Nam Joo-Hyuk Relationship With Ji Soo

Nam Joo-Hyuk Relationship With Ji Soo | 4 Cute Facts About Their Bromance!

Find all information about Nam Joo-Hyuk Relationship With Ji Soo. Also check out if Nam Joo Hyuk is married or not!

Nam Joo-Hyuk and Ji Soo are both South Korean actors who shared screen space in the South Korean television series titled ‘Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’. 

While Nam Joo-Hyuk played the character of the 13th prince Wang Baek-ah, Ji Soo was seen playing the 14th prince Wang Jung. 

After the show ended, they continued to stay connected. 

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Nam Joo-Hyuk Relationship With Ji Soo

Joo-Hyuk and Ji Soo’s bond 

Once, Ji Soo had also wrapped up his shoot to surprise Joo-Hyuk on his birthday. 

During their interviews, they have revealed how their relationship does not rely on their acting career because they talk about everything. 

They even recommend songs to each other and share their private life details. 

While fans enjoyed these little moments, things changed after the scandal involving Ji Soo. Their relationship hasn’t remained entirely public, and social media is filled with disappointed comments towards Ji Soo’s actions. 

People even attacked Joo-Hyuk for his association with the actor, but his fans came in defence claiming that the hate was unwarranted. 

Nam Joo-Hyuk Relationship With Ji Soo
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Ji Soo Career and Controversy 

Ji Soo had a strong start to his journey by joining as a trainee actor under JYP Entertainment. He started off with a couple of short films and got a boost with his role in the young adult drama series Angry Mom that was released in 2015. He has appeared in multiple South Korean series since then. 

Things changed in 2021 when he was roped in for the role of On Dal, the protagonist of the drama show River Where The Moon Rises. 

It started airing in February, but it was interrupted when Kim Ji Soo was accused of bullying and assault. They immediately removed him from the show and replaced him with actor Naa In Woo. 

An online user caused a storm by accusing Ji Soo of being a bully and abuser in middle school. 

The user described how Ji Soo had a strong presence around school and since he was physically bigger than the other kids, he established dominance over others. 

During the second year of middle school, he is believed to have been engaged in various delinquent activities including violence, verbal abuse and disorderly conduct. 

Another user continued the chain by opening up about the actor engaging in sexual intercourse within school premises. 

Ji Soo slammed those accusations and his legal representatives from Shin & Kim filed a lawsuit against the owners of those accusatory posts. 

The writer admitted that the content was misleading and untrue, and asked for an apology. Since the user was enlisted in the military and his mother was suffering from cancer, he was spared and no legal action was taken against him from that point. 

Even though the rumours passed, it was a huge setback for his career and costed him a prominent show too. Many fans do not believe the legal proceedings and continue to suspect him of those activities. 

Nam Joo-Hyuk Career and Controversy 

He started as a model and featured in numerous music videos like Give Love. He got his acting break with television drama ‘The Idle Mermaid’. 

He rose to fame with KBS’s teen drama series titled ‘Who Are You: School 2015’ and even received awards for his role. 

Since then, he has appeared in several television and Netflix shows, and even films. He attained global presence when he was announced to be the ambassador of Dior Korea in 2019. 

He suffered a similar fate as Ji Soo as a former classmate made an online accusation in July 2021 about being bullied by Joo-Hyuk from middle school to high school. 

is nam joo hyuk married
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He elaborated on the same, mentioning how he was part of a gang that frequently engaged in bullying. He also presented their yearbook as supporting evidence. 

A second accuser also entered the scene and substantiated the claims by saying he was a victim too. 

Joo-Hyuk’s entertainment agency was soon to react and rubbish all their claims. There was a back and forth battle between them. 

His representatives claimed that Nam Joo-Hyuk was studying in a strict and prestigious institution and during those days corporal punishment was imposed and there was no scope for bullying. 

In response to another accusation about him wrestling and stealing phones to make payments, the representatives mentioned that it was another classmate in their school and not the actor. 

Fans witnessed the battle and many came in support of Joo-Hyuk as well since the evidence wasn’t substantial. 

