RM Hairstyles Since BTS’s Debut

The Stylish Evolution Of RM Hairstyles Since BTS’s Debut | His Top 15 Looks! 

RM or Kim Namjoon from BTS is a style icon. So here are some RM hairstyles since BTS’s debut that you will love to try. Also check out the names of RM’s haircuts so you can ask your barber the next time around!

One of my favorite members from BTS has been Kim Namjoon or RM as he’s popularly known. 

I know this might be a bit controversial but I think RM has had the most creative journey style-wise in BTS. Yes, even before Jungkook.

While Jungkook’s personal fashion and aesthetic has always vacillated between comfy and cozy to darker, emo looks, RM has always tried to experiment with his looks.

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So you can always find him wearing one hair color after another. In fact, I think RM has changed his hair color for every BTS album era and maybe even 2-3 times in an era. 

In this article today, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite RM hairstyles since BTS’s debut in 2016. 

Now, you can personally witness his fashion journey and maybe even take some inspiration on how to look like a glamourous Kpop idol. 

RM Hairstyles Since BTS’s Debut 

Since BTS’s debut RM has been serving looks! Here are some of his top hairstyles that you can try to emulate too. Check it out! 

The Debut Mohawk For “No More Dream”

RM Hairstyles Since BTS Debut

Even in his debut you can see the confidence RM possesses as he sports this fabulous mohawk with side braids. 

RM Hairstyles debut album

While his other teammates were aiming for a boy-next-door, almost aegyo look, RM had other plans and we are glad he did!

Bringing The 80s Back With The Mullet For “Black Swan”

Namjoon long hairstyles

Kpop artists are bringing the mullets back in style, and RM is a part of the mullet movement just like fellow bandmates Jungkook and Jimin. 

Mushroom Cut But Make It Sexy…. And Minty

Rm green hairstyle
Source: Instagram@ot7bts.13

Fans of BTS were left shocked when RM debuted his cropped mint-colored hair during the music video of “Epilogue: Young Forever” and “Fire”. 

While the reactions to this look were mixed there was no denying that RM can be counted on to push the boundaries of style if needed! 

On anyone else, this kind of severely cropped hair at the back, bangs at the front and mint-green hair color would have been a tad too much. Not RM though! He flaunted this look with oomph. 

The Blonde, Boy-Next-Door Look For “Dope”

Kim Namjoon hairstyles 2022
Source: Instagram@namjoonie.is.a.cutay

Personally, this was one of my favorite hairstyles of RM. He looked so cute in these shaggy blonde locks. And the best thing about this hairstyle is that anyone can flaunt it.

So if you want to get hair inspired by RM, this is one safer look you can choose over the more outrageous hair colors like mint green and orange. 

I really liked how the short shaved sides and bangs looked on him in the Dope music video!

Pink Fluffiness For “War of Hormone”

Kim Namjoon rm pink hair
Source: Instagram@kimchikoos

Everyone in the BTS army had a meltdown when they saw RM for the first time in the MV for the song War of Hormone. Why? His hair was a cotton candy pink! 

And if that wasn’t enough, RM tousled it to a messy perfection. 

Shortly after this look debuted, RM confessed that he would never again get pink hair. But I’m really hoping he reconsiders, because RM looks so good in pink hair here!

Long, Middle Parted, Rose Gold, Perfection For “ON”

bts haircut name
Source: Instagram@ladykim_7

No one can deny that RM can wear offbeat hair colors like rose gold with style. Just check out this hairstyle in the music video for BTS’s song “On” here. 

Voluminous Orange Hair In “DNA”

rm haircut name
Source: Instagram@mochimchim

Like I’ve said before, the one thing I’ve always admired about RM is that he doesn’t shy away from sporting daring looks. 

In the MV for BTS’s song DNA, he is seen with flaming orange locks which have been cut in voluminous layers and parted in the side. 

Platinum Blonde Pompadour Hair For “Boy In Luv”

rm hairstyle now
Source: Instagram@jmn_park

RM went the extra mile for the music video for the song Boy In Luv where he is seen with hair cropped short and close at the sides and long and slicked back in the middle. 

Cropped Silver Hair For “Blood Sweat & Tears”

“Spring Day”: Purple Hair Color And Bangs

When did RM dye his hair?
Source: Instagram@suga.smiling

The Anime Character Look In “Not Today”

Who has best hair style in BTS?
Source: Instagram@nanjtop

RM looked like an anime character in the music video of BTS’s song Not Today that was released in 2017.

In the MV of the song, RM is seen sporting lilac-colored hair and a bandana causing some ARMY members to compare him to the anime character Kakashi from Naruto. 

The Messy Golden Hairstyle Which Was Actually Pretty Neat

When did RM have silver hair?
Source: Instagram@taekook__loves

There’s just something about RM and messy, tousled! I loved the pink fluffy hair and I love this too. 

He sported this hairstyle for the “Mic Drop” era and won the ARMY’s heart while doing so. 

Spiky, Emo-Boy Hairstyle From “Fake Love”

what is RM natural hair color
Source: Instagram@bts.__.squat

RM became the “Oppa” of every ARMY’s dream with this hairstyle in Fake Love. The long length, the spiky setting, the dark black hair color – everything was pure perfection here! 

This hairstyle was complemented by RM edgier wardrobe and accessories. He even stared sporting piercings during this time.

Special Mention: His Embarrassing Mushroom Cut

RM mentions in an interview that his most embarrassing hairstyle is one that he sported in school. This hairstyle shows a whole different side of RM as he looks very childish and every nerdy in this look. 

FAQs about BTS’s RM’s Hairstyles 

Everyone always goes gaga over Kim Namjoon’s fashion sense, whether it’s for his flamboyant outfits or his experimental hairstyles and hair colors. But this also evokes a lot of questions in fans’ minds. 

So today, I’ve tried to quench this thirst for RM by answering a few frequently asked questions about him and more specifically his hairstyles and colors. 

What is RM’s 2022 haircut name?

As of June 2022, RM has been sporting a very classic Korean hairstyle of middle part with curtain bangs. He has got rid of his mullet and kept the sides short and back of a medium length. It is possible that with the announcement of his solo projects after BTS’s disbanding (or hiatus rather) he will be changing his hair to a new style. 

When did RM have blue hair?

RM sported blue hair back in 2015, when BTS’s album The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever had come out. He chose a shade of sky blue and opted to go for a neat hairstyle with short sides along with the hair color. 

When did RM dye his hair?

RM has had some sort of dyed hair color since the time BTS debuted. As a person of Asian ethnicity, his natural hair color is black. So any “unnatural” hair color shade you’ve seen on him, like blue, pink or orange is obviously dyed. And so is his platinum blonde look that he debuted this year in March. 

What color is RM hair right now?

In March 2022, BTS uploaded a photograph to their social media account with the hashtag #PTD_ON_STAGE_SEOUL. This was a day before their concert in the aforementioned city. In this picture, you can see RM sporting light blonde locks. So BTS ARMY suspected that the new hair color was for the concert, and they were right! RM has kept his blonde hair since then. 

Summary On RM’s Hairstyles 

RM from BTS has been a style icon for sometime now. So it’s no wonder that all his hairstyles always seem to be on point.

I personally love how he changes his looks like a chameleon, especially by experimenting with his hair colors as he could look like the boy-next-door one day and like an emo prince the next!

Now that BTS is taking a hiatus and all its members are focusing on their solo careers, I also can’t wait to see what RM gets up to next.

You can be sure, whatever it is RM will have a brand new hairstyle and color for it ready!

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