Kpop Room Decor DIY Ideas

10 Cutest Kpop Room Decor DIY Ideas For An Aesthetic Space

If you’re a huge Kpop fan, here are some cute Kpop Room Decor DIY Ideas that you can use to create an aesthetic look. Pinterest who?

If you are a K-Pop fan like me, then you can relate to this—you want their merchandise all around you, including posters, t-shirts, key rings, coffee mugs with their picture, and much more.

But the main question is how to organise them all aesthetically. One thing is that you can keep them in your drawer, but you will have to open them multiple times.

No worries, in this blog, I have shared some fantastic DIY ideas that you can use to decorate your bedroom or any room with your favorite K-Pop materials, and you can enjoy your own space while listening to their music. 

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Kpop Room Decor DIY Ideas

Here are some cute ways you can spruce up your interiors Kpop style!

Decorate Your Study Table

Kpop Room Decor DIY Ideas
Source: Instagram @gumminni

If you are someone who likes to collect little things like key rings, coffee mugs, small frames, etc., then this one’s for you. Please pick up all the things you have that you can relate to your favorite K-Pop artist and place them nicely on your study table. 

Keep all of your pens in any K-Pop coffee mug and add a picture in a small frame. Make sure to add things according to your space. 

You do not have to fill up the desk but rather organize them nicely. You can even add a beautiful K-Pop wallpaper to your laptop if you have one.

kpop room decor ideas
Source: Instagram @captainjoong98

Every time you sit down to work or study at your desk, you can play your favorite K-Pop song in the background and focus on the task.

This Kpop DIY idea is primarily for students or those who sit down for long hours and work.

K-Pop Soft Toys and Dolls: 

kpop room decor pinterest
Source: Instagram @min93z

K-Pop artists are so cute; imagine how adorable their soft toys would be. This idea is especially for those who love soft toys. 

There are many K-Pop merch like soft toys available in the online market, so you can easily buy them and add them to your room. 

You can build a small rack to keep them in some place in your room or even place them pleasantly on the sides of your bed.

kpop room decor amazon
Source: Instagram @seokjinda

This is the most straightforward and terrific way to decorate your room, as you just need to find the perfect place to keep them.

I have a Kpop cushion, and I cuddle with it every night. You can choose to buy pillows or soft toys, or both. 

A Wall Full of Posters: 

kpop aesthetic room decor
Source: Instagram @hallewithluv

If you are too lazy and don’t want to do anything, just find pictures of your favorite K-Pop artist and stick them to your wall.

Choose a wall or a corner of your room and attach all your pictures. It will attract the attention of anybody who directly enters your room. 

I got this idea from the music video of Eminem’s famous song “No Love,” where in one scene, the boy is listening to Em’s song, and his wall is filled with pictures of multiple rap artists. 

Don’t worry about what size or shape to use; you can use whatever you have.

kpop room background
Source: Instagram @jyanipolitecat

I have a corner of the wall where I have stuck Polaroids of Jimin and Jungkook (my two cuties). And not just that, I have also added some aesthetic Polaroids like lavender flowers or names of their albums, and some have lyrics on them. 

Wired Squared Grid: 

kpop room ideas
Source: Instagram @kookiekorj

If you don’t want to spoil your wall by sticking something or just want to be more creative, then you can install a wire square grid on your wall. 

By using small clips, you can hang your favorite K-pop photos. You can even add quotes, lyrics, keychains, concert tickets, autographs, and lights to make it more aesthetic.

A simple yet beautiful idea to decorate your room, and your mom won’t scold you for the stickers on the wall. 

Framed Lyrics: 

kpop decor
Source: Instagram @hallewithluv

There are songs that you love listening to, and then there are other songs that stay with you forever and always. Everyone has that one part of music or lyrics with which they connect deeply. 

Make a printout of the lyrics or quote of your favorite song that you can relate to, attach it to a frame and add it to your wall. It can be any line that inspires you in difficult times or reminds you of someone you adore. 

