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All Members Of Ateez Ranked In Order Of Popularity | ATEEZ Kpop Profiles Complete

Check out the members of ATEEZ ranked in order of popularity in Korea? Look at the complete Kpop profiles of ATEEZ.

ATEEZ, belonging to KQ Entertainment, is popular all over the world! ATEEZ, which is far more popular in the world than in their home country, is challenging the rising popularity in their home country as “Kingdom”.

Here are some of the Ateez profiles that have seen a recent surge in attention! As well as personal profiles, we’ve collected 2022 ATEEZ popularity order, ATEEZ member colors, name meanings, height order, and even past photos.

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Members of ATEEZ ranked in order of popularity

Here are the profiles of the ATEEZ members, in order of popularity! They are arranged in order of popularity based on testimonials from Korean fans, popularity polls on Korean music sites, and transaction prices of personal goods. (As of January 2022)

No. 8 Yeo Sang (YEO SANG)

  • Real name: Kang Yeo Sang
  • Hangul: 강여상
  • Date of Birth: June 15, 1999
  • Nationality: Republic of Korea
  • Birthplace: Pohang City, Gyeongsangbuk-do
  • Elongation: 174cm
  • Blood type: A type
  • Personality Type: ISFJ
  • Religion: None Buddhism Catholic Christian
  • Family: Parents, Sister
  • Skills: Bieber imitation, ponytail dancing, concentrating on one thing for a long time, Chinese
  • Hobbies: flying drones, skateboarding, gaming, eating chicken
members of ATEEZ ranked in order of popularity
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ATEEZ #8 in order of popularity is Yosan. Also known as the sculpture of ATEEZ, he is the member in charge of visuals. He was originally a trainee at Big Hit Entertainment, famous for BTS, and spent four years as a trainee with member Woo Young from his first year of high school. After that, he moved to KQ Entertainment, where member Woo-yeon also moved, and he was impressed.

He is a handsome man with a clear-cut face. ATEEZ calls him the main visual, a visual made by God. He often plays a role in attracting fans with his handsome face, especially at the beginning and end of songs. 

He’s even more handsome in person than he is on camera, to the point where all the members are envious of him, saying, “He’s really handsome. Because of his handsome face, he also looks really good dressed as a woman, and during a junior high school festival, he played the role of “Snow White” at the suggestion of a friend.

People often say that he looks cold when they first see her, but he has a quiet and gentle personality. He is very shy, especially with people he meets for the first time. However, according to the members, he is the type to communicate her thoughts. He was chosen by ATEEZ as “the member I would introduce to my sister if I had one,” and is well supported by the members.

Her dream as a child was to be a novelist. Her mother was a math teacher and he was good at studying. He was even the student council president when he was in elementary school. Perhaps because of this, her parents were very much against her dream of becoming an idol, but he was able to continue her dream on the condition that he would study with them.

No.7 Mingi (MIN GI)

  • Real name: Song Min Gi
  • Hangul:송민기
  • Birthday: August 9, 1999
  • Nationality: Republic of Korea
  • Birthplace: Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do
  • Elongation: 185cm
  • Blood type: Type B
  • Personality type: ENTP
  • Family: Parents, Brother
  • Special ability: Spacing out
  • Hobbies: Jjimjilbang & hot springs, sound sleep, computer games
ateez members maknae
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ATEEZ #7 in order of popularity is Mingi. His position is the main rapper. Before his debut, he attended a dance academy with member Yunho, and spent his life as a trainee at Maru Planning, the famous office of Park Ji Hoon, before joining KQ Entertainment. 

He started out singing because he wanted to be a ballad singer, but then he wanted to rap, then he wanted to dance, and then he wanted to do it all, so he started his career as an idol.

He and Yunho share the same tall stature. He is also a member who leads ATEEZ’s strong performance with his height and overflowing power. He is also very stylish and looks good in many different styles of clothes. 

He has a good sense of fashion and has a visual that stands out even from a distance. He also has a sharp image with white skin and is often said to have a cold and chic image.

However, despite her cold image, he has such a cute personality that member Seonghwa calls her second-generation mental age. The character has a charming personality and can be seen in many cute ways, such as making a heart on her cheek. 

