Red Velvet's Joy Relationship

Red Velvet’s Joy Relationship: Who Makes Her Heart Joyful? (2015-Present)

Do you wanna know if Red Velvet’s Joy has a happy love life? Let’s find out about Red Velvet’s Joy relationship and who made her heart skip a beat! 

Joy is loved and admired by so many fans, and of course they would want to see Joy have a happy relationship with someone special, but who is that special someone who makes her heart flutter? Let’s see!

Park Soo-young, known for her stage name Joy, is a South Korean singer, a superb actress, and a host.

In August 2014, she made her debut as a lead rapper and sub vocalist member in one of the most popular groups in the K-pop industry, Red Velvet under SM Entertainment. Joy has portrayed the main characters in the television series The Liar and His Lover, Tempted, and The One and Only since making her acting debut in 2017.

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She is now considered as one of the most gifted female idols in the entertainment industry, winning over admirers all over the world and achieving amazing progress and accomplishments as a kpop idol.

 Their group contributed to a number of original soundtracks that were huge hits in Korea. Red Velvet has topped numerous international music charts and drawn a lot of attention for the variety of their music and creative ideas in their concepts.

Known for her upbeat and joyful demeanor, Joy had made a number of appearances in dramas and TV shows.

Joy released soundtracks for dramas, collaborations with other artists, she also has her own solo album and single tracks too! She is a successful idol and actress at such a young age for having so many achievements and endorsements in these short years!

Red Velvet’s Joy Relationship

She is loved for her calm, clear voice, which makes her listeners adore her. She is a talented idol and she brings a charismatic presence on stage along with her heavenly vocals and amazing dancing skills, who wouldn’t fall for her?

But despite her beauty, fame, talent and success, is she single and happy or does she have someone special in her life?

Yook Sungjae (2015-2016)

joy red velvet and crush
Source: Instagram @yook_can_do_it

This couple are one of the most fan-favorite in the Kpop industry ever since these two had appeared and participated as a virtual “couple” on MBC’s reality show “We Got Married” in 2015, BtoB’s Yook Sung-jae & Red Velvet’s Joy (Ep 276-320).

It was Joy’s first time participating in a reality TV show while Sungjae rose to fame with his acting in the drama Who Are You: School 2015 portraying an attractive character that captured the viewers hearts.

Yook Sungjae, a South Korean performer who is also a singer, composer, actor, and host. He is a member of the boy band BtoB and BtoB Blue, a sub group. Sungjae has regularly demonstrated his singing ability, which is one of his strongest skills as a member of BTOB’s vocal line.

Even in casual settings, his singing will cause people to pause and pay attention, as it did in an episode of All The Butlers/Master in the House. His voice is calming and ideal for ballads. However, he also displayed his flexibility by releasing his debut solo album, “Yook O’Clock,” in March of 2020, and he raps too!

Yook Sungjae is a well-known example of an idol who is also a talented actor. His acting abilities are insane and diverse. He can portray anyone, from a wealthy, spoiled high school brat to a part-time employee with compassion for others.

He is a handsome visual who is naturally funny in variety shows and also has a dorky, witty personality that everyone loves him for.

It was even said that he came from a wealthy family! Despite his wealth, Yook Sungjae is known for his humor and talent, and of course, for being modest! 

The arrangement of this couple was criticized by many Korean internet users, and Joy received a lot of hate. Many of their fans disapproved of their idols participating on this program because both of them are members of idol groups.

And just like that, this pair brought controversy from the beginning of their appearance.

They appeared in season four from episode 276 to 320 in total of 44 episodes in eleven months they spent together as they pretended to be newlyweds,.

This couple blossomed into something more giving a natural chemistry between them, the couple gained attention in the show. “Bbyu” was their couple name and also “SungJoy” the couple garnering the fans hearts!

What made everyone love about is how they looked perfect together and got along well during their time in the show.

When they first met in a park, they were both aware of their future partner because of the previously published pieces. They were still shy and awkward though.

Joy surprised Sung-jae by being concealed inside a gift box. She had a rubber snake toy and a few clothes ready for them to wear.

Sung-jae was really timid at the start of the program, but Joy was fearless and did a great job of leading the duo. However, they were both very upbeat and youthful, which set them apart from the other couples in the program.

After spending a holiday together in Jeju for a picture shoot, the pair stopped feeling uneasy and started getting closer. In addition to Jeju, they also spent time on vacation in tropical locations, including Hainan, as requested by Joy.

While they were in Hainan together, they were incredibly close and amorous. They spent their days having fun on the beach, and at night they relaxed by sharing a bed on the terrace while Sung-jae sang Joy a lullaby in his arms. How sweet!

