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6 Must-Watch Korean Dramas On Viu | For Your Weekend Binge!

Get ready for your binge watch with this list of top Korean dramas on Viu. I’ve reviewed K-dramas across genres to make this K-drama list in the Viu app

Nowadays whenever you scroll through the internet there is always either Korean hits from idols to drama or their die hard fans, and honestly saying there’s a reason why the Korean culture has been growing its list of undying fans. 

So, let’s get into one such genre of Korean content, which is drama. As we all know Korean dramas are so over the top amazing, that people often consider them addictive. Adding to that it is making impacts all over the globe. 

For people who are in Korea can watch these drama series over their local cable TVs like, on KBS, SBS, tvN and more. But if you are not from the country or don’t live there, you will have to find some alternatives, because missing out on these dramas would be a foolish act. 

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So, because of the worldwide popularity some of the most popular streaming apps, for instance Viu, Vulu, and even Netflix provides you with all the K-drama series. 

Keeping that in mind, we are today going to specifically talk of the Korean dramas that are streamed on Viu, and not just any Korean dramas, but the best. 

As there are a ton of incredibly amazing K-dramas out there but to filter the best one out, so you can invest your time in some real good and fascinating dramas. 

So, here’s a list that I have made of the best Korean dramas that you must stream on Viu ASAP. 

Korean Dramas On ViuGenreMy Rating
The Devil JudgeDrama, Thriller9.5/10
Coffee PrinceRomantic Comedy9/10
Love in The MoonlightHistorical, Romance8.7/10
Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart RyeoHistorical, Romance 8.5/10
While You Were SleepingSupernatural, Drama, Comedy9.2/10
Doom At Your ServiceSlice-Of-Life, Fantasy, Drama9.5/10

Korean Dramas On Viu

The Devil Judge 

Cast and their characters-

  • Park Jin Young- Kim Ga On
  • Kim MIn JUng- Jung Sun Ah
  • Ji Sung- Kan Yo Han
  • Park Gyu Young- Yoon Soo Hyun
  • Number of episodes – 16
  • IMDB Rating – 8.4/10 
  • Who Will Like It – Fans of courtroom dramas

One thing you are definitely going to learn while watching The Devil Judge is that our lives are trying to find a balance between good and evil. The drama outlines the actual essence of struggle, sacrifices and heroism that goes throughout our lives. 

The drama states the story of a judge that works in a live courtroom and makes his decision over the accused based on the votes of people. Adding to that, all the culprits or accused people are either politicians or businessmen. 

What I personally enjoyed too much about the drama was its top-notch execution of everything. From the direction, cinematography, editing, and even the cinematic visuals will stun you. The Devil Judge is a must watch on Viu, because of its innovative concept and compelling production. 

Adding to that the exceptional portrayal of characters adds to the whole thing. So, you definitely need to watch this drama that has an incredibly satisfying ending to it. 

Coffee Prince 

Cast and their characters-

  • Lee Sun Kyun- Choi Han Sung
  • Yoon Eun Hye- Go Eun Chan
  • Gong Yoo- Choi Han Kyul
  • Chae Jung An- Han Yoo Joo
  • Number of episodes- 17
  • IMDB Rating – 8.2/10
  • Who Will Like It – Fans or romantic comedies, Gong-Yoo stans

Talking about Coffee Prince, it is one of those rom-com Korean dramas that you wouldn’t like to miss out on. 

The drama starts with its focus on a girl in her mid 20s, Go Eun Chan. But she is just not some ideal girl but more like a tomboy, who lacks mannerisms. Eun Chan works to help her mother and little sister, financially. 

On the other hand, Choi Han Kyul, is a guy in his 30s and he comes with a rich inheritance, so has never really worked. But his grandmother asks him to renovate an old restaurant that helps him get triple the benefits from it. 

Further, this coffee house that he renovates is named Coffee Prince and only boys are allowed in it. So, because of Eun Chan’s boyish appearance, she manages to get a job in the coffee house and then begins a romantic comedy. 

The drama throughout is fun and you are going to enjoy this when poor girl meets a rich guy story with some weird twists. 

Love in The Moonlight 

Cast and their characters-

  • Kim Yoo Jung- Hong Ra On 
  • Park Bo Gum- Lee Young
  • Jung Jin Young- Kim Yoon Sung
  • Kwak Dong Yeon- Kim Byung Yeon
  • Chae Soo Bin- Jo Ha Yeon
  • Number of episodes- 18 with one additional special episode 
  • IMDB Rating – 7.8/10 
  • Who Will Like It – Fans of epic historical fiction

Love in The Moonlight is another heartwarming drama that you need to watch on Viu. This is one of those dramas that has the gender bender twist to it that you are going to enjoy thoroughly. 

It is one of those historical epics set during the Joseon era of the 19th Century. It starts with our female protagonist Hong Ra On, who is pretending to be a man in order to feed herself. 

More importantly, she is trying to get rid of all the debt she is in, and although she has multiple jobs she still is not able to pay it all off. 

