Kpop Profile Of Txt Members In Order Of Popularity 2022

Kpop Profile Of TXT Members In Order Of Popularity 2023 

Here is the Kpop profile of TXT members in order of popularity including the TXT members age, birthday, position in group and more!

TXT members ranked by popularity in Korea BIGHIT’s BTS brother group TXT is very popular all over the world! 

So here’s an in-depth TXT member profile! We’ve collected not only individual profiles, but also TXT popularity, TXT member colors, name meanings, age order, and even past photos.

 So if you’re an aspiring TXT fan, be sure to check out this article. 

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Kpop Profile Of Txt Members In Order Of Popularity 2022 

Here’s a profile of the TXT members, sorted by popularity! We will arrange them in order of popularity based on testimonials from Korean fans, popularity votes on Korean music websites, and trade prices of their merchandise.


No.5 Huening Kai

  • Real name: Kai Kamal Huening
  • Hangul: 휴닝카이
  • Birthday: August 14, 2002
  • Nationality: American (Korean-American)
  • Height: 183cm
  • Weight: 67kg
  • Foot size: 280mm
  • Blood type: Type A
  • Personality type: ENFP
  • Religion: Catholic
  • Family: Parents, older sister, younger sister
  • Special ability: playing musical instruments
txt main vocal
Source: Instagram@txt_bighit

TXT’s 5th place in popularity order is Huening Kai. Together with Taehyun, he is in charge of the youngest child. His father is Brazilian-American and his mother is half-Korean, and he is an American citizen. 

According to interviews, Huening Kai’s father was born in Brazil and immigrated to the U.S. when he was 4 years old, then met and married his Korean mother while studying in Hong Kong.

Huening Kai was born in Hawaii, lived in China for 7 years, and moved to Korea with his mother when he was in first grade in 2009, where he has lived ever since. After joining BIGHIT through casting when he was in the second year of middle school, he spent two years and six months as a trainee. 

At first, he auditioned for another agency with his sister, but when the staff of that agency transferred him to BIGHIT, they cast Huening Kai, who was still in his memory, and he ended up joining BIGHIT.

If any member looks foreign at first glance, it is Huening Kai. With his striking face and deep double eyes, we often hear that he resembles Peter Pan, a unicorn, or a penguin. 

Still at a young age, he has continued to grow taller since his debut and is now more than 20 centimeters taller than he was before his debut.

TXT members names and age
Source: Instagram@txt_bighit

As the youngest member, he is cute and has a lot of laughter in his personality. You can see how serious he is on stage, but when he gets off stage, he is a very charming type of person. 

The members were all shy at first, but once they got to know each other, they showed great affinity. Especially member Subin even called Huening Kai an ‘angel. He said that when the kind and lovely Huening kai hugs him to say goodnight, he feels like his soul is being cleaned.

Although TXT does not have a formalized position, Huening Kai mainly plays the vocal position. She’s a member with a clean, sweet tone, a loud voice, and live ability.

So you can often hear Huening Kai’s voice in the chorus. Huening Kai’s ideal type is someone who can laugh with his and share his heart. He prefers bobbed hair rather than long hair.

No. 4 Taehyun

  • Real name: Kang Tae-hyun
  • Hangul: 강태현
  • Birthday: February 5, 2002
  • Nationality: Republic of Korea
  • Height: 177cm
  • Weight: 55kg
  • Blood Type: A
  • Personality Type: ESTP
  • Family: parents, sister, dog, snake
  • Special ability: Talking
txt leader
Source: Instagram@txt_bighit

Fourth in the TXT popularity rankings is Taehyun. He is the member in charge of the youngest child along with Hyuning Kai. 

He has been working as a child model since he was a child and shooting various commercials, and has had a personal fan since 2008. Still, he was really good at studying and did first place in his class and even prepared for a special high school in Korea.

He joined BIGHIT or rather HYBE entertainment in casting. He received many casting offers from other agencies, but he chose BIGHIT “because I thought they would use a lot of their power for me”. He became a trainee in 2016 and lived as a trainee for 3 years.

I am the youngest child with Hyuning Kai, but they say we have completely different personalities. 

If Hyuning Kai is more charming and mischievous, Taehyun is more mature and mature and has his own opinions. He is such a mature member of the team that he is said to “say wise words a lot” in the team.

Although his face is very small, his high nose and big eyes make him a member who is often mistaken for being half-Japanese. Especially, member Hyuning Kai even said, “I thought you were half. 

They have received so many castings thanks to their nice appearance. He has the face of a natural-born idol, having even received 20 business cards in one day. He also has a good body style and is said to be one of the skinniest and thin-waisted members of the group.

