Kpop females who rocked the short hair look

12 Kpop Female Idols Who Rocked The Short Hair Look 2023

Take a look at the top Kpop female idols who rocked the short hair look and see which kpop idols who look better with short hair!

If you’re dying for a new hair  change in 2022, then you are in luck. Why not go for a shorter new look? 

We just a few months into the new year so you might as well start new with a shorter hairstyle that will be so convenient for the super breezy summer days to come. 

If you are confused and in need of some trendy hair inspiration then I got you covered. 

From iconic bangs to textured beach waves  to  crazy pixie cuts, I am going to be breaking down the top Kpop female celebrities who proved short hair is nothing but beautiful and who rocked the short hair length of our dreams. 

I hope my list of gorgeous females will help you figure out your next hair look so get ready to save some really good ideas on your vision board. 

But before that, keep in mind that dipping your toe with short hair should not be so terrifying. 

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If you are open to changing up your hairstyle, you might feel comfortable in your new look or actually find that you feel more like yourself than your previous style. You will never know unless you try it out, so why not? 

I know this is probably too cliche to say but dont worry too much as your hair will grow back. Chopping it off will not only be an exciting and exhilarating experience but will make your hair much healthier after this change.

If you don’t believe us then scroll down for some incredible  short hair  inspiration by the top A-listers in Korea.

 Kpop Female Idols Who Rocked The Short Hair Look

1. Jeongyeon (TWICE)

Kpop females who rocked the short hair look
Source: Instagram@dreamgirlstwice

Starting off my list on a high note, none other than  TWICE’s lead vocalist Jeongyeon. 

She is known to rock the short hair throughout her career from messy to  sleek to cute crop bob, you can definitely get some endless source of ahir inspiration from this badass female. 

Her style is great for the summer and she is a toal goddess with whatever hairstyles and colors she tries. 

In an interview, she even revealed how she prefers short hair to longer hair as it makes her feel more confident. Her short hair has an irresistible charm to it, so you too can look into this.

2. Binnie (Oh My Girl)

short hair kpop female
Source: Instagram@binnie_ohmygirl

When she throws a beanie on, she looks just like an adorable and sweet high school girl with a young and fresh look. Although her face and smile have a baby look to it, it matches well with her short hair. 

You can style your hair just like her in many ways. For one, you can try bangs with the short hair which she prefers in a one side ponytail style and slightly coloured.

Her personality too blends well with this style. You could also try a bobby pin with it which also is another look of hers that makes her such a stunning cutie with that style. 

Binnie’s short hair looks sweet and feminine, like a mysterious innocent girl hiding her appearance. She looks just amazing!

3. Eunha (GFRIEND)

kpop idols with bob cut
Source: Instagram@rlo.ldl

If you are looking for a lowkey hairstyle and something that probably would slim down your face profile, why not try this her shoulder length bob by 

by Eunha from Gfriend? 

Her short hair gives her a more darker and sultry look and a lot of fans agree that it truly enhances Eunha’s cute charms. Her fair skin and adorable features really compliment the singer’s bobbed look and now you too could totally rock it in her style.

4. Ryujin (ITZY)

who has the best hair in kpop female
Source: Instagram@ryujin__itzy

She is someone who has always had a shorter hair look and has never disappointed dus with her gorgeous look. 

I personally adored her sapphire blue cut hair which gives her that sweet and sassiness that I know and love about her. Her short hair look also makes her skin seem glass-like and make her features more prominent. 

5.Jennie (Blackpink)

kpop haircut female
Source: Instagram@blackpink_starqueen

Blackpink girls have won the hearts of millions all around the world. They have impeccable talent and I just can’t stop playing their songs on a loop. 

Jeanie is always making the news for her fashion sense and adorable hairstyles. Fans are obsessed and just can’t seem to get enough. Jennie is so beautiful and good-looking that whatever hairstyle she does, she pulls off. 

Her short hair highlights all her features and gives her a very striking appearance. Along with her hairstyle, she is also known to change her hair color multiple times along with her band member Lisa. 

From luscious long hair to stunning short hair, she has tried it all.