So every time you feel low or lonely, you can look at these lines, and they will surely make you smile.

I have two frames—one has Taylor Swift’s lyrics–”will you still love me when I’m nothing new,” and the other frame has Kpop lyrics–”if you and I are together, we can run across the sky.”

Heart-Shaped Polaroid: 

kpop wall decor
Source: Instagram @bng.chn.97

If you are just starting with home decor and do not know how to do it, here is a simple way to do it.

You just need 40 to 50 polaroids of the same size and choose to make a heart shape on your wall. 

One crucial thing to take care of is the dimensions of the pictures and the proper placement of them on the wall in a heart shape. 

How can I decorate my Kpop room
Source: Instagram @craftracha

You can even watch YouTube videos on how to mark the dimensions on the wall perfectly. 

You can choose to write something on the top of the wall or just leave it as it is. Then you can decorate it with fairy lights and fur if you want. It will surely give aesthetic vibes. 

Fun With Posters

How do you make your room aesthetic in Korean
Source: Instagram @gummiini

You can put large posters of your favourite kpop stars and decide a theme for those posters. Like all are going to be pinkish or bluish or whatever you want. 

The other thing you can do with posters is, you can decorate the large poster with small polaroids around its edges. 

It will give a cute and detailed look to the decor. 

Paint It 

Buy Kpop Room Decor Online
Source: Instagram @_daisysteps

You can paint or have your wall painted in a Kpop theme. My friend has a BTS themed wall and I envy her so much. 

But I’m not allowed to paint my walls. And if you are not having that privilege too, then you can put stickers or a wallpaper on your wall. 

I would say wallpaper would be the best option and it would look like you have painted your wall but you actually haven’t. 

DIY Artwork

kpop artwork decor
Source: Instagram @gummini

You can hang or put on the wall some artwork you made of Kpop. I love painting and crafting so I made a sketch of Jimin and hung it on my wall (proud moment). 

You can make a craftwork or anything unique and put it on your wall or place it at your favourite table or corner. 

DIY Wooden Poster

diy kpop decor
Source: Instagram @gummini

I know the posters out there are expensive and you are looking for a more budget friendly and strong poster that lasts long. 

You can make your own Kpop posters and customise them however you want. 

You will need a wooden piece of any shape you like, preferably circle or square, glue, and acrylic colours. Print your favourite images of your kpop idols and make sure they are of the same size. 

Then paint the edges of the wooden plank with your choice of colour. Then apply glue on it and stick the picture. Then apply the on top of it to make it glossy. 

Then use double tape and stick it on your wall. You can make as many as you want and they look so aesthetic. I made two  for myself. 

Picture Pot

kpop inspired decor
Source: Instagram @claypop13

This is the cutest DIY thing you can make and get rich aesthetic vibes. 

You will need a clay pot, two stones, acrylic paints, popsicle stick, and your favourite kpop Polaroid. 

Now let’s get the ball rolling. Start painting the clay pot with white colour. You can make patterns or designs as per your choice. I like to keep it white. 

Then paint those two stones green. One stone should be light green and the other should be dark green. After they dry up, make stripes with white colour. 

Then place the two stones in the pot. And stick your Polaroid on the popsicle stick. 

Now, place the stick in the pot. 

Ta-da! Your cutie is ready. You can place this on your table or wherever you like. 

Kpop Garlands

kpop room decoration ideas
Source: Instagram @yeon1uv

If you wish to accommodate many or all of your kpop idols then you can do so by making garlands. 

You can choose the shape and size but here I’m talking about cutting your favourite kpop images in the shape of an ice cream. 

Then put the popsicle stick behind them and stick them on a twine. 

You can add different shapes to experiment and have fun. Here, you can add cones and stick circular images of your idols and it would look like popsicles and cone ice creams. 


When it comes to decorating your room, you are free to do experiments and pick up what best suits your space. 

I have shared some of the best decor ideas to give you an idea of how your room is going to look after the makeover, regardless of its size—happy decorating.

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