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5 Popular Korean Toothpaste Brands 2023 | For Teeth Whitening, Sensitivity And More

Check out the list of Korean toothpaste brands including popular names like aekyung toothpaste, medium Korean toothpaste, charcoal toothpaste and more! 

Being an expat in South Korea can be a daunting task and you can often forget to pay attention to the little details of daily life.  Such as which toothpaste do you buy?

Well, there are plenty of Korean toothpaste brands in the market that you can choose from. 

And no, it’s not as simple as just getting any toothpaste. 

If you value your teeth and gum health you have to get a toothpaste that suits you.

You cannot use a normal toothpaste if you have gum sensitivities or plaque. And if you have to deal with bad breath, isn’t it better to go for a freshening gel toothpaste?

So today I’ve reviewed some of the top Korean toothpaste brands in the market. Check it out below!

Korean Toothpaste BrandsBest ForFluoride-Free?
LG Shiringo Bamboo Salt ToothpasteGingivitisYes
Insan Bamboo Salt ToothpasteWhiteningYes
Median Advanced Dental IQ ToothpastePlaque RemovalNo
Korean Atomy Propolis ToothpasteGum Problems No

How I reviewed and rated the top Korean toothpastes?

I used these toothpastes and then reviewed them based on the criteria I’ve listed below. I selected the most popular brands in the Korea market to review. 

  • Teeth Cleansing – The first and very important factor I considered was how good the toothpaste cleansed my teeth and gums
  • Teeth Whitening – I also checked for teeth whitening agents, fluorides, etc. to see if the toothpaste has other benefits for your teeth
  • Price – Of course, price and the quantity of toothpaste for the price was a huge factor. 
  • Availability – I also checked how easily the toothpaste was available online and in supermarkets

Top Korean Toothpaste Brands 2022

Brushing their teeth isn’t a minuscule detail in the lives of Koreans. Oral hygiene is taken very seriously in the country. 

Koreans usually brush their teeth 3 times a day, preferably right after a meal. And there is actual research to prove that this oral health behavior reduces the risk of periodontitis in Korean adults. 

So if you want to get into the action, here are some Korean toothpastes you can use!

LG Shiringo Bamboo Salt Toothpaste 

This was the first toothpaste I reviewed as I am a huge fan of Korean LG products having used their scalp scaler before. 

So I was expecting this toothpaste to be good and it stood up to my every expectation. 

What I liked best about this toothpaste is that it’s a fantastic, daily use product that comes with a very affordable price tag. 

I got a combo pack of 3, 120g toothpastes for half the price of what I’d pay for smaller Atomy toothpastes or a pack of the Propolis toothpaste. So my wallet was really happy! 

It’s very good at cleansing your teeth too! I found it did a great job at removing stains from coffee, tea, fruit juices, etc. from your teeth. 

And the best part is that it’s non-abrasive so it didn’t hurt my gums which are prone to tenderness.

how to use korean toothpaste

Another thing I liked is that despite being a salt toothpaste you never really get that overwhelming salty flavor when you brush your teeth. It has a very minty taste to it for which I’m grateful. 

The only thing I disliked about this toothpaste is that it’s fluoride free. But this is actually a matter of personal preference as I know a lot of people want fluoride-free toothpastes these days.

So if you have no serious dental problem that you use a specific toothpaste and you don’t mind a fluoride-free product, this one is perfect for you!


  • Non-abrasive so it’s gentle on gums
  • Has a refreshing minty flavor 
  • Cleanses well and is good at removing stains from teeth


  • Doesn’t contain fluoride 

My Ratings:

  • Teeth Cleansing – 4.5/5
  • Teeth Whitening – 4.5/5
  • Price – 5/5
  • Availability – 5/5 

Insan Bamboo Salt Toothpaste

best korean whitening toothpaste

I got this Insan Bamboo Salt toothpaste as I was intrigued by its ingredients list. It’s a fluoride-free one just like the LG Shiringo toothpaste but it also contains several natural herbs and other ingredients. 

For example, there’s mentha oil that brings a cool, fresh feeling to your gums when you brush it. And green tea extracts that were supposed to be anti-inflammatory in nature. 

I loved how the toothpaste bubbled up when I started using it. I initially thought it contained baking soda but on checking I found that it has dental-grade silica that helps exfoliate teeth making them whiter.

I didn’t like that the toothpaste was fluoride-free. But if you’re looking for one, this is a good brand to buy. 

Also, this toothpaste was kind of tasteless. I didn’t mind as much, but if you want a minty twist to your brushing routine then I’d suggest getting the LG Shiringo instead. It’s cheaper too. 


  • Contains dental-type silica that gently exfoliates teeth making them whiter
  • Calcium Carbonate formula reinforces teeth strength 


  • Not for people who want a fluoride-based toothpaste
  • A bit more expensive than the LG Bamboo toothpaste
  • Has no flavor or minty taste 

My Ratings:

  • Teeth Cleansing – 4.5/5
  • Teeth Whitening – 4.5/5
  • Price – 3.5/5
  • Availability – 4/5 

Median Advanced Dental IQ Toothpaste 

median korean toothpaste review

I was very interested in this toothpaste as it claimed to have a “86 percent plaque inhibition effect”.

