Pink Punk Original Members Of Blackpink

Here’s What Happened To The 5 Pink Punk Original Members Of Blackpink

Did you know that Blackpink originally had more members? Here are Pink Punk original members of Blackpink. Check it out!

Most of us have heard of the super famous all girl band BLACKPINK, which is currently known to be one of the biggest girl bands in history!

They made their debut in 2016 and have gained unbelievable fame not just in South Korea, but all over the world.

But there is this little something doing the rounds over the internet about Blackpink originally known to have had nine members and were actually going to be called ‘Pink Punk’!

I’m sure there are many Blinks out there who want to know whether this is actually true or not. If it is true, what happened to the other members and where are they now?

Well, guess what? This article has got all the information ready for you, so check out all the details below!

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Blackpink’s Original Nine Members: The Truth Revealed

Let’s clear the air here guys, all the rumors that you heard were actually right! 

It is true that Blackpink was originally supposed to be a group of 9 members who were going to make their debut as a group called ‘Pink Punk’. 

The original 9 members included Jinny Park, Jennie Kim, Euna Kim, Lalisa Manoban, Cho Mi-yeon, Kim Ji-soo, Kim Eunbi, Roseanne Park and Jang Hannah.

These 9 members initially trained under YG Entertainment and even had their roles ready as part of the band. 

The members of Pink Punk were divided into vocalists and rappers. The vocalists included Jennie Kim (who was also supposed to be their leader), Euna Kim, Kim Jisoo, Jinny Park, Jang Hannah, Roseanne Park and Cho Mi-yeon. 

The rappers of the group were going to be Kim Eunbi and Lalisa Manoban.

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out too well for the group as some of the members had to quit and leave YG Entertainment due to professional and personal reasons and eventually their debut kept getting delayed and they finally didn’t end up making their debut as Pink Punk. 

Towards the end, only four of the initial nine trainees remained and they decided to form a group called Blackpink and made their successful debut in 2016.

But the good thing is that even though the other original five members didn’t make their debut with Pink Punk, they eventually debuted with other bands or became solo artists and kicked off their careers well.

 Pink Punk Original Members of Blackpink

1. Jinny Park

Pink Punk Original Members of Blackpink
Source: Instagram @ withjinnypark

Jinny Park is a 24 year-old singer and rapper from America, who was initially supposed to be a member of Pink Punk, as one of the group’s vocalists. 

She is known to have not made her debut with the group Pink Punk because she wanted to continue her training, as her training period was very short compared to the others.

Later, in 2020, she made her debut with another girl group called ‘Secret Number’, who were formed under the company, Vine Entertainment. 

They made their debut with the single ‘Who Dis?’. She is now a part of Secret Number along with her 6 other bandmates Lea, Dita, Zuu, Denise, Soodam and Minji.

2. Euna Kim

pink punk members name
Source: Instagram @ euna102794

Euna Kim was one among the five who didn’t debut with Blackpink as she wanted to continue with her training for some more time as she hadn’t trained for as long as the others. 

She is a 27 year-old Korean American singer, also known for her amazing rapping skills. 

Euna is known to have been active since 2011, but ended her music career in 2021, when she decided to move back to the United States for good.

Euna Kim had contested in ‘Superstar K 3’, in 2011, a survival reality show in South Korea. Later, she also participated in a music competition called ‘Unpretty Rapstar 3’ in 2016 and another survival reality show called ‘The Unit’ in 2017.

She is known to have begun her career in music in 2011, after participating in ‘Superstar K 3’ and thereafter decided to join YG Entertainment with the plans of debuting with Pink Punk, but quit in 2013 before she made her debut.

But in 2014, Euna Kim is known to have made her debut as a solo artist in 2014 and came out with her single ‘Without You Now’, which featured other artists like Yoon Mi-rae, Bizzy and Tiger JK.

She is also known to have joined ‘The Ark’ another group, in 2015, but the group disbanded a year later after the release of just one song.

3. Cho Mi-yeon

blackpink old members
Source: Instagram @

The third trainee who was supposed to be one of the original members of Pink Punk was Cho Mi-yeon, also called as Miyeon, her stage name. She is known to have had personal relationship-related issues and thus didn’t make her debut with Pink Punk.

