New K-pop Groups Debuting in 2022

8 New K-pop Groups Debuting In 2023

Each year the K-pop industry comes to our rescue by blessing us with new K-pop groups. The year 2022 is going to be no different. 

It is almost the end of 2021, and every K-pop fan is looking forward to the popular labels for the new groups to make debuts.

With 2021 having so many successful debuts, the upcoming year, too, seems like a promising year in the K-pop industry. 

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So far, I have managed to find out about a few groups that are going to make their debut in 2022.

If you, too, are thrilled to learn about the upcoming K-pop groups in 2022, then you are at the right place. 

Till now, I have noticed that there are about eight new K-pop groups that are making thrills already and are likely to debut in the following year. 

So, stay tuned with me till the end to find out what treasure these K-pop entertainment agencies have in their 2022 debuts.

New K-pop Groups Debuting In 2022 

A New Girl Group by JYP Entertainment

If you are unaware of it, JYP Entertainment is the entertainment label that is responsible for the previous K-pop groups like TWICE, ITZY and Wonder Girls. 

This means that JYP has managed to make super successful girl groups so far. Out of which, except for ITZY, every other group has been awarded with the Song of the Year Award.

So, JYPE is going to make a new K-pop girl group after ITZY. Back in July of this year, the agency officially unveiled the poster of the group for the first time ever. 

The group since then was marketed as a ‘Blind Package.’ 

Following that, the label had also allowed for the fans to pre-order their album before any of these girls were officially announced, let alone a première. 

The entertainment agency, on August 5th, revealed three names of the group members, who are also the dance line of the upcoming group. 

Since then, these girls have been making waves for their fascinating skills and their visuals. Also, netizens are already predicting these girls to be ‘Monster Rookies’. 

These girls are likely to debut in February of 2022. 

A Boys Group by Brand New Music 

new kpop boy groups 2021

Brand New Music label has revealed to the media outlets that they are planning to release a new boys group in 2022. 

Further adding, they said that this group is already underway and will debut sometime in the first half of 2022. 

Also, by launching this group of boys, the Brand New Music label is aiming to target the international market as well. 

The upcoming group is already causing excitement in the fans, even before debuting. 

The reason behind that is the label Brand New Music has produced numerous groups before this that have succeeded in seizing the hearts of millions. 

Some of the common names that you must have heard are BDC, Han Dong Geun, AB6IX, Hanhae, and Yang Da II; well, the list is long!

Although the list of all the members is yet to be revealed by the agency, one name is already confirmed. 

The group is going to be a mix of numerous talented individuals. But I know for sure that Lee Eun Sang is going to be one of them. 

Also, it is going to be the label’s first group to have a large sum of members. 

A New Girl Group by YG Entertainments

The new group by YG Entertainment is already raising buzz as ‘Baby Monsters’

Another girl group that is soon going to debut in the K-pop universe is YG Entertainment’s Baby Monster, also already famous as BaeMon. 

Although there is not much detail revealed about this upcoming group, Noh Hee Young (the CEO of YG Entertainment) spilled some tea about it. 

She said that these girls are no joke. Adding to this, she has also made it clear that these girls are going to be the best K-pop has seen. 

So, following this statement, the fans are claiming that they’re just going to be as fascinating as the hitmaker of “Solo”, Jennie or maybe even better. 

Adding to all this, till now, four members of the group have been revealed. 

Also, these members are teen girls between the age of 15 and 16, so this group might be the youngest group YGE has till now released.  

According to the reports, it is highly likely that Baby Monster or BaeMon are going to debut at the outset of this new year. 


This year, the SM Entertainment label announced that they are going to launch an audition program for NCT Hollywood. 

Also, for the audition, the SME label was looking forward to collaborating with one of the largest production companies, MGM Worldwide Television. 

Via the audition, the selected contestants will be eligible to be members of the upcoming new boys’ group, NCT Hollywood. 

Following the group’s formation, it will be all set to debut in Korea on SM culture Technology, with the help of producer Lee Soo Man. 

Adding to this, there are also reports saying that NCT Hollywood will have some existing NCT members, including Jeno, JaeMin, and JiSung, but official news is yet to come on this. 

SM Entertainment has also said that they might release another new group as well, but they didn’t provide us with any further details. 

The new K-pop group NCT Hollywood is set to debut sometime in the upcoming year 2022. 

Trainee A by BigHit Music

Trainee A is so far the tentative name for the pre-debut boys’ group that is going to have six members in it. The group is going to release and flourish under the BigHit Music label. 

Initially, in March of this year, five members of this yet-to debut group were unveiled, along with a hidden one on an SNS account. 

Following the account, there were a number of producers and executives that followed the account, confirming its authenticity. 

Since then, the group has managed to spark curiosity among the fans and has been gaining attention all over the internet.  

The members of this probable Trainee A were revealed on August 22nd of this year, and it is now confirmed that Jinhoon, Sangwon, Leo, JJ, and James are going to be the members.

Although there is no verified time of the premiere of this group, the new K-pop group has six members,

Trainee A is set to debut in 2022 and is among the new K-pop groups by Big Hit Entertainment

BLAZE by MUGIT Entertainment 

new kpop groups 2021 big hit entertainment

On April 14th, MUGIT Entertainment label made social networking service (SNS) accounts for a yet to debut group name BLAZE. 

Following the formation of the account, the members of the group were revealed. Till then, the group had just two members Yujin and Sian. 

But the group lacked a solid lineup of members. So, as a result, an audition was organized by the agency for finding the best eligible members. 

Via the auditions, a new official member Shaena was unveiled in August. 

Following the unveiling of Shaena, the group made an IG account that only follows Shaena and Sian, signaling that Yujin has parted her ways with the group. 

So, there are currently just two members to BLAZE. But the agency has opened new auditions for girls between the age of 20 to 25 years.

The new K-pop group is likely to debut in the first half of 2022. 

JYP New Boy Group from Loud 

JYP Entertainment, via the survival reality show LOUD, has decided that there is going to be a new boy group soon in the K-pop industry. 

The name temporarily given to the group is JYPE LOUD, and it has five members in it. 

The official members of this new group are Lee Dong Hyeon, Yoon Min, Amaru, Gye Hun, and Keiju. This Kpop group JYPE LOUD will likely make its debut in 2022.

Yue Hua Entertainment New Boy Group

New K-pop Groups Debuting In 2022

There is news calling out that Yue Hua Entertainment is going to debut a new group of boys. 

The group will allegedly have three members Lee EuiWoong, Ahn HyungSeop, and Han Bin. 

Out of these, the former two are contestants from season 2 of Produce 101, and the latter was a contestant on I-LAND. 

Although there is news of this upcoming group, nothing is yet to be confirmed.  

There are numerous massive entertainment agencies in Korea that audition for K-pop idols. Following that, a massive number of teens sign up for it as well. 

But since the billion-dollar industry is making waves worldwide. Every K-pop fan is always looking up to these new groups to make their debut. 

The anticipation for these new groups to debut is always on the top of its game. While the precise timings are yet to be confirmed for any of these groups, I am already so much invested in it. 

Entertainment agencies like JYP Entertainments, Brand New Music, YG, and others never fail to surprise K-pop fans and always bring the best for them. 

So, if you, too, are a fan waiting for new K-pop groups to debut, then let me just tell you the upcoming year is going to be a blast!

 Keep yourself ready to enjoy every bit of it!

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