Then one day she crossed paths with Kim Yoon Sung, who is a nobleman, and also the crown prince Lee Young. Kim Yoon instantly finds out that Hong Ra On is not a man as she is pretending to be. 

Afterwards starts the drama that is so happening and filled with all the politics royalty used to have in those times. 

As the series moves on, Kim Yoon falls for her along with the crown prince. But the difference is just that Kim Yoon knows she is a girl and Lee Young, like the one she is pretending to be. 

You are surely going to love the drama all through the season, and I highly encourage you to go through it. 

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Cast and their characters- 

  • Lee Ji Eun (IU)- Go Ha Jin/ Hae Soo (4th Prince)
  • Lee Joon Gi- Wang So 
  • Kang Ha Neul- Wang Wook (8th Prince)
  • Number of episodes- 20 with additional 2 special episodes
  • IMDB Rating – 8.7/10  
  • Who Will Like It – Fans of melodramatic romances

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo is such an amazing period drama that I absolutely adore. It is another of those dramas that comes with a lesson that love comes with bliss and memories and pain tag along. 

This is one of those dramas that is worth keeping in our memories forever, and the nearly perfect cast and their portrayal will make you fall in love with them head over heels. 

The drama starts with Go Ha Jin who is a woman of 25 years. She somehow gets transported to the time period of the Goryeo Dynasty in 941, and when she wakes up she is in the body of someone else. 

That someone else is a princess of a ruling dynasty, Hae Soo. So, Hae initially falls in love with the 8th prince, Wang Wook but later she develops relations with the 4th prince, Wang So. 

The story further develops and gives thrills of the courtly politics and romance brewing in those boundaries and it’s all worth watching. 

While You Were Sleeping

Cast and their characters-

  • Bae Suzy- Nam Hong Joo 
  • Jung Hae In- Han Woo Tak
  • Lee Jong Suk- Jung Jae Chan
  • Lee Sang Yeob- Lee Yoo Beom
  • Number of episodes- 16
  • IMDB Rating – 8.4/10 
  • Who Will Like It – Fans of supernatural thrillers

While You Were Sleeping is a drama filled with supernatural stuff that will leave you stunned and the portrayal of characters will make you want more of the series. 

The drama starts with Nam Hong Joo, who lives with her mother and has the supernatural ability to foretell what’s going to happen in the future. Nam Hong dreams about these future incidents and keeps a record of all of them, but somehow she is not able to change a thing of the future. 

One day she dreams of a man who the very next day moves in their neighbourhood, Jung Jae Chan. 

Then starts the drama that eventually leads on telling that these two people are fated together and are linked with their memories and dreams. 

I personally loved this drama, and the perfect blend of romance, comedy, and thriller adds to the whole. 

Adding further the characters played are spot on and you are truly going to enjoy the comedy, romance, and tension in between. 

Doom At Your Service

Cast and their characters-

  • Seo In Guk- Myul Mang
  • Park Bo Young- Tak Dong Kyung 
  • Kang Tae Oh- Lee Hyun Kyu
  • Lee Soo Hyuk- Cha Joo Ik
  • Shin Do Hyun- Na Ji Na
  • Number of episodes- 16
  • IMDB Rating – 9/10 
  • Who Will Like It – Fans of fantasy shows with a message

Doom At Your Service is an amazing and unique drama that ends up on a vital message that love needs utmost faith and bravery, and I can bet that you will love this show on Viu as well. 

The drama starts with Tak Dong Kyung who lives a rather ordinary life being an editor of a web novel. Her both parents were killed in an unfortunate accident and later she discovers that she is terminally ill. 

She finds out that she has Glioblastoma and has around three months to live. Also, if you think that this was the end of her bad news, here’s something more: her boyfriend turns out to be a cheater and her seniors scold her for her work. Basically, she has run into problems all at once!

Then with a wish she makes from a shooting star, she meets Myul Mang the deity of Doom and the whole story begins taking a wonderful turn.

You are certainly going to enjoy all of it on Viu! 

Wrapping Up On The Best Korean Dramas On Viu

When we talk of drama, there needs to be a special mention of Korean dramas because of the rollercoaster ride they offer. From romantic dramas, to thrillers they have it all, and everything is spot on. Adding to that the characters portrayed by the artists are awesome. 

So, with that I would like to wrap up my list of the best Korean dramas that you must stream on Viu, because why not? 

All the dramas mentioned, from Devil Judge, Coffee Prince, to While You Were Sleeping and Doom At Your Service, are going to give you a truckload of thrills and amazing storylines, spot on direction and of course, marvelous portrayal of each character. 

Not to forget there’s always something about Korean that impresses the world immensely. Adding further to that, the messages oor raising concerns of a few of these dramas makes you want to look for more. 

So, my most recommended Korean dramas that you can easily avail them on Viu, you are going to have some best moments of your binge-watching experience. 

Go ahead and stream it all on Viu, and thank me later! 

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