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List Of Korean Online Shopping Sites 2021 | 14 Affordable Online Shopping Websites You Must Try

by song-i
list of korean online shopping sites

The internet has completely changed the way the world shops. Online shopping websites have become an inevitable part of everybody’s life, especially after the pandemic has taken a toll on regular life.

Korean online shopping sites are some of the best in the world because of their fast and efficient delivery systems. This is why most Koreans prefer to shop online rather than purchase from stores.  

A lot of these online shopping websites offer other types of services too.

We have listed some of the top Korean online shopping websites that will give you a smooth and satisfactory online shopping experience. 

Korean Online Shopping Sites 2021


Website: https://global.gmarket.co.kr

App: iOS/ Android

This website is also known as Korean Amazon because of the wide variety of products they offer. 

Gmarket stands for global market and it is a shopping website based in Korea that will get your products from all over the world. 

This website not just sells products but also conducts online auctions. They deal with everyday products like appliances, furniture, appliances etc as well as rare, valuable and expensive collectables. 


Website: https://www.coupang.com/

App: iOS/ Android

korean shopping sites

Coupang is the best Korean website for online shopping, outperforming Amazon! 

You can access Coupang through their app or their website. One reason why they are so popular and successful is that you get the products delivered the very next day if you order them before 11:59 IST. 

One drawback is that it caters to Korean language users so it might be restrictive for people who are not familiar with the language. 


Website: https://11st.co.kr/

App: iOS/ Android

This easy growing online shopping website also has a presence in other countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Turkey. 

My favourite thing about 11Street is that you have the option to pay using different currencies while using this website. 

This is also a multilingual website that includes languages like Chinese and English for their International users. 

11Street offers a wide variety of products including clothes, jewellery, appliances and even groceries! 

Some of the  good things about 11Street is that you can pay using paypal, accumulate points as you purchase items through the website and they ship internationally. 

Naver Shopping

Website: Shopping.naver.com

App: iOS/ Android

korean shopping app

Naver is one of the most popular search engines in Korea because of which it is also known as Korean Google. 

Their shopping site Naver Shopping have also been widely successful in catering to Korean’ s online shopping demand. 

You will find all types of products from home decor to apparel to electronics on their website.

It has a very efficient website that makes it easy for users to navigate and compare prices. Another unique aspect of this website is itsonMonster easy payment metaphors called Naver Pay. 

You also have the option of taking their paid “Naver Plus” membership that will earn your points and give you various benefits after every purchase. 


Website: http://www.auction.co.kr/

App: iOS/ Android

korean websites for shopping

Auction is another growing e-commerce company based in South Korea. It is slowly gaining momentum and popularity in the Korean market. 

The best part about Auction is that you can compare the prices of the products from about 3000 different websites! 

It saves a lot of time and hassle since the customers can easily choose the best price for a given product without navigating through too many tabs or websites. 

Interpark Global 

Website: http://www.globalinterpark.com/main/main

App: iOS/ Android

south korea online shopping sites

Interpark Global is another online website where you can buy a variety of products including food and clothes.

 It was first launched as an auction company and then moved on to become an online shopping mall. 

You can also buy products like tickets for various events like musicals, concerts etc and even CD’s of K-pop stars from their website.

This is also a great website to order Korean products internationally since they ship to over 230 countries!


Website: https://front.wemakeprice.com/main

App: iOS/ Android

good korean shopping websites

WeMakePrice is not just a Korean online shopping website but also provides internet advertising services.

Although the company’s growth is not as fast as other websites like Coupang and Gmarket, this provides efficient services to the customers. 

You can find a wide range of products on this website like cosmetics, electronics and even concert tickets. 

Tmon (Ticket monster)

Website: https://www.tmon.co.kr/

App: iOS/ Android

cheapest korean online shopping sites

Ticket monster is an online shopping and ticketing website that was established in South Korea in 2010. 

You will probably recognise them through their five cute monster characters Timoni, Witty, Smarty, Sweetie, Energetic and Trusty. 

Employees working for Ticket Monster are referred to as Timonions. Tmon attracts its customers with its unique youthful interface design and an easy-to-use mobile app.

They are also known for their low prices that bring them a lot of customers. They also offer great deals, sales, restaurant coupons and other services. 

Kurly Market

Website: https://www.kurly.com/shop/main/index.php

App: iOS/ Android

korean online shopping clothes

If you are looking for a website that will deliver food in Korea, Kurly Market would make a great choice. 

This website is best known for its one-day delivery services. They guarantee that you get your food delivered by dawn or the following morning. 

This is a great marketplace for premium grocery products but you can also buy everyday food items like milk and eggs through Kurly Market. 

This is a company that provides high-quality service through the quality of products they sell and even the packaging. 

Their catalogue is not limited to food, you will also find other items like household products, supplements, diapers, etc. 

Shinsegae Mall

Website: http://shinsegaemall.ssg.com/

App: iOS/ Android

korean online shop

Shinsegae mall first started as a departmental store in South Korea and soon expanded to create a huge franchise. 

They also boast of being the oldest departmental store in Korea and even had the world’s largest departmental store.

Now they have shifted some of their operations online and have created an online shopping mall called the Shinsegae mall.

If you are too lazy to go and get your groceries, simply login to the Shensegae mall website and shop till you drop. 

Daiso Mall

Website: https://www.daisomall.co.kr/

App: iOS/ Android

daiso online Korean shopping website

Daiso mall is a common sight in Korean neighbourhoods. These are stores that sell cute and useful products at good prices and started as street vending machines. 

This is an international company that has stores in a lot of countries like Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Bahrain etc. 

If you are looking for cheap products for your home, stationery or any other needs, this is a great place for you. 

Simply log in to the website and select the products you want to buy. Your order will get delivered in no time. 


Website: https://www.sfmart.com/

App: iOS/ Android

danawa online Korean shopping website

Danawa first came up as a website that would help in comparing prices of different camera models from different websites to give you the best price. 

But it soon expanded to other electronic appliances like computers, TV, speakers, etc. 

So this is the perfect website for purchasing electronics. You can also buy other items like apparel, accessories, skin care products and other household items. 

The website also gives customer reviews of each product written by authentic buyers from the website to give you more clarity about your purchase. 

Sephora Korea

Website /www.sephora.kr/

App: iOS/ Android

Korean sephora online site

This is one of all the skincare and beauty fanatics out there. Yes, Sephora has a website for Korea and they sell a lot of Korean and international brands for their huge customer base.

Sephora is synonymous with make-up lovers and is one of the most popular beauty store franchises in the world. 

They only sell high-quality products that will give you excellent results.  

You can find such a huge range of cosmetic products including vegan makeup, lipsticks, primers, bronzers etc. 

They also provide quick home delivery and always have good deals and sales going on. 

This easy to navigate site has a different section for products on sale that will give you value for money.

Emart Online Supermarket


App: iOS/ Android

list of Korean online shopping sites

Emart is a major supermarket in Korea that has shifted to the online mode of selling. It is another online departmental store that you can quickly order from, to get your daily essentials. 

After you have added all the products you want to buy to the cart, you can also choose the date of delivery so it is delivered at your convenience. 

Although they have a delivery charge, you do not have to pay one if your total bill is above 400,000 won.  

This is a one-stop-shop that will fulfil all your shopping needs including apparel, electronic items, household items, etc. 

These are some of the most successful online shopping websites that provide high-quality service on time. 

Sometimes, you can find much better deals online than in physical stores!

You can refer to our list for a hassle-free and quick shopping experience.

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