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5 Amazing Korean Rice Cookers In 2023| Ultimate Reviews & Buying Guide

Rice is an integral part of Korean culture. So it’s no wonder that they’ll have special rice cookers.  

You can find these rice cookers in a lot of Southeast Asian countries. But I love a Korean rice cooker as they have a lot of special features.

There are several of these Korean rice cookers in the market today. They come in various price ranges. 

If you’re thinking that all rice cookers are the same, you couldn’t be more wrong. 

Read on to know more about the best Korean rice cooker and which is the best one for you!

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Korean Rice CookersMaterialCapacity
Cuckoo CR-0631F Rice CookerAluminium6 Cups
Cuckoo CRP-RT0609FB 6 Cup Twin Pressure Rice CookerStainless Steel6 Cups
Cuckoo CRP-AHSS1009FN Rice CookerStainless Steel 10 Cups
Cuckoo CRP-FA0610F Korean Rice CookerPlastic10 Cups
Cuchen CJS-FD0604RV Korean Rice CookerStainless Steel6 Cups

How I tested the best Korean rice cooker?

There are several Korean rice cookers in the market. I tested a few of the more popular ones on the basis of these factors below. Next, I rated them on a scale of 1-5. Some parameters I used to test a Korean rice cooker include:

  • Multifunctional: Rice can be made in a traditional pot. What sets a Korean rice cooker apart is the multiple function it provides. You should be able to do more that just boil rice with this appliance.
  • Energy saving – The rice cooker shouldn’t shoot up your electricity bills. 
  • Price – A Korean rice cooker is a great investment. But the functions should match the price. It shouldn’t be very costly. 
  • Design – The design should be ergonomic. I’ve taken into consideration the inner coating, handle, dimensions and more. 

I used several Korean rice cookers and here’s how it went. Check out my reviews below:

BrandCuckoo CR-0631FCuckoo CRP-RT0609FBCuckoo CRP-AHSS1009FNCuckoo CRP-FA0610FCuchen CJS-FD0604RV
Inner Pot MaterialAluminiumStainless SteelStainless SteelNon-Stick Inner CoatingStainless Steel
Number of Functions912179N/A
Dimensions12.5 x 9.3 x 8.4 inches10.39 x 14.01 x 10.59 inches16.2 x 11.9 x 11.4 inches15 x 14 x 12 inches18 x 13.25 x 13 inches
Power ConsumptionN/A580W1305W990WN/A
Voice NavigationN/AN/AKorean, English, ChineseKorean OnlyKorean, English, Chinese

Korean Rice Cooker Reviews 2023

How to select the best Korean rice cooker – A buying guide

Before we get down to the reviews telling us which is the best Korean rice cooker, let’s take a look at the factors you need to take into consideration.

Here are a few points to consider when buying a Korean rice cooker.


The first thing you need to check is how much rice is being cooked and consumed each day. If you’re a small family or are living in a dorm, then a 10-cup rice cooker is not necessary.

It will take up space and increase your power consumption as well. A 6-cup rice cooker is sufficient for a family of four. 

Inner Pot Coating

A Korean rice cooker can have several different inner pot coatings. Some materials like copper, etc. offer better conductivity than others. 

This will help your rice get cooked faster and more evenly.

Induction Heating and Fuzzy Logic

Speaking of evenly-cooked rice, it’s good to make sure the cooker you’re buying has fuzzy logic technology.

This ensures even distribution of heat among the rice grains, making sure they are cooked thoroughly.

It’s a sensor that not only measures the pressure and temperature inside of the cooker, but also takes into account other factors like the weather.

If it’s a hot summer day for example, a Korean rice cooker with fuzzy logic will automatically adjust the temperature inside the cooker and prevent rice from heating up quickly.

korean rice cooker recipes

Pressure Cooker Function

If you have a busy schedule and want to get things done quickly, get a Korean rice cooker with a pressure cooker function. This helps rice get cooked in no time.

