Got 7 mark tattoos meaning

The Meanings Behind GOT7 Mark Tattoos Explained In Detail 

What are the top GOT7 Mark tattoos meanings? Does Mark Tuan and Yugyeom have matching tattoos? And does JB from GOT7 have a tattoo too? Check it all out here! 

It’s a breath of fresh air to see kpop idols sporting tattoos as any kind of body art is seen as taboo in South Korea. 

Even until a few years ago entertainment companies would write in their contracts that kpop idols are not supposed to get tattoos of any kind.

This is because South Korea is still very conservative about tattoos which are associated with gangsters, thugs and criminals.  and entertainment companies fear that getting tattoos will ruin the sweet and innocent reputation of their idols.

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But in recent years a lot of K-pop stars have been openly Sporting tattoos. Some of these idols include Jungkook from BTS, Hwasa from Mamamoo, and chanyeol from EXO. 

And among the fourth generation of kpop idols one of the most popular tattoo kpop stars include Mark Tuan from got7. 

He has got a number of tattoos which are quite visible. These tattoos have special meaning which I have elaborated below. Check it out!

GOT7 Mark Tattoos Meaning 2022

I really appreciate Mark Tuan’s views about his tattoos. In a recent interview with Allure magazine, Mark confessed how he does not regret any one of his tattoos. 

He believes that tattoos are a form of self expression and that South Koreans should start changing their views about body art. 

Mark went on to say that he does not have a tattoo he doesn’t like, and that he believes living in life with no regrets. 

 Now isn’t that inspiring?

Let’s dive into got7 mark’s tattoos and see what each of his creative pieces of body art means. 

The Dove Tattoo

Since tattoos can only be done by medical professionals in South Korea, some doctors have waiting lists that can go back years. One such doctor is the famous Dr Woo who has done this tattoo on Mark Tuan’s hand. 

The tattoo is located on the underside of his left arm. It’s a black and white tattoo of a dove with its wings spread open. There is also an olive branch right above the dove.

According to the classic interpretation of this dove and olive branch combo, the tattoo is supposed represent peace and new beginnings. 

In an interview Mark also added that the tattoo meant “hope and freedom” as well. 

The Smiley Face Tattoo

Got7 mark tattoos meaning
Source: Instagram@gott7.with.ahgase

If you thought Mark is a too serious a person based off his first tattoo you’ll be surprised with this one. 

The next tattoo that Mark got was a basic smiley face on his kneecap. And unlike his other tattoos this one doesn’t have a special meaning or metaphor attached to it.

He stated that the purpose of the smiley tattoo was “just fun” and nothing more. 

Personally I love how unpretentious Mark is sometimes! 

And honestly? This fits in perfectly with the “no regrets” philosophy he has towards life. I think this is a lesson we can all learn from. Right?

The Hibiscus Tattoo

If you didn’t know this before, he’s a tidbit about Mark Tuan. He actually grew up in America and not Korea. In fact, he is not Korean at, his lineage is Taiwanese! 

He was born in Los Angeles and lived in Paraguay and Brazil for several years.

And if you’re now wondering what all of this has to do with his hibiscus tattoo, let me clear things out for you! 

The hibiscus is actually the national flower of the Republic of South Korea. 

So this tattoo is Mark Tuan’s own way of thanking Korea for their love and support. Now isn’t that sweet? 

Mark has this tattoo etched on the underside of his bicep.

The “TRUTH” Tattoo

mark and yugyeom matching tattoos
Source: Instagram@whateverthings17

This has probably got to be one of the most talked about tattoos Mark has got. This is because this is a matching tattoo he got his fellow Got7 member Yungyeom. They both have got tattoos that spell out “Truth” in bold letters on their upper right arms. 

However, they have got these tattoos in different fonts. Some of the Got7 fandom speculates that the difference in font is because they wrote the word out and that it’s in their own handwriting. 

So this “Truth” is probably a tribute to his friendship with Yungyeom. But it has also got a hidden meaning. If you see the tattoo vertically it looks like “Trut7”. So it’s a nice tribute to his fans as well. 

The “Be Real” And “Stay True” Tattoo

In my opinion the meaning behind these tattoos are the best. The words “Be Real” and “Stay True” are inscribed above each of his knees in a very funky, sort of scratchy font.

