Red Velvet's Irene Without Makeup Looks

7 Gorgeous Red Velvet’s Irene Without Makeup Looks

Check out your favorite Red Velvet’s Irene without makeup looks. Also check out if other red velvet members without makeup, such as Seulgi, Wendy or Yeri look as good. 

Who said celebrities look alluring only when masked with makeup? Certain celebs are blessed with a glowing face naturally.

While I love the glammed-up looks of the stars- smoky eyes, glittering eyeshadows, pink blushes, and painted lips- I am inclined to praise times when they appear bare-faced. And viewing them unconcealed is a norm these days.

Remember the Instagram trend- #nomakeup!

Many celebs posted their fresh-faced selfies during the time. How bold of them to ditch the usual glamorous look and share their real untouched face! A liberating feeling, perhaps.

 I was surprised to see my favorite stars with puffy eyes, blemishes, and fine lines. (After all, they are HUMAN). Likewise, I was amazed to see some of them look impeccable and full of beauty naturally.

Many K-Pop beauties don’t hesitate to meet the camera with minimum to no makeup and treat their followers. I wonder how amazing skincare routine they follow to keep their skin so radiant & glowy.

Let’s dive in to appreciate some instances when my favorite K-Pop diva Irene was spotted with no makeup.

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Who Is Red Velvet’s Irene?

Red Velvet's Irene Without Makeup Looks
Source: Instagram@irene.mybae

Irene is a popular South Korean singer, actress, rapper, and model. Her excellent voice and commitment to work have enticed a major fan following and love from all age groups.

She was born on March 29, 1991, and joined SM Entertainment in 2009. After being trained for five years, she made a grand debut as the leader of Red Velvet on July 27, 2014. Since then, she has been the visual of this K-Pop girls group. 

Irene has built an impressive career by acing in whatever she does; she has worked as the female lead in web dramas such as ‘Women At A Game Company‘ and ‘Love Alarm.’ She has been the exclusive ambassador of the beauty brand ‘Clinique’ and the fashion brand ‘Miu Miu.’

 She also holds the record of being the first Asian to represent an Italian luxury jewelry brand, DAMIANI, as a muse. She has been a model for brands like Maxwell House, Nuovo Shoes, and Cooper vision. 

She is an inspiration to many and a delight to the eyeballs that drop on her.

Red Velvet’s Irene Without Makeup Looks

Irene is a born beauty who can look ravishing even without applying a single coat of foundation. Don’t believe me? Skim through the instances when she was captured totally raw, with no makeup & how enthralling her simplicity looks.

The Minimal Look

How can someone be so perfect by just putting on lip gloss? Irene looks captivating in this blue & white striped shirt. The way she poses with the bear keychain makes me think -CUTE. Right?

Her silky satin hair completes the minimal look she portrayed here. I love how she beautifully flaunts her real self and encourages her fans to take a break too.

The Nerdy Look

Isn’t she looking like that teen who is just heading for a group study? Irene looks so adorable, wearing glasses. The carefree hairstyle is another feature adding to her spot-on beauty. 

 I love the complete look- checkered shirt, glasses, straight hair, and no makeup. She is the gorgeous visual of Red Velvet known for her incredible makeup & fashion sense, and yet how charming she looks while being just a girl next door.

The Instagram Look

“The Only” singer has posted many selfies on Instagram, but this black & white piece is on another level. Simple, effortless, refreshing, and most importantly, filter-free.  

Her messy hair, perfect jawline, and expressive eyes are so amazingly exhibited.

The Innocent look

This simple and elegant look of Irene surely made me look twice. Why? Because her clear complexion and slight pinkish lips look so good. 

No wonder she is so popular, and showing off her bare face depicts how she promotes self-love. The “Power Up” vocalist can rock both a glam look and a minimalist look for sure.

The BTS Look

Irene was seen without makeup in the preview of her first reality show, “Level Up Project.” She was interviewed in the middle of the night, and the plain glimpse was a stunner.

 This behind-the-scenes video made the fans go gaga. The “Ice cream Cake” rapper’s lustrous hair complemented her plain look, and her radiant smile was the showstopper.

