Kpop Hairstyles for Summer Easy

You Need To Try These 10 Kpop Hairstyles For Summer Today | Easy Korean Looks! 

Look no further than these Kpop hairstyles for summer to get your summer inspo. These looks will help you beat the heat and keep you looking stylish. 

Do you love Kpop and want to try out some of the most stylish hairstyles worn by female Kpop artists? 

If so, then you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the most popular styles worn by female Kpop stars and how you can try them out for yourself. 

From sleek bobs to voluminous chignons, we have a style for every woman. 

So whether you’re a die-hard fan of Kpop or just looking for something new to add to your style moodboard, read on and check out my top picks of hairstyles!

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Kpop Hairstyles For Summer Easy

I think summer is the perfect time to try out some new hairstyles. And the Kpop girl groups know this and they have been rocking some of the coolest styles lately. 

You might be a fan of their dreamy ballads or fierce dance tracks, but it’s these hairstyles that will have you looking and feeling your best. 

So what are you waiting for? Check out these stylish Kpop hairstyles and start doing up your hair like a pro!

The Easy Peasy Low Messy Bun

Kpop Hairstyles for Summer Easy

If it’s summer, then you cannot go wrong with an high top messy bun. Just check out Yurin from IVE here! She looks effortlessly gorgeous in what’s considered a lazy girl’s hairstyle.

So this just goes to show that this summer, you can combine comfort with style and look your best. You can leave a few strands out at the front like Yurin has done to frame your face if you have a rounder, fulller face.

But this high messy bun hairstyle should suit almost every face and hair type easily. And what’s more it’ll hardly take you 5 minutes to get it right.

Cutesy Space Buns 

Diva-Like Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

best kpop hairstyles female

If you want to manage your long locks, keep them open and make sure they do not cover your face in the heat, then do what Thai-Korean singer Sorn has done and get a half-up half down hairstyle.

This way, you can flaunt your flowing locks without having to deal with it falling over your sweaty forehead. You can either go for a top knot like Sorn has done here or try braids or even a half-up ponytail with your hair.

Braids With a Twist

how to get kpop hair girl

If you have fine, thin hair then going for braids is the easiest way to manage your hair this summer. A lot of Kpop girlies wear thier hair in braids.

And it’s not just simple 3-braid, you can try out a fishtail braid, a pancake braid (where you just stretch the braids to add volume), Dutch braids and more.

Personally, I really loved these simple, layered braids with curtain bangs that Arin from OH MY GIRL is sporting here. Combined with the floral top it’s giving major summer vibes!

The Kpop Wolf Cut Or Modern Mullet

kpop hairstyles female short

Korean actress and lead rapper of Red Velvet, Joy is showing people how it’s done with her wolf cut here!

The wolf cut is a trend started by Kpop stars that soon became viral on the internet. This hairstyle is very similar to a mullet and is actually a combination of the 80s shag and a mullet with bangs thrown in for good measure.

Cutesy and comfortable it’s perfect for you this summer!

Classy, Sleek And Straight 

korean girl haircut name

Blackpink is truly the revolution… the style revolution that is! Lisa here is showing us how it’s done with her long, sleek longs and classic long bangs.

But if you’re wondering, “hey how is it a summer hairstyle”, just know that long, straight hair is very versatile. You can pin it up, braid it, wear it in a bun, or even get a high ponytail.

As for the bangs they can be over the face or parted in the middle to keep them out of the way as the fringe length is long enough.

Want this hairstyle to look more summer appropriate? Do what Lisa did and chop off a few inches!

The Pop Star High Ponytail

kpop hairstyles summer easy 2022

Nothing beats a good ponytail during the summer. And while it might have been Miss Ariana Grande who started the whole high as heck, sleek ponytail trend, it’s the Kpop girlies who have been killing it with their various iterations of this hairstyle.

Look at Rose from Blackpink here. She pairs the high ponytail hairstyle with bright lilac hair (fantastic for summers may I add!) and then to add a touch of glamour leaves a few strands loose at the front. Truly iconic!

