Top must try Korean soft drinks

9 Must Try Korean Soft Drinks 2023 | Popular Korean Non-Alcoholic Drinks!

Check out these popular Korean beverages and you must try Korean soft drinks! This non-alcoholic drinks list is often seen in K-dramas too and includes yummy soda pops and teas!

There are a number of purposes to visit South Korea, whether it is related to art, food, or their amazingly stylish fashion sense. There is assuredly something interesting for each and every traveler to assemble a tour to South Korea for an incredible experience. 

People usually don’t talk much about the awesome Korean soft drinks. Like these other delicious Korean snacks or meals, these Korean drinks are also very wild and differently interesting from each other and from the other drinks that are famous in other different countries. 

In case you are searching for something sweet, something warm, or something that is refreshing and can fill you up nicely just look through our details down to fill your desire for the Korean food culture.

    Beverage NameType of BeverageIs It Vegan?
    Banana MilkFruit MilkNo
    SikyeRice-Based DrinkYes
    Coffee MilkCoffeeNo
    MilkisSoda and MilkNo
    Omija TeaFruit TeaYes
    Chrysanthemum teaFloral TeaYes
    Citron TeaFruit TeaYes
    Green Plum TeaFruit TeaYes
    NokchaHerbal TeaYes

    Korean soft drinks come in a variety of flavors!

    Must Try Korean Soft Drinks 2023

    Banana Milk

    popular korean drinks non alcoholic

    In South Korea, this banana milk is one of the best-selling and the most famous soft drinks on this record up to now. Almost one million bottles of this banana milk beverage are sold each and every day in South Korea. 

    At the same time, it doesn’t sound interesting in theory what is so special about this banana-flavored milk, well it is something about the mixture of savory and sweet tones in South Korea’s best-selling beverage and it has assured the extended to crowd-pleasing very instantly. 

    First and foremost this banana milk has become very famous because the government of South Korea wanted to inspire people over there to drink more of this banana-flavored milk for their wellness. 

    So just go grab a bottle of this banana milk whenever you see it next time then you’ll understand what is exactly so special about this drink.


    korean health drinks

    Sikhye is a traditional South Korean rice liquor that is very sweet in taste as it is traditional. In fact, this Sikhye is so sweet that it is sometimes offered as a sweet dish. 

    This sweet beverage consists of cooked rice which gives this drink an amazing and interesting taste and texture. 

    As you hear , you’ve been served in Korean for generations as a classical closure after a meal. 

    Gulping this Sikhye is such an initiation rite that you will even notice it in cans or bottles in almost every Korean convenience store. 

    Trust me, if you have a chilled glass of Sikhye after your next heavy meal and treat yourself, you’ll never be dissatisfied.

    Coffee Milk

    korean drinks in kdrama

    Coffee milk is quite straightforward as the same as the other Korean drinks. Actually, coffee milk beverages are completely full of caffeine and it is the best drink for when you have a long-stressing day along with you and you want some extra strength and energy. 

    As well as, this coffee milk is sold in chilly packages too, how interesting is that. Just take up some pair of these coffee milk packages another time whenever you have a long week along with you or if you want some more stamina to travel to Seoul.


    korean soda pop

    Milkis is undoubtedly unlike all the other soft drinks you have ever had up to this time. This milkis is a South Korean beverage that combines milk, carbonation, and corn syrup. 

    Not to worry if you are left with a fizzle, this sweet beverage is weirdly refreshing altogether. I mean it has to be good to be one of Korea’s most popular soda pop brands, hasn’t it?

    Even though the unflavored, classic milk is significant on its own. And if you want then you can also discover this Korean soft drink in a range of different fruit flavors covering from strawberry to banana to retain the things fascinating. 

    You can get this milkis drink in general convenience stores all around the world so you will not have to wait for your next trip to South Korea to taste this Korean soft drink again.

    Omija Tea

    int korean drink pouch

    This omija berry is very popular for its absolutely unique mixture of flavors so it is sure enough that the tea that has been made from the omija berry is many-sided as well. Although this can be linked with honey as a sweetener or on its own as well. 

    On the other hand, omija tea can be tasted with flowers or mung beans to convert it into a mixture of punches. This omija tea is best for when you are feeling cold or any sort of illness is coming near. It has some healing properties which keep you away from cold and flu. 

    According to certain traditional Korean medicinal practices, this omija tea can also ease the liver with time.

    Chrysanthemum Tea

    Korea tea brand

    This chrysanthemum tea is a very famous and beautiful South Korean drink that so many people like for a good reason. 

    And to make this chrysanthemum tea visibly fascinating some dried flowers are soaked in honey for certain months and then brewed with some hot warm water, this produces a very slightly sweet and light tea brimming with flower blossoms. 

    It looks so fun and delicious at the same time. This chrysanthemum tea has a huge hit for the cold winter months when the temperature is running out of control. But we are not really sure if there are any actual curative properties or not, or if drinking this beautiful tea will make you feel awesome. 

    So if you don’t want to miss the experience of drinking Korean tea then just pour yourself a cup of this chrysanthemum tea.

    Citron Tea

    korean drinks list

     This citron tea has lately assembled its way onto the set menu of so many high-class restaurants in the United States and so many other different western countries as well. But South Korea has studied the fascination of citron for so many years. 

    This citron tea is made from fresh pieces of yuzu fruit. These yuzu fruits are sliced a little thinner and then reserved in honey, this conserves the fruit and gives it a sweet flavor that makes the citron tea exceptional. 

    If you want to make a cup of this citron tea for yourself then just take a spoonful of this delicious yuzu honey and mix it in a cup of hot warm water, let the honey get dissolved first, and then after you can enjoy your citron tea. 

    You can also incorporate citron tea into your healing routine as this tea has been confirmed as the flu and cold treatment for years.