He is also often surprised by small things and can often be seen being scared. When he was in elementary school, he once went to the nurse’s office because he was so scared at his new school that he kept crying.

His role model is Jae Beom Park, a former member of 2PM who became a very successful rapper. He says, “I envy him for doing the music he wants to do, and that makes me a target. 

I like warm places, jjimjilbang, and hot springs. Injuries have prevented him from being active at the time of Wonderland.


  • Real name: Jung Yoon Ho
  • Hangul: 정윤호
  • Birthday: March 23, 1999
  • Nationality: Republic of Korea
  • Birthplace: Buk-gu, Gwangju Metropolitan City
  • Elongation: 186cm
  • Blood type: A type
  • Personality type: ENFJ
  • Family: Parents, younger brother
  • Specialties: Collecting electronics, online games
  • Hobbies: Dancing, gaming, luck
  • Real name: Jung Yoon Ho
  • Hangul: 정윤호
  • Birthday: March 23, 1999
  • Nationality: Republic of Korea
  • Birthplace: Buk-gu, Gwangju Metropolitan City
  • Elongation: 186cm
  • Blood type: A type
  • Personality type: ENFJ
  • Family: Parents, younger brother
  • Specialties: Collecting electronics, online games
  • Hobbies: Dancing, gaming, luck
who is the leader of ateez
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ATEEZ #6 in order of popularity is Yunho. He is the tallest member of ATEEZ. Before his debut, he attended dance classes with member Mingi to nurture his dream of becoming an idol. 

He is famous for sharing the same name, hometown, and even the same height as Yunho of Eastern Shinki.

As a main dancer, he is known for her accurate dancing, and he even says that he makes an effort to dance accurately. He is a very good dancer, and and is in charge of performance in the team. 

Maybe that’s why he is the member who the members ask about dance the most. If you look for the member who was in charge of the dance break center in the song “Win,” that member is Yunho.

Most of the members of ATEEZ look cold, but Jungho and Yunho are said to have round faces. Fans often say that they look like bears or retrievers. 

They are exemplary handsome men who have high stature but resemble puppies. I heard that you often hear people say that you are the coolest member when you stand in the center because of your style but your body is so big.

He is also known as “Yunho Geyser”, taken from “Energizer”, especially because of his energy. They are also bright and energetic members. But he likes people and has a weakness for tears. 

He is a member with a cute side, such as when he was caught crying during a surprise, or when he danced and cried when he won first place in a music broadcast.

Her favorite thing to do is to play games. You also say that you like to buy electronic products and open them up. 

You often buy new things, and according to your roommate Sun, you have a lot of strange things in your room. His goal is “to be ATEEZ until he’s 80 because he’s ATEEZ.”


  • Real name: Choi Jong-ho
  • Hangul: 최종호
  • Date of Birth: October 12, 2000
  • Nationality: Republic of Korea
  • Birthplace: No-Won District, Seoul Special City
  • Elongation: 176cm
  • Blood Type: O type
  • Personality type: ESFJ
  • Family: Parents, younger brother
  • Special skills: Singing, strenuous work, breaking apples with bare hands while singing, imitating orangutans
  • Hobbies: Exercise, soccer, taking pictures, watching dramas, singing OST
  • Position: Main Vocal
ateez hair color trends
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ATEEZ #5 in order of popularity is Jungho. He is the main vocalist of ATEEZ. He nurtured his dream of becoming an idol for so long that he is said to have spent six years as a trainee since he was a first-year junior high school student.

Before he was in KQ Entertainment, he was in TOP Media, a famous tintop company. When he was in junior high school, he was a vocalist in the band club, and when he was in high school, he was in the vocal and rap circle.

He is a member who is good at loud and high-pitched voice, and his live performance on stage is the most stable and prominent. He has a natural talent for singing, so much so that he says he has hardly taken any vocal lessons, even though he has solid vocal abilities that anyone can hear. 

And despite her young age, he can sing with such a deep sensitivity that he has been praised for “giving the feeling of an old singer.

Although he is the youngest child, he has a strong heart and a mature personality. He has a strong heart and a mature personality, so he is the youngest member who doesn’t look like the youngest, and is considered to be the highest-ranking member. 