Further, a group of twenty individuals including the actor’s classmates and teachers released their statements in defence of Joo-Hyuk and mentioned that he didn’t indulge in any of those activities. 

Many believed that these accusations were only means to draw attention and didn’t have any truth. His teacher described him as a respectful student who never resisted any kind of punishment. 

Around June, a third accuser surfaced online and following that ‘Kakao prison talks’ were circulating around the internet. It reflected that Joo-Hyuk was allegedly gossiping about the accuser and described him to be ‘a piece of shit’. 

The chat contained several other texts in a degrading tone and did not work well for Joo-Hyuk’s reputation. However, since these texts were not real screenshots and merely reconstructions, there is a good chance of it being made up. 

Since this information was taken up by a reporter, the credibility of the organisation was questioned. SOOP management responded to the dialogues of third accusation but not these chats thereby diminishing its importance. 

Presently things are looking up for him since he has started filming for his new drama series since July. Even though the legal air hasn’t cleared up, he was spotted during an outdoor shooting sequence. 

The show is titled Vigilante and is based on a web-toon with the same name that was curated by Kim Kyu-Sam. Since it is a thriller series, Joo-Hyuk was seen wearing a police uniform as he is playing the role of Kim Ji Yong, who is a police academy student turning into a vigilante by the weekend. 

Nam Joo-Hyuk’s Romantic Relationships

Being in K-Dramas have given Nam Joo-Hyuk an opportunity to be paired opposite several beautiful women. 

Despite his infectious presence, his dating history has often been kept under wraps. Throughout his career, he has been linked with several women in the business. 

He was linked to Lee Sung-Kyung initially because she also initiated her career as a model and they have crossed paths multiple times. They were paired as the lead protagonists in the show, “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo”. 

nam joo hyuk and lee sung kyung back together
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Suspicions grew further when they attended a Coldplay concert together in Seoul seemingly on a date. YG Entertainment even admitted that their affair was real, but they decided to break up after a few months. 

Later, there were rumours of them reconciling and going out again. There were also rumours that they have been dating for five months and may also appear in a k-drama together. There has not been any development regarding the same.

Presently, he is not in any relationship and fans have provided a testimony to his singlehood. He would prefer a woman who he can talk to without holding back and rely on during difficult situations in life. 

He is also looking for a woman who can encourage him and make him stronger. He also mentioned that he appreciates roundness as a physical feature in women. 

FAQs about Ji Soo and Nam Joo Hyuk from Scarlet Heart

What does Nam Joo-Hyuk like?

Very few people know that before taking up modelling as a profession, Joo-Hyuk was extremely passionate about sports and wanted to become a professional basketball player. He had this dream while studying in middle school and had even started practising. 
But his hopes crashed when he suffered from a severe leg injury that required him to undergo surgery and hence he could not play anymore. 
After gaining stardom, he did get a chance to play a one-on-one match with NBA idol Stephen Curry for MBC’s Infinite Challenge in the year 2018. 

What happened to Ji-Soo? 

Ji-Soo had to undergo a serious bone marrow surgery in 2016. He had acute osteomyelitis that is caused due to an inflammation in the bone marrow after it is infected. The surgery was smooth and he recovered after a few days. 
He was still kept in the hospital since he was having severe back pain and even fever. There was a threat of it escalating into bone cancer but Ji-Soo dodged that bullet. He had to move around in a wheelchair too. 
Once he recovered completely, he took to social media and thanked his fans for their wishes. 

Summary on Ji Soo and Nam Joo Hyuk’s Bromance

Both of these actors worked their way up the ladder to establish themselves as admirable South Korean celebrities. 

Their friendship has also been very explicit and they haven’t shied away from engaging in a little bromance. 

Nam Joo-Hyuk and Ji Soo have also appeared in magazine shoots together which have, in turn, helped endorse their friendship further. 

This bond extends to their personal moments as well, as they were seen taking a holiday to Jeju Island together and exposing themselves to unique food cuisines. 

They found each other to be compatible travel partners and continued to go on other trips from that point. 

I also love how they made surprise appearances during each other’s fan interaction events and strengthened their bond in the public eye. 

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