Design and Detachable Lid

The design of the pressure cooker should not only be eye-catching, but it should also be ergonomic. 

A detachable lid can make cleaning the cooker easier, especially if you use the cooker often. 

You can also buy a Korean rice cooker that matches the aesthetic of your kitchen. No harm in wanting a good-looking appliance.  


A warmer function comes handy if you cook in the mornings and want to have rice again later in the day. 

If you have family members that eat at different times, then again this is a good function to have. 

English Voice Guide

A lot of Korean rice cookers come with a voice guide that will help you use the appliance better. But as these are Korean products some might not have the function in English.

Or some might lack a voice guide altogether. Check if this is something you require. 

If you’re new to rice, and new to using a rice cooker, I’d suggest you make this function a priority. 

What are the advantages of using a rice cooker over regular utensils

Are you tired of undercooked or overcooked rice? Or maybe you just don’t have the time to monitor it while it’s cooking? Look no further than a Korean rice cooker. The advantages of using a rice cooker are endless and will make cooking rice a breeze.

Firstly, a rice cooker eliminates the need for constant attention. Simply add in your rice and water, and the rice cooker will take care of the rest. No more worrying about burning the rice or making a mess with boiling water.

This allows you to focus on other aspects of your meal preparation without fear of ruining the rice. In addition, using a rice cooker produces consistently cooked rice every time. There’s no more guessing if the rice is cooked all the way through or if it needs more time.

The rice cooker uses advanced technology to steam the rice to perfection every time, leaving you with fluffy, delicious rice. But the advantages don’t stop there. A rice cooker also saves time and energy.

It doesn’t require any stirring or attention, so you can set it and forget it, giving you extra time to take care of other things. Plus, it’s more energy-efficient than cooking on the stove, which can help save on your electricity bill.

Overall, a Korean rice cooker is a must-have kitchen appliance for those who love to eat rice regularly. It eliminates the hassle of cooking rice and produces consistently perfect results every time. So, invest in a rice cooker and enjoy effortless, delicious rice dishes today.

Why is Korean rice cooker superior to other brands and companies

Korean rice cookers are known worldwide for their superior quality and excellent performance. What sets Korean rice cookers apart from other brands and companies?

There are several key features that make Korean rice cookers the clear winners in the world of rice-cooking appliances.

Firstly, Korean rice cookers use advanced technology and materials that ensure the rice is cooked to perfection each time. The technology used in Korean rice cookers is so precise that you can measure the exact temperature of the rice as it cooks, meaning that the rice is cooked evenly and thoroughly, resulting in perfect, fluffy rice every time.

Traditional rice cookers simply cannot compete with this level of precision and accuracy. Secondly, Korean rice cookers are incredibly versatile and can be used to cook a variety of different rice dishes, from sticky sushi rice to fragrant basmati rice.

Not only that, but many models also come with additional functions, such as the ability to make porridge or steam vegetables, making them an incredibly useful appliance in any kitchen. Lastly, Korean rice cookers are incredibly easy to use and maintain.

They come with clear instructions and are designed to be simple and intuitive, even for those who have never used a rice cooker before. In addition, they are easy to clean and maintain, which is essential for ensuring that the appliance continues to perform at its best over time.

Overall, there are many reasons why Korean rice cookers are superior to other brands and companies. From their advanced technology and versatility to their ease of use and maintenance, it’s clear that Korean rice cookers are the best of the best when it comes to rice cookers.

Cuckoo CR-0631F Rice Cooker

One of my favorite Korean rice cookers is the Cuckoo CR-0631F! It’s just the perfect size for my kitchen. 

You won’t have to worry about making space for this one. It’s just 9.3” side to side. So you can carry it to a dorm if you want too.

It’s pretty powerful for its size. You can cook 6 cups of rice in it. The interior has an aluminium lid which ensures better conductivity.

So you can be assured that the rice is going to come out well-cooked and not burn on the sides or bottom.