He is confident and positive, eager to do anything that is asked of him. And he’s outgoing, gets along with many people easily, and takes care of his own people. However, you can sometimes see her being surprisingly shy.

He has big eyes and a round-looking face. His nickname is “Little Bear. Her smile is especially beautiful and cute, which is a different gap from her strong personality.

He also has broad shoulders and thick thighs, making him a member who gives a strong impression when you first meet him.

His hobby is exercise. He is so strong that he is said to be in charge of the team’s muscles. In particular, he can be seen crushing an apple with one hand while singing, or crushing a watermelon, melon, or stomach with his fist. 

I heard that he learned almost all kinds of sports such as baseball, basketball, soccer, swimming, and golf.


  • Real name: Jung Woo-young
  • Hangul: 정우영
  • Birthday: November 26, 1999
  • Nationality: Republic of Korea
  • Birthplace: Ilsan-dong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Elongation: 173cm
  • Foot Size: 270mm
  • Blood type: Type A
  • Personality type: ESFJ
  • Family: parents, older brother, younger brother
  • Specialties: Watch collecting, online gaming, assembling plastic models, watching sashimi eating videos on YouTube
  • Hobbies: Imitating rich people’s ringtones
ateez woo young kdrama
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ATEEZ No. 4 in order of popularity is Woo Young. He is the main dancer and vocalist of ATEEZ. He is a former trainee of BigHit Entertainment and has been living the life of a trainee with her member Yeo San since then. 

He is often referred to as “the face of BigHit” by his fans. He is a greedy dancer and has been active in dance circles since middle school. Even now, he is capable of creating her own dances.

She is so confident in her dancing abilities that he calls herself the “sexy performance person. True to her words, you can often see her perfectly digesting important parts on stage. 

Moreover, he is known as a vocalist who has a high voice and makes the attractive parts of the songs more attractive.

He has a small face and a slender chin that makes him look cold and strong. He has especially deep eyes, and many fans find him somewhat dark and sexy. He looks best when he wears dark makeup.

She has an outgoing and broad personality, and is like a dog who loves people. He says he believes in people so much that he said her weakness is that he believes in others very easily. 

He can often be seen hugging his neighbors or kissing the cheeks of the members during the broadcast. He also has a gentle personality, taking care of the members and coaxing others, which is why his fans love him so much.

He used to be a trainee of Big Hit, so he is very close to TXT’s Yong Joon. He is also close to members of various groups such as CRAVITY, ONF, StrayKids, and GoldenChild. His role model is Jimin from BTS.


  • Real name: Kim Hong Joong
  • Hangul: 김홍중
  • Birthday: November 7, 1998
  • Nationality: Republic of Korea
  • Birthplace: Anyang City, Gyeonggi Province
  • Elongation: 172 cm
  • Blood type: Type B
  • Personality type: INFP
  • Family: Parents, Brother
  • Special skills: rapping, songwriting, acting out facial expressions on stage
  • Hobbies: Listening to songs, writing songs, exercising, remodeling costumes
ateez debut song
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ATEEZ #3 in order of popularity is Hong Jun. He is the leader and main rapper producer in ATEEZ. He is the heart of the team, so much so that you can hear him say that he made ATEEZ.

Originally, KQ Entertainment did not intend to get an idol trainee, but after receiving a song directly produced by Hong Jun, he proposed the life of a trainee through a meeting and became the first trainee of KQ Entertainment. So this is said by fans to be the beginning of ATEEZ.

He has the ability to produce, having written more than 40 songs before his debut, and even after his debut, he put his own songs in all of his albums. 

He also has the ability to rap, and acts as the main rapper, creating the colors of ATEEZ. You can easily find Hongjoon’s rap parts because before he starts rapping, he puts a laugh in his voice that symbolizes himself.

He has a leader-type personality and can often be seen leading and taking care of the members. He is also mature enough to be called the spiritual pillar of ATEEZ. He has excellent verbal skills and is also a member who takes the initiative in interviews. He was such an exemplary student in high school that he liked all his teachers and students.

She is shorter than the other members, with high eyes and long eyelashes, and is often said to be beautiful rather than cool. 

