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The 6 Best Korean Drama Soundtracks 2023 | K-Drama OSTs To Listen Today

Having the best Korean drama soundtracks are what make the K-drama more popular. Especially when you have Korean drama OSTs sung by popular celebrities like BTS or EXO.

There’s a lot to admire about Korean dramas, and trust me when I say a lot, I really mean it. From addicting storylines to amazing cinematography, incredible cast to unpredicted plot twists and marvelous story arcs, there really is a lot. 

But one that makes the K-drama lovers stay dedicated to these series is the original soundtracks that they have. 

It is one such aspect that acts as a cherry on top of these series is their mesmerizing soundtracks, which adds to the charming atmosphere of the whole series. 

These OSTs help us as a viewer gain a deeper insight into what is actually going on in the series, from setting a sad mood to romantic and even humorous. These soundtracks add ten times more emotions to the scene going on. 

Often these OSTs are so incredible that they become timeless. So, keeping that in mind, here are the top soundtracks that are as loved as the drama itself and are going to stick with you for a long, long time.

So, presenting I’ve got this list of the best Korean drama soundtracks from classical hits to modern superhits, I have covered it all. 

Adding to that, I can bet you will itch by the end of the list to rewatch some of your favorite drama series afterward. 

Best Korean Drama SoundtracksOST NameSinger/Producer
Crash Landing On YouGive You My HeartIU
Descendants of The SunAlwaysMoon Minrae
Guardian: The Great and Lonely God (Goblin)Stay With MePunch and Chanyeol
Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart RyeoI Love You; I Remember YouI.O.I
Secret GardenThat ManHyun Bin
It’s Okay, That’s LoveIt’s Okay, That’s LoveDavichi

Top Korean Drama Soundtracks 2022

Crash Landing On You

Top Songs on Crash Landing On You

  • Here I Am Again- Baek Yerin 
  • Let Us Go- Crush 
  • Flower- Yoon Mirae 
  • Give You My Heart- IU 
  • Sunset- Davichi 

First off on my list is Crash Landing on You, which is a mixture of romantic and comedy genres, and it has given us some of all time favorite and best soundtracks to live by. 

Not only that, these tracks, along with setting the right mood of the whole scene, adds to the persona of the characters. 

Adding to that, if you just look at the singers of this album, Baek Yerin, Crush, Yoon Mirae, you can imagine these soundtracks have to be flawless. 

I love how the OST of Crash Landing on You is heartbreakingly incredible, and the whole album genuinely makes space in your heart, and that too, for a real long time. 

Also, if you decide to buy its soundtrack, it comes along with a little over 100 pages lyrics photo book that includes some of the unreleased cuts. 

Also, you also get film photo cards and mini-posters, two each. Overall, it is an amazing collectable as well. 

Descendants of The Sun 

Top Songs on Descendants of The Sun

  • Always- Moon Minrae 
  • This Love- Davichi 
  • Once Again- Kim Na Young 
  • Every time- Chen and Punch 
  • You Are My Everything- Gummy

The next best soundtrack on the list is one of the top Korean drama soundtracks, Descendants of The Sun. The whole series has done an impeccable job of bringing deeper emotions and more colors to the scenes in it by using soundtracks. 

Also, if you have already seen the drama series, and loved the heartwarming and grand romance between its protagonists, then it is time for you to go for its songs and fall for the series all over again. 

Their numerous songs have sold nearly 65000 copies along with being on the top of the Korean music charts. Adding to that, most of their songs have also been played the most on YouTube. 

The entire album is so amazing and is packed with incredible ballads by some of the amazing singers. The whole soundtrack album of Descendants of The Sun is going to make you fall in love with it. 

Guardian: The Great and Lonely God (Goblin)

Top Songs on Guardian the Great and Lonely God

  • Stay With Me- Punch and Chan Yeol
  • My Eyes- 10cm 
  • Beautiful- Crush
  • Hush- Lasse Lindh
  • Who Are You- Sam Kim

Guardian the Lonely and The Great God, also known as Goblin, is a widely known and appreciated drama of all time, and its soundtrack is as good as the whole series. 

I personally believe that in Goblin being a hit, its soundtrack has potentially played one of the major roles.

The whole track is so beautifully made from start to finish, and I suppose it is iconic. Each of its songs is dreamy and matches perfectly with the drama scenes. 

