Idols That Made Mullets Look Hot

10 Kpop Idols That Made Mullets Look Hot | In Defense Of Mullet Hairstyles 

Here are a few Kpop idols that made mullets look hot! Mullets are one of the most popular Kpop hairstyles right now, and this 80s haircut is now all the rage. 

What comes to your mind when you hear the word, “mullet”? Bad 80s hair bands? Your dad’s college pictures? Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing?

Well, whatever it is, you definitely must not have thought of Korean pop music.

Yes! Kpop idols are bringing the mullet back and how. Now dubbed the “wolf cut” the mullet is a favorite among stars like Jin, Rm, Taeyong and other popular male Kpop stars. 

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And they wear it with such finesse that you’d be surprised.

The mullet is a hairstyle that most people make today because a lot of 80s fashion is now considered “cringy” and over the top. 

But as anything retro is now making a comeback, the mullet is trying to reign supreme again. 

In this article, I’ve listed out a few of the most stylish male Kpop idols who have sported the mullet and gotten away with it too! 

Kpop Idols That Made Mullets Look Hot 

Mullets are not a hairstyle that suits everyone. It is slightly longer at the back and shorter at the sides and front, and gives the wearer a distinctive look. So here are some Kpop idols who have tried this hairstyle before and looked great with it too! 

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

G-Dragon was perhaps one of the first Kpop male artists to sport a mullet. He rocked this trend way before anyone did. 

He was first spotted with a mullet way back in 2017. And the sight has remained etched in fans’ memories as it wasn’t just the hairstyle that G-dragon had changed.

It was memorable as he had also colored his hair a bright, fiery red. So you can actually credit G-dragon for not only starting a mullet trend in Kpop but also for pushing the boundaries for male Kpop fashion. 

BTS’s Jin

Who has the best mullet in K-pop
Source: joonclx

Jin from BTS had a rather fun surprise for fans during their 2020 Season’s Greetings visuals. This is a yearly video for fans that showcases what the band would be up to in the coming year and this usually includes their concert dates, album launch dates, award show appearances and more.

But what no one expected in 2022 was Jin to show up in a mullet. 

A lot of ARMYs (that’s what BTS’ fandom calls themselves) were first convinced it was an optical illusion of sorts when the stills from the preview came out.

But then when the entire video was released it was made clear that Jin indeed had got a mullet. 

He had also colored his hair a honey blonde shade with darker highlights during this era. So his hairstyle really did look like a classic, 80s mullet. 

NCT’s Taeyong

Taeyong’s mullet was a bit different but still extremely stylish. Most mullets have very short sides and front while the back sections of hair stay longer.

But Taeyong kept the length at the front and had a sort of choppy, layered look going on. The front section of his hair was also very cleverly cut into long bangs that could be left on top of the forehead or swept away to frame his face.

And the mullet at the back was also thinner than most normal mullets. 

All of these choices suited Taeyong’s jawline really well. And if you want an example of how a mullet can be adopted for the modern day look, you can take a look at Taeyong’s 2018 mullet.


If you thought mullets were dorky, then you’ve got to check out this look by JB. He has proved that mullets can be edgy and sexy even! 

I loved how he kept the sides extra short and even opted for that faded, shaved look. This gives JB’s mullet a very contemporary look. 

And I’m also not surprised that out of all the members of GOT7, it was JB who sported the mullet as he’s the one most keen on experimenting with his looks. 

EXO’s Baekhyun

kpop mullet haircuts
Source: _kim_hye_jin

I think EXO’s main vocalist Baekhyun had one of the best variations of the mullet out of all the Kpop stars here. 

His sported the mullet twice, once for EXO’s “Ko Ko Bop” era and then again for their song “Tempo”. 

What was different about his mullet is that he had braided it at the back. Also Chen had let the front section of hair stay longer, letting it fall into choppy bangs on his forehead. 

All of this, along with the red highlights on his hair contributed to making this mullet a memorable one! 


who in bts has mullet
Source: v_taehyungie_

Kim Taehyung or V as he is better known, sported a mullet during the promotion of BTS’s FAKE LOVE album. 

Staying true to his personality, he created a sort of emo, grunge look with his mullet which is impressive as the mullet was a very mainstream look when it first started during the 80s. 

This isn’t V’s only mullet. He sported a subtle variation of it that included long, side swept bangs that gave him a boy-next-door vibe. 

I love a versatile king! 

 SHINee’s Key

Earlier this year, SHINee had released their seventh album called “Don’t Call Me”. And Key or Kim Ki-bum, their lead rapper and vocalist stunned everyone with his gorgeous blonde mullet. 

He also sported blue contacts to go with the blonde hair and cemented himself as an absolute fashion icon.


Kpop mullet hairstyles
Source: haotiniest

Okay, so those of you who want to try out the Kpop mullet but think it’s a bit “too wild”, you should try out a mullet like The8.

He has kept the sides short and left the front sections longer to form curtain bangs. The8 has kept the back section of the mullet sleek and straight so it looks more “tamed”. 

So this is a form of mullet that you can wear to a conservative school or office environment without a second thought. 

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin

How do I get a K-pop mullet

Hyunjin has wavy hair and people often assume that a mullet cannot be created with this texture. But it doesn’t have to be like that, and Hyunjin here proves it! 

He often styles it differently to create versatile looks. Hyunjin often wears it either ruffled with a just-rolled-out-of-bed look or styles his waves to give the mullet a tousled look. 


Oh boy, if you thought G-dragon’s red mullet was something else, here’s Mino from the Kpop group WINNER ramping things up by dyeing his hair green.

His mullet is a bit shorter at the back than usual and combines a high fade with a mullet to create a very “punk” look! 

FAQs about Kpop Idols With Mullets

Kpop stans are the most curious in the world. And everything Kpop idols becomes news, especially if they’re breaking boundaries in the world of style, makeup, or hair. 

So it’s understandable why a lot of people want to emulate the mullet trend because of their Kpop idol. 

To give you more info on the mullet trend now sweeping Korean pop music, I’ve also answered some of your frequently asked questions down below. Take a look! 

male kpop idols with mullets
Source: mrjongdaee

Who started the mullet trend in K-pop?

It was G-Dragon from the second generation Kpop group BIGBANG who can be credited with starting the mullet trend in Korean pop culture. 
He first started the mullet back in 2015 and kept it till the end of 2017 during BIGBANGs “Made World Tour”. G-Dragon also drew attention to his hair by coloring it a bright red during this period.

Who has the best mullet in K-pop?

A lot of Kpop idols have rocked a mullet of the years and they’ve all looked fantastic. But if I were to choose favorites, I’d say BIGBANGs G-dragon who was the pioneer of the mullet trend did it best. I also liked EXO’s Baekhyun’s mullet during his Ko Ko Bop era as the red highlights were a bold and interesting choice. 

How do I get a K-pop mullet?

A mullet is a complicated hairstyle to recreate at home. If you try doing it yourself at home, it’s possible you might chop up a lot more hair than necessary at the front and sides. And then it just looks weird. So it’s best to go to your barber and ask him for a mullet. Or better yet you can show him a picture. 

Final Thoughts About Kpop Idols With Mullets

Mullets have been the butt of the joke for years now because they give the wearer a very distinctive look.

But they were THE style statement of the 80s. So I’m kind of happy to see them come back in style and even happier to know that it’s Kpop who is responsible for it’s revival.

These Kpop idols are the perfect example of how one can look stylish wearing a mullet. 

If you’re looking for a new hairstyle to try out, why not get a Kpop-style mullet. 

All you need to do is show your barber the pictures of these handsome gentlemen above and you can then look like your favorite Kpop star too! 

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