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10 Popular Korean Hair Colors | Trends You Need To Try In 2021

by song-i
Popular Korean Hair Colors

If you are a fan of K-dramas, you must have noticed the beautiful Korean hair colors of the stars. Koreans are known for their amazing skin, impeccable fashion, and beautiful hair. 

Yes, they definitely have an extensive hair care regime just like their skincare. But they also follow the latest Korean hair colors trends which set them apart. 

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The color of your hair can really help in making a style statement. So this practice is very common among Koreans. 

They love to experiment with a wide variety of color palettes ranging from natural browns to blondes. 

We have compiled a list of some of the most popular hair colors seen on your favorite Hallyu stars that can inspire you to select your next hair color. 

Popular Korean Hair Colors 2021

Dark Brown

Source: Pinterest.com

Dark brown is one of your safest bets so this is a great option for people coloring their hair for the first time. A lot of Koreans naturally have dark brown hair so this will also give you the most natural look. 

But this is not the most common hair color among Korean stars since they love to experiment with unique and eccentric colors. 

You can either get a global dark brown color done or even opt for a balayage with browns that will give a 3D look. If you have a cool skin tone, opt for a warm version of this color. 

If you have a warmer complexion, you can get a dark, cool-toned brown. 

Black/ Midnight Blue

Source: Pinterest.com

Black is definitely the most common hair color among Koreans. They also have naturally black-colored hair. So if you are bored of your black hair but not ready for a major change, you can opt for this look. 

Midnight blue is also a color that does not require commitment. You can easily get this temporary color on your hair by using hair color sprays. So if you are looking for something short-term, you can give this one a try. 

Another way to get this done is by pre-lightening or bleaching your hair. But I would steer clear from this since it makes your hair dry and fragile. The color can also wash off after shampooing your hair a few times. 

Copper Korean Hair Colors

Source: Pinterest.com

Light skin tones work really well with copper-colored hair. It helps in brightening a pale and dull face. It is also one of those colors that will look good on a bare no-makeup face. 

You can add more definition to your hair by creating highlights or getting a balayage done on copper hair. Copper is best paired with red shades to get gorgeous-looking hair.

A lot of Hallyu or Korean Wave stars prefer a more toned-down version of copper. If you don’t want to go for a  bright red shade of copper, you can opt for a dye job in a light reddish-brown to get a sober shade. 

Sand Beige

Source: Pinterest.com

This rich beige-toned shade of blonde will add all the oomph factor to your look. This shade is perfect for those with light brown hair to give some depth to their hair.

This hair color works best with people who have fair to medium skin tones. This popular summer hair trend definitely requires some amount of patience from your side. 

Since you will have to lighten your hair or bleach it to get this shade, you might have to go for multiple sessions to get the desired look. 

Pale Honey Blonde

Source: Pinterest.com

Pale Honey Blonde is a hair color that has been worn by a lot of your favorite Hallyu stars. This is a fool-proof shade that will make heads turn. 

If you want a soft look, you should opt for shades of honey. You can also do a balayage or add highlights to your hair to give better depth to your hair. 

Blonde is a classic hair color that will complement warm colors on the skin. This color goes really well with Asian skin tones and will definitely give you a sophisticated look. 

Mushroom Brown 

Source: Pinterest.com

Mushroom brown is a combination of light brown and grey that looks amazing on Asians. This shade is neither too cool nor warm toned and it complements the skin color well. 

You will have to lighten your hair to achieve this shade since it has ashy grey or creamy highlights with earthy brown as the primary color. 

This is also one of those shades that require less maintenance than its brighter alternatives. 

Although this color is very subtle, it can be quite a head-turner and simply looks stunning. 

Tangerine Brown

Source: Pinterest.com

I’m sure you must have seen this hair color worn by at least one leading lady in a Korean drama. Tangerine hair is one of the most popular hair colors among Korean actresses. 

The hair color works best for people with fair skin and yellowish undertones. This shade has a bright deep brown hue that will add warmth to your look. 