Also, with such amazing singers, the track undoubtedly had to be amazing. Take, for instance, Stay With Me singer Chan Yeol, who is a band member of the popular K-pop group Exo. The album had to be amazing. 

The songs from the drama series have been rated high on a number of Korean music charts. 

Adding to that, a few have even won several accolades from some major award shows. Trust me; this whole album is going to tug your heartstrings. 

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo 

Top Songs of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

  • I Love You; I Remember You- I.O.I.
  • Forgetting You- Davichi 
  • My Love- Lee Hi
  • Can You Hear My Heart- Epik High 
  • For You- BaekHyun (From K-pop band Exo)

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, the drama alone, was a massive hit in both Southeast Asia and China, and it shows the same energy in its soundtracks, and honestly, it’s a bolt of lightning in a bottle. 

It has a wide collection of original soundtracks, and I have just presented you with five, but you can always reach out for the rest of it. 

The tracks have done a great job in adding to the scenes by capturing and adding flavor to the times and places. 

Also, the drama is filled with unpredictable curves, arcs, and twists, and the music rises with it making it all worth a watch. 

From heartwarming songs like BaeHyun’s For You to lighthearted songs like Say Yes by Punch and Loco, this wide album of OST has a little something for every seeker. 

Adding to that, if you haven’t watched the series, you should, along with its OST, and I can assure you that this whole series and album is going to stay with you for a long, long time. 

Secret Garden 

Top Songs on Secret Garden 

  • That Man- Hyun Bin
  • Here I Am- 4men
  • Reason- 4men
  • You Are My Spring- Sung Si Kyung
  • Appear- Kim Bum Soo

One of the most significant dramas that are loved by most, Secret Garden needs no introduction, the soundtrack of the same, nothing less. In fact, it is the OST that actually adds to the whole show and the romance between the protagonists. 

These tracks are really a delight, fitting perfectly to the classic period drama series. Altogether, it is gentle, light, and super lovely. Especially the opening tracks, they really carry some sort of a faint idea of some magic to them. 

Featuring amazing artists such as Sung Si Kyung, Kim Bum Soo, Hyun Bin, and others just listening to the album brings a whole massive wave of nostalgia and pulls the heartstrings. 

If you haven’t already watched the series, you need to and don’t forget to listen to the amazing soundtrack as well. 

It’s Okay, That’s Love

Top Songs on It’s Okay, That’s Love

  • It’s Okay, That’s Love- Davichi
  • I Love You- Yoon Mi Rae
  • The Best Luck- Chen (from the K-pop band Exo)
  • Tonight- Orange Caramel
  • Sleepless Night- Crush and Punch

Lastly, on the list, but let’s just say not the least is the drama, It’s Okay, That’s Love. It is one of those drama series that has done a beyond the excellent job in adding the music at the apt places throughout as the story develops.

I really like how this song has also got a critical appreciation for raising the often not discussed issue of stigma and discrimination in numerous societies, which is that of mental health.  

While the drama has done an exceptional job, the tracks have added definition to what the characters are really going through. It helps you feel a bit connected to the drama while providing emotional depth to the story. 

From The Best Luck by Exo’s member Chen to Davichi’s It’s Okay, That’s Love, each song is incredible. 

Also, I feel there’s something for everyone who wants to enjoy good music in this OST. Adding to that, this will be a great time to go ahead, and binge watch the series if you haven’t, along with enjoying its really good soundtrack. 

What are some of the best Korean drama soundtracks?

The best Korean drama soundtracks of all time include OSTS from K-dramas like Crash Landing on You, Descandants of the Sun, Goblin, Secret Garden, and Moon Lovers. These songs feature popular artists like Crush, Chen, Chanyeol,  Davichi, and BaekHyun.

Wrapping Up On The Best Korean Drama Soundtracks

So, that would be a wrap on the best Korean drama soundtracks of all time. Not only are these dramas alone are mesmerizing, but they also add to the whole series. 

In most of them, these tracks have played a major role, and in overall, these tracks are as good as the shows themselves. 

These soundtracks actually help the viewers get a deeper insight into what is going on in the drama by emotionally attaching us to the same. 

So, I am hoping that you liked the list and are sure to listen to all of these and get the waves of nostalgia once again. 

I also hope that by listening to these tracks, you decide to rewatch your favorite Korean drama again. 

Till the next time, happy listening.

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