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6 Top Korean TikTok Influencers In The Year 2023 | With Most Followers And Views

Here is a list of the top Korean Tiktok influencers of all time. These famous Korean TikTok users have contributed to the popular Korean TikTok trends over the years. Check out if your fave most followed Korean celebrity on TikTok is on here!

TikTok is a social media app that landed among us in 2017, and since then, it has become one of the most downloaded apps throughout the globe, which is around 1.6 billion.

Also, thanks to the awful global pandemic, we were so active on this and almost every other social media platform too.

So, in about the previous five to six years, TikTok has given us some of the top social media influencers, and the data is on a global basis. Basically, TikTok dominates most of the social media platforms.

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For those of you who still are not aware of what these famous Korean TikTok users actually do, here’s a brief idea.

These influencers of TikTok, they make short video clips that contain a variety of things, from lip-syncing to skits that are funny, sad, romantic, and even make dance clips.

Seeing the global rise in the platform’s popularity, thousands of Koreans have also jumped on to the platform, and why shouldn’t they. 

So, I made a list of the top six Korean TikTok influencers who are gaining followers as we speak. Also, as there are so many Korean TikTok influencers, I couldn’t add them all to the list, but here are the top ones.

Adding further, please note that I haven’t added the already famous, everywhere K-pop stars and TikTok Kpop Entertainment channels for actual and factual data.

Top Korean Tiktok InfluencersTotal FollowersType of Content
Jeon Chang Ha (Chang._.a)20.3 millionCovers, Daily Vlogs
Jongmin Oppa14.2 millionComedy Skits, Reviews
SHINSAMA13.8 millionSkits, Fashion Vlogs
Miso_ara12.7 millionDog Vlogs, Pet Item Reviews, Comedy
Jiwon_Family11.3 millionDance Tutorial, Family Vlog
King_Min_Su8.8 millionDance Tutorial, Comedy

Top Korean TikTok Influencers 2022

Jeon Chang Ha 

Top korean tik tok influencers
  • Number of followers- 20.3 million 
  • Total Likes- 267.1 million 
  • TikTok Username- @Chang._.a

Jeon Chang Ha is the most followed TikTok influencer from Korea, with 20.3 million followers and a total of 267.1 million likes. 

He is one of the best singers from the region that I have come across. This Korean Tik Tok boy is also famous on YouTube and even on Instagram, with massive and increasing followers or subscribers. 

He came on TikTok in 2018, and it’s nearly been five years since he’s been entertaining us thoroughly. Additionally, within just two years since he came on the platform, in 2020, he has managed to become the official mascot of Hallyu Com-on Swiss.

In his TikTok feed, you are most likely to see videos of him featuring in singing various cover songs, and if not that, then Chang Ha is dancing it all off with his friends. 

He covers all the popular K-pop songs and has had the opportunity to collaborate with a few of the most popular and rising Kpop stars, for instance, JESSI, Cherry Bullet, and a few others. 

A lot of the most popular Korean Tiktok trends were started by him. 

Jongmin Oppa

famous korean tiktok users
  • Number of followers- 14.2 million 
  • Total Likes- 255.3 million 
  • TikTok Username- @jongmineyo

Jongmineyo is also often called Jongmin Oppa, or Baek Jongmin, who is the second most followed TikTok influencer from Korea. With a following of a little over 14 million, Jongmin has been growing consistently ever since. 

He joined TikTok in March of 2019 and since then has got total likes of a massive 255.3 million. 

Talking of his collaborations, he has collaborated with Seoul Tourism Foundation over TikTok to promote videos on Seoul’s hidden attraction spots. Adding to that, he has also worked in numerous Korean dramas that helped him get a massive following and recognition.

Another thing in his list of achievements is that he has appeared in the official TikTok video alongside Zendaya for her movie starring Tom Holland, Spider-Man: Far From Home.

On his TikTok feed, you can watch him doing a lot of comedy skits that are; I have to say, super unique. Adding to that, he posts a few music clips too. 

His consistent content is quite liked by a lot of TikTok followers, which is one of the major reasons for him gaining followers.


korean tiktok boy
  • Number of followers- 13.8 million 
  • Total Likes- 142.9 million 
  • TikTok Username- @shinsama422

Before you get second thoughts after looking this guy up, let me just tell you one of the reasons why Shinsama became popular is because he looks like Korean actor Gong Yoo. It’s a common mistake that normally everyone makes when they come across him. 

For those of you unaware, Gong Yoo is one of the most famous Korean actors and Shinsama, and he shares the same exact hairstyles. Adding to that, both of them even have the same fashion sense. 