The shade has a more subtle look indoors. This hair color looks beautiful in the sunlight and will definitely spruce up your appearance. 

If you are looking for something bright that doesn’t require bleaching, you can go for this look. 

Wine Korean Hair Colors

Source: Pinterest.com

One of my favorite colors on the list, wine is an amazing hair color for Asians. This color works perfectly on the light skin tone to give you a very feminine look.

The best part about this shade is that you don’t really have to bleach your hair to achieve this color. This beautiful shade of red has been spotted on a lot of Hallyu stars. 

If you don’t want something this bright and are looking for a muter shade, you can combine a rich mahogany shade which will give you a darker tint. 

This combination will not need too much processing. 

Rose Brown 

Source: Pinterest.com

After you bleach your hair and get color done, it can fade away after a few washes leaving you with light hair. 

This is a canvas for new hair color and you can try out experimental shades like rose brown to spruce up your look. 

But too much color can dry out and damage your hair so make sure you follow proper aftercare measures to maintain the moisture on the hair. 

This unique hair color has been spotted on Hallyu stars like Lee Sung Kyung and Han So Hee. It is a combination of muted red and light brown that will give you this amazing shade. 

This is definitely one of the most insta-worthy colors on the list. However, this color needs proper maintenance or it could fade away quickly. 

 Lavender Korean Hair Colors

Source: Pinterest.com

Pastel shades have definitely ruled the hair color scene in Korea and have become a favorite among Korean stars. 

This is a versatile option and you can experiment with numerous colors and combinations to get a unique look. 

This hair color is more popular among male Korean stars and compared to their female counterparts. 

Some of the most popular stars who rocked Lavender colored hair include, IU, Rose from BLACKPINK, Hani from EXID, V from BTS, Taemin from SHINhee, and Ren from NU’EST. 

Now that we have looked at some of the most popular hair color trends in Korea, you must be looking forward to getting your hair colored. 

We have listed some of the best hair color brands that will help you achieve this amazing look.

Best Korean Hair Dyes

Korean hair colors are well known for their healthy ingredients. Most of them do not contain harmful ingredients like Ammonia and rarely cause harmful reactions. Some of the most popular hair coloring kits in Korea are:

Herb Speedy Color Cream

If you want to try out Korean hair colors, my first pick would be this dye as it contains natural extracts and potential allergens have been replaced with non-toxic ingredients to give you a safe coloring experience. 

This makes it perfect for people with sensitive scalp or those who have had bad reactions to hair dyes before. 

I love it is also one of the fastest working hair colors in the market and it colored my medium-length hair color in around 20 minutes!

DAENG GI MEO RI Medicinal Herb Hair color

Regular dyes are usually formulated with harsh chemicals that can weaken your hair and cause thinning. But not Korean hair colors!

The Daeng Gi Meo Ri hair dye is formulated with medicinal herb extracts like Ginseng, Cnidium Officinale, and mugwort that nourish and strengthen your hair. 

These ingredients also avoid scalp irritations. The best part is that it contains no foul odor that is usually caused by Ammonia. 

Hello Bubble Foam Color

If you are in the mood to experiment with unique shades, you can go for this rose gold shade from Hello Bubble.

I love foam hair colors, they are easy and fun to apply. These bubbles work quickly and can change your hair color in 20 minutes. 

This hair color is free of ammonia and my hair felt so soft after using this. If you are looking for a non-staining, odor-free hair color, this will be a great option. 

Somang Clinic Hair Color


This hair color is formulated to protect and nourish your hair. It contains nourishing ingredients that enforce the strength and texture of your hair even after coloring. 

The ingredients list boasts of Keratin and ceramides that improve the moisture levels on your hair. 

It also contains glycerin extracts that protect your scalp and camellia oil that makes your hair shiny.  

Due to the Hallyu wave, Korean pop culture is becoming more and more famous worldwide. 

So you’ll see a lot of young folks, wearing popular Korean hair colors to match their k-pop idol’s look. 

If you want to get on the Korean hair color trends bandwagon, I hope this article helped you find a look you’d like to rock!

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