Guide To Nightclubs In Hongdae, Seoul

14 Nightclubs In Hongdae, Seoul You Have To Visit While In Korea

Here’s my guide to the top nightclubs in Hongdae, Seoul that you have to visit. This list includes famous spots like Club Awesome, Hongdae and other bars in Hongdae. 

Hongdae is a vibrant neighbourhood named after the Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea. 

It is a hub for food and shopping centres, and a night dweller’s paradise with its range of restaurants and nightclubs. 

You can get the most out of Seoul’s culture through the indie music performances, street food and the souvenirs available in local shops. 

If you want a night to remember while in Hongdae, here are some exclusive nightclubs you should definitely check out!

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Guide To Nightclubs In Hongdae, Seoul

Club Cream

If you are a hip-hop fanatic, you can elevate your party experience in Hongdae by heading to Club Cream. 

It is open all days of the week, and is known for its open mic performances (Modu-eu Mic) packed with hip-hop enthusiasts. 

People have also spotted celebrity rappers giving surprise performances, so you never know! 

Situated right on the main street, it is very easy to access by all, so make sure to get in line a little early because it can get crowded quickly, especially on weekends. The entry to the club is free at all times.

Club Cream is known for a lot of celebrity performances!

Club Vera

nightclub seoul
Source: Instagram@thelonious22

It is one of the biggest and most visited nightclubs in Seoul so visiting this one is a must! They house professional DJs who curate the best party music across genres. 

It has a wide dance floor with LED laser lights to enhance the clubbing experience. They also have a private VVIP area for exclusive gatherings. 

The most happening parties of the week take place during the weekdays Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 


hip hop clubs in hongdae
Source: Instagram@riekanekoo

They are one of the oldest clubs of Hongdae and have served decades of party enthusiasts. It is owned by YG Entertainment, which also represents many of  today’s K-Pop Idols. 

The NB stands for Noise Basement and as the name suggests, they deliver hip-hop music beginning from the classics to the electronic versions. 

They charge a one time entrance amount and yet their waiting lines may seem never ending. It caters to a younger, more vibrant crowd. 

Club M2

It is a club with the trendiest decor and state-of-the-art light and sound system for enhanced experience. 

They play the best EDM collection and have an elaborate dance floor to host party animals much like yourself. 

It is open on all seven days of the week, and the bar selection is definitely worth trying. It has a terrace area and offers a VIP lounge for private celebrations. Despite being crowded, it is worth visiting once. 

Thursday Party

It is one of those pocket-friendly places that falls somewhere between a pub and a nightclub. 

This particular club has an amicable atmosphere for tourists and you will get to meet people from around the world. 

They do not hold club restrictions and you can have a country style good time with a game of pool, darts or beer-pong. 

You can get drinks and bar bites at a cheaper price along with a guarantee of a low-key, but fun time. 

Thursday Night is on the same street as the other high end clubs, so you would not miss out on the bustling street and party atmosphere. 

Diss Bar & Club

This is yet another spot for hip-hop lovers, but the twist is their collection ranges back to 1990-2000s R&B and hip-hop. It is a chic place for old school party people to have a good time. 

They have a dance floor, but people usually prefer to hold on to their tables here. You can play darts and enjoy their selection of cocktails. 

They also have happy hour offers and some hookah for the buzz. 

Corner Pub

This place has its own charm and is best for people who would like to have a low-key night out by the Hongdae streets. 

This is also frequented by tourists and hence the atmosphere is diverse and lively. They have a two-storied layout with an arcade zone for fun games and since it is located around the corner (literally), it is not crowded very often. 

Their drinks and finger foods are affordable too. They have free seating and you can even make reservations for their packages. They are open throughout the week and stay open till late on Fridays and Saturdays. 

Club Doze 

club vera hongdae
Source: Instagram@doze_seoul

It has a somewhat different vibe as compared to other nightclubs, and will definitely be enjoyed by people who prefer a subdued party atmosphere. 

