Popular Chinese Kpop Idols

15 Most Popular Chinese Kpop Idols Who Will Steal Your Hearts

Check out my list of the most popular Chinese Kpop idols both male and female. These stars have passed the boundaries of nationality to become pan Asian celebrities!

If the energising tunes of Kpop can top the charts in the US and the UK, well, China is still closer. What do you say? 

Yes, Korean pop music is HUGE in China. 

And because of this a lot of young people there have now decided to become Kpop idols themselves. The best part is, a few of them have made that dream come true.

There are several foreign born Kpop idols in the industry. The most famous being Lalisa of Blackpink who’s originally from Thailand.

But did you know that there are several Chinese-origin Kpop idols too? 

Most Popular Chinese Kpop Idols

Lay Zhang (EXO)

Lay Zhang
Source: Instagram @layzhang

Zhang Yixing is also known as Lay Zhang and is famous as Lay. He is a versatile artist—an actor, rapper, record producer, singer, director, producer, and lyricist. He is a member of EXO (the second-generation Kpop group).

The actor was on a long break from the EXO group’s activities for a few years. However, he returned with his super hit release – ‘Don’t Fight The Feeling.’ 

Jackson Wang (GOT7)

Jackson Wang is a member of the group GOT7. He made headlines due to his Preety Please rap, and he is a singer and a dancer. He has his record label, Team Wang, and is also an active member of the group. 

He also has a Fashion brand called Team Wang Design, and he is the lead designer of it and the creative director of Team Wang. He is active in mainland China as a solo artist and entertainer. 

Ningning (aespa)

chinese kpop idols female
Instagram @ningningae

Ning Yi Zhuo, also known as Ningning, was a part of a pre-debut trainee team S.M. Rookies, in 2016. She debuted with the four-member girl group aespa in 2020, and they gained fame with their super hit remake song “Next Level.”

People noticed the 18-year-old Ningning quickly.  


who is the chinese idol in nct
Instagram @wwiinn_7

NCT is a famous Kpop group, and their lead dancer is WINWIN. His name is Dong Sicheng, and he is also part of WayV—the Chinese unit of NCT127. NCT has millions of fans worldwide, and WINWIN is adored by them and has a nickname, Visual Winner. 


prettiest chinese idols
Instagram @yiren.love

Wang Yiren is a 21-year-old member of the girl Kpop group EVERGLOW. Being the ‘Visual Centre’ of the group as well as the lead dancer, Yiren is a prominent Chinese Kpop artist.

She earned the respect and love of the audience when she participated in Mnet’s Produce 48.

Renjun (NCT)

chinese kpop idols male
Instagram @yellow_3to3

Renjun is the main vocalist of the group and my personal favorite. For those who are living under a rock, this is In-Joon! It is his nickname, and he is more known as In-Joon rather than Renjun. Renjun was born in Jilin and made its debut with NCT Dream in 2016. 

My friends, Me, and many others love to call him The Prince of China. He debuted with the hit single “Chewing Gum” and released his first full album in 2018 with NCT, Empathy. 

Renjun debuted in the sub-unit NCT U with his second full album, Resonance. He has never failed to steal people’s hearts with his discography.

The8 (Seventeen)

SEVENTEEN Chinese idol name
Instagram @xuminghao_o

In 2015, The8 debuted with the SEVENTEEN, the boy band. The8 made his solo debut in 2019, and his original name was Xu Minghao. 

I know you must be wondering why he is called The8, and the answer is that when the number 8 is laid down horizontally, it looks like the infinity symbol. And many Chinese people love the number 8, and so does Xu Minghao. 

He is also part of the performance team—a sub-unit of SEVENTEEN. 

 Xu Minghao is featured in many magazines and has released several songs and mixtapes. He is based in South Korea and was born in Liaoning, China. 

Xiao Jun

asian kpop idol
Instagram @djxiao_888

Xiao Jun was born in Guangdong, China, and he shares a room with YangYang. He was introduced in 2018 as an S.M.Rookie, and that was the beginning of his fame. He participated in “X Fire,”—the Chinese survival show.

He learned English through movies and is a songwriter. He loves to play Ukulele, Guitar, Drums, and Piano. 

With the digital release—The Vision, Xiao-Jun made his debut with the group WayV in 2019. He was the group’s main vocalist, and Xiao-Jun was also a part of the group NCT. 

Yang Yang (NCT/WayV)

Who is the most famous Chinese KPOP Idol
Instagram @yangyang_x2

Yang Yang and Xiao-Jun debuted together at the launch of the NCT’s sub-unit WayV with The Vision. He is the rapper and sub-vocalist of the group. He has loved rapping since he was a kid.

