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A Guide To The Yummiest Korean Ice Cream To Keep You Cool In 2023

What is Korean ice cream? Just the yummiest thing ever! Check out this list of Korean ice creams below!

Who can ever say no to ice cream? Unless of course, you have a bad case of flu. 

Korean Ice creams are some of the most innovative and the most adorable looking food in the world. In fact, they look too cute to eat. 

If you ever happen to go to a Korean supermarket and go through their ice cream freezer, you will find them in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

They are also known to use innovative and unique flavours in their ice creams that taste delicious. 

Some of their offbeat flavours include green tea, popcorn, Basil tomato, Truffle Olive Oil, Makgeolli, etc.

In this guide, we have curated some of the best Korean ice cream flavours that you should try on your trip to Korea.

Best Korean Ice Cream 2023


Samanco Korean ice cream

This is one of the most popular and unique-looking ice creams in Korea. It is similar to an ice cream sandwich and comes in the shape of a cute fish. 

I was a little sceptical about trying out this ice cream since it contained Red Bean paste but the combination with vanilla ice cream was just about the right amount of sweet. 

These are also available in chocolate syrup, strawberry flavour and green tea flavour. 


where to buy korean ice cream

The melona is a fruit-based popsicle created by Binggrae and the most popular flavour is made up of Honeydew melon flavour. 

But if you are not a fan of Melon, these are available in so many different fruity flavours like Banana, Strawberry, Coconut and Mango. 

When I took the first bite, I realised that it has a unique texture to it. It is a perfect combination of a popsicle and ice cream. 

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Corn Ice Cream

corn Korean ice cream

I was super excited to try this ice cream because of its one of a kind design. The corn ice cream looks exactly like its name, a Corn in a cob. 

This uniquely shaped ice cream is coated with an edible styrofoam mould.

The filling is made up of two different layers. A thin layer of chocolate lining the mould and thick vanilla filling inside. 

Although I had a lot of expectations from this one, I’d say I was let down because it has a weird popcorn flavour that I did not find appealing. 

Turtle Egg Ice Cream

Another weirdly shaped and named ice cream in the list, the turtle egg ice cream definitely does not resembles its name.

It resembles a condom. Yes, you heard it right. 

It resembles something like a condom filled with chocolate Ice cream. 

It is packed and sealed tightly in a thin rubbery package that looks very similar to a condom.

You have to suck the ice cream through the tip after making a cut there. I mean, how NSFW does it sound! 

I was definitely weirded out while trying this ice cream but it surprisingly tasted so good and these are really convenient to eat because of this packaging. 

Jaws Popsicle 

jaws Korean ice cream

If you are a fan of the American thriller film Jaws, you would definitely be into this one. 

These shark-shaped ice creams are some of the coolest I have seen and I couldn’t wait to take a bite. 

This is the perfect popsicle for the summer and the strawberry shark guts tasted fantastic!

The ice cream bar has a unique design with shark jaw impressions on it. 

It has a very intense orange flavour so if you are not a fan of orange flavour, I suggest you steer clear from it. 

Softree Honey Icecream

list of korean ice cream

Softree is one of the most popular ice cream brands in Korea that specialises in custard-style soft serve ice creams. 

If you are looking for an Organic choice in Korean ice creams, the softree honey ice cream is your best bet.

It contains an amazing blend of flavours including vanilla and honey that is perfect for a summer day and the best part about this is the chunk of honeycomb that is topped with the soft serve. 

I believe in Vanilla Ice cream superiority so this is definitely my favourite ice cream on the list. 

Ice Cream Rolls

korean ice cream rolls

You must have come across this ice cream at least once on your Instagram. 

This is a delicacy that has caused a storm across the world and is now available almost everywhere. 

This is one of those foods that have become viral on social media, thanks to its unique and satisfying way of preparation. 

I have already tried this ice cream but I was definitely looking forward to trying the unique combinations available in Korea.

This is one of those fool-proof Korean desserts that tastes really good. If it is your first time trying Korean desserts, you should start with this one. 

Wakku Wakku

The Wakku Wakku Ice cream is another fruit-based popsicle that looks too cute to eat. My favourite one was the watermelon flavoured one that looks like a piece of watermelon with cute tiny seeds on it. 