Their appearance and way of thinking evolved with time, becoming more mature than when they first met. Sung-jae lost his shyness and developed into a caring person who took care of Joy.

While on the other hand, Joy began to appear timid after learning of Sungjae turning into a more daring person.

joy red velvet husband
Source: Instagram @yoook_sungjae1

Sung-jae planned a romantic surprise for Joy in order to display his romantic side. Sung-jae delighted Joy by playing the piano and making a variety of candies, which showed off his adorable, romantic side.

He requested assistance from other BTOB members so that Sung-jae and Joy could record a song as part of his celebration.

From meeting for the first time, having their first street date, having Joy move into their new home and celebrating Chuseok together, had a cozy winter together,these two got closer and netizens couldn’t help but wish they would date in real life!

In the final episode of the Bbyu Couple, neither of them could conceal their sadness when time has come to part ways.

They performed a song for one another. Joy surprised everyone at the farewell by bringing a cake to the stage and singing Sung-jae a birthday song while also honoring his birthday.

Joy wept when Sung-jae sang “Hug Me,” which was his way of telling Joy all he had been unable to say all this time.

Although the netizens at first disagreed with the pair, in the end they were able to make them feel sad about their separation and their time together has come to an end. Joy and Sungjae seem to have remained close, even after their part in the We Got

Married program ended, after their appearance in the show the two idols never had rumors about them being romantically involved.

They finally reunited in 2018 for a variety show. Actually, we haven’t met again since the WGM ended,” Sungjae said. “That’s because we are both very busy and it’s very difficult to keep in touch with each other.” Sungjae and Joy were then asked to explain each of them as they were familiar.

The star of the drama Goblin was successful in making fans excited by calling Joy’s real name, Park Sooyoung.

“Sooyoung…” Sungjae said before being cut by Park Na-rae. “Sooyoung? Wow!” said Park Na-rae. “She is very innocent and in harmony with her emotions.

People are honest and have innocent sides like a child,” Sungjae said. “Sungjae Oppa is an adult and guides me well,” Joy said. Many were carried away because Sungjae still called Joy with her real name.

Despite their incredible compatibility and heart-fluttering chemistry, they both made the decision to support one another’s careers and remain friends.

The fact that many of their fans are in favor of their relationship, the agency has never officially confirmed it.

They might not date each other in real life, but we’ll never know what happens in the future. 

Shin Hyo-seob (2021-Present)

joy red velvet boyfriend
Source: Instagram @crush9244

Every time some of their favorite stars start dating, fans are absolutely thrilled. Even more thrilling is watching their story unfold in front of the viewers’ eyes after they first met as friends or collaborators. The R&B and hip-hop singer, Shin Hyo-seob or as known as Crush

and Joy from Red Velvet experienced exactly the same. The celebrities began working together in May 2020 and quickly grew close. In August 2021, they became an officially recognized couple.

Fans were surprised but calm about the news when both of the agencies had announced their romantic relationship. Let’s see how their love story began!

In May 2020, Joy & Crush announced a collaboration, and his comeback will be with his forthcoming album, homemade, his agency P Nation stated. Joy would appear on “Mayday,” the album’s centerpiece song.

Moreover, who wouldn’t think they are dating if they post photos together on Instagram? The two posed with their arms crossed in a couple pictures that were snapped by someone else, while Crush took other selfies with Joy. 

When “Mayday’’ was finally released, which was accompanied by a music video that showed Joy and Crush having fun on a voyage. They strolled around holding hands and shared a beautiful meal.

The two appeared to be poised to kiss in one scene where Joy playfully shoved Crush into the wall. Now, isn’t that romantic and kinda sus?

After working together last May, the two remained close, and their bond started developing into love.

In August 2021, fans began suspecting that Joy and crush were more than just friends and they are right! The couple’s relationship has been announced by P-NATION and Joy’s agency, SM Entertainment.

They previously had a senior-junior connection, but lately started dating after fostering positive affections for one another, the companies claimed.

She immediately apologized to her supporters for holding back details about her relationship with Crush as it was only in the early phases of their relationship.

Joy also mentioned that she and Crush were in the process of shaping one another’s feelings and were getting to know each other. I mean, how sweet is that? They are taking their time to figure out their relationship.

Thousands of admirers responded to her post with warm comments asking her not to feel bad because she didn’t do anything wrong.

The fact that he appears to enjoy being with Joy, Crush admitted that their relationship is still new. He promised his followers that he would ultimately reveal their relationship, but it was unexpectedly revealed. 

But still, their fans are delighted that Joy and Crush are now officially together because they have a connection that was particularly obvious enough.

Well, I just wish them both a happy ever after. I think they make a great couple, how about you?

Cheers to Joy and Crush, stay strong!

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