And while it looks really imperfect and raw I suppose that’s done on purpose. You see these words are supposed to remind Mark Tuan on how he needs to stay true to himself and be his real self all the time.

In an interview he explained how he doesn’t want fame to get to his head and change him. So these tattoos are a constant reminder to keep himself grounded and humble. 

Now that’s really commendable! 

The Butterfly Tattoo

got7 tattoos
Source: Instagram@alone_with.def

I love how Mark manages to be serious and fun at the same time. Just like this smiley face tattoo, the butterfly tattoo isn’t supposed to be anything really metaphorical.

He said that he liked how the tattoo looked when he was wearing shorts and hence got it done! 

Very funny, Mark. Very funny! 

Roman Numeral Tattoos

Now this is a rather sweet one! On the right side of his body, Mark has got the Roman numerals “XXXV MCMLIV/XXIII MCMLVII” tattooed. 

A lot of fans were wondering what they meant when it finally came out that it’s his parents birthdays! So the numerals actually mean 10/25/1954 and 10/23/1957, which is his father’s and mother’s birthdays respectively. 

Cross With Roses Tattoo

mark tuan tattoo
Source: Instagram@amantesdeasia

This particular tattoo is a rather new one. So fans have speculated that Mark must have got them recently. 

The tattoo is located on the backside of this calf. It’s a cross that contains a detail of roses within it.

A lot of fans have said that this tattoo might be in reference to his Christian faith. But nothing has been confirmed yet. 

FAQs about Got7 Mark Tattoos Meaning

Since a lot of fans of Got7 or the IGOT7 as they call themselves are very interested in what their idols do, I’ve decided to answer some of the frequently asked questions about Got7’s tattoos and more! 

Does JB GOT7 have a tattoo?

No, JB from Got7 does not have any tattoos, he has got a lot of piercings though. 
In an interview with TeenVogue, he stated that he believed that what he does with his body was his choice and that he wants to remove the stigma associated with body piercings in Korea. 
JB whose real name is  Lim Jae-beom admitted that he would love to get a tattoo but he’s too indecisive about the design to get one done. 
This Got7 idol does have a nose piercing and an upper cheek piercing though. So the shock factor is still there. 

Does GOT7 Jinyoung have a tattoo?

Yes, like his fellow band-member Mark Tuan, Jinyoung too has got several tattoos. Seven in fact! These tattoo designs include a dandelion, a cross with wings, and a band of Roman numerals. 
He’s also got a tattoo that says “Truth” just like Mark Tuan does. And also there’s a green bird on his arm along with the words, “Trust Me”. 

Here are all of Mark Tuan’s tattoos listed out!

Got7 mark tattoo designs
Source: Instagram@biasgot7laos

Do Mark and Yugyeom have matching tattoos?

Yes! These two members of Got7 have matching tattoos. Both Mark and Yungyeom have a tattoo of the word “Truth” on them. 
However, they have it in different fonts. Mark’s tattoo is in a stylised font that looks like it’s written on with a calligraphy pen while Yungyeom’s tattoo’s font seems more like a paint brush stroke. But they’ve both got it on their right bicep. 

Who has the most tattoos in GOT7?

Mark Tuan has got the most tattoos in Got7 (at least visible ones that is!). He beat his fellow bandmate Yungyeom by one tattoo. Yungyeom has seven tattoos while Mark has eight, so it was a close competition. Apart from these two, Youngjae, BamBam, and Jackson Wang from Got7 have also got tattoos. 

Final Thoughts About GOT7 Mark Tattoos Meaning

I always love it when I see kpop idols with tattoos as they have been taboo for so long in South Korea. 

In fact,  it is illegal in South Korea for anyone except for medical professionals to operate a tattoo parlor aur give any one a tattoo of any sort.

Even until a few years ago entertainment companies would forbid their idols from getting tattoos as it was believed this will ruin their “good boy” or “good girl” image. 

However, a few idols like Got7’s Mark are breaking these norms and flaunting their tattoos quite openly. 

I also loved how Mark has carefully curated each of these tattoos designs so that they have a special meaning to them. 

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