This ice pop comes in a variety of flavours including Choco loop, Strawberry loop, Choco bomb, Happy soda and watermelon. 

The strawberry loop comes in four different shapes and you never know what shape you get until you open the packet. 

The fillings are either vanilla ice cream or condensed milk that tasted so good with the various outer layers. 

Pig Bar

This ice cream does not even look like a pig so you must be wondering where it got its weird name from.

The ice cream gets its name from the year it was released, 1983. It was the year of the pig and the ice cream instantly shot to popularity. 

The ice cream has a delicious combination of a thick Vanilla coating with a fruity jam centre. 

It also has two other layers of coating which are made up of milk chocolate and bits of crunchy cookie. 

It contains a perfect blend of textures with a slight crunchiness to it. Would definitely 10 on 10 recommend. 


pangpare korean ice cream

Patbingsu is a traditional Korean shaved ice cream that can be customised according to your likes. 

You can choose from numerous different flavours and toppings to create delicious combinations. 

Korean summers are super hot and a Patbingsu is inevitable on a hot summer day. 

I tried a combination of strawberry syrup, red beans with mango toppings which literally created heaven in my mouth. 

The best part about this ice cream is that you don’t actually have to go to Korea to try this one, you can easily make this at the comfort of your home with the help of an ice shaving machine, red beans or any other topping of your choice.

Twins Twins 

twins twins Korean ice cream

Do you know what is better than an ice cream bar? A double ice cream bar. 

The Twins Twins ice cream is bigger than your average ice cream bar and it comes with two ice pop sticks to support the large size of the ice cream. 

I was worried if I would be able to finish this one by myself but surprisingly, it ended in a jiffy! 

Unlike the rest of Korean chocolate ice creams, this ice cream has a very mild chocolate flavour that you can never get enough of.

It also has a very milky flavour to it that will be a treat to your taste buds. 


This is probably one of the most convenient packaging ever created for ice creams.

You do not have to fight against time to eat this one because you are worried about the ice cream dripping all over your hands, thanks to the pouch packaging. 

These ice creams come in a pouch with an opening at the other end through which you can suck the ice cream out. You could also squeeze the ice cream out of it. 

This is hands down one of the most convenient packages for ice creams and it tastes so good too!

Cookies And Cream Ice Cream Sandwich

korean ice cre

We have all had cookies and cream ice cream that is made up of crumbled chocolate cookies and vanilla ice cream. 

But this cookies and cream ice cream sandwich is basically ice cream sandwiched between a cake-like bread.

The filling and the outer coating contains tiny chunks of cookie that creates a burst of texture. 

This different take on a classic dessert is definitely my new favourite and something that any dessert lover should try. 

Green Tea Soft Serve

matcha soft serve Korean ice cream

Green tea is the one flavour that many have aversions to because of its bitter and mostly unappealing taste. 

So naturally, I was doubtful about this one. But to my surprise, this turned out to be one of the most delicious ice creams on the list. 

Green tea or matcha is a very popular flavour in Korea and it can be found everywhere, at departmental stores and even street vendors. 

Screw Bar

screw Korean ice cream

Like the name says, the screw bar looks like a giant screw with a swirly design. 

The design and the bright pink colour of this ice cream are very attractive and are sure to catch the attention of kids and adults. 

It also has a convenient pouch packaging that will help in preventing any mess that could be caused by melted ice cream. 

Sweet Corn Korean Ice Cream

Sweet Corn Korean Ice Cream

Sweet Corn Korean ice cream is a delightful and unique frozen treat that has gained popularity not only in Korea but also around the world. What sets this ice cream apart is its sweet and savory flavor profile, which may seem unconventional for a frozen dessert but is incredibly satisfying.

The ice cream base is infused with the natural sweetness of corn, creating a rich and creamy texture that’s complemented by subtle hints of buttery notes. Some variations even include small bits of sweet corn kernels for added texture and flavor bursts.

What makes Sweet Corn Korean ice cream truly special is its ability to balance sweetness with a touch of savory, creating a harmonious taste experience. It’s the perfect blend of comfort food and a refreshing dessert, making it an ideal choice for those looking to explore new and exciting flavors in the world of ice cream.

Whether enjoyed on a hot summer day or as a unique dessert option at any time of the year, Sweet Corn Korean ice cream is a delightful and unforgettable treat for your taste buds.

