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6 Best Korean Dramas On YouTube 2023 | Watch K-Dramas For Free

If you don’t have a subscription to OTT platforms like Netflix or Hulu, here are some top Korean dramas on Youtube that you can watch for free.

Snowy winters are here, and the festive season of Christmas and New Year is upon us. I always like to spend my time with some Korean Drama on OTT platforms during such times. 

Moreover, if it’s available for free, then you’re already in for a treat. Korean dramas are already pretty popular worldwide with fantastic storylines and plot twists. 

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And if these drama shows are available for free on platforms like YouTube, then you’ve to be ready to binge-watch all of them. To make it better, most of these K-dramas have English subtitles for those who can’t understand Korean. 

So, no matter where you’re from, you can always grab some popcorn and enjoy these shows for free. 

Best Korean Drama On YoutubeNumber Of EpisodesMy Rating
Pinocchio 20 Episodes 7.8/10
The Heirs 20 Episodes 8.5/10
Full House 16 Episodes 8/10
The Master’s Sun17 Episodes9.2/10
You are Beautiful16 Episodes7.9/10
My Father is Strange52 Episodes9/10

Through this article, I will list such great Korean drama shows that are available for free on YouTube. Most of these Youtube Korean dramas come with English subtitle to make them more accessible too!

So, whether you’re a huge fan of romantic series or you love watching some casual comedy, the Korean industry has got all of us covered. Now without wasting any further time, let’s get started: 

Top Korean Dramas On Youtube


Cast and their characters 

  • Lee Jon Suk- Choi Dal Po
  • Kim Young Kwang- Seo Beom Jo
  • Park Shin Hye- Choi In Ha
  • Lee Yoo Bi- Yoon Yoo Re

A sad and depressing drama that will always keep you hooked, Pinnochio is one of my favorite Korean dramas on YouTube. 

While there’s no point in mentioning any sort of spoiler, I’ll not talk about the show’s story in detail. However, to give you an idea, the overall show is based on emotional love stories and thrilling family drama. 

So, if this is something that you’re looking for, then you might fall in love with Pinnochio too. Adding to that, the drama is just 20 episodes long, so it is straight cut to the chase drama with everything that one looks for in a K-drama. 

If you’re well-aware of the Korean drama show industry, then you must know Lee Jong-Suk and Park Shin-Hye already. Luckily, both of these superstars are present in this emotional drama, and their love story is the main secret of success for this show. 

Also, I want to personally assure you that you, too, will immediately fall for the show just as I did. 

The Heirs

Cast and their characters

  • Kim Woo Bin- Choi Yeong Do
  • Lee Min Ho- Kim Tan
  • Park Shin Hye- Cha Eun Sang

The Heirs is perhaps one of the best Korean drama shows ever made, in my opinion. The Heirs is another love story-based Korean drama show that is going to make space in your watchlist.

Briefly, the show’s story revolves around a boy who meets a beautiful Korean girl while studying in the US. But, as you’ll move ahead, the story will become more complex yet very entertaining at the same time. 

There’s no disputing the fact that the show had a huge budget to spend, and they managed to do a good job with that money. Once again, you can find popular and fan-favourite Lee Min Ho in this show for those who are well-aware of this industry. 

As for IMDb, the show has got an impressive rating of 7.5 out of 10. Further, like Pinocchio, this Korean drama series on YouTube is summed up in just 20 episodes, and I can assure you it will leave you wanting for more. 

Full House

Cast and their characters

  • Song Hye Kyo- Han Ji Eun 
  • Rain- Lee Young Jae
  • Han Da Gam- Kang Hye Won
  • Kim Sung Soo- Yu Min Hyuk

Another amazing Korena drama on YouTube that you will fall for is Full House. Full House is a 16 episode long series full of interesting twists. 

The story starts with Han Ji Eun’s friends and a young aspiring writer. The story starts with her childhood friends cheating on her by sending her on a trip to Japan. So, while she is away, her friends take every single penny that she has ever had, including her home, and sell it. 

During her trip, she meets Lee Young Jae and tricks him somehow into giving her some money so she can be back at her place. Also, let me just tell you Lee is a famous actor and is sort of rich too. 

So moving further, when Han Ji comes home, she gets to know of her friends’ betrayal and also the fact that Lee Young has bought the house from them. 

I won’t spoil the whole story for you, so go on and watch all the twists and turns the story of Full House has to offer to you. 

One thing I can assure you pretty well is that you are going to be hooked by the plot from the very beginning. 

