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8 Most Famous Mukbang Youtubers In Korea And How Much They Earn

Who are the most famous Mukbang Youtubers in Korea? How much do these Korean Mukbang youtubers earn and who has the most subscribers? Find out here!

Mukbang, pronounced muhk-bahng, is a Korean word that means “eating broadcasts.” Mukbangers engage in conversation with their viewers while eating a huge amount of food in front of cameras that stream to the internet. 

It first gained popularity in Korea in 2010 on streaming websites like AfreecaTV. Since then, these streams have migrated to websites like YouTube. Mukbang videos first gained significant traction on YouTube in 2015. 

Since then, thousands of additional YouTubers have launched their own eating channels.

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top 10 mukbang youtubers

Top Mukbang Youtubers In Korea


top mukbang youtubers in korea

As near to the original Korean mukbanger as you’ll get is Banzz, one of the creators. 

He is renowned for just being able to consume enormous amounts of food and still maintain an amazing figure. 

Despite the fact that Banzz only talks in Korean in his videos, most of them include subtitles in other languages, such as English, making him popular among fans around. 

His channel has over 2.5 million viewers and Banzz also disclosed that he earned about $900,000 USD in 2017.


korean male mukbang youtubers

Another well-known Korean is Dorothy, who somehow fits an enormous amount of food into her small frame. 

She mainly consumes Korean food and has a large collection of English-subtitled DVDs. 

Her tolerance for heat will astonish you; she can consume food seasoned with ghost pepper powders without quivering! 

Since launching her YouTube channel in 2016, Dorothy has amassed 4.16 million followers. The number of views on her channel averages 1.56 million per month and 52.06 thousand each day. 

According to the well-known website NetWorthSpot, she makes $6.25 thousand a month, or $93.72 thousand annually.


korean mukbang youtubers list

MommyTang, a Korean-American, played a part in mukbang’s rise to popularity in the US. 

One of the very first English mukbang streams to gain popularity was hers. Her three daughters are in her videos, which showcase her outspoken demeanor. 

Being a devoted vegan, MommyTang frequently posts vegan dishes on her channel. 

The average monthly views on MommyTang’s YouTube channel are 117.75 thousand, or roughly 3.93 thousand views per day.

Stephanie Soo

american mukbang youtubers

Despite being a relative novice, Stephanie seems to have more than 1 million followers. She is a perky Korean-American. 

As she consumes platters of food, she frequently relates tales about unsolved murders, conspiracy theories, and spooky Reddit posts. 

This is what makes her special. But don’t be discouraged; she is a fantastic storyteller, and the tales are more entertaining than really terrifying. 

As of 2022, her channel had more than 2.5 million subscribers and had received more than 600 million views. It can receive an average of 150,000 views daily from various sources. 

The advertising that plays on the videos should bring in an estimated $1,200 per day ($440,000 annually) from this.


famous korean mukbang girl

On April 5, 2018, Dona began her YouTube channel and since then, her 142 posted videos have received more than 10 million views and more than 5 million subscribers. “Mukbang Yellow cuisine NIK-L-NIP,” is one of her most popular videos, having more than 88 million views in just ten months. 

She creates a variety of videos, including ones on spicy, intriguing meals like  peppery mushrooms and Cheetos Chicken as well as food challenges like Wax Bottle Mukbang which has received over 245 millions of viewers on their videos. 

Dona is also said to make about 2.846 trillion KRW ($2.37 million) per month. 


most popular korean mukbang youtubers

Hamzy is another mukbang YouTuber whose eating ability is almost unbelievable. 

Additionally, because she makes wonderful sounds while eating, you can also think of her recordings as ASMR videos. 

Her slurping skills are superb! In numerous videos, she walks you through the entire culinary process. 

Hamzy adores kimchi, and her video of ramen with kimchi and octopus has received over 21 million views. 

She joined in 2012 and as of today, she has over 5 million members and 236 uploaded videos that have had more than 1.4 billion views. 

Every month, Hamzy makes about 261.5 million KRW, or roughly 217,000 USD.


most popular korean mukbang

Hongyu doesn’t speak, unlike many other YouTubers who make melodic hand movements and hushed whispers. 

She records herself eating a range of candy and snacks for her films. Although her videos may easily be classified as Mukbangs, the sounds that she produces in them are powerful. 

With Jelly Boba and bursting candy, her “Rainbow Party” video has amassed over 70 million views. She also makes several of her candies herself and provides brief instruction on how to do so in the video. 

