Kpop Dances you can learn in Quarantine

25 Easyish Kpop Dances You Can Learn In Quarantine | Get Grooving During Lockdown

Learn the moves to some of the most popular Kpop songs with our list of Kpop dances you can learn in quarantine!

It is never too late to learn the art of dancing! And what better way to do it than with Kpop during quarantine? Here are some dances that will make you groove to the rhythm! These dances will inspire you to dance.

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Kpop Dances you can Learn in Quarantine

Here are 25 easyish Kpop dances you can learn in quarantine. Get grooving!

Boy In Luv by BTS

Yes, we are starting the list with the iconic and world-renowned boy band group BTS. Their earlier hit Boy In Luv has moves that are perfect to learn as you quarantine. It is a high-energy song that is super catchy. Plus the synchronized dance moves are amazing to inspire you to get up and dance!

Ddu-Du Ddu-Du by BLACKPINK

The Blackpink girls’ group is known for its smooth moves and excellent visuals on dance videos. This song in particular is a fun one to try. The gun hand movements are catchy along with their other incredible moves. No wonder it won the MTV Video Music Awards Japan’s Best Dance Video!

I Am The Best by 2NE1

For many Kpop fans, this remains an unforgettable Kpop number that is still popular and dearly loved. It has easy moves that you can effortlessly copy and try instead of getting bored during quarantine. If you have siblings then get them onboard and dance together on this mesmerizing dance number.

Jealousy by MONSTA X

MONSTA X has many songs that can easily be voted among the best dances. But as we are picking only the songs with fairly easy dance moves, the song Jealousy sticks out. A subtle yet powerful dance number, this one will get you moving instantly. Put on the song and you will know what we are talking about!


This group is known for its stunning dance moves that are enthralling and cool at the same time. Whether you are a beginner or you like to dance regularly, you will love this song and its moves. You can easily replicate the moves because they are basic yet catchy. A song you should dance to.


Do you know the shoot dance? Then you will love this dance number Shine and you can learn it in less time than you know it. It is a song you can’t avoid dancing to because it is just amazing that way. It will be a lot of fun if you dance along with your siblings and have fun in the process of learning it.

Coming Of Age Ceremony by Park Ji-Yoon 

This song is a memorable hit. Did you know that BTS’s Jungkook and Jimin covered this song? Other Kpop idols have also covered this song because it is one of the earliest Kpop dance hit numbers. So if you are a true ARMY fan then you have to give this song a shot and dance to it!

Cherry Bomb by NCT127

You might remember this song from V Live, but if you didn’t watch it then it’s ok it is still available for you to dance to! The best part about this song is that SM Entertainment released practice videos for each member. This means you can watch individual videos of every member.

Knock Knock by TWICE 

One of the most adorable Kpop idols TWICE is known for its impeccable dance moves. The song Knock Knock is for anyone who is always avoiding dancing. The choreography is superb and cute so you don’t want to miss out on this number.

Electric Shock by f(x)

When you have a good observation and you want to learn dance, then this song is for you. The dance routine is fun and interesting to watch. Plus you will feel compelled to learn the dance because it is just one of the simplest dance routines when compared to the others on this list.

Up & Down by EXID

This song has been covered by so many Kpop idols that you would definitely want to check it out. There is a reason for that! You won’t be able to take your eyes off them because they are so smooth with their moves. Many tutorials are also available to make learning simpler for beginners.

Boogie Up by WJSN

Why work out when you can dance? Of course, we are just kidding. But this song is a mini-workout and can get you moving in no time. It is a fun dance number that you will want to groove to either by yourself or your sibling. Plus, it’s a good intro to arm exercise!


INFINITE’s Be Mine dance number definitely turned some heads because of how nice it was and innovative. The slow movement dance mixed with some power moves is cool in its own right. The fusion is something we didn’t know we needed! Tutorials are available for this dance number too!

1M1S by W Project 4

This addictive song with its wonderful choreography is a dream come true for dance enthusiasts. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t for beginners. Once you listen to this song and watch the dance routine, you will feel like you just can’t get enough. The dance moves are memorable and energetic.

Abracadabra by Brown Eyed Girls

The sleek moves and the style oozed by everyone in this song are just out of this world. Its dance steps are also something you can easily mimic and try out at home during quarantine. The steps were referenced in the song Gentleman by PSY! So yes, it is a big deal and you should try it!

Lucifer by SHINee

For those of you who are into electronic music, this one is a true treat to the ears and eyes. Lucifer has some quirky dance moves that new dancers will thoroughly enjoy. The steps are in a robotic style which blends perfectly with the song. It is a dance you will be more than happy to learn at home.

Thumbs Up by MOMOLAND

When you have a little free time, you need to watch the dance routine of this song. It is just amazing! Of course, there is a lot of hip-swinging going on here but it is all fun and the catchy thumbs-up move is just so fun it will put a smile on your face instantly!

I Need U by BTS

Ok, so this song had to be listed because it is another song people can’t get enough of. It is one of the earlier songs from BTS, but definitely an iconic song for dancing and shaking your leg. It is easy and really fun. The killer smooth transitions are a joy to watch and you will be a fan if you weren’t already!

Bar Bar Bar by CRAYON POP

When you just want to get in the mood for dancing, put on this song. Its catchy rhythm and fun moves will get you dancing in no time. Want to really get into it? Then put on a helmet when you dance to pay homage to this number. Plus, who is watching? Just have fun!

Tonight by UP10TION

If you haven’t watched this song, then do it already! A super simple dance routine that you have to try at home during the quarantine! It is one of those feel-good songs that you just have to dance to at least once in your lifetime. The energetic song has the magical ability to instantly uplift anyone!


A fairly beginner-level dance routine, this one will get you moving. You can try this at home even if you never danced before in your life. It is one you can learn quickly too because it consists of simple moves that are easy to learn.

Say My Name by ATEEZ

For those who are familiar with ATEEZ, you know that you must know at least one dance from them. If not, then here is your chance to dance at home. This song is a little advanced for beginners but you can do the best you can. Because hey you are just trying it out at home for fun anyway!

Rocking by TEEN TOP

There is quite some footwork going on in this song but if you love that then good for you. This dance number has many steps that are perhaps best for people who have been dancing for some time.

It might be a little complex for some but you can still try and have fun in the process anyway.

Wannabe by ITZY

Get those shoulders moving with this song by ITZY! We love the addictive moves and the synchronicity of the members to create a dance routine that is fun to practice and enjoy at home.

Many Kpop idols have mimicked the steps and you should give this dance a try too.

Senorita by (G)I-DLE

A classy dance with sensual moves, this is for anyone who has surpassed the beginner dancer stage. But it is a must-try because the moves are too good to be missed.

While it might feel like an arm workout to some, it is still something you will enjoy quite a bit. And you can skip dancing in heels.

Are you excited to try these Kpop dances? There is no right or wrong when it comes to dancing. It is all about having the time of your life and feeling good. 

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