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10 Must Read Manhwas Or Korean Webtoons In English Of 2023

If you’re tired of the same old TV shows and comics, try reading Korean webtoons in English. Their artistic style and refreshing storylines make for a fantastic change!

Korean webtoons are very similar to K-dramas and have regular episodes published every week.

They’ve become popular for their humor, plots, and styling which closely reflect South Korean culture and yet are very universal in their approach.

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Webtoons are published in long vertical strips that make accessing them easier if you’re using a smartphone. 

While webtoons are published in Korean, some of them are translated into other languages as well. 

Here I’ve listed out a few of the most popular Korean webtoons in English. Take a look! 

What is a webtoon?

Webtoon is a mixture of the words “website” and “cartoon”. Think of them as your favorite daily cartoon but in a written format and on a website or an app. 

So, like a comic? Well, yes. But these are closer to the Japanese Manga than the western comics. 

Just like Japanese Manga, these webtoons are called “Manhwa”. They have a different art style and are available in either English or Korean.

Best Korean Webtoons In EnglishGenreWhere To ReadRating
Sound of Your HeartComedyWebtoons9/10
DiceAction, Adventure, FantasyWebtoons8/10
Cheese in the trapRomanceWebtoons9.8/10
Tower of GodFantasyWebtoons9.5/5
Days of HanaRomanceWebtoons9.2/10
King’s MakerRomance, AdventureTappytoons9/10
The Lady and Her ButlerRomanceTapas9/10
About DeathDramaWebtoons9/10

Top Korean Webtoons In English

Sound of Your Heart 

best korean webtoons in english

Artist  – Cho Seok

Genre – Comedy

Rating – 9/10

If you’re in the mood for a laugh, you should read this amazing Korean webtoons in English called Sound of Your Heart.

It has quite the mass following and enjoys a rating of 9.3 out of 10 online. I loved the mix of biting dry humor, parody, and general goofiness in each episode.

The plot centers around the imaginary life of the real-life author of this webtoon. 

Cho Seok writes himself as the main character and his girlfriend and family make appearances too.

The funny and silly situations they get into forms the crux of the webtoon. 

Sound of Your Heart is Korea’s longest running webtoon with over 1000+ episodes online. So you don’t have to worry about waiting too long for the next episode.

Check out this Korean webtoon here!


best korean webtoons in english

Artist  – Hyunseok Yun

Genre – Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Rating – 8/10

Not into comedy? If action and adventure is what floats your boat, I’ve got the perfect Korean webtoon for you!

Dice has all the combinations required to make a rainy day entertaining. There’s high school problems, bullies, mystery, fantasy, and fast-paced action.

The plot centers around two high schoolers Dong Tae who’s the target of all the bullies and Tae Bin, a handsome exchange student who is everything Dong Tae is not.

One day, Tae Bin asks Dong Tae to play a game with him. And his life’s changed forever.

No, I’m not going to give you any spoilers! There are over 200+ episodes of this Manhwa uploaded already on to webtoons.com and other platforms. 

It’s an ongoing webtoon with new episodes being released every Friday. So there’s plenty of material to sate your curiosity. 

Check out this Korean webtoon here!


What are the top 10 Webtoons

Artist  – Massstar

Genre – Romance

Rating – 9.5/10

Vampires and romance is a familiar mix! If you were a fan of popular romances like Twilight and Vampire Diaries, you’ll have a blast with this Korean webtoon.

This is a bit different from our regular vampire sagas though. The main character Sia Lee doesn’t suck blood but she does absorb energy from people by touching them.

Things seem to be going well until she falls for her neighbour Jiho, a germaphobe who doesn’t let anyone touch them.

This is a hilarious romantic comedy with equal bits of both. There are over 140 episodes total.

Unlike most Korean webtoons in english here, UnTouchable is actually complete. So if you’re the impatient sort, this is a satisfying read.  

Check out this Korean webtoon here!

Cheese in the trap

Korean romance webtoons

Artist  – Soonkki

Genre – Romance

Rating – 9.8/10

A lot of Korean webtoons in English have been made into K-dramas, Cheese in the Trap is one of them. In fact, there is even a movie based on this that came out in 2018.

It revolves around a high school student called Seol Hong who is determined and hard-working. 

She’s come back to her school after a long hiatus only to find herself drawn to her senior, a popular student called Jung Yu.

The complicated relationship between the two and Seol Hong’s doubts regarding Jung Yu’s intentions makes the webtoon interesting.

Is he actually turning her life upside down? Or is something else going on? You’ll have to read it to find out.  

The webtoon is completed and has over 184 episodes, spanning the course of four seasons. 

Check out this Korean webtoon here!

Tower of God

how to translate korean webtoons

Artist  – Siu

Genre – Fantasy

Rating – 9.5/5

Korean Mahwa’s like their Japanese Manga counterparts are known for their fantastical, heroic storylines.

So if you want something on similar lines, I’d recommend Tower of God. 

The main character here is Twenty-Fifth Bam, a mysterious boy who lives underneath the imposing Tower of God with his friend Rachel.