He made his debut in the sub-unit NCT 2020 with the entire album—Resonance. 

He is also the Maknae of WayV, and his famous nickname is Sa Yang. Xiao Jun and YangYang share a close bond and are excellent friends.

Due to an injury from basketball, YangYang was unconscious and dreamed about performing on stage. He has a large fanbase with 6.3 Million followers on Instagram.


What Kpop idols are from China
Instagram @svtjunhui

Jun was born in Shenzhen, China, and his real name is Wen Junhui. He has starred in commercials since childhood and worked on TV Shows. 

He debuted in the group Seventeen as a member of it in 2015. Jun and The8 participated in the Chinese reality show—Chao Yin Zhan Ji (潮音战纪).

He said that many Chinese students are fond of KPop, which is why he was inclined toward Korean music. 

In 2014, he was also cast in a Chinese web drama, Intouchable. He released his solo album—Can you sit by my side, in 2018, and fans loved it, and I liked it too. 

Chenle (NCT)

are there any chinese kpop idols
Instagram @chenle.gallery

Chenle was born in Shanghai, China, and is the main vocalist of NCT Dream and NCT U.

In 2016, Chenle made his debut with the single, Chewing Gum with NCT’s subunit Dream. 

With just two months of training, he made his debut. He belongs from a wealthy family and plays Piano. 

He appreciates Lay from EXO a lot, and Renjun and he shares a good bond. Chenle loves fried eggs and cooks them himself, and Renjun says oil is all over the place when he cooks. 

Chenle is so talented that he released three albums before his debut and was in the movie Soul Rhythm 2013. 

Yuqi ((G) I-DLE)

can a chinese be kpop idol
Instagram @yuqisong.923

Yuqi is a member of the Kpop girl group ((G) I-DLE) and made her debut in 2018 with the mini album I AM. 

Her real name is Song Yuqi, and she is a rapper and a dancer. In 2021 she made her soloist debut with “A Page.” 

Yuqi works under CUBE entertainment, and in 2017 she was introduced as a CUBE Tree. 

She was nominated for “100 most beautiful faces,” and she represented China. 

She charms the audience with her deep voice. She is going to participate in the Chinese survival show Stage Boom to showcase her vocal talent. She also plays Guzheng (Chinese String instrument). 

Kun (NCT/WayV)

half chinese kpop idols
Instagram @kunnct

You guys, meet the leader of WayV —Kun. His real name is Qian Kun, and his nicknames are Kun Kun and Xiaodan. He debuted in WayV in 2019 with the single The Vision. 

In 2016, with the second digital single, “Without You,” Kun participated in the sub-unit NCT U. 

He can speak good Chinese and Korean, and he is close to Chinese members of NCT. 

Kun is a songwriter and a composer and plays the Piano. He was born in Fujian province, China, and is an only child.       

On NCT 2018, he made his debut with a full album, The Resonance. 

He loves the R&B music type, and the song that made him want to become an artist was Jason Mraz’s “I won’t give up.”   

Hendery (NCT/WayV)

most popular chinese kpop idols
Instagram @i_m_hendery

Hendery was born and brought up in Macau, China, and he is a rapper. He made his debut in WayV in 2019.

I will tell you the funny part about him. His nicknames are Donkey and Cucumber. Also, he has a fear of Frogs, and his favorite plant is Cactus.

With Resonance, in 2020, he made his debut in the sub-unit NCT2020. 

He is the lead rapper of the sub-unit NCT U and joined it in 2020 while debuting in Resonance Pt.1.  

Lucas Wong (NCT)

Who is the first Chinese KPOP Idol
Instagram @lucas_wong.nct

The original name of Lucas is Wong Yukhei, and he is a part of both NCT and WayV. He is of Chinese-Thai origin, and his birthplace is Hongkong. 

He made his debut in the sub-unit NCT U with the album Empathy in 2018. 

Lucas is the lead dancer of the group and sub-vocalist. He debuted in WayV in 2019 with the digital single The Vision. 

In 2019, he debuted in the SuperM, the kpop supergroup.  

Final Thoughts On the Most Popular Chinese Kpop Idols

So, this was my list of most popular Chinese Kpop group Idols, and they have never ceased to steal my heart over and over again with their songs.

Kpop music is propagating its charm worldwide, and the masses are falling for them. Chinese people like Kpop music; according to a survey, 33.2% of the population says that Kpop is popular in China. 

Korean musicologists use Chinese sources more often when studying ancient Korean music. 

Koreans and Chinese are greatly affectionate toward each other’s culture; therefore, you would see many Chinese idols in the K-pop industry. 

The Kpop industry is witnessing a lot of non-Korean talent. People love the diversity and cultural mix they get to see. 

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