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An Easy Guide To Shoe Sizes In Korea 2023 | Conversion Charts For Shoes And Clothing!

If you’re confused about how Korean shoe sizes work, this article lists out the conversion guide to shoe sizes in Korea. Find out what a 250, 270, or 280 shoe size is in US or EU metrics.

Being one of the most important foundations of our everyday lifestyle, our feet demand extra care and support, and that’s where our shoes come to play their part. 

But today, shoes are not just a means of protecting and supporting your feet, but a valid style statement of your overall look. 

And not just that, they have started imitating the style, and social class, gender, and your individuality.

But a lot of it comes to choosing that perfect size to fit your feet. You know, even the comfiest pair of shoes won’t feel nice on your feet if it is not in the right size, and the same is the case here.

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Koreans pay keen attention to choosing the most perfect size when it comes to their attire and footwear. A little plus or minus, and they are out of it. This is where the sizing system in Korea comes into play. 

Though it is a very helpful tool for a lot of people, many struggle to understand its basics, which are totally understandable, given the complex units present in it. 

The very reason why we’ve compiled this mini-guide on popular shoe sizes in Korea is to help you get a better understanding of it. There you go!

Shoe Sizes In Korea

When it comes to the Korean units of measurement, things work a little differently from the US. They follow a similar system as Japan where they use centimeters to measure their shoe sizes. 

Rather, the size of your shoe is equal to your foot length in mm in Korea. The reason why most of the measuring numbers that you come across, especially for adults, are in the range of 200s. 

This becomes a struggle for a lot of people though, as the larger the size you are looking for, the harder it gets to find in the Korean market.

For such people, markets in Itaewon, or online stores are the best way to go. But in general, the most usual and worn shoe sizes in Korea come in the range of 250 to 295 mm, or 7.5 to 12 in the standard US units for men. 

how to check shoe sizes in Korea

And for women, the range goes from 220 mm 270 mm, or 5 to 10 in the standard US units.

Some ladies, who have a shoe size of more than US 9, might struggle a little to find their perfect size in Korea. 

For such sizes, online shopping is the best way to go. Local or neighborhood markets are not very good places to find the ideal size of shoe for them, but global brand stores and showrooms like Nike and H&M have all the variety and sizes.

Given below are the conversion charts for some of the common shoe sizes for men and women in Korea, to help you find your correct one. Referring to these before going for your shoe hunt will save you from many unnecessary hassles.

Korean Women’s Shoe Sizes


 Korean Men’s Shoe Sizes


Other Korean Size Charts

For women, the most commonly worn clothing size is 55, which is universally considered a small size. 

Very few Korean brands actually make female clothes that are of size 77 or more, which is a large size internationally. But one thing to be noted is that you find a lot of baggy and oversized outfits in Korea, which is actually in trend, and quite a choice for Korean people. 

Such outfits are kind of ‘one size fits all’, and a little up or down in their sizes don’t bother that much. 

Nevertheless, in Korean sizing charts for women, 44 is an XS, small is Korean size 55, a medium is Korean size 66, large is Korean size 77, and an XL is 88, which is hardly found in traditional Korean clothing markets, given their petite physiques and hence clothing.

korean size chart clothing

For men, a typical Korean man weighs somewhere around 74 kgs and is about 173 cm tall. 

Though in terms of males, the style doesn’t differ a lot from the ones worn internationally, again, size can definitely differ. Here, an extra small is Korean size 90, a small is Korean size 95, a medium is a 100, a large is Korean size 105, and an extra large is about 110 in Korean size.

Still, to make things a little easier for you, here we have given conversion charts to look for clothing sizes for both women and men.

Some popular women clothing sizes in Korea (Conversion Chart)

XXL 10526

Some popular men’s clothing sizes in Korea (Conversion Chart)

XXL 40 

FAQs About Korean Shoe Sizes

What is my size in Korea? 

Most of the shoe stores in Korea have a ‘one size fits all’ approach. And that one size is usually small.  But in general, the most usual and worn shoe sizes in Korea come in the range of 250 to 295 mm, or 7.5 to 12 in the standard US units for men. And for women, most clothing stores have a range that goes from 220 mm 270 mm, or 5 to 10 in the standard US units.

What is size seven in Korean shoe size?

 In Korea, size 7 of the US measurement is about 250 mm in Korean measurements. Though the same measurements can differ according to the shoe type and shoe brand you are going for, this is the usual number you can refer to while buying a shoe.

What is size eight in Korean shoe size?

 In Korea, the size 8 of the US measurement is about 260 mm in Korean measurements. Again, the same measurement might differ, depending upon the brand and shoe type, male and female footwear, but the common number to refer to can be taken from the general conversion table. Rest it’s a matter of trying and looking for the perfect fit, right before your eye.

 Do Koreans wear a relatively smaller shoe size?

 Koreans are considered to have relatively smaller shoe sizes, in comparison to the sizes worn by people in the US. That is why it gets a bit harder for expats in Korea to find a shoe size that really fits them. 
But that doesn’t mean you can’t find larger shoe sizes in Korea, it’s just you can’t find one in local stores because their shoes are made keeping in mind native Korean people. 
If you want larger shoe sizes in Korea, the best places to find them would be branded stores like H&M and Fila, because their shoes are made keeping in mind international markets, not just native Koreans.

What is considered plus size in Korea?

Usually, sizes over US size 6 are considered plus size in Korea. In Korea, people, especially women, tend to have a relatively petite physique, in comparison with women in the states. With an average weight being 56.5 kg, and a height being 161 cm, sizes anywhere more than 6 are taken as oversize in the country.


Koreans don’t really wear shoe sizes that are very big and so their measurements are mostly taken in millimeters. 

If you want to measure your shoe size to get a pair, start by measuring your foot from the impact to the toe. 

That will be your exact measurement and size to get a good-fitting shoe in Korea. Korea is a hub of all things fashion and trendy, let not a sizing issue stop you from getting your dream piece. 

If you have made up your mind to explore traditional Korean markets, stores in Itaewon are your place, to begin with. 

Other than that, branded showrooms in Korea also won’t disappoint you. And with this handy conversion guide, you cannot go wrong with the sizes!

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