15 Kpop Fandom Names And Their Meanings 2022

by song-i

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know how popular Kpop is worldwide. But what are these terms used by the cool kids these days?

I’ve listed out the Kpop fandom names and their meanings here to make sure you don’t seem out of the loop in front of your kids! 

If you find your teen talking about being in the army, chances are they don’t mean the US military. 

They simply might be a fan of Kpop group BTS! Also “Merry Go Round” isn’t just a carnival attraction anymore. It’s what fans of group Momoland call themselves.

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Wait, wait! All of this is getting too confusing. Let’s start at the beginning and learn what fandoms are in the first place.

So here’s the thing! Urban dictionary defines fandoms as “people who obsess over a particular media like comic books, movies, bands, or a particular celebrity.”

Basically, they are super-fans turned up to level 100!

And perhaps Kpop is now enjoying the biggest fandom worldwide thanks to the Hallyu wave which has popularized South Korean pop-culture.

Each Kpop group have their own little fandom within the larger Kpop fandom. And every one of these fandoms have their own name inspired by the band they “stan.”

In this article, I’ve listed out a few such Kpop fandom names and their meanings. So read on to get up-to-date on the latest pop culture trend.

Kpop Fandom Names And Their Meanings 2021

ARMY (BTS Fandom)

Perhaps the biggest Kpop fandom out there, the BTS fans call themselves the “Army”.

This moniker actually has two meanings. It represents how the BTS fans will always stand by their idols and defend them (just like an Army) and it’s a abbreviation.

A.R.M.Y stands for Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth. It’s a compliment that BTS has bestowed on their fans.

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Blink (Blackpink Fandom)

I love simple yet creative this Kpop fandom name is! The name “Blink” is used by the BlackPink fandom.

Blink is actually a combination of the first letters of the words “Black” and “Pink”. 

Exo-L (Exo Fandom)

Speaking of simple yet cute fandom nicknames, the Exo fandom calls themselves the Exo-L. 

Guess what the “L” might stand for? Of course, it means Love. Exo-L simply means that the fans love Exo. 

Also, as the letter L is between the letters K and M in the English alphabet,  Exo-L refers to how the fandom appreciates both Exo-K and Exo-M which were the Kpop band’s sub-units in the past.

Monbebe (MonstaX Fandom)

This Kpop fandom name and it’s meaning it’s just adorable. If you’re a fan of the group Monsta-X, you’ll be called a Monbebe.

The name of this fandom comes from the French words Monbebe which translates to “My Baby”. 

It represents how Monsta X sees their fans as their babies. Now, isn’t that cute!

Carat (SEVENTEEN Fandom)

Another fandom name that’s been inspired by the nicknames the band members gave their fans is “Carat”. 

Carats are what fans of the Kpop group Seventeen call themselves.

The name comes from the nickname “shining diamonds” which Seventeen has given their fans.

VIP (Bigbang Fandom)

Now, this is a simple and straightforward name! The Bigband fandom calls themselves the “VIPs” as the group members consider their fans as “very important people”. 

MooMoo (MamaMoo Fandom)

If you thought the fandom name Monbebe was cute, wait till you hear about the MooMoos.

The MooMoo fandom is what fans of MamaMoo are called. Their name is actually derived from the name of the Kpop group itself.

Funnily enough, the word “Mamamoo” means radish in Korean. 

And the MooMoos have decided to embrace this quirky coincidence whole-heartedly. If you’ve seen the lightsticks at a MamaMoo concert you’ll know what I’m talking about.

They are all radish-shaped! 

Merry Go Round (Momoland Fandom)

The name “Merry Go Round” which represents the Momoland fandom is actually one of the most well-thought fandom names out there.

So Momoland’s desire is to make music which people of all ages, ethnicities, and preferences can enjoy. Just like how a merry-go-round is a ride that most people can enjoy unlike say a roller coaster.

Also, a merry-go-round is a fun ride that you can’t off of, it’s addicting just like Momoland’s music.

ONCE (Twice Fandom)

When it comes to witty fandom names, I think this one takes the cake. The fans of the Kpop group Twice call themselves the “Once”. 

Hilarious, right? But it actually has a deeper meaning.

The name comes from the Kpop group’s motto that if fans love them even “once” they will send back twice the amount of love. Aww. 

ReVeluv (Red Velvet Fandom)

This Kpop fandom name is pretty simple. It’s a combination of the letters from the words “Red” and “Velvet” with Love added at the end.