So, next on the list is Shinsama, with 13.8 million followers on TikTok and a massive 142.9 million likes too. 

From October of last year’ till January of 2022, he has gained nearly 2 million additional followers. Till October 2021, he had just around 11.8 million. 

Shinsama is a really well-fashioned TikTok influencer and while you look him up, pay attention to his attire. He rarely repeats any of them. 

Also, I won’t say he is an amazing dancer, and I personally feel he is just average. But he never fails to add his personal, authentic element in his videos that make them amazingly adorable. He is really fun to follow and watch over TikTok. 


korean tiktok trends
  • Number of followers- 12.7 million 
  • Total Likes- 140.4 million 
  • TikTok Username- @miso_ara

Okay, so before you bombard your head with questions, yes, miso_ara is a dog, and yes, it has 12.7 million followers on TikTok with a massive 14.4 million likes for its videos. 

Another thing, I am really not sure if Miso is originally Korean or not, but its owner definitely is, and that’s why it is on the list. 

Miso_ara is clearly and by far the most followed TikTok influencer from Korea who isn’t human. Also, Miso is so adorable that if you have a soft spot for dogs, you will almost immediately start following its account. 

Miso has an exquisite taste in amazing accessories, and its expressions are worth genuinely dying for! 

Adding further about Miso’s feed video clips, it has some of the cutest expressions that are likely to melt your heart. You can also watch Miso clearing a few obstacle courses set up by its owner using toilet papers and water bottles. 

The account already has nearly 13 million fans, and it is an ever-growing account. I mean, people never stop loving dogs, and especially dogs with cute expressions. 


top korean tiktok users
  • Number of followers- 11.3 million 
  • Total Likes- 164.7 million 
  • TikTok Username- @jiwon_family

Jiwon_Family is a TikTok account that shows a compilation of probably the best father and sons’ dance videos. They have a total of 11.3 million followers along with a huge 164.7 million likes. 

This duo presents you with the best dance moves that are so meticulously synchronized that they will blow your mind. Adding to that, they record these videos on rooftops of several buildings from where the viewers can see beautiful South Korea. 

Also, although they are both equally talented, like father like son, I honestly feel that Jiwon has a special spot in my heart. It is mainly because he is doing an extremely amazing job at dancing at such a young age. 

I genuinely feel and definitely want him to see rising as a future K-pop idol that steals the heart of many!

Moving further, if you reach out to their TikTok feed, you will find some tutorials of their meticulous dance videos and also their easy to get graphics. Together they’re doing an amazing job, and their followers prove it quite well. 

Also, I think watching their videos makes me want to dance in my room too, so this duo is addictive too. 


most followed korean celebrity on tiktok
  • Number of followers- 8.8 million 
  • Total Likes- 106.3 million 
  • TikTok Username- @king_min_su 

The final top TikTok influencer from Korea is Min Su. Min is quite influential with 8.8 million followers along with 106.3 million likes in total. 

What you can see on Min Su’s TikTok feed is him flexing his excellent dance skills but with a twist. The plot twist is that he travels all across Seoul, giving his followers an exquisite taste of the country’s capital. 

Currently, I think he is one of the best Korean dancers from Korea, and you will just love his videos. 

Adding to that, he puts genuine efforts into his videos, and that shows. I mean, his videos come with a lot of humor, and his content is highly entertaining and lovable. 

Adding to all this, Min Su, I personally think, was one of those few dancers who were making content and were actually active on TikTok while this whole global pandemic was at its peak. 

He is really a great dancer and an amazing Korean TikTok influencer that you, too, will adore. 

Who are the top Korean Tiktok influencers?

The top Korean Tiktok influencers include users like Jeon Chang Ha, Jongmin Oppa, SHINSAMA and Miso_ara. Out of these the most followed Korean celebrity on Tiktok was Jeon Chang Ha with 20.3 million. These popular Korean Tiktok users are responsible for some of the most popular Korean Tiktok trends in the past year.

Wrapping Up On The Top Korean Tiktok Influencers

So, that will be all on this list of the top Korean TikTok influencers because the list can go on and on like Rose’s wait for Jack in The Titanic. But I am sure you, too, have other things to do than just knowing the most influential people from Korea on TikTok. 

I believe that these sorts of lists are super fluctuating because just one random video can make you go darn viral, and *BAM* you are going to get thousands of new followers. But despite that, this list is a bit stable as these Korean influencers are doing amazing work and are super consistent with their posts. 

So, now that you have the list of your favorite TikTok influencers from Korea, go ahead watch their content, and don’t forget to give them a follow!

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