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6 Of The Cutest Korean Stationery Stores You Must Visit While In Seoul

Increase your productivity by visiting these Korean stationery stores. This article lists out physical stationery shops in Hongdae and other Seoul areas and also online Korean stationery stores too!

Let’s be honest, are you one of those people who is a stationery fanatic, and buying Korean stationery has become your new favorite hobby? Well, you are not the only one; there’s a massive group out there doing the same. 

But as much as you are into them, you are unsure where to head and find the latest and cutest stationery. Well, if you are confused over that, then lucky you! I am here to lend you a hand, making it all easier for you. 

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South Korea, in recent years, has been making Hallyu globally for almost everything it’s been doing. From street food, skincare, dramas, and beauty, to K-pop, there’s nothing that Korea has to offer, and the world is not in love with it. 

Well, one such thing is stationery, and people are going crazy mad about it. Additionally, a report in 2019 stated that 66.2% of travelers choose South Korea as their shopping destination. 

But if you are not in Korea and still love the stationery they offer, there are several online stores where you can choose these products according to your preferences. 

So, I have tried on some of the most popular stationery stores in Korea and based on the range of products they offer and, of course, the quality.

Following that, here’s a list of recommendations for Korean stationery stores that I have made for you!

Top Korean Stationery Stores 2022

MU: U MU: U (무유무유)

top korean stationery stores you must visit

Address: 서울 마포구 성미산로 190-4 102호

Opening Hours

  • Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays- 12:00 to 22:00 hours
  • Friday Saturday- 12:00 to 21:00 hours 
  • It stays shut on Mondays 

MU: U MU: U is a stationery shop located in the Hongdae area, and you can find the best funky, creative, and unique items here. The shops sell the most diversified items and personally say it could be a mini galleria. I feel that the notes and stickers in the store are just like a tip of an iceberg.

You can find the cutest stickers, journals, other stationery items, and jewelry as well. Adding to that, they have the best staff service, in my opinion, they just make you feel at home. 

best stationery stores in seoul

Overall the store has this strong dream-like vibe that you are going to instantly fall for. 

If you are into cute and affordable stationery and have ever walked around the area, I would highly advise you to go into the store. 

ARTBOX Korea (아트박스)

stationery store hongdae
Source: Instagram@artbox_kr_official

Myeongdong Branch Address: 서울 중구 명동8나길 19

Opening timings– 11:00 to 23:00 hours

If you prefer cute diaries over everything, this store is definitely made for you! 

But of course, they haven’t limited themselves just to diaries. They sell a wide variety of stationery along with a bunch of other items as well. 

ARTBOX is a rather popularly known chain store with over 120 branches spread all across Korea. The biggest ARTBOX store has upto three storeys, so you can find anything from stationery, home supplies, and cosmetics to fashion items and teddy bears. 

Adding to that, they also have different varieties of machines, for instance, candy machines and photo printers. I have even seen a fortune teller machine in one of the branches of the stores! 

I personally find the diaries really cute, but what gets my attention every time is their planners. In my opinion, this chain store has the prettiest planners you will ever see. 

All the products, including the stationery items and additional ones, come at a reasonable price, and you are surely going to love them. 

Kyobo HOTTRACKS (핫트랙스)

best korean stationery websites

Address- 종로구 종로 1 (광화문점)

Timings- 9:30 to 22:00 hours 

Kyobo Hottracks, I personally believe, is heaven for stationery fanatics. The store is a perfect blend of bookstore and stationery. 

So, since it’s both a bookstore and a stationery store, you can read or buy books from there or, of course, jump into the stationery section. But apart from these two major things, the store also offers home decoration items, gadgets, and home supplies, and if you are lucky, you can also find glass accessories in some branches of the store. 

It is personally on the top of my list as it has everything that I love, cute stationery and an amazing collection of books. 

Also, you would realize that this shop is just not my favorite, but almost everyone else loves it too by seeing the crowd that it has all the time. The moment you go in, you will find people with their carts full of stationery. 

I would highly suggest you go through the store if you are around the corner. 

Online Stationery Stores in Korea

10X10 (텐바이텐)

10X10 or 10 By 10 is more known as an online stationery store, but they also have a physical store in Daehakro. The store offers creative and one-of-a-kind items at a reasonable price.  

All I have to say about this online store is once you download this app, there’s no turning around. Thanks to their appealing stationery products, you are going to start filling your cart in just a few seconds.

Talking of the stationery items, you can avail of everything from the store, from stickers, washi tape, pens to calendars and even photo albums. 

Although it is mainly a stationery store, you can find almost anything you want- including clothes. They sell jewelry and home decor essentials like- lamps, perfume, and even mugs. 

korean stationery brands online

I personally have had a great experience with the online store. The items you order arrive safely at your space, and the quality is worth appreciating too. 

So, other than buying items from your cart faster, before they go out of stock, there is no other issue that you are likely to face. You can reach out to both the physical and online stores, and there would be no difference in quality. 

Fall In Design

korean stationery brands online

If you are living abroad, then this online stationery store is crafted for you. 

Simply put, Fall in Design ships its products globally, so you don’t need to worry if you are in Korea. 

You can find the trendiest stationery items from Korea. One of the reasons why I have listed the store in my list is because, to my surprise, they always keep their store updated according to the trends going on in Korea. There is a wide array of stationery items that you can choose from, and their quality is nice too. 

Adding to that, there were a lot of stationery items I found on this site that Kyobo Hottracks has in their physical store. 

So, personally, if you like to keep your notes pretty, I would highly suggest you go to these online stores and grab all your note decorating items. 

1300K (천삼백케이)

best asian stationery online stores

Finally, on my list of the top Korean stationery stores is the online store 1300K. The store offers a variety of school and office supplies that will instantly gain your attention. 

The store does not only sell stationery but loads of other items too. You can find clothing, home essentials, beauty products, and even foods. Further, the store offers you not only Korean but Japanese and American designs and styles in their products. 

Personally, I feel that this store is pretty decent, and you, too, are going to enjoy scrolling through the app. But what I loved the most about 1300K is that it offers loads of coupons to you. They offer quite a good range of stationery items that are cute and adorable. 

Adding to that, you can at times find items that are a lot cheaper than other stores but of the same quality. For that, I would suggest you check and compare prices. 

What stationery can I buy in a Korean stationery store?

You can find everything that a typical stationery store has, just cuter and better. You can find from adorable stickers, journals, and notepads to practical office supplies, and you can get them all there. 
Adding to that, some of these stores are so massive that they keep adding products as well. You can find home supply items, skincare products, and hair accessories in some of these stores. 
Additionally, you can also get toys, home decoration items, Kpop store paraphrenalia and a lot of other products. 
These stores have a wide array of eye-catching stationery and other supplies to offer to you. 

Parting Words About Korean Stationery Brands and Stores

South Korea is one of those countries that are super attentive to its studies. While it is necessary to have a good education, it can sometimes be grueling. So, they have come up with a way that makes studying a bit like a safe space. 

They have done so by creating creatively useful stationery. 

So, if you too want to follow Korean trends and stay up to date with them, you should definitely check these stores. Additionally, if you, too, are looking for ways to study more, Korean stationery is your go-to motivation. 

These stores are in abundance in Korea, so if you get confused, then all you need to do is type 문구점 on your phone and find the nearest store to you. 

Go ahead, find yourself the stationery of your preference and boost your productivity. 

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