Shaved Ice Korean Dessert

Shaved Ice Korean Dessert

Shaved ice, known as “bingsu” in Korean cuisine, is a beloved and iconic dessert that has captured the hearts of dessert enthusiasts worldwide. This delightful Korean dessert consists of finely shaved ice that resembles fluffy snow, creating an incredibly light and airy texture.

What makes bingsu truly extraordinary is its versatility, as it can be customized with a wide array of toppings and flavors to suit individual preferences.

Typically, bingsu starts with a base of sweetened condensed milk drizzled over the delicate ice shavings. From there, the possibilities are endless. Traditional variations often include ingredients like red bean paste, chewy rice cakes (tteok), and fruit such as strawberries, kiwi, or mango.

However, modern interpretations have expanded the choices to include chocolate, coffee, matcha green tea, and even savory options like cheese or injeolmi (Korean rice cake) bingsu.

The beauty of shaved ice desserts lies not only in their delectable taste but also in their artful presentation. Bingsu is often served in decorative bowls or plates, making it a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.

This dessert offers a refreshing and satisfying experience, especially on a hot summer day, and it continues to be a delightful way to explore the diverse and inventive world of Korean sweets. Whether enjoyed at a traditional Korean dessert café or crafted at home, bingsu is an indulgence that promises a delightful and cooling escape from the heat.

Is Mochi Ice Cream Korean

Is Mochi Ice Cream Korean

Mochi ice cream, while not originally Korean, has become a popular and beloved dessert in South Korea, as it has in many other countries. Mochi itself is a Japanese invention, consisting of glutinous rice pounded into a chewy, elastic texture. In the context of ice cream, mochi serves as a delightful outer casing that encapsulates various ice cream flavors.

In Korea, mochi ice cream is often referred to as “mochi bingsu,” which combines the traditional Japanese mochi with the Korean concept of bingsu, or shaved ice dessert. The result is a fusion dessert that reflects the international influences in modern Korean cuisine.

Korean mochi ice cream comes in a wide range of flavors, from classic choices like green tea and red bean to more innovative options like sweet potato and mango. The chewy mochi exterior adds a unique and enjoyable textural contrast to the creamy ice cream inside, making it a delightful treat for those seeking a taste of Korea’s vibrant dessert culture.

While mochi ice cream may not be inherently Korean, its adaptation and popularity in South Korea make it an integral part of the country’s diverse dessert landscape.

FAQs about Korean Ice Creams

What is the most popular dessert in Korea?

It is no secret that Koreans are huge fans of ice cream, and there are many different types to choose from. Some of the most popular include bingsu (milkshake), tteokbal (lolipops), halbapjangguk (hot stone milk tea with ice cream), dondonggalbi(doughnuts covered in honey and cinnamon sugar), gimbap(jiujitsu rolls made with rice, seaweed, vegetables, or meat).
There is also a wide variety of toppings available for these icy delights including sweetened condensed milk, fruit syrups, nuts and seeds. So whether you’re in the mood for a salty snack or something sweet and creamy to enjoy on a hot day, Korea has got you covered!

What is the most popular ice cream flavor in Korea?

It may surprise you to learn that the most popular ice cream in Korea is not traditional vanilla or strawberry, but mint chocolate chip. This flavor has been dominating the charts for years, and it’s likely because Koreans love novelty and enjoy trying new flavors. Additionally, mint chocolate chip is a very versatile flavor that can be paired with various ingredients (like nuts) to create unique combinations.

Is ice cream popular in Korea?

Yes, ice cream is particularly popular in Korea. In fact, according to one study, Koreans eat more ice cream than any other country in the world! This has a lot to do with the warm weather and moist climate here. While many people enjoy traditional flavors like mint or green tea (matcha), there are also a variety of unusual choices available including crème brûlée, black sesame latte, and durian freeze.

Now that you’ve finished reading about the types of Korean ice cream, which one is your favorite?

I love how much variety is offered here! The different brands have different flavors and some even come with extra toppings.

You can take a walk down the nearest street-side stand (if you’re an expat in Korea) or explore your local Asian supermarket (if you don’t) and savor the sweet taste of ice cream in one of these varieties.

The only thing that matters is that it has to be tasty!

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