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5 Popular Korean Menswear Brands 2023 | Clothing Brands To Add To Your Wardrobe

Looking for some stylish Korean menswear brands? Check out this article for Korean men’s clothing brands online that include both luxury and affordable fashion options.

Over the past decade, South Korea has quietly evolved into the biggest competitor for Hollywood. By cranking up TV shows, wildly popular music, beauty, and skincare to fashion trends that have global appeal. 

We all know that South Korea has had a major influence on global pop culture. Because if you take a look at Korean films, beauty, music, food, almost everything is creating Hallyu- the Korean Wave. 

Less or more, it seems like South Korea is making a glorious path of viral popularity and modern global culture as its trail.

Additionally, while the world is turning its eyes to the country, there’s another Korean industry on which it is putting its golden touch: Fashion. 

Korea has been delivering us the Next Best Thing for the last few years, and the same is true for fashion. 

To put it in a sentence, Korea is like heaven for fashion enthusiasts by delivering diverse fashion brands for both men and women. 

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If you watch Korean dramas or movies, you must have noticed the actors wearing edgy, immaculate, and classy clothes. Not only that, the fashion industry of Korea puts even more emphasis on delivering comfortable and affordable brands. 

All I am trying to say is you, too, can get yourself the best menswear brand from Korea. Not only because they create the fashion trend every now and then but also because Korean fashion is comfortable while you are in them. 

So, if you are trying to get the best of Korean menswear but are confused about where to start, I am here at your rescue. 

With numerous brands launching dozens of unique styles, it really becomes tough to keep up with the trend while maintaining your comfort. That’s why here are some of the most sought-after Korean menswear brands that I am sure will fit your needs just fine. 

Also, I would like you to know that while listing these in-trend brands, I kept in mind a few things like the brands’ affordability, comfort, and even durability. 

Top Korean Menswear Brands 2022


korean mens clothing brands online

Known for its basic wardrobe collection, Wooyoungmi is perhaps among the most eye-catching brands out there in Korea for men. 

It delivers chic and comfy casual wear for offices and T-shirts that come in a mind-boggling array of colors. The clothes designed by the brand add to your vibrant and plain looks that simply stand out from all other brands. 

The brand first emerged back in 2002 in a Paris fashion show and now has over 20 stores all across Asia. Adding to that, the brand also has its own store in Paris. 

Not only that, people claim that much of what men’s fashion has today is because of the brand’s invention and innovation. 

how to dress like a kpop idol
Source: Instagram@uworae_official

I personally prefer the brand over many fancy ones; all I have to say is Wooyoungmi offers classy and chic menswear that is just irresistible. Not only that, it aligns with the trends going on all around the globe. 

The clothes are not only super durable, but it is also affordable, and I am pretty sure they won’t take you off your budget.

So, if you too wish to add something simple yet chic and edgy to your wardrobe, you should really consider Wooyoungmi’s menswear collection. 


popular brands in korea

KYE is a clothing brand by Kathleen Kye that was established in 2011. Since then, the brand has been steadily flourishing throughout Korea. 

The brands state that their design ethos is to represent joyful menswear and stand out from the conventional patterns. The brand mainly aims to offer clothing that is funky, classy, and fun while keeping its manliness in them. 

The owner of the brand holds a master’s degree in menswear, and then she became a professional in the field, and people love the brand like mad.

I personally feel that the brand offers clothing that remains out of the box and yet follows and, at times, creates the mainstream trend. Adding to that, it offers high-quality menswear that is quite durable. Not only that, but the brand also delivers the clothing cheaper at rates. 

KYE basically offers you a clothing collection that is not only classy but chic and extremely comfortable too. 

So, if you want something that stands out from everyone else and yet remains in your budget, KYE needs to be on your list of brands. I am personally assuring you that you would adore having the brand in your Korean menswear collection. 


korean luxury brands for men

The early 2010s witnessed numerous emerging fashion brands from South Korea that were promoting men’s fashion. Blindness came out in 2013 and was a venture between two people, Jong Taek Lee and Ku Yong Shin. 

One thing that the brand blindly loves is leather, and that’s why they specialize in menswear made of leather. So, it became the ideal choice for men who loved leather jackets, undercoats, and woolen trousers in their fashion wardrobe. 

Almost everything that the brand creates, from jackets to pants, is made up of leather. The clothing material often becomes the style statement for many, and I personally feel it is usually the foundation for collections. 

And what’s more, the Korean menswear brand Blindness is helping defy gender norms in Korea with their flowy, slighty androgynous clothing. It’s truly avant garde!

blindness korean clothing brand
Source: Instagram@blindness_official

But it is not just the clothing material that makes the brand stand out as a whole. Apart from the material, Blindness offers a wide array of patterns and colors. 

If you take my opinion, all I am going to say is that I am crazy mad about the brand. The quality of the clothing makes it durable, and the leather of all other clothes never gets out of trend. Additionally, if that wasn’t enough, Blindness offers an affordable range of clothing. 

So, if you are into leather menswear, Blindness is like finding Holy Grail for you. I would highly suggest you add the brand to your Korean menswear collection. 

General Idea

best korean mens fashion

The brand General Idea primarily focuses on men’s sportswear, and it is a widely acclaimed brand in all of Korea. Adding to that, the brand claims that it isn’t one of those luxury brands. 

The brand General Idea has been promoting general ideas of values through its clothing and trying to reach the common people with it. 

The clothing brand aims to deliver high-quality sportswear to everyone that is affordable, including ordinary people too.

One of the jackets that were featured on the runway show was later sold at a price as low as $300, which, when considered by other luxury brands, is way too low. 

Personally speaking, the menswear brand is not only cheaper but also offers breathable fabric and feels extremely comfortable while wearing it. Adding to that, it is durable as well.

The brand really sells itself with its sports edge and cost-friendly appeal. 

So, if you are a sports enthusiast, you would really love having the General Idea in your Korean menswear collection. 


affordable korean clothing brands

Coming onto the last brand in my list of the top Korean menswear brands is 87MM. 

The clothing brand 87MM was founded in 2013 and is known for its high-quality, comfortable fit, and durability. 

The brand is known for delivering a wide variety of breathable, comfortable men’s clothing.

For instance, trousers, big coats, tracksuits, and even polo necks. Also, the brand is owned by three of the most famous models Chan Kim, Won Joong Kim, and Ji Woon park, so you can stay assured of not missing out on the mainstream trend. 

87mm  korean men's clothing brands online

Adding to that, as the owners of the brand are one of the best models that Korea has, these guys really know the urgency in runway changes. 

I personally believe that the brand is really good and offers a range of clothing that is affordable and durable. The clothing is well-designed, convenient, and comfortable as well. 

So, if you want a Korean menswear brand that is not only in your budget but also makes you feel classy and chic, you should go for 87MM. 

Final Thoughts on Korean Menswear Brands

So, that would be all on my list of the top Korean menswear brands that will keep you up with the global trends while providing comfort to the fullest. 

Also, I am hoping that you have got a clear idea of which brand you should go for. But if you are still not sure I would advise you to choose from the brands that I have mentioned. 

The Korean fashion industry has really made Hallyu over the past few years, and everyone is blindly following what they have to offer because it is really worth it. 

So, if you, too, are like us and want to add Korean menswear to your wardrobe, then these brands will surely look great. 

My list has the best Korean brands that are the most sought-after ones, too, when it comes to menswear. I am personally assuring you of the best quality, with an affordable price of these brands. Adding to that, these brands are always in-trend and keep your comfort in check. 

So, step forward and add these best Korean menswear brands to upgrade both your wardrobe and your fashion sense. 

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