It’s supposed to show how the fans love Red Velvet and how the group loves them back. 

Also the word “Reve” means dream in French. So the name can signify how the fans love Red Velvet’s dreams and help make them come true.

SONE (Girl’s Generation Fandom)

The fandom name “Sone” is short for “So One” which means that the Girl’s Generation and their fans will be one forever. 

Universe (PENTAGON Fandom)

This fandom name has two meanings. The Pentagon fandom calls themselves the “Universe” after a hit single of their faves.

And it’s supposed to imply that the fans are Pentagon’s “universe”. Sweet. 

iGot7 or AhGaSe (Got7 Fandom)

This fandom name has two variants. The first is the English version called “iGot7” which combines the name of the Kpop group with their lucky number seven.

In Korean this name’s transliteration is “AhGaSe” which means baby bird. 

And just like the Mamamoo fandom and their radishes, the iGot7 fandom also has adopted the baby bird as a mascot and uses lightsticks in this shape.

iKONIC (iKon Fandom)

This one’s rather simple. The fandom of the Kpop group iKon calls themselves iKnonic. This implies that the fandom is iKonic and that they are a part of iKon.

NCTzen (NCT Fandom)

If you’re in the NCT fandom you are a NCTzen, meaning you are a devoted citizen to the NCT nation! 

FAQs – Popular Kpop Fandoms 

Kpop Fandom names and their meanings

What are kpop fans called?

People who are fans of the Kpop or Korean popular music genre are often referred to as “K-poppers” or “K-pop stans”
The word “Stan” is a portmantheu is a word stalker and fan, and has it’s origins in an Enimen song of the same name.
While the name seems to have negative connotations, nowadays it just denotes a person who’s obsessed with a celebrity, a band, book, or movie.  
Kpop fans who are “stans” of a particular group have their own special fandom name to separate themselves from the herd.
Some of these names include “Army” for BTS fans, “MooMoo” for Momoland fans, “Blink” for BlackPink fans, and more.

Which kpop group has the most fandom?

Undoubtedly, the Kpop group BTS has the biggest fandom in the world. They have fans all over the world and not just South Korea. While most of these fans are teenage girls, BTS’ popularity has started to transcend age, gender, and language.
As they’re starting to become more mainstream in the west thanks to their Billboard ranking and Grammy performances, their “Army” is just getting larger. 

How to make a kpop fandom name?

There are a few simple tricks you can use to come with up with the perfect Kpop fandom name. Here are a few:
Kpop fandoms sometimes name themselves after a very popular song sung by the group. This is the case with Pentagon whose fans call themselves the “Universe” after their popular song.
Some fandoms derive the name from the Kpop group’s name itself. An example of this is Blink the BlackPink fandom.
Sometimes, the Kpop group themselves names their fans and fandom. Like GFriend calling their fans “Buddies” because they consider them friends.
Some Kpop names are self-given and have some cute or sentimental meaning. Such as BTS fans calling themselves the “Army” as they’ve promised to stick behind the group. 

Who started kpop fandom names?

You might be surprised to know that fans worshipping their favorite “idols” and giving themselves fandom names is not a new phenomenon.
The Kpop fandom craze can be traced back to the 1970s! Singers Nam Jin and Nahuna enjoyed had a posse of dedicated fans that could be credited with being the very first South Korean fandom.
However, the most recent version of Kpop fandom started in the 1990s with Seo Taiji and group.

Who started kpop fandom names?

You might be surprised to know that fans worshipping their favorite “idols” and giving themselves fandom names is not a new phenomenon.
The Kpop fandom craze can be traced back to the 1970s! Singers Nam Jin and Nahuna enjoyed had a posse of dedicated fans that could be credited with being the very first South Korean fandom.
However, the most recent version of Kpop fandom started in the 1990s with Seo Taiji and group.

What are Blackpink haters called?

Okay, this one is hilarious. But Blackpink fans have started to refer Blackpink haters as “blackheads”. If you don’t know, blackheads are the tiny, black bumps that appear on your skin due to clogged pores.
If that’s not the ultimate insult, I don’t know what is!

A lot of these Kpop fandom names are suggested by the celebrities themselves. And others are something fans come up as a tribute.

But the common thing is that these fandom names usually have a sweet and sentimental meaning behind them.

Sometimes, the name is a funny pun. And other times, it’s sort of a compliment that the Kpop group pays to their fans.

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