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5 Romance Historical Korean Dramas You Must Not Miss Out 2023

Check out these romance historical Korean dramas if you are tired of your regular, cheesy K-dramas. From epic wars and tragedies to lighthearted, happy endings, you’ll find them all.

Like any other regional television drama series, Korean dramas, too, come in a wide range of genres. Although thrillers, romance, comedy, and even crime series seem more appealing to K-drama lovers, there is also a huge population that loves historical dramas. 

But if you are new to it, and don’t know where to start then, don’t worry, I have got you all covered with the best historical dramas that Korean drama makers have given to us over the years. 

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Adding to that, even if you are already aware of this genre, I am assuring you a great head start from this list. 

Each Korean historical drama comes with a mystery and tension of a certain level. The plots usually come with political instability, palace conspiracies, and not to forget the love and equal amounts of comedy. 

Also, let me just tell you their traditional attires are going to make you swoon. These dramas are as addictive as modern dramas, and with the right list, I am sure you will love the genre endlessly. 

Best Romance Historical Korean DramasWhere To Watch ThemIMDB Ratings
Mr QueenAmazon Prime Video, Viki8.8/10 
Empress KiNetflix, Viki8.5/10
Six Flying DragonsViki8.9/10
Dong YiViki8.1/10
Queen SeondeokViki, Kocowa8.8/10

Top Romance Historical Korean Dramas 2022

Mr. Queen 

Cast and their Characters- 

  • Shin Hye Sun- Queen Cheorin, Kim So Yong 
  • Kim Jung Hyun- King Cheoljong, Yi Won Beom 

Number of Episodes- 20

IMDb Ratings- 8.8/10 

The very first thing I would like you to know about Mr. Queen is that, unlike the typical historical dramas, this one is actually fun. It is full of comic scenes instead of all those painful and sad scenes. 

You are going to stay hooked throughout the episodes. I loved this whole series; in fact, it left me on the edge of my couch, not going to lie.

Adding to that, the spot-on performance and portrayal of characters by the cast are incredible. They will make you laugh even in the intense scenes. 

Another thing that makes me so excited about this drama is the way it is written; you would not be able to predict what’s coming next. You will always stay in awe, waiting for the next plot twist to drop. 

The chemistry that you will witness between the leads is going to blow your mind. Along with the political conflicts and tensions, the drama is thoroughly entertaining. 

Altogether, Mr. Queen offers a perfect blend between a historical and modern switch that is so neat and smooth that you are absolutely going to love it. The story that the series portrays is quite gripping, and the blend of humor and drama makes it all sane. 

Empress Ki 

Cast and their Characters-

  • Ha Ji Won- Ki Seung Nyang (Future Empress Ki)
  •  Ji Chang Wook- Toghon Temür
  • Joo Jin Mo- Wang Yoo
  • Baek Jin Hee- Tanashiri

Number of Episodes- 51

IMDb Ratings- 8.5/10

I started seeing this drama with no basic knowledge of Korean dramas, history, and culture, and the choice was out of the blue, honestly. But Empress Ki has given me the best 50 hours of my life. 

It is an epic, intriguing, compulsive, and moving drama depicting the life of an incredible Korean woman. Although, I think her real life wouldn’t have been as incredible as is shown in the series. But the dramatization and portrayal of her are going to engulf you completely. 

Ha Ji Won has given a spot, and an evolving character as the story flows throughout; it is hard keeping your eyes off her. Even the other supporting actors have nailed their parts. I loved the drama series as a whole. 

It has turns and twists, and each second of the show is worthwhile. The makers of the drama series Empress Ki have done an incredible job. 

Trust me; once you get on board with this show, it is going to stay with you for quite long. 

Six Flying Dragons

Cast and their Characters- 

  • Kim Myung Min- jeong Do Jeon
  • Yoo Ah In- Yi Bang Won 
  • Byun Yo Han- Ddang Sae 
  • Shin Se Kyung- Boon Yi 
  • Chun Ho Jin- Yi Seong Gyi
  • Yoon Kyun Sang- Moo Hyul 

Number of Episodes- 50

IDMb Ratings- 8.9/10

I loved the title, it was tempting, but the only concern for me was its whole 50 episodes. I was kind of not certain about this one because Empress Ki had already raised my anticipations, and I didn’t want to get disappointed. 