However, on stage, he is one of the most charismatic members, frequently changing her facial expressions and acting to fit the stage. He is also one of the most glamorous members on stage, as he frequently changes his hair color.

She is very interested in fashion and doesn’t follow the trendy styles and wants to create her own image through fashion. They are often seen remodeling their own clothes and using unusual items.

No.2 Seong Hwa (SEONG HWA)

  • Real name: Park Seong Hwa
  • Hangul: 박성화
  • Birthday: April 3, 1998
  • Nationality: Republic of Korea
  • Birthplace: Sacheon, Gyeongsangnam-do
  • Elongation: 178cm
  • Weight: 57kg
  • Blood type: O type
  • Personality Type: ESFJ
  • Family: parents, older brother
  • Skills: Vocal, dancing, acting out facial expressions on stage
  • Hobbies: Watching movies, dramas, YouTube, building Lego-Gundam figures, computer games, cleaning, cooking
youngest member of ateez
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ATEEZ No. 2 in order of popularity is Seonghwa. He is the vocalist and rapper of ATEEZ. He has been nurturing her dream of becoming an idol for a long time, going to dance classes since high school and being active in a dance club while also serving as the club president. 

Later, I auditioned for a planning company to become a rapper. However, they wanted him to sing, so he sang a song for WINNER, and his ability was recognized and he got the vocal position. 

Now, he is a multi-talented member who can digest all the vocals and raps in ATEEZ.

He has a gorgeous and sharp-looking face, so when you first meet him, he seems like a cold member. 

He also has a thin body and long legs, reminiscent of a model, and is considered to be in the visual line of ATEEZ along with Yunho and Yeo San. He is said to be one of the best in the visual line along with Yunho and Yeo San.

Although he is a glamorous and sexy member on stage, he has a warm personality as the eldest brother of the team. He takes care of his younger siblings, but he is also the kind of brother that they can easily live with. 

He has a calm personality and speaks in a gentle and cautious manner. In high school, he was the president of the student council and was a leader.

His role models are Taemin of SHINee and Kai of EXO. He wants to be a talented member who can sing and perform. 

What is unusual about him is that he is a huge eater. He has a skinny body, but he loves food so much that the members say he eats a lot. 

She usually eats five meals a day, but when he goes on a diet, he eats only three meals a day. He says he doesn’t gain weight no matter how much he eats because he sweats a lot.

No. 1 San (SAN)

  • Real name: Choi San
  • Hangul: 최산
  • Date of Birth: July 10, 1999
  • Nationality: Republic of Korea
  • Birthplace: Namhae-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do
  • Elongation: 175.5 cm
  • Blood Type: Type B
  • Personality Type: INFP
  • Religion: None
  • Family: parents, younger brother, cat
  • Skills: Watching TV, computer games, collecting dolls, talking to myself
  • Hobbies: Whistling, acting out facial expressions on stage, impersonating others, Tae Kwon Do, spinning anything
ateez members controversy
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ATEEZ Number 1 in order of popularity is Sun. He is the lead singer and performer in ATEEZ. He also has a special talent for charm. His stage acting is so great that he is regarded as the “lead singer of ATEEZ overseas popularity”. Because of his strong stage acting and facial expressions, he is a member who naturally attracts attention. In particular, I’ve heard that he’s been very active in Jikgeum.

My father ran a taekwondo academy, so I learned taekwondo from an early age. Thanks to this, he says, his body reacts quickly and his flexibility and strength are well developed. 

Thanks to this, when he first became an idol trainee, he didn’t have much dancing ability, but now he’s grown so fast that he’s been asked if he’s a main dancer. 

In particular, they have grown so much in their performance that they have been invited to represent the group in the 2020 MAMA collaboration stage, and they are attracting the attention of fans around the world.

He has a strong and sharp face, which is said to be the symbol of the Eighties. 

When you think of the A-Team, you think of Sun’s face, and he is the member who seems to be in charge of the group’s image.

Also, when they first debuted, they didn’t have many muscles, but they built them up for their performances, and now they have broad shoulders, giving them a strong impression.

However, unlike her strong appearance on stage, he is also a member who usually shows off her cute charm.

In particular, they have dimples on their cheeks, and when they smile, their eyes disappear while smiling, which is what their fans like most.