6. Lisa (Blackpink)

kpop idols who look better with short hair
Source: Instagram@lisa.blackpink

If you google Lisa, it’s very difficult to come across a  ‘bad look.’ Well, perhaps there just isn’t one. Her fashion sense is making headlines and her short hair look is absolutely breathtaking. 

Lisa’s super short bob look is very doll-like and very chic. If you are someone who wants to frame her face without it being too distracting, then you can go for this look. 

She also revealed in an interview Blackpink had with Elle magazine that she prefers short hair over long hair. 

In my opinion Lisa is a living Barbie doll and her hairstyles and bold fashion have received a lot of interest from her fans. What do you prefer-her long or short hair?

7. Yoona (Girls Generation)

female kpop idols with long hair
Source: Instagram@stay_yoona

Yoona from Girls Generation expresses her interest and decision for short hair. She says her hair was mentally damaged that she couldn’t even brush it. 

Yoona had originally wanted to go for a shorter hair look and cutting it all off was a wonderful way to let it grow back healthily. 

She was bored of long hair because it was always styled in a similar manner and how she wasn’t the only one who went through a hair transformation. 

Even her band members Sooyoung, Seohyun and Sunny have all rocked the short hair look and look so stylish and chic. Take your pick ladies, choose  any short  hairstyle that best suits your needs.

8. Karina (Aespa)

kpop females who rocked the short hair look 2022
Source: Instagram@karina_aespas_

Karina looks breathtaking with her short hair and has truly proved to be an iconic queen everytime. 

She can totally rock any hairstyle but my personal favorite was her short hair look. 

Her hairstyle makes her look as pretty as a picture and if you are somebody who doesn’t want a total chop or bob, then go for a shoulder length hairdo like Karina. She is cute, sexy and pure and I love this badass chick. 

9. Hyeri (Girl’s Day)

Who is the queen of short hair in K-pop
Source: Instagram@hyeri_news

Our homegirl Hyeri is so amazing and what I love about her is that she donated her long hair to charity. 

She recorded the whole process on her YouTube channel where she expressed her tribute to her long hair and bid farewell to it. 

Hyeri was growing it for five years straight but finally decided to cut it for a good cause. What is even more sweet is that she did it herself and cut it to a mid length short cut. 

She donated her hair to people who needed it more than she did and that truly gave her a feeling of abundance. I respect her decision and totally love her short hair look.

10. Miya (GWSN)

short hair kpop male
Source: Instagram@miya._.gwsn

She caught everyone’s attention when GWSN made their first debut, as she resembled anime characters with her poofy short hair cut. 

She’s been totally rocking her short hair look and her layered and shaggy style shoes off her piercings. Her hair texture is the real winner when she dances so she truly stands out and is a winner for us.

11. Sooyoung (Girls’ Generation)

Who has the shortest har in K-pop female?
Source: Instagram@snsd__sooyoung

She showed off her new short hairstyle when she posted  a photo captioning it as, ‘Preparing for summer. An eyelet one-piece + short hair. Oh my, look at her. What happened? 

Why did she cut her hair?’ She totally quoted the I GOT A BOY lyrics. She looked so happy in the photo and her bob cut was absolutely pretty. 

After that a number of fans opted for a shorter look and each of them looked so wonderful and fierce just like Sooyoung.

12. Wendy (Red Velvet) 

Who has the best hair flip in K-pop female
Source: Instagram@wendy.redvelvet

Her hairstyle took the Kopo world by storm and there was tons of buzz around her hairstyle with so many people calling it the Wendy cut. A lot of salons were getting requests for this cut way back in 2019 which made people look edgy and adorable. 

The Wendy cut was originally called the sharming cut which was a combination of the word charming and the layered hairstyle called shag cut. 

If you are someone who has high cheekbones and a long face, then this is the look for you. The layers can be achieved by adding a light product and will add some volume too.

Who says girls can’t rock gorgeous short hairstyles? The above female Kpop idols have been proving time and time again that short hair can be an incredible new look for almost anyone. 

Are you inspired? What do you think about chopping it off and going for a brand new look? Comment and let us know your thoughts.

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