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The Brilliant Main Dancer of IVE : Gaeul (2nd member)

IVE’s Gaeul is a rapper and singer from South Korea who is contracted to Starship Entertainment. She is also well-known for being a part of the well-known South Korean girl group IVE. In addition, the gifted singer began her career in 2021– aside from that, she is such a brilliant main dancer of IVE.

Read the article to know more about the girl group’s lovely eldest member, get to know the brilliant main dancer of IVE!

Gaeul – 2nd Member and Main Dancer of IVE

Gaeul was born in Bupyeong-dong, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, South Korea, on September 24, 2002. The artist was born into a South Korean family that included his father and mother, but she has yet to reveal his siblings.

The South Korean artist went to an all-girls middle school and high school. She has not, however, revealed the names of the schools and universities she attended. Nonetheless, there is no doubt that she is gifted and well-educated.

The singer has attempted to keep her personal life very low-key, thus she has avoided talking about her childhood and teenage years.

Gaeul’s Career

Meet the Brilliant Main Dancer of IVE
Source: Instagram @ivestarship

Gaeul debuted as a member of the K-pop girl band IVE on December 1, 2021, with the release of the group’s single album titled Eleven. However, on November 4, 2021, the agency confirmed her as a member of the group.

Following that, the South Korean singer composed and sang a number of other songs, including Eleven, Take It, LOVE DIVE, ROYAL, and others. She is also a composer and has written a song for the girl group. 

She received training from Starship Entertainment for more than 4 years before breaking into the music industry. Additionally, the artist is quite composed and exhibits no mood outbursts. 

Moreover, Gaeul has not yet made an appearance in any TV shows, motion pictures, web series, or other film ventures. She will, though, unquestionably soon be chosen for such projects.

Social Media

Meet the Brilliant Main Dancer of IVE
Source: Instagram @gaeul_ivez

On Instagram or any other social media platform, Kim Ga Eul is not active. However, her admirers and fans have set up a number of social websites in her honor where they frequently share the musician’s thoughts and images.

However, they can follow their group on Instagram at @ivestarship and visit their Twitter page as well. 

Due to her inability to interact with their favorite K-pop star, many of her admirers are still calling for the artist to open up her own social media account.

Love Life Status

Meet the Brilliant Main Dancer of IVE
Source: Instagram @gaeul_ivez

She is blissfully single at this time. Gaeul is currently filled with her profession and unable to engage in any relationships or intimate encounters. As a result, we can infer that the artist is single. 

She has also not revealed any of her prior romances or affairs, keeping her dating past a secret from the public. She hasn’t previously indicated her ideal kind either.

Interesting Facts About Gaeul

Meet the Brilliant Main Dancer of IVE
Source: Instagram @gaeul_ivez

Her physical metrics have remained highly healthy as a result of her regular workouts and healthy meal choices. She is 5 feet 5 inches (164 cm) tall, and he weighs 46 kilograms (101 pounds). Her astrological sign is Libra, her blood type is B, and her MBTI type is ISTJ. She also has gorgeous eyes and long hair, which give a lot of attractiveness to her appearance.

Fun fact, Gaeul chose Starship Entertainment despite being scouted by other companies For An unexpected reason, she said once in an interview on MMTG, MC JaeJae had to know just why and how Gaeul chose her current company.

While the contestants had not been aware that there were scouts at the competition, they did note that there seemed to be some strange people in attendance.

After wondering who they were, most of them put the thought out of their heads and continued to compete. Gaeul was no exception. She was approached after a competition by a scout. This scout was not from her current label but a different one. She had no choice but to reject them due to her parents’ disapproval. So how did she end up accepting Starship Entertainment’s offer?

Meet the Brilliant Main Dancer of IVE
Source: Instagram @ivestarship

She had cut a deal with her parents, who promised her that if she were scouted again a year later at another competition, they would acknowledge her skills and support her in pursuing her dream.

As fate would have it, the company that next offered her a deal was none other than Starship Entertainment. Thinking about her deal with her parents, she coolly accepted their offer. She was even scouted by JYP Entertainment too!

Gaeul, the eldest member of IVE, said, “I was born in autumn, and it’s autumn, but I actually like spring the best. My nickname is sloth. I like lying down on the bed the most,” she said, introducing herself.

So, the appearance of Gaeul, which seems to be full of the brightness of spring and the freshness of autumn, has succeeded in capturing the hearts of global Kpop fans. Mainly, Gaeul showed a short dance in the practice room. 

Then, she said, “I’m more powerful than anyone else when I dance,” and showed off her unique rap skills. So, she is proving her ‘complete’ performance with a different professionalism from her daily life.

Gaeul, who said she was usually curious, made viewers laugh. She said, “My hobby is reading mystery novels and watching horror movies. But, I’m too scared in reality.” Also, she created a cute charm that showed extraordinary affection for the color pink.

Have you heard of it? Gaeul is the group’s shortest member, yet despite her short stature, she maintained a highly well-rounded and nutritious diet. With her small frame and slim shape, she can pass for a model and give the impression that she is tall thanks to her long, lean legs.

She is also a fantastic dancer who was already a trainee, which made her even more skilled when it comes to dancing. She is the shortest person in the group, but despite this, she doesn’t appear short at all thanks to her small waist and slim legs, which give the impression that she is tall and stylish.

Gaeul is blooming, and IVE is achieving success for themselves as a rookie girl band. Pure ability cannot be ceased!

Meet the Brilliant Main Dancer of IVE
Source: Instagram @ivestarship

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