This Cuckoo Korean rice cooker has about 10 functions. You can cook long grain rice like Basmati and short grain rice as well. 

There’s also fuzzy logic to ensure the rice grains come out moist, soft, and well-separated. 

I also liked the LCD display feature which helps you keep track of your rice and displays the time when it’s unplugged.

This is by no means the best appliance ever. You’ll see that there is no voice guide feature, but if I’m being fair the manual is pretty easy to understand.

I was also disappointed by the lack of a pressure cooker feature. 

But hey, if you don’t mind waiting for a bit and just want a regular rice cooker for everyday use, this Cuckoo product is a good choice.


  • Fuzzy logic present
  • Saves energy
  • Durable body
  • LCD screen
  • Multiple cooking options
  • Electric warmer 
  • Compact


  • No voice guide
  • Not for large families
  • Not a pressure cooker

Rating  – 3.4/5

Cuckoo CRP-RT0609FB 6 Cup Twin Pressure Rice Cooker

cuckoo rice cooker

If you want a Korean rice cooker that also has a pressure cooker function, I bring you the Cuckoo CRP-RT0609FB! 

This too is a compact rice cooker that can make upto 6 cups of rice. But what sets it apart from the CR-0631F is the number of functions. 

It’s got a glutinous rice function, baby food function, GABA rice function, and so many other options. 

So it’s not just for rice, you can put your imagination to work and use the 12 functions to cook various stuff in here.  

The inner pot is made of non-stick stainless steel and also has a diamond coating for durability.

I loved how this Cuckoo appliance comes with a scorched rice function. If you want to try the Korean style crispy rice at the bottom, this is great. 

There’s also an intelligent cooking algorithm. So you can get your other chores or work done while the cooker makes your rice and switches off when it’s done.

Honestly, convenience is the best feature of this Korean rice cooker. I especially liked the automatic steam clean technology.

I didn’t have to dig in with a brush and soap, the steam clean function helps wash and sanitize this rice cooker with a press of a button. 


  • Stainless steel inner pot
  • Diamond coating for durability
  • 12 functions
  • Steam clean technology
  • Fuzzy logic


  • No power button on front
  • No voice guide

Rating  – 5/5

Cuckoo CRP-AHSS1009FN Rice Cooker

The Cuckoo CRP-AHSS1009FN Korean rice cooker is the appliance to go for if you want a larger cooker. 

This device makes about 10 cups of rice at one go. So it’s the perfect thing for larger families or even restaurants.

Like the RT-0609FB, this model too comes with a pressure cooker. This rice cooker lets you cook a lot of rice in just about no time.  

The stainless steel interior is non-sticky and scratch-proof. 

Like most Korean rice cookers this one too comes with an intelligent cooking algorithm (fuzzy logic) that regulates temperature and pressure for evenly cooking rice. 

Probably the best feature of this Korean rice cooker is the Power Save technology. It recognizes darkness and ambient brightness and helps save power consumption.

It also comes with 19 pr-programmed functions that include GABA rice, porridge, baby food, glutinous rice, sushi rice, and many more.


  • Cooks upto 10 cups of rice
  • 19 programs
  • LED display
  • Power save technology
  • Pressure cooker 


  • Takes up space

Rating  – 4.5/5

Cuckoo CRP-FA0610F Korean Rice Cooker

Another fantastic Korean rice cooker with a pressure cooker function is the CRP-FA0610F model by Cuckoo. 

I fell in love with this product because of its multiple functions. As someone who loves making a variety of dishes, the 15 in-built features are just what I needed.

You can cook long grain rice, GABA rice, sticky rice and other varieties of grain. But the best part is that it allows you to make porridge, bake bread, ferment bread, and more.

This is mainly thanks to its pressure cooker function that improves its versatility and also the speed at which your food is cooked. 

As someone who can lose track of time easily, the magnetic sensor of this rice cooker comes very handy.

It senses when the rice is ready and automatically lets out the steam. I must warn you though, the sudden release of steam can be quite startling.