And when I tried the first thing that really stood out to me was the minty, lemony flavor. 

I simply loved it! Also I know a lot of people have conflicting opinions about fluorides. But I do like them in my toothpaste. 

This particular brand of toothpaste however has less than 0.15 percent of fluoride in it) so you use it even if you don’t fancy this ingredient too much. 

how to use Korean whitening toothpaste

I also saw a bit of a whitening effect on my teeth after using this toothpaste regularly. But it’s nothing out of the ordinary. But it does a good job of controlling the plaque on my teeth like it promised. 

So I suggest using it only if you have a serious plaque problem. Otherwise there are cheaper, fluoride-free toothpastes available like the LG one for instance that you can use instead. 


  • Does a good job of controlling plaque formation on teeth
  • Delicious lemony minty flavor 


  • Expensive compared to other brands
  • Less than 0.15 percent of fluoride mass 

My Ratings:

  • Teeth Cleansing – 5/5
  • Teeth Whitening – 3.5/5
  • Price – 3.5/5
  • Availability – 4/5 

Korean Atomy Propolis Toothpaste

I was really surprised to see this toothpaste as I know of propolis being used as a major ingredient in Korean skincare. I didn’t expect a toothpaste containing this, so I simply had to try this out!

And what I discovered was that this toothpaste gives you the best of both worlds. 

Yes, it’s a “natural” toothpaste containing ingredients like green tea, etc. just like the Insan Bamboo one, but it also contains fluorides. 

There are studies proving that low levels of fluorides help prevent tooth decay. So I always welcome toothpastes with this ingredient in it. 

aekyung toothpaste

I also liked the flavor of the toothpaste, it actually tastes like citrus candy. So I had to refrain from the temptation to eat it. 


  • Yummy citrus flavor 
  • Contains 0.1 percent sodium fluoride that helps prevent tooth decay
  • Green tea in the formula acts as an anti-inflammatory agent


  • Might not be suitable for people looking for fluoride-free toothpastes

My Ratings:

  • Teeth Cleansing – 5/5
  • Teeth Whitening – 4.5/5
  • Price – 4.5/5
  • Availability – 3.5/5

RuciPello Korean Toothpaste

Korean toothpaste for sensitive teeth

I’ve always been a fan of Korean toothpaste. The flavor is good, it’s not too strong and it has a sweet mint taste that lingers after you brush your teeth.

I think the reason why this brand is so popular in Korea is because they have developed an innovative way to make sure that their customers get the best product out there.

I have been using the Korean toothpaste for a while now and I love it. The flavor is so good! I like that this product has no fluoride, which is great for people with sensitive teeth and kids who may not be able to swallow large amounts of toothpaste. It’s also gentle on your gums.

The only downside to this product is that you have to buy a lot at once because it doesn’t come in single-use tubes, but other than that, this product has very few downsides!

The flavors are really nice, which makes me want to try more products from this brand!


  • Fresh mint flavor 
  • Helps prevent cavities by reducing bacterial growth


  • Might not be suitable for people looking for fluoride-free toothpastes

My Ratings:

  • Teeth Cleansing – 4.5/5
  • Teeth Whitening – 4.5/5
  • Price – 4.5/5
  • Availability – 3/5

FAQs about Korean Toothpaste Brands

Which toothpaste is best in Korea?

The LG Shiringo Bamboo Salt toothpaste is one of the best Korean toothpaste brands in the market today. It’s popular because it contains natural ingredients like charcoal, salt, bamboo extracts, etc. that Koreans find very useful. It also has a patented formula that helps reduce dental issues like gingivitis, bad breath, and yellow teeth. 

How often do Koreans brush teeth?

A lot of Koreans follow the “3-3-3”mantra when it comes to brushing their teeth. This means that they brush their teeth three times a day, for three minutes and within three minutes of having a meal. This method is popular as it’s actually what the Korean Dental Association advertises and campaigns for. 

What do Koreans use to whiten teeth?

You will find that it’s not just white skin that is prized in Korean culture. Pearly white teeth play a huge part in making people look “beautiful” according to Korean beauty standards. So Koreans use several different whitening methods apart from toothpastes. These include tooth whitening strips, whitening gels that you can apply overnight, teeth bleaching kits, and more. 

I know a lot of people have the impression that a toothpaste is just a toothpaste and that any product would do to clean their teeth. However, this isn’t the case.

There are several varieties of toothpaste that suit different dental issues.

You have toothpastes that relieve sensitivities, ones that work exceptionally well on plaque and tartar, and others that combat issues like bad breath, inflammation and more. 

And when you’re in a different country like Korea it can get difficult to know which toothpaste to try. 

So I hope these reviews helped you pick out the best Korean toothpaste for your teeth and gum health!

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LG Bamboo Salt Toothpaste
top Korean toothpaste brands

This Korean toothpaste brand is the most popular one today. The G] Bamboo Salt Toothpaste is fluoride-free and helps with teeth whitening and gum disease.

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