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Say Hello To The Siblings Of Blackpink Members | 1 Brother, 2 Sisters?

If you want to know who are the siblings of Blackpink members then you can check out this article. You can check out here if Lalisa Manoban or Jennie have siblings.

Blackpink is the revolution that has taken the Kpop world by storm!

This girl band debuted in the year 2016 under the group YG Entertainment. Since then, Blackpink has gone on to become THE most popular Kpop group in the world, second only to BTS. 

Blackpink has since then won several awards, collaborated with international artists like Selena Gomez, partnered with brands like Louis Vuitton and so much more!

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So naturally this ultra-famous group has its own set of loyal followers – Blinks!

Yes, Blink are what the Blackpink fandom likes to call itself. And Blinks are notoriously curious for any news or gossip about their favorite idols. 

And in this article, I have given all the deets about Blackpink’s siblings (if they have any) and about their family life. Check it out! 

Siblings Of Blackpink Members

Blackpink excites a lot of curiosity among not just their superfans called “BLINKs” but also regular people as they are among the top Kpop artists in the world. A lot has been speculated about their family life and romantic relationships.

So here I’ve decided to list out the details about their siblings instead. Unlike gossip about link-ups, this is 100 percent fact. 

Read on to know more about Blackpink’s siblings and how many brothers and sisters each of the members have. 

Rose Has A Sister Called Alice Park

rose sister instagram
Source: Instagram@baebaealice

Rose is one of the Blackpink members who have a sister. She has an older sister called Alice Park who was born on the 13th of July 1993 which makes her older than Rose who was born in 1997. 

Alice is not famous but she is steadily gaining popularity online as people get to know she’s Rose’s sister. Fans of Blackpink are really enamored with Alice as they feel she is a great beauty. 

Just like her sister Alice Park was also born in Auckland, New Zealand but raised in Melbourne, Australia. 

Alice Park now has over 1 million followers on Instagram because of her aesthetically pleasing pictures. There isn’t a lot of information available about Alice on the internet.

However, I can tell you that she traveled to South Korea for the first time in 2020 as Rose had mentioned this in an interview. 

I can also confirm that Alice graduated with a law degree in 2017 from the Australian National University in Canberra. 

In a little twist of fate, this older sibling of a famous star was once rumored to be dating the older sibling of another famous Kpop artist. 

Alice was once rumored to be dating the older brother of Hongseok of the group PENTAGON. 

Lisa Is A Only Child

lalisa manoban siblings
Source: Instagram@lalalisalbum

Lisa or Lalisa Manoban is an only child. She was born as Pranpriya Manobal on March 27, 1997 to Thai parents.

While her mother is Chitthip Brüschweiler, the details of her biological father are unknown. Her stepfather, however, is Marco Brüschweiler, a world-renowned chef who now owns and runs a restaurant business in Thailand.

So you can say that not only is Lisa an only child but she’s also from a very affluent family. Lucky, huh?

While she might not have had any siblings, Blackpink’s Lisa actually grew up with another famous Kpop artist, BamBam from Got7. 

They regularly participated in dance competitions together as children and in 2009 (at the age of 12) were selected to be a part of a dance crew called We Zaa Cool. 

Jisoo Has A Brother And Sister And Is Maknae Of Her Family

Now while Lisa is the Maknae of Blackpink as she’s the youngest, Jisoo is the maknae of her family.

Unlike Rose who just has an older sister and other Blackpink members who are only children, Jisoo has two siblings – an older sister and brother. Picture perfect I’d say! 

Kim Jiyoon is Jisoo’s sister who is also the oldest in the family. She’s now a mother of 2 children and a part of the media industry just like her sister. 

how many blackpink members have siblings
Source: Instagram@jendeuk.jichu21

You might have recognised her from the show called Trio’s Childcare Challenge which is a reality TV program about childcare.

There isn’t much information about Jiyoon available as both of Jisoo’s siblings are very private. But I do remember that in an interview Jisoo had spoken about how she, Jiyoon and Jennie used to prank people by pretending to be biological siblings. 

jisoo siblings
Source: Instagram@blackpink_us_

Like I’ve said earlier, Jisoo also has an older brother – Kim Jung Hoon. He is the middle child of the family and is currently father to a baby girl. 

Jung Hoon is about 6 years older than Jisoo according to reports. However, I cannot confirm as his (or Jiyoon’s birth records) aren’t public information.

blackpink jisoo family members
Source: Instagram@sooyaaa___shii

Jennie Is Also An Only Child

jennie kim siblings

Just like her fellow Blackpink member Lisa, Jennie too is an only child. Jennie’s full name is Jennie Kim. She was born on the 16th of January 1996, making her the second oldest member of Blackpink (the first is Jisoo). 

She shares a connection with Blackpink member Rose as Jennie studied in New Zealand for a few years and Rose was born there. 

But the person she’s closest to in the band has to be Lisa or Jisoo. 

Jennie initially wanted to be a ballet dancer but developed a taste for Kpop while she was in New Zealand. 

She soon auditioned for YG Entertainment with Rihanna’s song “Take a Bow:

And despite initially being a vocalist for Blackpink, YG group also gave her the position of main rapper as she was fluent in English.

Sisters From Another Mister: Jennie And Lisa

As Jennie and Lisa are the only children in their respective families, they often joke that they should team up to become siblings. 

Indeed, these two are the closest among the members of Blackpink! 

They are always seen talking to each other and sharing food, clothes, etc. like real sisters would do. 

Blackpink fans also love how affectionate these two members are with one another. 

FAQs about Siblings of Blackpink Members

Here are some more questions about Blackpink’s siblings and other family members that I’ve answered. Check them out below to know more about your favorite idols, Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rose. 

Does Lisa Blackpink have any siblings?

The answer to this question would be zero. Lisa from Blackpink is an only child so she doesn’t have any siblings. Her mother is a Thai woman called Chitthip Brüschweiler and her stepfather is Marco Brüschweiler, a famous chef who also owns a successful restaurant business in Thailand.

Are Jennie and Jisoo related?

Nope. While Jennie and Jisoo from Blackpink might be close like sisters, they are, in fact, not related. Jennie was born in Seoul in 1996 while Jisoo was born in the Gyeonggi Province of Korea in 1995. They also look very different to one another. 

Who is Rose Blackpink’s sister?

Rose from Blackpink has an older sister called Alice Park. Alice was born on the 13th of July 1993 and is currently 28 years old. She is five years older than Rose and was also born in Auckland, New Zealand like her sister.

Is Ella Gross Jennie’s sister?

No, biologically Ella Gross is not Jennie’s sister. Ella is a junior artist managed by the YG group which is also the entertainment company responsible for Blackpink. So that’s how Ella and Jennie know each other. They have a close relationship with fans often calling Ella, Blackpink’s little sister.

Who are Jennie’s parents?

The full names of Jennie’s parents are not revealed to the media. It’s just known that they are very affluent. Jennie’s mom is a CEO and shareholder in a Korean firm called CJ E&M and Jennie’s dad owns a hospital. 

Final Thoughts About Siblings of Blackpink Members

Since Blackpink is so popular worldwide, it is not surprising that there is so much curiosity about their personal lives.

However, most information about the siblings of Blackpink and other members of their family is private, which is in my opinion a very good thing.

Fans just know that Rose has a sister called Alice Park and that Jisoo has an older brother and sister called Kim Jung Hun and Kim Ji Yoon, respectively. 

Other Blackpink members Jennie and Lisa are both only children, so they jokingly refer to each other as their “siblings”. Now isn’t that cute?

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