Gen-Z Middle Parts And Low Ponytails

blackpink hairstyles

If you want something more comfy and classy rather than glam, party-rock styles, then Jisoo here has got the perfect Kpop hairstyles for summer!

The sleek, laid back look is easy enough to create with the help of a styling gel and hairspray.

And the middle part really elongates her face, making its roundness less prominent. So it’s a great hairstyle for people with double chins or fuller cheeks.

In this hairstyle the ponytail is best worn low and tied at the back of your neck. It looks really sophisticated while taking absolutely no time to create.

Pigtails For Days

Kpop girl hairstyles 2022

If you want to try out something more fun and playful go for the pigtails look this summer. This hairstyle is my favorite as it’s a) easy to create, b) fantastic at keeping hair way from face during summer, and c) absolutely ADORABLE!

Soft Layers With Curtain Bangs

Kpop girl hairstyles with bangs

A classic look that suits every season, layers and curtain bangs can add volume to your hair this summer.

FAQs about Kpop Hairstyles For Summer Easy

Korean celebrities are now pioneers for style statements that range from the coolest outfits to on-point hairstyles. 

So a lot of you have questions about how to get that perfect Kpop hairstyle this summer. 

And here I’ve tried answering some of your frequently asked questions to help you get the perfect hair looks! 

How do I get my hair like Korean?

If you’re wondering how Korean women (and not just the Kpop girlies!) have such amazing hair. Here are some hair care tips and hacks you can follow to get your hair looking healthy before you try out these summer hairstyles.
Firstly, Koreans use scalp scalers to clarify their hair follicles along with using shampoos. This helps hair grow better. Next, they always use serums and tonics on scalp and hair with natural ingredients like red ginseng, camellia oil, etc. that helps nourish hair. 
Also, Korean hair care is geared towards natural remedies instead of chemical products. So you can see a lot of use of rice water, red ginseng, apple cider vinegar rinse and other such DIY hacks. 

What is the kpop hairstyle called?

There is no one Kpop hairstyle. But there are certain haircuts and hairstyles that have been associated with Kpop artists or have been made famous by these stars. 
For example, the two block haircut which is basically a mushroom cut with fade is a style sported by a lot of famous Kpop stars including Jimin from BTS. 
Among the female Kpop artists, it’s the curtain bangs hairstyles that have been making waves lately. The “wolf cut” which is a variation of the mullet is also gaining popularity among both men and women. 

How do you get your hair like a KPOP Idol?

If you want to get your hair looking like your favorite Kpop idol, you need to follow some Korean hair care secrets provided by these gorgeous women. These tips include:
Eating probiotic rich foods like kimchi to add nutrients naturally to your hair
Always protecting your hair from the elements, especially the harsh UV rays of the sun
Using hair masks regularly to replenish your hair’s lost moisture and protein content
Using oils like Moroccan argan oil to tame and add shine to your hair. 
Wearing wigs instead of bleaching, coloring and chemically-treating your hair often

What is the best Korean haircut for summer?

The shoulder length blunt bob is the best Korean haircut for this summer in my opinion. This haircut is short enough to keep your tresses away from your face to make you feel comfortable in the heat but it’s still very feminine and stylish-looking, like Korean hairstyles tend to be. 

Final Thoughts About Kpop Hairstyles For Summer Easy

A lot of fans want to get Kpop girl hair as they are inspired by their idols. And rightly so, because today, female Kpop artists are pushing the boundaries of fashion and style with their experimental looks.

These girls are themselves inspired by global fashion movements. Kpop artists like Rose from Blackpink, Momo from Twice, and Irene from Red Velvet are not just known for their dance moves or vocal ranges, but they are also style icons for many.

In fact, Blackpink themselves are brand ambassadors for high-end luxury fashion brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Chanel, Tiffany & Co. among others. 

But as these fashion outfits and accessories are not accessible for the average Kpop fan, most of them try to copy their favorite Kpop stars’ hairstyles and makeup styles.

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