number of Episodes- 16
  • Genre- Romantic Melodrama 

Let me start by telling you that you are going to be hooked by The World of The Married within its initial ten minutes. 

Since its broadcast, The World of The Married has been breaking records, and it is the highest-rated drama in the whole history of Korean drama cable television. 

The show is a Korean adaptation of Doctor Foster, a British drama series, and is filled with all amazingly written characters who have managed to give us a rollercoaster ride. 

This romantic melodrama starts with a seemingly perfect couple, with almost no space for anything going wrong. 

But then comes the first plot twist, where this almost perfect couple’s life starts falling apart, and the protagonist of the series, a respected doctor, finds out about his husband’s steamy extramarital affair.  

The drama then increases ten folds when this extramarital affair leads to hate, betrayal, pain, shame, and revenge. 

I have to point you this is perhaps the best Korean drama out there, and I personally feel that no other K-drama can top this. So, go ahead watch this ever-evolving drama with unexpected twists that will blow your mind.

Sky Castle 

  • TV channel and broadcast days- JTBC and Friday and Saturday
  • Number of Episodes- 20
  • Genre- Satire

Before The world of the Married, Sky Castle was holding the chair of the highest-rated drama in Korean cable television’s history. Although the show had a very low viewership on its air episode, as the show went on, the drama made space in people’s hearts. 

Not only that, by the finale of the drama, its viewership had made a record and had become almost everyone’s hot topic. 

The show starts with four major characters who are a part of exclusively rich family groups, and the story is about them trying to gain influence, power, and recognition. 

Adding to that, there are a few additional things that are common among these families, which are their constant and desperate desire to get their kids into the best medical colleges in their country. 

So, basically, Sky Castle is a satirical Korean drama that deals with the severe issue of Korean society, which is the extremely competitive competition and the rich people sending their kids to only the best of schools and universities. 

You are so going to enjoy this drama; it is one of the best and the way it has managed to raise serious concerns about the rich being so desperate for the most prestigious universities in the country and acutely competitive education. 

Crash Landing on You

  • TV channel and broadcast days- tvN Saturday and Sunday
  • Number of Episodes- 16
  • Genre- Romance 

So, next on the list of the top Korean drama cable is Crash Landing on You. When the K-drama first announced itself, the cable television viewers were not impressed with the plot of the story. 

Most of them even considered it as a quite silly plot, an heiress from South Korea landing in North Korea after she is caught in a storm while paragliding. 

But just in two months of the pandemic year 2020, the romance drama made a spot in the top dramas of Korean cable television. People went crazy mad over its plot and outstandingly written characters. 

Adding to that, there were so many viewers who were lovestruck by its male protagonist. 

The story unveils itself after the tragic paragliding incident of the heiress of South Korea and meeting the North Korean soldier. So, the soldier promises the heiress that he is going to help her reach home soon and safely.

The plot twist, you ask? Well, the plot twist of this drama complicates the whole rescuing the heiress thing. The soldier falls for her! 

Basically, the drama is a perfect blend of comedy, action, and, of course, romance, and you are going to absolutely love it. 

Reply 1988

  • TV channel and broadcast days- tvN, Friday and Saturday
  • Number of Episodes- 20
  • Genre- Comedy, family drama, a slice of life drama

Next on the list of the top Korean drama cable is Reply 1988, the Korean drama that first aired in 2015. 

Finding a rather better spot in the list of other dramas along its side, Reply 1988 is an authentic expedition down the memory thruway. It is a fantastic and exemplary slice-of-life content drama that you are absolutely going to adore. 

The story is all surrounded by five families of the same neighborhood, portraying the relatable surroundings having love, friendship, and family living with their aspirations and dreams. 

Honestly, I have never seen a Korean drama depicting the accurate and ground zero Korean lives. The story states all the struggles that are faced by the average teenagers and them growing and outgrowing all their issues. 

All I have to say is this drama is going to give you a rollercoaster ride that you are thoroughly going to enjoy immensely. 

The classic drama is going to win your heart with a simple story of ordinary people and their struggle and their ways of tackling it. 

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (Goblin)

  • TV channel and broadcast days- tvN, Friday and Saturday
  • Number of Episodes- 16
  • Genre- Fantasy Romance 

One Korean cable drama that became a worldwide sellout is Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, which is often called Goblin. Not only that, this Korean drama managed to become a cultural sensation in all of South Korea. 

I have to tell you why this drama is so fascinating; it is because of its fantastic cinematography and the stunning portrayal of characters by the cast. Adding to that, even the soundtrack is praiseworthy. The overall drama is marvelous, and you can see it all developing into an even more wonderful and unique story. 

Tete-a-tete expressing, it is one of the best fantasy dramas I have ever witnessed. It starts with an immortal soul who has been cursed with immortality as a punishment for killing soldiers to save his country. 

The way out for this 939-year old immortal Goblin to end the punishment is to marry a bride who will end all his sufferings. The beautiful story develops through each episode, and the cast, of course, has done stunning work in nailing all of it. 

So, I would like to recommend this masterpiece fantasy drama while assuring you that you are thoroughly going to enjoy it. 

Itaewon Class

  • TV channel and broadcast days- JTBC, Friday and Saturdays
  • Number of Episodes- 16
  • Genre- Youth and Coming-of-age drama

The last Korean drama on my list is Itaewon Class, and though last in this list, you are still going to love this 16 episode drama that develops throughout. 

The drama, when it aired in 2020, had made quite a buzz and was the talk of the town. The story is situated on the actual webtoon, Itaewon, and portrays sensitive issues like transphobia, acce[tance, racism, and much more throughout. 

Itaewon basically has managed to raise so many concerns and issues while nailing all of it. Adding to that is the fact that no one gets bored from the start to the end of this 16 episode drama series. 

The whole plot of this drama is thoroughly engaging and what further adds to the show is its stunning soundtrack. So, all I am saying is go watch the show, and I can bet you are going to admire it too. 

Wrapping Up On The Korean Drama On Cable 

So, that’s a wrap-up on the top Korean drama cable, and I am hoping that you are so going to love my recommendations. 

These cable series are so mesmerizing that every time I watch them, I fall for them from head to toe. These Korean dramas have made space in not only my heart but in millions of others as well. 

From The World of the Married to Itaewon Class, every drama series is a pack of thrilling experiences. 

So, go ahead and take a deep dive into the world of Korean dramas to get the best interesting storyline and unpredictable plot twists that will make you go from sappy to heartbreaking in a snap of the fingers, just like Thanos has wiped half of the world. 

Adding to that, I would like to end this content on the top Korean cable dramas while hoping that you find your new love in these. 

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