One day, Rachel gets lost in the Tower above them, and Bam decides to find her.

What follows is a test of will, dexterity, and ability that will allow Bam to ascend the tower and rescue Rachel.

It’s got plenty of episodes to keep you busy, divided over three parts. In fact, the new episodes of this webtoon are supposed to be published again in the summer of 2021 after a hiatus.

This is one of the few webtoons that is available in Korean and English. 

Check out this Korean webtoon here!

Days of Hana

What is the longest Webtoon

Artist  – Seokwoo

Genre – Romance

Rating – 9.2/10

Just like vampires, werewolves have also been popular subjects of romance novels, movies, and dramas. So why not webtoons?

But this isn’t your regular steamy werewolf romance. It’s cute, charming, and will absolutely win you over with its sweet depiction of love and friendship between the protagonists.

It follows the werewolf Hana who is in love with a human girl called Haru. The catch? Hana lives in a world where werewolves are considered subhuman and exotic and work as servants for humans. 

So is their love even possible? Will Hana and Haru ever be together?

The webtoon is complete. And it’s got only 113 episodes. So it won’t take long for you to find out.

Check out this Korean webtoon here!

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King’s Maker

Korean romance webtoons cute

Artist  – Haga and kang ji young

Genre – Romance, Adventure

Rating – 9/10

Most romances have heterosexual protagonists. So if you’re looking for some LGBT representation, the King’s Maker is a fantastic Korean webtoon.

The plot centers around Wolfgang Goldenleonard, a wayward prince that returns to his palace after years hiding. 

He detests everything and everyone related to this new royal life, but somehow he can’t bring himself to detest Shin Soohyuk, one of the King’s companions.

Soohyuk too is intrigued and attracted by the wild, stubborn, and seemingly good-hearted Goldenleonard. 

What I liked about this webtoon is that it isn’t just about romance, there’s tons of fast-paced action and adventure in here too. 

I would like to warn you that the King’s Maker deals with some heavy and mature subjects like child abuse and assault. So be careful if you’re triggered by things like that. 

Check out this Korean webtoon here!

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The Lady and Her Butler

best korean webtoons in english

Artist  – Jade

Genre – Romance

Rating – 9/10

The best way to describe the Lady and Her Butler would be to call it a “classic fairytale with a twist”.

While all those other down-on-their luck fairytale heroines get to meet a charming price, Sooha gets her own butler.

She’s a simple, working class girl who’s given up on love and marriage. Constantly irritated with her mother’s efforts to set her up with a man, Sooha is frustrated until she meets Taesoo.

He’s offered to cook her food, clean her home, and iron her clothes, all in exchange for housing. 

Sooha agrees because, hey who wouldn’t want to come home to warm meals and clean sheets everyday? 

The characters, their backgrounds, and motivations behind their actions are all very interesting to read. 

Check out this Korean webtoon here!

About Death

best korean webtoon of all time

Artist  – Hyeono and Sini

Genre – Drama

Rating – 9/10

If you’re thinking Korean webtoons are cheesy romances for teens, you’ll be wrong. Just look at About Death.

It’s a poignant and interesting story about life, death, and everything in between. It follows a god-like being that talks to people on the verge of suicide.

About Death is a complete webtoon with just 22 episodes. But I was blown away by how nicely Hyeono and Sini have handles sensitive subjects like suicide, depression, etc. 

They’ve even got a soundtrack accompanying each episode. 

Check out this Korean webtoon here!

True Beauty

korean webtoon true beauty

Artist  – Yaongyi

Genre – Drama, Romance

Rating – 9.5/10

Now this is one webtoon which has taken Korea by storm. It is ongoing and already has over 140 episodes in English uploaded on the manhwa site webtoons.com and Naver.

The story follows a young and rather introverted woman called Jugyeong who becomes a viral internet star after disovering makeup.

Yaongyi, the writer of the manwha recently revealed that parts of this webtoon were based on her own life, making the story that much more appealing.

I love how this Korean webtoon focuses on the concept of outer beauty, body image, and the pressure on young women to look perfect all the time due to social media.

After you are done reading the manhwa, you can even check out the K-drama based on the webtoon on Rakuten Viki. It has the same name and starts Moon Ga-Young and Cha Eun-Woh.

What is the most popular Webtoon in Korea?

There are several popular webtoons in Korea, including the Sound of Your Heart, Dice, Cheese in the Trap, King’s Maker, and more. Most of these webtoons have got more than an 8 or 9 ratings and have a dedicated fan following online. They come in varied genres like romance, fantasy, action, adventure, and more.

Where can I read Korean webtoons in English?

South Korea has two of its own online portals called Naver and Daum. You can find several of these webtoons on these sites. Apart from these two, some of the other websites you can read Korean webtoons are:

  • KakaoPage 
  • Lezhin Comics
  • Toomics 
  • Tappytoon Comics 
  • Tapas
  • Webtoons.com 

So these were our reviews of some of the best Korean webtoons in English. From romance to fantasy and action, you can find all genres of stories here.

Some of these stories contain mature themes and depictions and might not be suitable for a younger audience. So audience discretion is advised.

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