The Airport Look

Who can appear fresh and glowy after a 23-hour long flight? Well, Irene can.

She looked so classy when she made an airport appearance after spending almost a day on the airplane. The best part- she didn’t look tired, and her face looked gorgeous right after her flight landed. 

She returned from Chile after attending a concert and was spotted without an ounce of makeup.

The ravishing dancer wore casual sweat pants, a sweater, and a long coat. Everything was spot on, and her look drew so much media attention. People were in awe of the natural beauty she is. Social media was on fire with her charisma & pristine beauty.

The Throwback Look

Irene has always been a spectacle to watch. The SM Rookies released rehearsal footage and pictures from her trainee days. And yes, she looked gorgeous back then too. 

Wearing no makeup and striking picture-perfect poses, she looked extremely pretty & adorable. The loose tendrils on the front and the ponytail recreated a vintage vibe, and fans couldn’t stop showering adoration. She had always been a natural beauty, and the photos proved the same. 

red velvet irene beauty secrets
Source: Instagram@oshiteshirubeshi_1019

FAQs About Red Velvet’s Irene

Who is the prettiest in Red Velvet without makeup?

All the five girls of Red Velvet are gorgeous and look amazing without makeup. But, no one can compare the innocent & lovely looks of Irene, bare-faced. And she never shied away from bossing her natural beauty on cameras. She is the prettiest without makeup in the band.

What are the beauty secrets of Red Velvet’s Irene?

Irene has sensitive skin, and every girl with this skin type knows how difficult it is to maintain. I have sensitive skin too, and I acquiesce with Irene’s formula of “less is more.” I can relate when she says that not all products are made for us. 
She makes sure to keep her skin hydrated and religiously follows a nighttime hydrating routine. (Now, you know the reason behind the luminous glow she has.) Follow the basics- She ensures she drinks enough water to drain off all the skin’s impurities. 
When asked about her skincare routine, she said, “Choosing the right products & making sure I use them consistently really did show results in the long run.”. 
So she has experimented and thus knows the products that suit her. Instead of experimenting with every new product launched in the market, she prefers to be consistent with what she is already using. And that’s her beauty secret.

Who are the most beautiful K-Pop idols without makeup?

All of the K-Pop idols are indeed a treat to the eye. We have seen them dolled up with makeup many times. But I love (some of them) in their raw avatar too. Irene is my super favorite, and I have listed some of the other idols who sport the no makeup look elegantly (solely my choice)-:
Tzuyu (Twice)
Jisoo (Blackpink)
Yura (Girl’s day)
Park Gyu-ri (Kara)
Eunji (Apink)
Naeun (Apink)
Krystal (fx)
Suzy (miss A)
Jenny (Blackpink)

How much does Irene fit the Korean Beauty Standard?

Korean Beauty Standards are a strict features list that defines optimum expectations for an individual’s appearance. However, this is just a measure of whether you fulfill a certain criterion. It is in no way labeling a person as perfect or beautiful.
The major attributes of Korean Beauty Standards include:
Pale & flawless skin.
A small face.
A V-shaped jawline.
Large eyes with double eyelids.
A high nose.
Irene is a perfect fit for all the criteria listed above. However, she does not fit other benchmarks contained in the standards. 
She is short in height, i.e., less than 165 cm. Her body shape is proportionate and not hourglass style, which is another important feature in the Beauty standards. 
So, she fits 70% of the Korean Beauty Standards. However, we all know what a real beauty she is and how much her fans rave about her stage presence.

Final Thoughts on Irene’s No Makeup look

Red Velvet is a much-loved K-Pop girls-only brand, and the energetic music they release is such a delight to listen to. Their recent release “Feel My Rhythm” elated their fans and their outstanding performance was the talk of the town. 

All the girls in the group looked terrific with perfect makeup, beautiful hairstyles, and branded costumes. However, Irene tops them all even with a no-makeup look, which is what I love about her. 

The “Red Flavor” singer loves to flaunt her real beauty encouraging her fans to love themselves the way they are.

Her message that not every occasion needs a makeup kit to complement is heard loud and clear.

Which Irene’s natural look is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

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