kpop male idols with best abs

11 Kpop Male Idols With Best Abs 2023 | Hotties with Sexy ABS According To Fans

Here are some top Kpop male idols with best abs! How do Kpop idols get abs? Well with a lot of hard work!

Is it getting hot in here? There is no denying that all our favorite Kpop idols have the entire package. They are blessed with angelic voices and smooth dance moves and are so stunningly attractive. 

These Kpop idols They not only work physically, emotionally and mentally but also work extra hard to have amazing bodies. With impressive fitness regimens, they deserve to be proud of what they have accomplished with their workouts and are definitely everybody’s body goals. 

They work extremely hard to show off their abs which are such a treat and delight to see at concerts, music shows and videos.

I mean after all what is the best remedy for all those shivering cold winters? Well, an extra hot dose of hot and steamy K-pop rock hard abs of course! 

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Under the shirt lies smoking, jaw-dropping and incredibly ripped six-pack abs that are guaranteed to make you feel inspired to go hit the gym and opt for a healthy lifestyle. But, in the meantime no harm for some fun arm candy, am I right?

In 2022, the Korean entertainment website Kpopmap had all the dedicated and hardcore fans vote who they thought had hottest abs in the industry. 

Although the list was very long, we have broken down some of our personal favorite (not ranked in any particular order) abs that will make your heart skip a beat. 

Kpop Male Idols With Best Abs 2022

Would you like to know more about the top Kpop male idols with best abs? Then, get ready to melt like ice-cream as you drool over our top eleven  KPOP male hotties with sexy abs!

MoonBin (Astro)

kpop male idols with best abs
Source: Instagram@hyung_so_hot

ASTRO member Moonbin has one of the most incredible bodies in the entertainment industry. Just look at those muscled biceps and triceps and Ooh La La hello abs! 

It’s definitely not easy to maintain a toned body that great but he doesn’t allow his busy schedule to get in the way of his workouts. He is literally obsessed with exercising and always makes it a point to try out different exercise techniques to maintain those hot abs. 

Moonbin revealed that he enjoys  aerobic exercises, chin ups,push ups, and other routines that are focused on toning the abs. He controls his appetite and includes a variety of protein rich food like egg whites, chicken breast, brown rice and salads. 

And thanks to this amazing physique, he was on the cover of Men’s health where he received endless praises and recognition.

HongSeok (Pentagon)

Most handsome Korean idols without surgery
Source: Instagram@abc

Hongseok is another hottie from the Pentagon known for those ripped abs and was featured on the cover of Men’s Health Korea magazine. He usually works out for about three to five  days a week and around two hours a day. 

Hongseok even featured in an episode of KBS’s- Mr. House Husband, where he helped train Minhwan. They both worked out together and did some weights and cardio. HongSeok loves to exercise and has rock hard abs to prove it.

Jimin (BTS)

hottest abs in BTS
Source: Instagram@parkjimin_abs

The BTS hottie did struggle to lose weight and followed a very unhealthy diet to shred all the extra fat. But now he eats healthy food that includes chicken, vegetables and fruits. 

He loves to workout with his fellow members to get those toned abs that we just can’t stop staring at. All the BTS members consider their dance practice as a workout routine as they spend hours rehearsing and it helps them burn a load of calories. 

Jimin is also fond of doing squats, crunches, wall pull-ups, push-ups and other cardio exercises like running and cycling too. He keeps himself hydrated by drinking loads of water throughout the day.

Bang Chan (Stray Kids)

kpop idols abs male
Source: Instagram@bangchanabs

Stray Kids member Bang Chan not only has insane rapping skills and one of the best vocals but also killer abs and a slender figure. He does workout and follows a diet regimen to maintain his sexy physique. 

One of the ways he gets rid of his unnecessary fat is through dance and practicing the songs and dance routine and rehearsing for hours along with his other members. He loves hitting the gym and does Pilates too. 

Bangchan also eats healthy food and his fans can see this through his vlogs and live broadcast. His favorite food is chicken and also includes seaweed in his meals most of the time.


korean idol abs
Source: Instagram@wonho_abs

Wonho is one of the male Kpop idols known for his well-defined abs and muscular body. Besides his amazing musical talent he has a striking figure that always makes his fans go absolutely gaga whenever he decides to show off his muscles or abs on stage or on Instagram. 