The Master’s Sun

Cast and their characters

  • So Ji Sub- Joo Joong Won
  • Seo In Guk- Kang Woo
  • Gong Hyo Jin- Tae Gong Shil
  • Kim Yoo Ri- Tae Yi Ryung 

Starting with Tae Gong Shil, who, despite being normal, is not able to live normally because of her ability to see and even talk to ghosts and spirits. 

One day she bumps into Joong Won, who is a shrewd businessman, and from there on starts an epic romantic story that is scary as well. 

On their first accidental meeting, on a rainy day, Tae sees a ghost that’s been with Joong Won and speaks about the same to him. Following the incident, she somehow manages to convince Won of her ability to see and talk to ghosts. She also mentions that the ghost around him was none other than his ex-girlfriend. 

For what happens next, and how they get rid of the ghost around Joong Won or are they able to get rid of it, for knowing all of it, you would need to go through this 17 episode YouTube series that will leave you thrilled. 

I personally love scary, romantic stories, so if you love stories that are scary but end up being romantic, you are going to enjoy every minute of it. 

You are Beautiful

Cast and their characters

  • Lee Hong Gi- Jeremy 
  • Park Shin Hye- Mi Nam (her twin), Ko Mi Nyeo
  • Jang Keun Suk- Hwang Tae Kyung
  • Jung Yong Hwa- Kang Shin Woo

The story starts with the background of twin siblings brought up in an orphanage as their father died when they were too young. 

Fast forward to a few years later when the brother Mi Nam becomes a music idol, and his sister lives at a junior dorm for nuns to fulfill her dream of being a nun. Then due to some medical reasons, Mi Nam has to leave for the States, and his new band manager asks for Ko Mi Nyeo to pose as him till he recovers. 

So, while initially rejecting Mi Nam’s manager’s offer, she finally accepts it in the hopes of finding their mother. Once Ko Mi Nyeo joins the band, Tae Kyung starts making it difficult for her to stay in the band and later somehow discovers her true identity. 

After knowing the truth, Tae threatens to expose her true identity, but somehow Ko Mi Nyeo wins over him. 

From there, the journey starts the journey full of chaos, twists, and a little bit of gender-bender love angles. 

I am sure you will love these 16 episodes of Korean drama on YouTube and will become an instant fan of it. 

My Father is Strange

Cast and their characters 

  • Lee Joon- Ahn Joong Hee
  • Kim Hae Sook- Na Young Shil
  • Ryu Soo Young- Cha Jung Hwan
  • Kim Yeong Cheol- Byun Han Soo

My Father Is Strange is a family drama on YouTube, summed up entirely in 52 episodes, and I have to tell you that this series is worth the watch. 

I personally love family dramas, as the content is super relatable, plus the fun you get to see a family going through all the twists and turns. 

Additionally, when I planned on going through the series, a friend of mine stated that, according to her, watching a 50+ episode Korean drama series is like going for three k-drama series at once.

While I didn’t believe her at first, after watching this 52 episode YouTube series, I want to say that I couldn’t have been more wrong, and she was so accurate!

I mean, the whole plot of this television series is so mesmerizing that I am having trouble just letting you know my exact views on it. Just know that you are going to fall in love with Korean family drama as well. 

Although My Father Is Strange is unlike any other family drama. It is a story about a family of six, a son, along with three daughters living on the outskirts of Seoul. Then there comes a day that a famous celebrity rings their doorbell and claims that he is the father’s son. 

So, with this twist, the whole plot of the series is going to hook you up. You will not even get bored once throughout the entire 52 episodes. 

Summarizing My Thoughts On The Best Korean Drama On Youtube

So, these were some of the best and most popular Korean drama shows that you can catch on YouTube for free. If you’re still wondering why Korean drama shows are so popular, here’s your answer. 

While most Korean shows have decent actors, they also offer pretty relatable and normal life-based storylines. 

Due to this, most viewers can feel connected to the show and might eventually relate to a specific character’s story. Unlike Hollywood dramas, Korean drama shows will never ask for decades to complete the story or leave the show in the middle. 

Lastly, the shows like Pinnochio and The Heirs have uniquely unpredictable yet very entertaining plot twists. Due to such suspenseful and entertaining storylines, these two shows are some of my favorites and my top recommendations. 

But, if somehow I’ve managed to miss your favorite Korean drama on this list, then feel free to let me know. If everything went well, I might even add some of those to my playlist for the upcoming holidays. 

Until then, keep smiling and happy binge-watching!  

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