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5 Best Korean Subscription Boxes 2023 | K-Beauty,  Skincare, Snacks And More 

Korean Subscription boxes have been in trend for quite a while, but despite that, I recently took advantage of these wonderful experiences. 

I was online searching for gifts for my best friend who loves Korean culture for her upcoming birthday, and *bam* I reached into the world of subscription boxes. Now I cannot have enough of it!

So, for those of you interested to learn more about Korean stuff but aren’t actually aware of what Korean Subscription boxes are, let me simplify it for you.

Subscription boxes are more like a service that you subscribe to, and in return, you get a dozen varieties of goods delivered to you every season or month, and that too at your doorsteps. 

These boxes keep a wide range of Korean snacks, beauty products, even K-pop merchandise, and so much more. 

These Korean Subscription boxes are gaining so much attention and love from people who love the culture. One of the biggest reasons for this is because these boxes are promoting the small businesses with the products that are trending in Korea. 

So, helping you out with sorting out your first buy or your next one, I have made a list of the few subscription boxes that are all worth your excitement and investment. Without any further due, let’s dig deep into these amazing boxes. 

The Available Subscription Boxes How Often It ComesWhat do You Get 
FaceTory Handpicked Korean Sheet Masks Subscription Box: K-Glow BoxDelivered every month New Skin Care Products
Allure Beauty Box- Luxury Beauty and Makeup Subscription Box Delivered every month Makeup and Beauty Products
Eat2Explore Subscription Box- Explore the World Through FoodDelivered every month Culinary items
Therabox Selfcare- Subscription BoxDelivered every month Self Care Products that Help in Relaxing Mind and Body
Chasin Unicorns- The Ritual Subscription BoxDelivered every month Pampering Products like Clean Beauty, Skincare Products

Take a look at what you get with the Korean subscription boxes in a short glance!

Best Korean Subscription BoxesFaceTory Handpicked Korean Sheet Masks Subscription Box: K-Glow BoxAllure Beauty Box- Luxury Beauty and Makeup Subscription Box Eat2Explore Subscription Box- Explore the World Through FoodTherabox Selfcare- Subscription BoxChasin Unicorns- The Ritual Subscription Box
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PriceAffordableAffordableVery AffordableSlightly ExpensiveExpensive
Type of ProductsSkincare & BeautySkincare & BeautyFood & SnacksSkin & Body CareHealth & Wellness
Number of Products 76106-86-7
Sent Every…1 Month1 Month1 Month1 Month1 Month

How I Rated The Best Korean Subscription Boxes?

As this trend of subscription boxes is growing at a super rapid rate, there are always new brands coming up, and not to forget the already existing ones, so how can someone land on the boxes that are really worth it. I mean because no one wants to spend money on the wrong things. 

So, to help sort the best Korean subscription boxes, I chose the most popular brands and then narrowed the list down to just 5 on the basis of the following criteria. 

Ease of Use- 

First off, I checked whether the items these boxes are offering are easy to use or not. Because honestly, there’s no point in investing in products that make us go the hard way just to be able to use them. 

Value of Money-

The next thing I checked was if the items in the subscription box were worth the money I had invested in it. No one would want to get $2 products when they are investing $20 in it, just in the name of surprise. 

Top Korean Subscription Boxes 2023

What Are Korean Subscription Boxes?

Korean subscription boxes are a popular trend that allows individuals to receive a curated selection of Korean products regularly, typically on a monthly basis. These boxes offer a convenient and exciting way to explore and experience various aspects of Korean culture, including beauty products, skincare items, snacks, K-pop merchandise, and more. Here’s a closer look at Korean subscription boxes and what they typically include:

  1. Korean Beauty and Skincare Subscription Boxes:
    • These boxes feature a variety of K-beauty and skincare products. They often include popular Korean cosmetics, skincare essentials, face masks, and beauty tools.
    • Subscribers can discover new brands and products, follow skincare routines, and enjoy the benefits of Korean skincare innovations.
  2. Korean Snack Subscription Boxes:
    • Korean snacks are known for their unique flavors and textures. Snack subscription boxes offer a selection of sweet and savory Korean treats, candies, chips, and beverages.
    • Subscribers can explore the diverse world of Korean snacks without needing to travel to South Korea.
  3. Korean Culture and Lifestyle Subscription Boxes:
    • These boxes encompass a broader range of Korean cultural items, including books, K-pop merchandise, fashion accessories, and traditional crafts.
    • Subscribers can immerse themselves in Korean culture and stay up-to-date with the latest trends.
  4. Korean Stationery Subscription Boxes:
    • Stationery enthusiasts can enjoy a variety of Korean-made pens, notebooks, stickers, and other stationery items in these boxes.
    • Subscribers can elevate their stationery collection with high-quality and aesthetically pleasing items.
  5. Korean Food and Cooking Subscription Boxes:
    • These boxes focus on Korean cuisine and ingredients. They may include Korean spices, sauces, recipe cards, and cooking tools.
    • Subscribers can explore Korean cooking and create authentic dishes at home.
  6. Korean Language Learning Subscription Boxes:
    • Designed for language enthusiasts, these boxes provide resources for learning the Korean language. They may include textbooks, workbooks, flashcards, and language-learning apps.
    • Subscribers can enhance their language skills and engage with Korean culture more effectively.
  7. Korean Fashion Subscription Boxes:
    • Fashion-forward individuals can receive Korean clothing, accessories, and beauty products in these boxes.
    • Subscribers can stay stylish and embrace Korean fashion trends.
  8. Korean Tea and Beverage Subscription Boxes:
    • These boxes feature a selection of Korean teas, herbal infusions, and beverages. They often include unique and traditional Korean teas.
    • Subscribers can savor the flavors of Korea’s rich tea culture.
  9. Korean Crafts and DIY Subscription Boxes:
    • Craft enthusiasts can receive DIY kits and materials for creating Korean-inspired crafts, such as embroidery, paper art, or pottery.
    • Subscribers can unleash their creativity and explore traditional Korean crafts.

Most Korean subscription boxes offer multiple subscription options, allowing customers to choose the frequency of deliveries and the specific products they’re interested in. They often come with informative guides or pamphlets that provide background information on the products and their cultural significance.

Korean subscription boxes are not only a fun way to experience Korean culture but also a great way to support Korean businesses and artisans. Whether you’re interested in beauty, food, culture, or language, there’s likely a Korean subscription box that caters to your interests and provides an enjoyable monthly surprise.

FaceTory Handpicked Korean Sheet Masks Subscription Box: K-Glow Box

  • Number of Items in the box- 7 items
  • How often does it come- Delivered every Month 
  • What’s inside- Skincare products that also include sheet masks
  • Where to find it? You can find it on Amazon via the link.

When I first came across subscription boxes, one of my very first subscriptions was FaceTory’s Handpicked Korean Sheet Masks or K-Glow box, and I have to say I am addicted to it now. 

They drop by every month with two to three full-sized skincare products and three to four face masks, and the even more incredible part is none of the sheet masks ever repeat themselves. 

I have been subscribed to the box for the last eight months, and my skin’s been glowing. Most of these products are sourced directly from Korea, and the quality is high-end. You are just going to love it immensely. I have been recommending this to almost everyone. 

Also, if you prefer fewer or more products in your box, FaceTory has a few other ranges of subscription boxes that you can avail of according to you.

My Ratings-

  • Ease of Use- 5/5
  • Value of Money- 4.5/5
  • Giftable- 4.7/5

Allure Beauty Box- Luxury Beauty and Makeup Subscription Box 

  • Number of Items in the box- 6+ items along with a mini-magazine
  • How often does it come- Delivered every Month 
  • What’s inside- Beauty and makeup picks 
  • Where to find it? You can find it on Amazon via the link.

Following that, next on the list is a subscription box from Allure Beauty that gets delivered to you every month. 

The boxes contain more than 6 products at a time, along with a mini-magazine that covers exclusive offers and tips. Adding to that, out of these 6 plus products, two to three products are always full-sized ones. 

The products that they offer are high-end, trending products, and at times you also get your makeup and beauty picks from some of the most famous brands like Rare Beauty.

