Penthouse Lee Ji Ah’s Marriage With Seo Taiji Jung

Penthouse Lee Ji Ah’s Marriage With Seo Taiji Jung | Their Romantic Relationship Revealed 

Learn all about Lee Ji Ah’s marriage with Seo Taiji Jung and why their marriage and relationship failed. 

Romantic relationships involving two good looking and famous people often invite a lot of public interest and speculation. Especially if said relationship has led to a breakup.

The more complicated the relationship seems to be, the curiouser fans are about their favorite idol’s love lives. 

And something similar happened to first generation boy bander Seo Taiji and actress Lee Ji Ah.

They were teenage lovers who quickly settled down in marriage only for the relationship to break down within 5 years. So what went wrong? And why did this couple divorce?

Well, I’ve explained all about Seo Taiji and Lee Ji Ah’s relationship, marriage and finally divorce in the article below. Take a look! 

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Penthouse Lee Ji Ah’s Marriage With Seo Taiji Jung

Lee Ji Ah and Seo Taiji Relationship – (1997 – 2006)

lee ji ah seo taiji daughter
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A lot of people did not know about Lee Ji Ah’s relationship with Seo Taiji. The truth of the matter came out when a media article did an expose on her during her relationship with ex-boyfriend Jung Woo Sung.

Lee Ji Ah then revealed that this thread of exposure prompted her to tell Jung Woo Sung everything about her past with Seo Taiji which was kept very secret and private during the course of their relationship. 

Even today, Ji Ah hasn’t mentioned many details about their time together. Here’s what we know of how their relationship began.

Apparently, before Ji Ah entered the South Korean entertainment industry she attended a concert in California where Seo Taiji was scheduled to perform. 

She was only 15 years old (16 years in Korean age) at that time.

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The pair met and instantly hit it off. Then Lee Ji Ah began dating him officially and lived with him in Atlanta and Arizona.

There were also rumors that she had isolated herself from her family and friends in an attempt to protect Seo Taiji’s identity and media exposure.

The couple then married in 1997 when Lee Ji Ah was only 19 years old. 

Their Relationship Issues and Subsequent Divorce – (2006-2011)

Lee Ji Ah hadn’t began her acting career when the pair were married. But Seo Taiji was still very well-known as the founder and member of the rock group Seo Taiji and the Boys which also incidentally featured Yang Hyun Suk, the former CEO of YG Entertainment. 

Seo Taiji later moved back to Korea from the US in 2006. And I can only assume that the pair had a long distance marriage after that.

Later, in 2006, Lee Ji Ah filed for divorce from Seo Taiji for unknown reasons. However, on the petition, the official reason given was “differences in personalities, lifestyles, and careers”. 

This entire story regarding Lee Ji Ah and Seo Taiji’s relationship, marriage and divorce didn’t even reach the public’s ears until an official settlement of divorce was announced in 2011.

Yes, that is a very, very long drawn divorce battle. But things were complicated as Seo Taiji and Lee Ji Ah were married in the US and the laws there were different from in Korea. Plus, Lee Ji Ah sued Seo Taiji for a fair share in matrimonial properties.

It seemed like a heated battle but it reached a peaceful conclusion as the two made an out-of-court settlement in the year 2011. 

Lee Ji Ah  and Jung Woo Sung (2011)

After working in the KBS drama “Athena: Goddess of War”, Lee Ji Ah and co-star Jung Woo Sung sparked dating rumors. 

Things were confirmed when the pair was spotted on a date together in France. 

Unfortunately, this was in 2011 when Ji Ah had just reached a settlement with former husband Seo Taiji. There was a media storm when the news broke out and Key Star Entertainment later confirmed that Lee Ji Ah and Jung Woo Sung had broken up.

jung woo sung lee ji ah
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Years later Jung Woo Sung confessed that he already knew about Ji Ah’s former marriage and that she had confessed it all to him during their Paris trip. 

He also expressed sympathy for her saying that she only “fell in love with someone she was not supposed to” and that it’s Ji Ah was not at fault for that.