When you see them on stage, they are misunderstood because of their strong image, but they have a gentle personality. 

They like to hug their members, stroke them, wipe their mouths, and are often seen being kind. They are also charming and high-spirited among their close friends and have a personality that makes you happy when you see them. But when it comes to important matters, he speaks carefully and is thoughtful.

His hometown “Namhae County” is quite rural, and he was reported in his hometown newspaper as the first idol singer. You even had to wear a suit and shake hands with people when you entered the office. 

She is very interested in perfumes and dolls and collects various perfumes and dolls. Her favorite scent is white mask. He has a cute side where he sleeps with a doll in her arms.

What is the height order of ATEEZ members?

Here’s a list of ATEEZ member height order, based on member height disclosures and fan analysis!

  • Jung Yoon-ho 186cm
  • Song Min-ki 185cm
  • Park Sung Hwa 178cm
  • Choi Jung-ho 176cm
  • Choi San 175.5cm
  • Kang Yeo-sang 174cm
  • Jung Woo-young 173cm
  • Kim Hong-jun 172cm

What are the ATEEZ member colors?

ATEEZ member colors have not been officially announced. However, each member has chosen their own microphone color, which has recently changed, so I’ll introduce it here.

  • Seonghwa: Silver
  • Hongjoon: White
  • Yoonho: Blue
  • Yeo San: Red
  • Sun: Gold
  • Minki: sky blue (the member mentioned that it was the color of the cement on the floor)
  • Woo-yeon: black
  • Jungho: purple

What kind of group is ATEEZ 에이티즈?

ATEEZ is an 8-member male idol group from “KQ Entertainment”. ATEEZ’s debut date is October 24, 2018. With their tremendous dancing skills and powerful performances, they were very popular even before their debut, when they were “KQ Fellaz”.

I heard that their popularity is also growing in their home country and they are called as the group that will lead the new generation in the future.

ateez kpop profiles

ATEEZ: How many members are there?

Before their debut, ATEEZ was called “KQ Fellaz”, meaning “trainee from KQ Entertainment”. And they became the talk of the town while showing various performance videos of “KQ Fellaz”. At that time, there were nine members who were trainees. Eight of us ended up becoming ATEEZ. So there was a rumor that there were 9 ATEEZ members.

The one who left the group at that time was “Lee Jun-young” who was a trainee of KQ Entertainment. According to the office, unfortunately, he was not in the final debut group, but we will see him in a new form afterwards.

What is ATEEZ’s label “KQ Entertainment”?

ATEEZ’s office, KQ Entertainment, is a small to medium-sized entertainment agency where the popular idol group “Block B” belongs.

It is also home to famous producers such as Babylon, Eden, and Maddox, of which Eden is the producer in charge of ATEEZ. Of these, producer Eden is the producer in charge of ATEEZ. 

Eden in particular became famous when he was seen creating the famous song “Rumor” on “PRODUCE48”.

What does ATEEZ mean?

ATEEZ stands for “A TEEnage Z”. It means “everything teenage from A to Z.” It’s a group with a beautiful name and a deep meaning. It’s also called Achi’s. The team’s slogan is “8 makes 1 team!

The name of the ATEEZ fans is ATINY, a combination of the words ATEEZ and Destiny, meaning destiny.

ATEEZ Not Popular? This is a major topic of discussion among Korean K-pop fans. As it turns out, “It’s very popular around the world, but it’s not that popular back home yet.” I can say that.

ATEEZ’s initial album sales are over 200,000 copies, which is one of the top 10 highest sales of any male idol group in Korea. 

However, the highest daily record on Korea’s largest music site, MELON, is the title track “Wave,” which ranked in the 700s. It is said that most of the sales of the album are generated overseas.

Therefore, many analysts believe that the reason why they appeared on “Kingdom,” an idol survival broadcast, was to gain popularity in their home country. 

This is because “THE BOYZ,” who previously appeared on “Road to Kingdom,” showed high performance ability and gained great popularity in their home country since the broadcast. 

ATEEZ is a group that is expected to be the most popular with their high quality performance when they appear on Kingdom.

About ATEEZ Kingdom Appearance

ATEEZ has announced that they will appear on the Korean idol competition show “Kingdom”, following THE BOYZ and Stray Kids.