In TXT, he mainly plays the vocal position. His voice is fresh and strong, and he has been praised for his ability to express his emotions, which fits well with TXT’s music. He is also a talented dancer and a member who plays a major role in the team’s performance. 

Taehyun also has a cute side: his dream in elementary school was to be a magician, and in middle school he dreamed of being a sorceress. His specialty is card magic, and he has actually shown us a magic trick at a V Live performance.

Here he is showing off his magic skills!

No. 3 Bom Kyu

  • Real name: Choi Bom Kyu
  • Hangul: 최범규
  • Birthday: March 13, 2001
  • Nationality: Republic of Korea
  • Height: 180cm
  • Weight: 53kg
  • Foot size: 270mm
  • Blood type: AB
  • Personality type: ENFJ
  • Family: parents, brother, parrot
  • Special ability: making noise
txt members birthday
Source: Instagram@txt_bighit

The third place in the TXT popularity order is Bom Kyu. He was born with a natural appearance and joined BIGHIT in casting. 

After receiving a casting proposal in his hometown, he was asked to ‘come to Seoul for an audition,’ but when he said, ‘I can’t go because of the exam period,’ he was a member with such great potential that the office staff came back to take another look. 

Later, after entering Hallym High School, a well-known high school for entertainers, he was lined up by various offices for casting.

They first learned to dance and sing while living as trainees at BIGHIT for two years. 

After passing the audition, he asked the office staff if he had practiced dancing and singing before joining the company and was told that he could learn slowly after joining the company, but when he entered the company, he immediately became a debut member and took dance lessons eight hours a day each. 

Perhaps because of this, he has precise dancing ability, and he is a member who puts more effort into songs with a lower voice than other members. In particular, he is also the member who decides the center of the song, so much so that he is in charge of the starting part of most of the songs.

He has a typical idol face that looks cold when they are expressionless but looks warm when they smile. I love that he has a face that can handle a variety of moods, with big eyes, a flashy look, and makeup that suits him well. 

He is a broad-minded member who is in a good mood most of the time and is not shy with people they meet for the first time, and they are well-spoken. 

Kyu is also a perfectionist in his own work, and is the type of person who develops through methodical effort. He prefers the word “cool” to “cute.

He is interested in fashion and exercise, especially bicycles. If he had not become a singer, he says he would have liked to be a cyclist. Perhaps because of this, he has strong thighs and has never lost a thigh duel with someone larger than herself on TV.

A member who has a cute side with many things he can’t eat, said he could talk for more than 3 hours only about the things he can’t eat. 

In particular, Kyu says that he doesn’t like foods like tomatoes, seafood, and chicken feet (tappal). But they like foods like chicken and pizza.

No. 2 Su Bin

  • Real name: Su Bin Choi
  • Hangul: 최수빈
  • Birthday: December 5, 2000
  • Nationality: Republic of Korea
  • Height: 185cm
  • Weight: 67kg
  • Foot size: 280mm
  • Blood type: A
  • Personality type: ISFP
  • Family: Parents, sister, brother, dog
  • Special Skills: Fidgeting, Games
txt members age with photo
Source: Instagram@txt_bighit

The second place in TXT’s popularity order is Subin. He is the only member of TXT with an official position and is the leader of TXT. 

When he was a trainee, he took it one by one to choose a leader, and the company employees all chose Subin as their leader in their evaluation, making him the final leader. She’s in the middle years of the team, in charge of being nice to the members.

Before his debut, he was so introverted that he only stayed at home, and he is a member with a calm personality that he says he always hung out with quiet friends. 

According to his own words, before his debut, he was so introverted that he avoided talking to anyone who talked to her, but with the help of the members, he became more outspoken. 

He has a kind and gentle personality, but he is a strong-willed person, the type who goes his own way without worrying about people who don’t like her. He is slow to act but responsible.

He has a soft face, like his soft personality, and a pretty face with dimples when he smiles. But he has the type of eyelashes that are thick and go up, so when he doesn’t have bangs, the atmosphere is totally different. 

With his round, white skin, he is often said to resemble a rabbit, but at 185cm tall, he is the tallest of the team members. There are rumors that he is actually 187cm.

He says that he was very eager to study when he was a student, but math was his least favorite subject because he could not get good grades even though he tried hard. 

Besides being a singer, he wanted to be a psychotherapist or a chef. However, after dancing at a school festival with his friends in junior high school, he could not forget the cheers from the audience and decided to become a singer. 

After becoming a debut member, he dropped out of high school to become a trainee, but despite the opposition of his parents, he was able to convince his parents to let his practice until the end.

He is a fan of BTS, especially Jin, and volunteered for the audition of BIGHIT through e-mail, which was his first audition. 