Honguy joined YouTube in 2018 and has amassed 7.42 million subscribers and 319 videos. She makes 445 million KRW ($371,000) per month.

Eat With Boki

famous korean mukbang youtubers

Eat With Boki is probably the best person at fusing mukbang and ASMR.  Her fans show her a lot of support and love. She eats everything, including Korean street food and quick noodles. 

Boki has an extremely strong voice that makes you incredibly hungry. Additionally, she likes spicy cuisine! As a result, you’ll frequently see that the YouTube screen is completely covered in spicy rice cakes. 

Over 14 million people have watched her fiery boneless chicken video to date. Additionally, a few of her videos have English subtitles! 

Boki joined YouTube in 2019, and since then, she’s gained more than 5.03 million subscribers. 

Over 1 billion people have now seen her 258 videos.Boki joined YouTube in 2019, and since then, she’s gained more than 5.03 million subscribers. Over 1 billion people have now seen her 258 videos. 

She is rumoured to make USD 179,000 or 215.2 million KRW each month on average.

Criticisms About Mukbangs

Even while mukbang has become widely popular, opinions on it are divided. Of course, everyone has a unique perspective on certain issues. 

Why is everything normal now is a common question for example, Food waste is a huge issue for mukbangers because mukbangs entail a large amount of food. 

Mukbangers frequently do not complete the massive amounts of food they consume in a single sitting. There are leftovers, all of which are wasted.

Mukbang can set off eating disorders and encourage bad eating practices, which is another factor. 

It’s possible that you were unaware that binge eating disorder exists. Let’s first define the disorder. 

Binge eating disorder (BED), according to the NEDA, is a serious, potentially fatal eating disorder characterized by recurrent episodes of binge eating. It is a brand-new eating disorder that was only recently identified. 

Keep in mind that most of the food eaten in mukbang films is unhealthy, processed, or junk food. This kind of food is bad for our bodies and could eventually lead to a variety of disorders. 

Health advocates are asking, “Are you prepared to incur this risk only to amuse people and make money?”

Mukbangs can be inspiring and fun, to sum it up. Particularly for food enthusiasts who think it’s feasible to overindulge in enormous amounts of food, especially junk food, without weight gain or altering their body shape. 

But, always remember that whatever you do to your body has a consequence. It might be anything mental or physical.

Mukbang and ASMR

The possible ASMR aspect of mukbanging is a significant element of the experience. ASMR stands for “autonomous sensory meridian response,” and many who are affected by it say they find daily activities like whispering, combing one’s hair, folding clothes, and more to be incredibly pleasurable to watch or hear. 

Many ASMR enthusiasts experience “tingles” when listening to sounds made while eating, such as those made by American YouTuber, Trisha Paytas frequently used in her performances. 

It’s almost hypnotic for aficionados of mukbang like Sammy Bosch, who acknowledges that she at first found seeing and hearing other people eat strange. You require high-quality audio equipment to perform an ASMR mukbang. Mukbangers must spend money on top-notch equipment in order to create ASMR. 

The ambient noises are another factor to take into account. It is crucial to ASMR. The ASMR element is not new to the world of vloggers, but when it involves food, it has a distinct effect. 

For some people, it can feel too strange and uncomfortable, but for many others, it’s enjoyable and makes them yearn for food.

most popular mukbang youtubers

Possible Explanation Why Mukbang Is Possible In Korea

The main question of it all is what draws people in? If the programs were, for instance, of a contest where someone had to consume 97 hamburgers, it could make more sense. 

Mukbang, though, is not all that. There’s little doubt that the amounts of food devoured during a normal mukbang broadcast are quite concerning. 

Middle schooler BJ Patoo is among the most well-known mukbang BJs; in one episode, he consumes five packages of ramen that were all cooked in the same pot. Spoiler alert: 

He gives up within eighteen minutes and doesn’t even complete. The fact that more people worldwide are beginning to eat alone is the reason why Korean Mukbang Youtube stars are so well-liked. 

Summary on the Korean Mukbang Youtubers List

Everyone dislikes dining alone. 

Some even claim that watching Mukbang movies helps with stress relief and appetite suppression. 

Nowadays, people from all over the world turn to YouTube to find amusement and solace during the pandemic period of loneliness and fear.

In other terms, mukbang is completely pointless but oddly… entertaining. 

I’ve identified the top eight YouTube mukbangers who, quite simply, live to eat in order to help people who are curious yet unfamiliar with the phenomena. What do you think about the Mukbang phenomenon?

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