Lee Ji Ah and Park Eun Seok Relationship & Dating – (Unconfirmed)

There are a lot of rumors that Leen Ji Ah and Park Eun Seok are dating. This is because the two played an on-screen couple in the K-drama Penthouse and even shared a few intimate scenes together.

Lee Ji Ah and Park Eun Seok were rumored to be in a relationship after they were spotted together on a number of occasions. The rumors were further fueled when the two stars were seen together at a restaurant in March of 2016.

However, the pair has never confirmed their relationship and it is still unclear if they are dating or not.

Seo Taiji’s Relationship With Lee Eun-sung – (2013 – Present)

Two years after his divorce with Lee Ji Ah was settled in 2011, he met his current wife Lee Eun Sung on the set of one his song’s music video. The song was called Bermuda Triangle. 

The pair instantly fell in love despite their 16 year old age gap and began dating. They married in 2013 and had a baby girl later in 2014. 

As of 2022, the couple have been living in Seo Taiji’s family home in Pyeongchang-dong. 

While his first marriage to Lee Ji Ah was quite volatile and private, Seo Taiji chose to announce his wedding to Eun-Sung on his own website. He claimed that he had found the “one” and that he was waiting for a long time for a relationship like this.

Lee Eun Sung also confessed that she loved Seo Taiji’s music for a long time and was a fan, but fell in love with him after seeing how he treated the technicians and crew members on the shooting of their music video. 

FAQs about Penthouse Lee-Jiah Marriage With Seo-Taiji-Jung

I’m sure you must be ever so curious about Lee Ji Ah’s relationship, marriage and later divorce with singer Seo Taiji Jung. So I’ve answered a few of your frequently asked questions for you to have an overview on the most important points of their relationship and subsequent breakup.

Is Lee Ji Ah married?

No. As of now Lee Ji Ah is not married. She had married Seo Taiji back in 1997 and the couple got officially divorced in 2011 after reaching an out-of-court settlement. Lee Ji Ah’s rumored to be in a relationship with her “Penthouse” co-star Park Eun Seok. 

Is Seo Taiji married?

Yes, Seo Taiji is already married. He got hitched to an actress called Lee Eun-sung in 2013 when he met her on the set of his music video Bermuda Triangle. The couple also have a little daughter who was born in 2014. 

How old was Lee Ji Ah when she married Seo Taiji?

Lee Ji Ah was actually quite young when she entered into a relationship with Seo Taiji. She was 16 years old and Taiji was 21. And this was in the year 1997. The pair tied the knot soon after Li Ji Ah turned 19. A lot of people didn’t know this and it only came to light when interviewers tried to pry into Lee Ji Ah’s then relationship with Jung Woo Sung. 

Why did Seo Taiji divorce Lee Ji?

Nobody actually knows what went down between the two of them and frankly I don’t think we will know until someone tries to reveal all. And even then we cannot be sure about how much of it is true and not told from a biased point of view. We only know that Lee Ji Ah was the one who filed the divorce petition in 2006 and the official reason given was clashing personalities, lifestyles, and career choices. 

Does Lee Ji Ah have any children?

No Lee Ji Ah doesn’t have any children. She is rumored to be in a relationship with Park Eun Seok but nothing’s been confirmed. 

Summary on Penthouse Lee Ji ah Marriage With Seo Taiji Jung

I think both Seo Taiji Jung and Lee Ji Ah are good people in their own right. And while it was good to see them both as a couple, sometimes things do not work out.

As someone who had been fans of both of these people, I was glad when things seemed to be settled between the two in 2011.

It was also a good feeling to see Lee Ji Ah move on with her costar Park Eun Seok as they seem so happy together.

All is not bad for Seo Taiji either as in 2013, he married Lee Eun-sung, an actress who he met on the set of his music video. Now they have a child together, a daughter who was born in August 2014.

So I think their relationship fiascos can be summarized as: all’s well that end’s well! 

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