But time flew by, with these total of 50 episodes, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The amazing storyline, an incredible portrayal of characters, and the unexpected plot twists had me all hooked. 

Adding to that, sword fighting is something worth dying for. I mean, it is one of the best I have ever seen. Each episode ends with some mystery to it, so if you are not binge-watching it, your entire week is going to feel like a decade. 

The Six Flying Dragons basically is a historical drama that portrays vulnerability in the face of power and has a story that revolves around establishing the Joseon dynasty. 

All I have to see of this drama is worth watching, and you are definitely going to love it, especially the action scenes. They will make you jump off your couch. 

Dong Yi

Cast and their Characters- 

  • Ji Jin Hee- Choi Dong Yi
  • Han Hyo Joo- King Sukjong 
  • Park Ha Sun- Queen Inhyeon
  • Bae Soo Bin- Cha Chun Soo
  • Lee So Yeon- Jang Ok Jeon 
  • Jung Jin Young- Seo Young Gi

Number of Episodes- 60

IMDb Ratings- 8.1/10

As someone who doesn’t actually belong to the Korean culture, this whole romance and historical drama not even for once made me feel like an outsider. 

Also, most of the people are usually scared to go for the drama as it has 60 episodes, but let me just tell you, this epic drama is all worth your time, and you will not regret watching it. 

My favorite bits of the drama was the shocking moments that made me question humanity. I really wondered how people could even think of doing these things. That’s why and a few more reasons why I personally feel that Dong Yi is an eye-opener. 

You can clearly see through the incredible portrayal of characters and their spot-on performance, from Han Hyo Joo to Ji Jin Hee, they are all perfect. Adding to that, my favorite person in the whole series has been Lee So Yeon; as much as I was scared of her and her eyes, I loved her over-the-top performance as Lady Jang Ok.

All I would say at this moment is it is going to be worth it once you start watching the series, it is a 60-hour series, and you are so going to love its rollercoaster ride. 

Queen Seondeok 

Cast and their Characters- 

  • Lee Yo Won- Princess Deokman (Queen Seondeok)
  • Park Ye Jin- Princess Cheonmyeong
  • Go Hyun Jung- Lady Mishil 
  • Kim Nam Gil- Bidam
  • Uhm Tae Woong- Kim Yushin 

Number of Episodes- 62

IDMb Ratings- 8.8/10

Again, I am trying to calm you down if you are not sure about going for a 62 episodes historical epic drama. You should, and I am assuring you, you’re definitely going to love this series as well. 

Also, I know 62 hours plus of watching a drama series that is too historical might scare you, but once you settle down for it, you will see how those hours turn into just some. 

There are a lot of fragments of this drama that you have seen already somewhere else, but I personally think that one can only appreciate Queen Seondeok after completing the whole series. 

It is more like watching Kate Winslet and Jim Carey’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. You will have to go through it all to understand it fully and appreciate it deeply. 

The drama has been plotted cleverly, and the plots and right elements of it are specifically made to keep you hooked throughout. 

The icing on the cake is the class apart actors and their nailing portrayal of characters. They will make you feel like it’s all real. 

The entire span of drama is amazing, and unlike the typical historical dramas that come with disastrous endings, Queen Seondeok is the one that will make you feel safe and content with its ending. 

Adding to all this, the set, action scenes, costumes, battles, and the most important element of historical dramas, politics, keep the drama flowing amazingly so that you don’t feel bored. 

Wrapping up on the best romance historical drama of Korean dramas, all I have to say is if you are new to this historical dramas genre, you are going to watch the best dramas, and if you already have been through a few, then this list is going to make you happier. 

With an average IMDb rating of 8 plus, all these dramas are worth your shot, and I personally approve of them, so you can trust me on this list. 

These Korean historical dramas are quite unique, and oftentimes they bring a blend of both historical and modern times into their perfect storylines. 

Also, if you are thinking of where you can watch these shows, then you can look up the streaming giants like Disney+, Netflix, Amazon, and more, or you could also go for some websites that specifically help you watch these mesmerizing Korean dramas. 

Happy watching!

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