So, what is the secret behind his incredible body shape? He spends a significant amount of time at the gym and always makes sure he will always get his workout done in spite of his busy schedule.

He revealed to Elle Korea of using a foam roller to release tight and sore muscles. Most of his exercises focus on his abdomen and ab workouts. It’s no wonder his abs are so right and toned. 

Wohon has also revealed to fans that he loves cardio like cycling and running on the treadmill. He pays attention to what he eats and follows a healthy diet with all the necessary vitamins like C, D and B.

Jihoon (formerly Wanna One) 

who has the best body in kpop male 2022
Source: Instagram@hyung_so_hot

During a few of their concerts, Park Jihoon revealed his gorgeous six pack. He worked really hard to get them as he promised his fans he would definitely get them. 

Along with his other members, he promotes healthy eating habits and spends hours with them in dance  rehearsals. Just like Jihoon, you too can work really hard and get that amazing body you always dreamed of. 

This cutie can totally be your inspiration and you can meet your weight loss goals in no time.

JaeHyun (NCT)

how do kpop idols get abs
Source: Instagram@jaehyun_abs

Well, ‘haba haba’ was I the only one who shouted out with glee when Jaehyun finally showed us his abs? One of his video logs of the band’s tour preparations we finally got a glimpse for the very first time. 

His sexy abs made him show off an entirely different side of him- the bold and cool guy. Those abs  are completely bolda and natural. 

Jaehyun loves exercises like stretches, upright rows, barbell back squats and rows, kettlebells wings and more. He often eats rice by rolling it into a ball before consuming it.

Kai (EXO)

who has the best abs in EXO
Source: Instagram@abs.kaiexo

Kai is renowned for being one of the cutest guys in the K-pop industry because of his body structure. When he shows off his dazzling abs, you feel more intrigued to know more about what is his secret to keeping such an awesome figure? 

He does a lot of things to stay fit like dancing for hours during training and rehearsals. Exo loves his gym workouts and does a lot of weight training and the proof is under his shirt. He follows a very strict diet to stay healthy and fit by opting for home made food over junk food.

Jungkook (BTS)

who has the best abs in BTS
Source: Instagram@jungkook_abs

Jungkook’s workout and diet plans are just what his fans would love to see. They are not only simple but 100% effective. I mean hello, the proof are in those hardcore abs. It involves no fancy equipment so almost anyone can replicate his workout routine at home. 

His exercise regimen consists of both bodyweight exercises and cardio. He gets around two to three hours of dance practice daily. 

Jungkook’s bodyweight routine incorporates everything from upper body to lower body to shoulder exercises such as squats, pushups, mountain climbers, leg raises, crunches, burpees, planks and much more. 

He also makes sure he gets all his nutrients in check and mainly focuses on protein like egg whites, chicken sausages, omelets, protein rich salads, grilled meats, soups, noodles, rice  and a whole lot of vegetables. 

One of his favorites is bulgogi (barbecue beef dish).

MinHyuk (BTOB)

do all kpop idols have abs
Source: Instagram@cloutnews

This cutie pie’s Instagram account has always been a thirst trap for so many fans. Look at him ladies, isn’t he a sight for sore eyes? He has always been fit and was featured on the cover of Men’s Health magazine Korea. 

In the interview with this magazine, he revealed how he maintains those killer abs by working out twice a day and cutting down on all carbohydrates. 

His fans have always praised him for his physique and his disciplined mind for focusing by heading to the gym despite his busy schedule. What is even more impressive is that he has wacky acrobatic skills too. 

SeHun (EXO)

Hottest Kpop male idols
Source: Instagram@sehun_abs

Sehun is probably at the top of the list when it comes to having an amazing body. He does a mixture of different workouts to keep things interesting. I mean, if it is one thing we all know by now is that if you can’t dance then you probably won’t be able to become a K-pop idol. 

Sehun does a lot of dancing, weight training, cardio, boxing, performances and photoshoots to help get him in a fabulous shape. Other than dancing, he does modeling shoots where he is required to walk at the ramp sometimes which takes a lot of energy. 

When it comes to his diet, eats everything but in moderation, especially Korean food. He also has many vegetables, and he drinks a lot of water throughout the day to keep his body hydrated.

What do you think about our collection of gorgeous and  sexy male abs? Who was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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