All around, it’s a great Korean rice cooker. The downsides are that it weighs a bit more than other rice cookers. 

It’s at 12 lbs as compared to the 6lbs of the CR-0631F, but this is to be expected with the pressure cooker and other functions.  

The voice guide in this rice cooker is exclusively in Korean, but the instruction manual comes in English. So it should be that much of a problem figuring out how to use this appliance. 


  • 15 Built-in Programs
  • Non-stick coating
  • GABA rice function
  • Pressure cooker
  • Magnetic safety sensor


  • Only Korean voice guide

Rating  – 4.5/5

Cuchen CJS-FD0604RV Korean Rice Cooker

As far as Korean rice cookers are concerned, Cuckoo is the market leader. But the Cuchen CJS-FD0604RV is not far behind. 

This Korean rice cooker is available in either the 6-cup or 10-cup capacity. 

Unlike the other rice cookers on this list, it has a touch LED screen and also a jog dial that helps you adjust the temperature and pressure.  

This rice cooker has a voice guide. And although it starts off in Korean, you can easily change it to either English or Chinese.

I loved how easy this device was to clean. Not only does it come with a detachable lid, but it has an auto steam clean feature as well.

This is a pressure cooker. And you can even control the pressure settings to get either medium, regular or sticky rice. 

The only downside is that it doesn’t have pre-programmed menus. You’ll have to adjust the temperature setting manually.


  • Voice guide
  • Touch LED 
  • Easy to clean
  • Pressure cooker
  • Adjustable temperature and pressure


  • No pre-programmed controls

Rating  – 4/5

FAQs About Korean Rice Cookers

Why are Korean rice cookers so expensive?

Korean rice cookers come with advanced features such as an English voice guide, automatic temperature reset, cooking function for various dishes, etc. So you’ll find that these are much more expensive than their western counterparts.
They are also technically “foreign” and not very much used in countries like US and the UK. So they tend to be priced as luxury items instead of necessities.

What else can be cooked in a Korean rice cooker?

Don’t let the name fool you! Your Korean rice cooker can make several dishes like soup, pho, ramen, boiled eggs, boiled milk, quinoa porridge, sponge cakes, steamed vegetables, and so much more.

Why should I use Korean rice cooker instead of regular pan?

A Korean rice cooker helps distribute heat evenly when the rice is being cooked. This means there is very little chance of the rice burning and it also makes rice more flavorful.
Plus a Korean rice cooker has several settings to cook rice according to the texture you like. So you can easily adjust water and temperature requirements for basmati, short-grain rice, sticky rice, etc. without making a mistake.

BrandCuckoo CR-0631FCuckoo CRP-RT0609FBCuckoo CRP-AHSS1009FNCuckoo CRP-FA0610FCuchen CJS-FD0604RV
Inner Pot MaterialAluminiumStainless SteelStainless SteelNon-Stick Inner CoatingStainless Steel
Number of Functions912179N/A
Dimensions12.5 x 9.3 x 8.4 inches10.39 x 14.01 x 10.59 inches16.2 x 11.9 x 11.4 inches15 x 14 x 12 inches18 x 13.25 x 13 inches
Power ConsumptionN/A580W1305W990WN/A
Voice NavigationN/AN/AKorean, English, ChineseKorean OnlyKorean, English, Chinese

If you love eating rice and make it frequently at home, it’s time to invest in a Korean rice cooker. 

It works so much better than a traditional pot or saucepan. For one thing,  you don’t need to keep your eye on the stove all the time to prevent rice from burning.

Another reason to get a Korean rice cooker is that you can make multiple things in it. And it’s not just for cooking rice, you can use it to reheat and serve your food as well. 

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Cuckoo CR-0631F Rice Cooker
Best Korean Rice Cookers

A Korean rice cooker makes cooking rice easier and faster. The Cuckoo CR-0631F Rice Cooker has multiple functions and is power saving.

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