Cho Mi-yeon is a 25 year-old South Korean singer and is also a well-known actress. She is currently active as one among the five members of her present band called ‘(G)I-dle’, formed in 2018, under Cube Entertainment and are still active in the music industry. 

The group made their debut in 2018 with their song ‘Latata’, which was a song from their first extended play called ‘I Am’. The group made their debut in Japan in 2019, under the company U-Cube, with the same song ‘Latata’.

(G)I-dle is known to be directly involved when it comes to creating their music, which is something which isn’t common among the other groups of the K-Pop industry.

The group (G)I-dle is considered as one of the most successful girl groups in South Korea, from outside the “big three” record labels.

4. Kim Eunbi

pink punk members position
Source: Instagram @ ebeunbi

Another one of the five who didn’t join Pink Punk, is Kim Eunbi, as she is known to have suffered from certain health issues at the time of the debut of Pink Punk and decided to opt out.

Kim Eunbi is a 29 year-old Korean singer. She is known to have contested in ‘Superstar K 2’, a television show in 2010. Later in 2011, she joined the company YG Entertainment as a trainee. 

That’s when she got to know that she would be debuting with a new girl group called Pink Punk, but unfortunately, she decided to withdraw from the debut in 2014, due to her personal health issues.

She later made her solo debut with her song ‘I’m My Fan’ and this song was used in a video game called ‘MapleStory’. For a drama called ‘Best Chicken’, Kim Eunbi is known to have sang a song called ‘Sweet Stranger’.

Kim Eunbi is also known to have featured in the South Korean duo D:amant’s song called ‘iPhone I don’t have iPhone’.

5. Jang Hannah

how many members in pink punk
Source: Instagram @ hellnah1me

Lastly, Jang Hannah,  the 26 year-old singer from South Korea was the last of the five who didn’t debut with Pink Punk, as she went through a lot of personal issues that didn’t let her become an Idol like she always wanted to be.

But nevertheless, she did make her solo debut in 2020 with ‘Runnaway’, her digital single.

She is known to have released a few more digital singles like ‘Play No Games’ featuring Leellamarz, in 2021; ‘Take Your Time’, in 2021 and ‘On My Way’ in 2022.

Jang Hannah has also featured in Jinusean’s ‘Tell Me One More Time’, in 2015.

8 Amazing Facts about the Original Blackpink You Need to Know

Is BLACKPINK pink punk
Source: Instagram @ dispatch.cover

Well, needless to say, the four who didn’t make their debut as Pink Punk, formed their own group called ‘Blackpink’ and they are now one of the biggest girl bands in history!

Blackpink was formed in 2016 under the company YG Entertainment and made their debut in 2016 with ‘Square One’, their single album. This album featured ‘Whistle’ and ‘Boombayah’, two of their songs.

Check out some amazing facts about Blackpink below!

·         Jennie describes her training years as it being “more strict than school”.

·         YG Entertainment held tryouts for preteen or teenagers worldwide. This was to recruit girls to join the new girl group supposed to be Pink Punk, but later became Blackpink.

·         Even though Blackpink made their debut in 2016, their training started in 2011, 5 years earlier.

·         Jennie Kim was the very first member of Blackpink to be revealed to the public in 2016. At that point, she had already completed 6 years of training.

·         The fans of Blackpink call themselves Blinks because it is a combination of the words “black and “pink”.

·         The members of Blackpink also do brand endorsements apart from their music career, not just in South Korea, but even globally.

·         Blackpink donated 20 million won (around $16, 000) to low-income and single-parent households in South Korea and this money is what they had won as a prize in 2018 at the Elle Style Awards.

·         Blackpink’s music video ‘Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du’ became the most-watched music video ever, by a South Korean girl group in 2019 and also surpassed a billion views in 2019 on YouTube, which gave it the title as the first ever K-Pop music group’s video to achieve this feat.

The final takeaway

I’m sure this read has left many of you Blinks wondering, right? How would Blackpink be with 9 members?

Or wait, if Pink Punk did actually workout, then there would have been no group Blackpink at all!

Well, do not let your minds wander too much as the good news is that we still have Blackpink, along with the other 5 members who have successfully made their debuts and have great careers as well!

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