Adding to that, one thing that I like about Allure subscription boxes is that they don’t charge shipping costs. Also, if you want to skip the boxes for some time or even cancel the subscription, you can easily do that as well. 

I personally love this subscription box as both makeup and beauty products are really worth trying, plus Allure doesn’t usually compromise with quality. 

My Ratings-

  • Ease of Use- 4.5/5
  • Value of Money- 4/5
  • Giftable- 4/5

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Eat2Explore Subscription Box- Explore the World Through Food

  • Number of Items in the box- Nearly 10 
  • How often does it come- Delivered every month
  • What’s inside- Culinary items
  • Where to find it? You can find it on Amazon via the link.

The next one on the list of subscription boxes is the Eat2Explore subscription box which is one of the award-winning boxes. The box comes with a dozen different cuisines from over the world, including France, India, Brazil, Peru, Spain, and of course, South Korea. 

Each box in this contains nearly 3 recipe cards with four serving each, for instance, spices, sauces, grains, along with a list of fresh ingredients that you would need to catch from your grocery store. 

Also, you can pick on your own which ingredients you need. As for the kids, there is always one element present for them to keep, from activity sheets, collectibles, and more. 

I think it is overall a great thing to do with your family. I gifted one of the boxes to my friend who has two grown kids, and they all loved it. 

My Ratings-

  • Ease of Use- 3.5/5
  • Value of Money- 4/5
  • Giftable- 5/5

Therabox Selfcare- Subscription Box

  • Number of Items in the box- 6 to 8 Items 
  • How often does it come- Delivered Every Month
  • What’s inside- Self-care items, like aromatherapy, face and skin care products, lotions, and more. 
  • Where to find it? You can find it on Amazon via the link.

As the Therabox Selfcare subscription box claims to help bring joy and mindfulness to ourselves, I had to buy this one. It is more like a subscription box that brings joy. 

Each of the boxes comes with one psychologically tested joy boosting activity and an additional 6 to 8 other full-sized goodies ranging from high-end brands, like bath bombs, creams, oils, and more. Basically, everything that they offer in the box is going to give you a great deal of relaxation. 

The box mainly focuses on products that help you take care of yourself and even heal. It is one amazing subscription box.

My Ratings-

  • Ease of Use- 5/5
  • Value of Money- 4.5/5
  • Giftable- 5/5

Chasin Unicorns- The Ritual Subscription Box

  • Number of Items in the box- 6 to 7 items
  • How often does it come- Delivered every Month 
  • What’s inside- Selfcare products 
  • Where to find it? You can find it on Amazon via the link.

Next on the list is another self-care subscription box from Chasin Unicorns- The Ritual. Subscription Box. The box comes to you monthly and contains six to seven products that are everything self-care.

From skincare, crystals, oils to spiritual items, everything in this box has a high-end quality and helps you take care of yourself and relax for a while.

All the items are clean and made mostly of natural ingredients. Also, these boxes are made aligned to your zodiac signs. Adding to that, you can always cancel the subscription if you feel like it. 

I have gifted one of these subscription boxes to a friend of mine, and she has been using these for the last six or eight months continuously. 

My Ratings-

  • Ease of Use- 4/5
  • Value of Money- 4/5
  • Giftable- 5/5

Wrapping Up On The Best Korean Subscription Boxes

So, that will be all for the best Korean subscription boxes that are worthy of your investments. I mean, who won’t like to have monthly or quarterly surprises waiting for them on their doorsteps. 

Adding to this, these boxes end up giving you the products at a much more discounted rate. So, eventually, you end up saving a lot of money too. 

You can choose any Korean subscription box that includes products that fascinate you and are of interest to you. 

So, wait no more, go ahead and get the subscription for these boxes and be ready to get surprises at equal intervals. 

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Allure Beauty Box - Luxury Beauty and Make Up Subscription Box
Top Korean Subscription Boxes To Try

The best Korean subscription boxes offer you a surprise assortment of skincare, stationery, snacks and other gifts. The Allure Beauty Box - Luxury Beauty and Make Up Subscription Box contains the best of k-beauty.


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