Kingdom” is an idol competition show following “Queendom” and “Road to Kingdom”. 

The group “THE BOYZ” won the “Road to Kingdom” where new male groups got together and competed to enter the “Kingdom”. After that, “THE BOYZ” and other best male idol groups in Korea compete in “Kingdom”.

In “Kingdom,” the groups compete in performances based on various themes, and the final winner is decided by the votes of the viewers. 

While a preview of Kingdom appeared at the MAMA awards ceremony, fans in Korea and K-POP fans around the world are paying attention.

 ATTEZ World Tour 2023

This summer, Ateez will take Europe by storm with their world tour! Fans from all over the continent have been waiting in anticipation for the arrival of their favorite K-pop band, and they don’t have long to wait. With stops in various countries, this is sure to be one tour to remember.

The summer of 2023 will be an unforgettable one, as Ateez tours some of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Starting in Paris, the band will then move on to Vienna, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Moscow, and Warsaw.

Ateez will be sure to include a few of their fan-favorite tracks in their sets, as well as entirely new music from their upcoming albums.

Fans from across Europe have been buying tickets to experience the excitement of Ateez’s performance in their hometowns. Thousands are sure to be attending each show, as Ateez has won hearts all over the world.

Not only do their catchy power-pop beats make people want to dance, but their choreography is sure to make any fan want to jump to their feet!

At each stop of the tour, each of the Ateez members will shine as they make their presence known. Leader Hongjoong will hold the audience in the palm of his hand, as his powerful vocals captivate concert-goers.

Miyoon’s sweet melodies will be felt deeply in the hearts of listeners, and Wooyoung’s rap will heat up the stage. Everyone will be singing along as Yeosang, San, Mingi and Jongho’s voices soar across the hundreds of people in the crowd.

When the band returns home after their Europe tour, Ateez is sure to have made a lasting impression on all who have been lucky enough to experience them live.

As the group has gained worldwide popularity, the fans from different countries are sure to keep the Ateez hype alive until the next time they come to visit.

When do Ateez tickets go on sale

Kpop group Ateez tickets typically go on sale several weeks in advance of the show date, depending on the area and type of performance. Tickets for their live concerts and fanmeetings usually go on sale first, followed by tickets for any broadcast fan events. Fans should stay tuned to Ateez’s official website and social media for updates regarding ticket availability and further notice about any presale periods.

Ateez tour 2023 tickets price

Fans of K-Pop boy group Ateez, get ready for a dreamy dose of music and choreography, as Ateez are set to embark on their all-new world tour in 2023!

As the tour gets nearer and nearer, the question sure to be on everyone’s mind is, “How much will the tickets cost?” The answer to this question is a resounding “it depends.”

Ticket prices vary depending on location and venue, as many of the venues hold prices higher than others. However, we can give you an estimation that tickets should hover around the mid-range: not too expensive, but not a cheap bargain either.

Concert-goers can expect to pay something around $50-$100 for their tickets to see Ateez on stage. Prices could go even higher for front-row seating, or for VIP-level tickets. Of course, prices may also drop if there is a lower turnout or fewer people willing to purchase the pricier packages.

The important thing to keep in mind is that traveling around the globe to attend the concerts isn’t necessarily necessary. Live streaming options are available, so those who may not be able to attend the physical concerts are lucky to still be able to watch with ease.

For those that do plan to attend Ateez 2023, though, it’s important to keep tabs on announcements (both official and unofficial) regarding the tour.

As mentioned earlier, the tickets may be a bit pricey, so saving up and making sure there’s enough cash to cover the expenses is essential. Plus, the sooner you buy your tickets, the more likely you’ll be able to get some good spots and prices!

No one wants to miss out on the amazing opportunity to see Ateez 2023 up close and personal. Make sure to get your tickets and plan early, and you’ll be off for an unforgettable event you’ll remember for years to come!

ATEEZ is a male idol group that you should pay attention to in 2009 to see how much they can grow with their success in 2020MAMA and Kingdom.

ATEEZ is a group that has enough to make you a fan, from their high level of performance and singing ability to the good rapport between the members.

I hope we can support their growth together! Stay tuned for more new news!


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