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8 Best Korean Whitening Soaps For Brighter Complexion 2021

by song-i
best korean whitening soaps

Like we have reiterated again and again, Korean skincare is the best in the market and we think it has sunk in by now! 

But what Koreans are somewhat concerned about is the complexion of their skin and they like it white! So we’ve got the best Korean whitening soaps for you.

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So naturally there are a bunch of soaps in the Korean market that manufacture the same. Whitening soaps not only lighten the complexion but makes sure you don’t have scars at the end of it. 

Best Korean Whitening SoapsBest ForChief Ingredients
Kojie San Whitening SoapAcne Prone SkinCoconut Oil, Kojic Acid
Glutathione Collagen Whitening SoapAging SkinHydrolyzed Swiftlet Nest Extract, Niacinamide, Coconut Oil, Glutathione, Collagen
Kojic Papaya Soap for LighteningOily SkinTurmeric, Oat Protein, Papaya, Kojic Acid & Essential Oils
Dead Sea Activated Charcoal SoapDull Skin, Clogged PoresActivated Charcoal, Shea Butter, Argan Oil
Korean Pine Needle SoapDry SkinPine Leaf Extract, Olive Oil, Jujube Seed Oil, Rosehip Fruit Oil, Vitamin E

There are so many whitening soaps in the market. But Korean whitening soaps have the reputation of being effective and safe on the skin. 

The ingredients and aspects they consider for good skin condition is very much different from the rest of the world. And that is why we vouch for the Korean brands.

So here are some of the best korean whitening soaps available in the market.

Top Korean Whitening Soaps 2021

Kojie San Whitening Soap 

Kojie San comes as a saving grace to those who want complexion and nice skin texture. 

Being enriched with coconut oil, this soap aids in giving your skin a nice and soft texture while making sure it has the right effect on your skin. 

The natural kojic acid that is present in the soap allows your skin to glow and protects it from external pollutants. 

We think it is ingredients like this that make Korean beauty different from the rest. 

It is one of the most popular picks among those who have dull skin. 

The size of the soap is available in 3 different sizes including 65g, 100g and 135g.

The package of the soap is also very attractive to look at so if you are in the supermarket shopping, this would not miss your eye! ‘

Glutathione Collagen Whitening Soap 

This Korean whitening soap is one of the best choices for those who have sensitive skin

The presence of collagen works well in smoothening out the skin and reconstructing ageing and wrinkled skin. 

We have noticed that the effects of this whitening soap will start becoming visible only when used on a regular basis. 

The rice milk in the soap works wonders on the complexion and removes tan and dark spots that appear on the skin. 

If you are someone who has weary dry skin, this soap can fix that right up for you. It weighs 100 gm which is enough to use for a good month. 

Make sure you use it on the rest of your body as much as you use it on your face. 

Kojic Papaya Soap for Lightening 

With a mixture of coconut oil, turmeric and papaya, this soap from Natural is the perfect product for skin whitening. This does not involve any chemical or added aspects that can harm the skin. 

The soap is a perfect product for those who have sensitive skin and take care of their skin the right way. 

Besides whitening the skin, it also works effectively in removing scars. It also lightens acne and acne marks. 

The soap bar is medium sized and might not last very long due to the lack of preservatives. The organic matter that the soap is made out of is why it might melt off quickly. Make sure you have an intact soap box to store this. 

We absolutely love the fruity smell of this soap and leaves you feeling refreshed after every shower. 

Papa Recipe Tea Tree Soap 

Made and enriched with tea tree oil, this bar of soap works wonders on one’s skin. 

We have noticed that with a prolonged dedication to this brand, your skin can transform on many levels. 

Tea tree is an excellent ingredient in smoothing out the skin. It also prevents aging and does not give way to wrinkles. Fine lines can also be mended with this bar of soap. 

It is pretty big and can last for a considerable amount of time. 

One thing about this tea tree soap is that the smell can be a bit bland which can be a turn off for many. So if you are looking for an aromatic product, you might want to keep scrolling through the rest of our list. 

Although it can be used on the body, this is an excellent product for the face as it keeps the skin glowing at all times. 

Korean Pine Needle Soap 

Did you know that pine leaves could aid the texture of your skin? 

We didn’t, until we tried this soap. 

Pine tree leaves have the ability to give your skin a smooth and glowing texture. These soaps look so dreamy with their translucent exterior. 

The scent of the soap is a tad medicinal and can work into removing scars from your skin. 

If you are coming back home after a long day and want to wash the sweat off your face, this soap does the job for you. 

These are small and might not last as long as the others but we can vouch for the effectiveness of the soap and for the fact that you will be going back for more. 

Dead Sea Activated Charcoal Soap 

Dead sea salt is a great agent in repairing damaged skin but  it also has the ability to brighten the skin complexion. 

This bar of soap is kind of hard and molten and might not melt easily. So you can use it for days without worrying about whether it will melt off. 

The presence of activated charcoal detoxifies the skin. We felt that it brings freshness to the face and the body after each shower. 

We are not big fans of the scent since it is a tad plain but otherwise it can really bring a difference to the skin when used. 

The soap is an excellent choice for men, women and children since it treats each skin type differently.

Dr. Squatch Men’s Cedar Citrus Soap 

Dr.Squatch has made this bar of soap especially for men. 

With the presence of citrus, orange and rosemary, this is the perfect blend to bring complexion and brightness to your skin in every way. 

The soap is long lasting since it is pretty molten. Sometimes it can tend to get a bit hard on the skin. 

Since it is handmade, there are a ton of ingredients that cater to the well-being of the skin. Men’s skin tends to get worn out most times, but this soap clears the sweat and other impurities embedded in the skin. 

This can be slightly hard to purchase since it is seldom available so we suggest you get it when you have the chance. 

LAISAE Papaya Brightening Soap 

Papaya is a great ingredient in brightening the complexion of the skin. The way it reacts on the skin is that it absorbs the impurities and gives a better tone to your skin. 

The bar of soap smells so good and can have a refreshing effect for an entire day. 

The only drawback of this product is that it melts very quickly. 

Besides this, it is a tad small and can last only for 20 days or so. 

Even though you can use it on your body, we suggest you use it primarily on your face since it works wonders on the complexion. 

It is easily available online and can be bought at any time!

How do Koreans make their skin white? 

Koreans like we all know have a series of steps to keep their skin supple and most importantly, bright. 

But most times, they go the extra mile and go all in to whitening their skin. 

Some of the most effective steps to whitening the skin is to moisturise and exfoliate. 

Since Koreans generally have a lighter complexion, this process will enable them to have a white complexion. 

The white obsession started out very early on which was followed by the glass skin concept which exhibited flawless skin. 

Whitening soaps are not very hard to find. But good ones are! 

Korean whitening soaps are the most effective and most preferred because of how effective they have been in the past. 

The above list of whitening Korean soaps that we have provided you with will give you an excellent complexion and allow you to exude your fresh skin. 

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