     Green Plum Tea

    Korean bottled drinks

     If you have spent some time in South Korea in the midst of the warm summer season then you must have been familiar with this green plum or maesil. This is the fruit of the actual plum trees that you will observe all over South Korea and East Asia. 

    Like in the other East Asian countries in South Korea the trees cherish the fruits on the road to the start of the summer season. So just as you see some baskets of these cute little green plums start to appear in the markets then it is an implication that it’s time to slide into a summer mood. 

    If you want to make this green plum tea then you have so many different ways for that. But the best way is to use fermentation to convert the plums into a sweet, thick maesil syrup. 

    Once it is in syrup form you can just reserve maesil for a year almost without the fear of changing weather, you still have your fresh plums in your hands. 

    You can try mixing this syrup with water to make a refreshingly sweet soda or you can also add this syrup to hot warm water to make a calming sweet tea. This tea is extremely famous all around South Korea depending on the right weather.

    Nokcha (Green Tea)

    Korean drinks to make at home

    Green tea is the best for a number of so many different situations and it is the preeminent classic Korean drink.

    If you are looking for something refreshing and delicious just like an iced drink in a hot summer season then you should definitely try this green tea. But what about a flavor to endure a cake or cookie with?  

    Well no need to search for anything else, Nokcha is in the rescue. This green tea has been stuck in the mud for generations and it has infinite uses. 

    It’s the perfect drink for the ones who are health conscious and it is full of antioxidants as well. 

    Green tea in Korea is made up of dry leaves instead of powder, and it is especially delicious if you’ll try this as an ice cream flavor. You should definitely try this green tea-flavored ice cream the next time you’ll visit Korea.

    Are There Any Alcoholic Variations of Korean Sodas?

    The majority of Korean sodas are non-alcoholic beverages. Traditional Korean sodas are typically sweet and carbonated soft drinks that come in various flavors like apple, grape, peach, and citrus.

    However, in recent years, the popularity of alcoholic beverages has been on the rise in South Korea, and there might be alcoholic variations of some drinks or new alcoholic soda products that have emerged since my last update.

    Some Korean alcoholic beverages include traditional rice wines like makgeolli and soju, as well as beer and various fruit-flavored alcoholic beverages.

    If you are specifically looking for alcoholic variations of Korean sodas, it’s best to check with local Korean markets, liquor stores, or online retailers that specialize in Korean products.

    Keep in mind that alcoholic beverages have age restrictions in many countries, so ensure you are of legal drinking age before trying any alcoholic Korean drinks

    Where to Buy Korean Drinks?

    You can buy Korean drinks from various places, depending on your location and preferences. Here are some common options:

    1. Korean Grocery Stores: Look for Korean grocery stores or Asian supermarkets in your area. These stores often have a wide selection of Korean drinks, including traditional sodas, fruit juices, teas, and alcoholic beverages like soju.
    2. Online Retailers: Numerous online retailers specialize in Korean products, including drinks. Websites like Amazon, eBay, and Korean-specific online stores can offer a wide range of Korean beverages that you can order and have delivered to your doorstep.
    3. Local Asian Markets: Besides Korean grocery stores, broader Asian markets may also carry a selection of Korean drinks. Check out your local Asian markets or international food stores to see what Korean beverage options they have available.
    4. Korean Restaurants or Cafes: Some Korean restaurants or cafes may sell Korean drinks for takeout or as part of their menu offerings. If you have a Korean eatery nearby, inquire about the availability of Korean beverages.
    5. Specialty Drink Stores: In larger cities or areas with a significant Korean population, there might be specialty stores that focus on Asian beverages, including Korean drinks. These stores often have a diverse range of products from various Asian countries.
    6. Online Korean Beverage Retailers: Some online retailers specialize specifically in Korean beverages and snacks. These websites often have a curated selection of popular Korean drinks and may offer international shipping.

    Remember that the availability of specific Korean drinks may vary depending on your location. If you are looking for a particular beverage, consider contacting local stores or searching online for retailers that carry it.

    Additionally, be aware of any import restrictions or age restrictions for purchasing alcoholic beverages, as some Korean drinks, like soju, may have age limitations in certain regions.

    FAQs About Korean Soft Drinks

    What are the most famous soft drinks in South Korea?

    According to the statistics in South Korea out of all the people who attended the survey 42.8 percent of them chose this Chilsung soda pop brand. This Lotte Chilsang Cider Drink is the most popular and best-selling soda drink brand in South Korea and what people there like the most.

    What is Korean soda?

    A South Korean beverage company called Lotte Chilsung has produced this soft drink called Lotte Milkis Soft Soda. It has a combination of some common ingredients of conventional carbonated liquor such as carbonated milk with some water and sugar to make that creamy texture and taste.

     Do Koreans prefer Coke or Pepsi?

    Both of these coca-cola and Pepsi are US-made brands but it has influenced 99 percent of the market in South Korea. Coca-cola has ruled the market with a 75 percent share continued by Pepsi.

    What is the most popular drink in South Korea?

    One of the most clarifying spirits until now in South Korea is soju drinks. Soju is a South Korean distilled drink and it makes up a significant amount of the total sales of alcoholic beverages in South Korea. This soju drink is a very popular option over there because of its fairly low-price and high range of availability.  

    So this was a list of some delicious and refreshing drinks to hop on this summer if you want to have a taste of Korean taste and tradition. 

    Korean’s have a lot of interesting flavors in their food that they incorporate into their drinks as well. And with a lot of exotic fruits available in the country, you can see the flavors in the soft drinks as well.

    If you visit Korea next time, be sure to check these drinks out. Or you can even find them in your local supermarket or on Amazon to get a taste! 

    Happy drinking! And if soft drinks aren’t your thing, there’s always Soju! 

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