It also remains open till the morning and plays techno numbers and off-beat tracks more often than other nightclubs. 

Accomplished DJs from around the world come to play here and they do have a space for dance lovers. The ambient lighting of a bar with the life of a club is what you will find here. It opens at 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays, and on Tuesdays, it runs from 9pm until 1am. 

Mike’s Cabin 

clubs in hongdae 2022
Source: Instagram@mikescabinhongdae

It is one of the most famous clubs around the area, and since it is a franchise you can find its branches in other parts of Seoul as well. 

This club is also frequented by foreigners and locals usually go around mingling and getting to know new people there. 

It has a cosy atmosphere with a pool and foosball table, and a dance floor with pop, rock and bass music playing. 

They hold language exchange meetings on Thursdays, and are known for their draft beers and cocktails. 

Mike’s Cabin has a dive bar theme, but if you are someone who likes the constant bustling energy, you may find it underwhelming. 

Tipsy Rabbits 

Located around the heart of Hongdae, it has a chill vibe and doesn’t ask for high cover charges. 

The ambience is like that of an open bar and the drinks are inexpensive. They also offer happy hours and unlimited drinks services with a wide range of cocktails. 

So you can find the drinks are priced somewhere between 5000 won to 12000 won. 

This club holds theme-based parties and hosts gatherings to encourage a multicultural crowd. They remain open throughout the week so you can walk in any time. 

Turtle Union 

As the name suggests, it marks a meeting point of three distinct bars within the same premise. 

The three parts include the Agami that offers premium quality sashimi, a traditional pojangmacha themed pub Yudeokhwa and the Minduelle bar. 

It is one of those places that you can visit to have a blast as a group, or even for a solo drinking session. 

If you are fond of cocktails, try one at Minduelle bar and calm your appetite with some traditional snacks or the brisket salad from Yudeokhwa. 

It is also a good place to meet new people. You can also shift places depending on your crowd preferences. 

Zen Bar

In terms of infrastructure, it has a great decor and lighting system since it is one of the newer additions in Hongdae. 

They house multiple DJs playing EDM, hip-hop, pop and more. Since they are spread across two buildings, they have different music zones that you can switch between if you have a stamp. 

It is a foreigner friendly club and you can have a good time fitting in and socialising. 

The drinks are slightly expensive here, but the bass makes up for the experience.  It is only open on Fridays and Sundays. 

Club Madholic

It is one of the premier destinations to party in Hongdae. You can transcend to the soulful world of music with their hip-hop and R&B numbers. 

The crowd is high energy and drinks are inexpensive. It is also open every day of the week. They also host a lineup of performers every once in a while. 

Club Madholic may be extremely crowded so make sure to plan your visit in advance. 

Club Bonita

It is a party and cultural experience combined into one, as this club in Hongdae has one of the largest dance floors and hosts some of the liveliest Salsa performances. 

They host a DJ session every second Monday to encourage students of the nearby salsa academies to practice their moves. You can visit as an audience and enjoy the dances with some drinks and snacks. 

Club Bonita also hosts fun activities like Salsa classes!

FAQs about the Nightclubs in Seoul

Is Hongdae worth visiting? 

It is one of the prime destinations of Seoul and anyone who appreciates art and music can make the best out of that place. It is one of the most active areas around the city where you can spot live performances, crowded bars, art galleries with stimulating discussions and much more. The area constantly keeps changing so every time you visit, you may find something new to try. 

Is it better to stay in Hongdae or Myeongdong?

You can choose the destination depending on the nature of your trip and preferences. Both these places have a similar vibe, but Hongdae has a better nightlife and bustle as compared to Myeongdong whereas the latter is better in terms of the quality of restaurants. Myeongdong is also less crowded and has many international chains. 

How do I get to Hongdae?

You can use the subway station and immediately get down at Hongik University station. There are certain stations you can cover by walking as well like Hapjeong Station, Sangsu Station, Mangwon Station and more. 

Summary on the Nightclubs in Seoul

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