However, he mistakenly wrote down his phone number incorrectly, and the BIGHIT staff spent two months looking for his phone number to contact him.

During the second audition, you were so nervous that you couldn’t sing a song properly because you were so nervous that you held the microphone and waved your hands. 

You were so frustrated that you bought and ate five ice creams on your way home, but when you heard the news that you passed the audition, you thought it was a scam, which is a cute experience.

No. 1 Yong Joon

  • Real name: Choi Yong Joon
  • Hangul: 최연준
  • Birthday: September 13, 1999
  • Nationality: Republic of Korea
  • Height: 181.5cm
  • Weight: 62kg
  • Foot size: 280mm
  • Blood type: Type A
  • Personality type: ENFP
  • Family: Parents
  • Special ability: eating rice
txt leader name
Source: Instagram@txt_bighit

TXT’s No. 1 in popularity order is Yong Joon. He was the first member whose teaser video was released at the time of his debut, and thanks to his glamorous idol appearance, he was also the member who attracted a great deal of attention, receiving over 10 million views and trending No. 1 in two days. 

He was born in Korea but became fluent in English while living in the United States from the age of 9 to 11. His English name is Daniel.

After 3 months as a trainee at Cube Entertainment, he was casted in BIGHIT. He spent the next 4 years as a trainee at BIGHIT and earned the nickname “Big Hit Legendary Trainee”. 

The reason for this is that during his time as a trainee, he won first place in all areas of dance, vocals, and rapping in an evaluation that took place once a month. They have had joint first place before, but never so much as a second place.

He is among the most versatile members of TXT with no official position, and they are capable in all areas of vocals, rapping, and dancing. He can sing high notes with ease, and his rap pronunciation is so accurate and cool that he has many rap parts.

Yong Joon is attractive with long, double-less eyes and full lips. He has a good figure, with a height of over 181cm and legs as long as 109cm, which makes him look really good in a full-body photo.

His lively personality made him popular during his school days. Although he has a mischievous personality, he is very kind to the members and fans. He is a member who is good at expressing emotions and has a cute personality, dancing when he is happy and shedding tears when he is sad.

What are the TXT member colors?

TXT member colors have not been officially declared, but the colors of the earbuds the members made together have become official among fans! Here’s that info and a pic!

  1. Yong Joon: Violet
  2. Subin: Black
  3. Bom Kyu: Red
  4. Taehyung: Yellow
  5. Hyuning Kai: Green
TXT kpop profiles
Source: Instagram@txt_bighit

What kind of group is TXT?

TXT is a 5-member male idol group affiliated with BIG HIT Entertainment, a major firm belonging to BTS and ENHYPEN. The group consists of four Koreans and one half-American. TXT debuts on March 4, 2019 and is led by Subin.

What does TXT mean?

TXT stands for TOMORROW X TOGETHER, meaning “You and I, who are different from each other, come together as one dream to make tomorrow. It means that the boys who come together for one dream and goal will help each other to move forward.

The name of TXT’s fan club is MOA, which stands for Moments Of Alwaysness, meaning “every moment that TXT and fans are always together” and “TXT and fans who gather pieces of each other’s dreams to complete one.

Enjoyed reading about TXT? Here is their latest song you can vibe to:

FAQs about Kpop Group TXT

Who is the most hated member of TXT right now?

I wouldn’t say that any member of TXT is hated as such. They are a relatively new group and have managed to avoid drama so far. However, a minor scandal did break out when a few claimed that TXT member Soobin had used a racial slur (usually directed at black people) in a fan meet and greet event. However it was later clarified that he called himself a “coonie” in reference to his old nickname being raccoon and it had nothing to do with the racial slur at all! So Soobin was back from the brink of being cancelled.

Who is TXT’s most handsome member?

When the audience was polled about who is the most handsome member in the Kpop group, a majority of them unanimously agreed that it was Yeonjun. He is also the chief rapper and dancer of the group. A lot of girls found his dimples and boyish charm very attractive. Soobin was also designated as most handsome in a different popularity poll. So we can say that these two are quite popular with the ladies.

Who is the visual in TXT?

TXT’s visual is Huening Kai. He is also the lead vocalist of the group and happens to be the “maknae” or the youngest member of TXT as well.

Who is the main dancer of TXT?

Yeonjun is the main dancer of TXT. And not only is he the main dancer of the this Kpop group but also the main rapper as well. Talk about being multitalented! Yeonjun has also choreographed a lot of the dance moves in the TXT music vidoes so he knows what he’s doing that’s for sure!


TXT is the younger brother group of BTS and has appeared in various Japanese TV programs. More information will be added and updated in the future, so stay tuned!

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